Tuesday 13 May 2014

Vote for Vix!

You all know by now I am a fairly lazy person. 

I can waste time effortlessly, and as long as the wheels stay more or less on the track, then I am satisfied. I have few in the way of perfectionist traits, and can be slap-dash, to put it kindly. 

Swanning about taking photos in the garden when the house is a bombsite and the washing needs sorting?

Yep, that'll do me.

But there are some things I take seriously.

My allotted role as Vix's campaign manager is one of them!

Most of you will know Vix and her brilliant blog Vintage Vixen.

You are also probably aware that she is a nominee for Vintage Personality 2014 in this year's Vintage Awards.

You might not know that I nominated her; even Vix didn't, because I forgot to tell her.

See? Slapdash.

 I could go to any of Vix's blog posts and pick a photo of an amazing outfit made up of vintage pieces, mostly bought for tuppence ha'penny at a jumble sale, made from an old curtain, or received as a gift from one of her many friends.

But I thought I'd use my pics from our blogger days out; we've met up a few times now over the past 2 years and always have a wonderful time.

Here we are in Wetherspoons in Walsall, the first time we met, in July 2012.


 This 1970s Tricoville dress is just one of the many gifts Vix has given me, and it remains one of my absolute favourites. It's one of those old faithfuls which always makes me feel good when I wear it.
So it's Vix in dress form really, since I think she too has the ability to make other people feel good.

She is a reliable, thoughtful and supportive commenter on blogs, and I think many of her followers consider her to be both a friend and an inspiration.

And what you see on her blog is what you get in real life, from her fabulous style, to her wit and intelligence, her generosity, her forthright views, and her sense of humour.

Strangers really do approach her to chat and pay her compliments...

...or take her photo!

It's the Vix Effect; she's just got something special.

Which is why she should win the Vintage Personality award!

 So here's an idea;

 I'm sure many of you have voted for Vix already, but have you asked friends and family?

I sent out a quick email to my non-blogging, non-Facebooking friends, with a link to the Vintage Awards website, and asked if they would mind voting for my friend. They were happy to oblige.

If we all did the same, I reckon that's a lot of extra votes.

1970s Tricoville chiffon dress - gift from Vix
Denim jacket and bangles - charity shopped
Indian leather bag - vintage fair
Boots - retail (sale)

Voting continues throughout May; our Vix is in the lead at the moment, but Tweedy Moustache Man is sneaking up behind her, and he Must Not Win.

I simply won't allow it, OK?

And if I find out you didn't vote, you'll have me to reckon with. I might look like a lady, but when I'm riled, I make Malcolm Tucker look mild-mannered.

(Please don't watch this if you are remotely offended by swearing. It's ALL swearing, and it is both big and clever.)

Now get fucking voting!




Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

We began reading several hours ago......slight exaggeration....and then, dutifully went to cast our vote at the Vintage Awards. Just like Alice in Wonderland we seemed to disappear into a psychedelic hole filled with Vintage shops, Vintage clothes, Vintage teas, Vintage knickknacks........and all things Vintage. Indeed, we have become Vintage in the time it has taken us.

Finally, amidst a sea of maxi skirts, bouffant hairdos and handbags of all shapes, sizes and colours, we found Vix and do believe we have cast our vote. We have done our duty and in the process found out more about Vintage this and that than we ever knew or dreamed of!

Good luck, Vix!

And now we are off into the labyrinth of the Blogosphere to find Vix's blog.......we may be gone some time!

Great dress, Curtise, by the way.

Patti said...

OMG I hurt myself listening to the video, and learned a few new ones, too. I have voted for Vix, bien sur, and will spread the word. Oh, and you look f'ing fabulous.

Asparagus Pea said...

Done it! Now I'm off to effing Lidl xxx

Vix said...

You are such a bastard sweetheart, I've gone all weepy and sentimental now!
No we can't let the mainstream posse win, there's more to vintage than the 1950s, cupcakes & novelty moustaches.
Love that frock on you and that amazing bargain of an Indian tooled leather bag. They look bostin' with the bad ass leather boots and trusty denim jacket.
Love you big time, Monk! xxxxxx

Connie said...

Well yes indeedy. I have already voted for the fabulous Vix. And I would like to vote for you as the most non-lazy lazy person ever. And I totally fucking mean it. You are looking beautiful as always and if it takes no effort since you are a self-proclaimed lazy arse, then you are that much more impressive. Funny funny video. It sounds like an average day around here.

Natalia Lialina said...

I'd vote twice for both of you, if I could, any day. There is something special about both of you! And your friendship is deeply touching. I was amazed when I started receiving your comments on my blog, how warm, thoughtful, supportive you girls are! You felt like good old friends right away... These photos of you together make my heart melt. I know I haven't met you in "real" life, and it probably sounds strange, but I can't pretend I don't feel what I feel, right? And what I feel is love to both you and Vix. And when you are together, like on these photos, it's double power. Someday I will meet you both.

You are such a beautiful woman, Curtise! You probably don't even know how beautiful you are. This dress shows off your gorgeous figure, your hair color tells a lot of your brilliant personality. You are far from lazy, dear - daily tasks don't really matter... It's the way you live your life, the big heart which dares to have such deep feelings for others and for life itself.

I'll ask my folks to vote for Vix - she is an absolute inspiration, I wish there are more people around me who live that boldly.

With love, N

Melancholy and Menace said...

That's a beautiful dress you're wearing.

Ha! I love the tribute to brilliant swearing, but I love your tribute to Vix even more.

What a dear friend you are to nominate her. Of course I've voted already and have my fingers crossed too.


Helen Le Caplain said...

Gorgeous dress she gifted you - what an absolute beaut!

Love your campaigning spirit, sweary nature and the fact that you love Vix that much - she's an absolute babe isn't she?! xxx

Krista said...

You are such a love for nominating her for this most deserved award! I could not agree more that Vix is an amazing geniune loving friend, who is both thoughtful and compassionate inside and a perfect vintage fox outside. I love seeing the original meet up from 2012, you both get better with age:)

This dress like tried and true friendships has to make you feel beautiful and loved all at once. Here's to Vix!!!

Melanie said...

Effity eff eff punt, there's no effing GD way we'll let some punt from effity moustache-what the Feck beat the Grand Pooh-bess of Vintage. Of COURSE I voted for Vix a while back and I shall campaign for more.
I think your magic rubs off as much on Vix as it does the other way around. You both effing glow in the pieces you give each other, fecking yesh, so hard it'll puncture yer titzup. (!) How great that you don't live impossibly far from each other.
I'm been LOVING your sewing, Curtise. STELLAR! Caught up in trading time for money recently... Hugs to you.

Angie said...

You know how to connect and support your friends! That's very touching. I'll do my best to spread the word.

citizen rosebud said...

Curtise- bless YOU! With you on Vix's side as campaign manager- she is sure to win! I think she is more than Personality of the Year- try decade, yeah? She is the real deal- all sorts of inspiration- true blue, beautiful, original, stylish, and also seems to be one of the most genuine, sincere, forthright and supportive people on the planet. Thank you for nominated her- she is a gem. As are YOU. Loving your "slap dash" ways, and thank you for sharing yourself with us, your bloggy peeps.

Kezzie said...

Much as I love the Gentleman rapper, having seen him at the Chap Olympiad, my vote has already gone to Vix and I will try logging on as my husband to get his vote!!x

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Yes Miss, voted already.
That's a very unusual dress and you look splendid in it. What a lovely gift. It's just great when friends know your size and your taste! xxxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Yes Miss, voted already.
That's a very unusual dress and you look splendid in it. What a lovely gift. It's just great when friends know your size and your taste! xxxx

Ivy Black said...

Ooooh look at you rocking the purple, you gorgeous creature. I have voted on three different computers for that other gorgeous creature and asked many chums to do likewise.
Malcolm Tucker is a god and as an atheist, I'm not really for gods. He's a big, sweary god. Fucktastic.xxxxx

Unknown said...

I'm so far behind. So, what else is new?
Voted for Vix! Natch. I had no idea this was going on, but at least I got in on time! Yeaaay. So right, there's no one like this most fascinating of women! Good job, Curtise. Perfect.
Speaking of perfect, this DRESS!!! I love it beyond anything. You need to watch out because you are in extreme danger of being ultra fashionable! It's just that fashion is catching up with you, that's all. Not to worry.
You look beautiful in purple, as you know so well.
Lovely campaign posters for Ms.V. She couldn't have had a better Champion in Chief. What a pair you two are.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Job done!
Team Vix! X

Mrs. D said...

I hope Vix wins, she's amazeballs!
You look great in the purple dress, what a present!!!

Fiona said...

Hi Curtise,

You are such a kind and thoughtful friend, but of course I knew that already. As for being a lazy arse, welcome to my world and anyway...who gives a fuck? Yes I voted for Vix a while back but who is this moustache bloke who is coming up on the inside??? How very dare he!
Love the print on your frock and the gorgeous flora in your garden, btw what is that delicate mauve frondy fleur? I'm normally good at identifying flowers but can't say I'm familiar with that one. Never heard of Malcolm fucking Tucker before.
adios xxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

This is such a sweet post. Vix's blog is fan-bloody-tastic and both your senses of style are beyond cool. Bugger the bloke with the moustache I say! Still even if Vix doesn't win (heaven forbid) she still has to have such a friend as you. Did I just say that? I am getting a bit soft in my old age. Normally I sound way more like the bloke in your video, especially at work. Must be a Scottish thing. xxxx

bahnwärterin said...

of cause i did my vote for vix already!
and i will spread the word...

your purple outfit is very chic - love the skirt length.

any tips on photographing flowers that perfectly? i always have problems with the focus....

Helga said...

I totally fucking voted!!!!
Our Goddess of Vintage shall indeed go to the ball!
As for you, you bloody fox, you look fecking FAMTABULARSE in that frock and cardi. Fecking bloody arse tits cuntingly divoon, in fact!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've voted ... woohoo Vix for PM ... and you can be her Deputy.

The Style Crone said...

Great idea! Of course I voted for Vix, but I can do more. You are an angel!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

FUCK YES!!!! Vix MUST win at any cost!! I'm gonna do the same and rope in my mates to vote too. Absolutely love this post dear Curtise, what a shining light you are in my life. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. I JUST remembered my dream last night!! We were have a blogger get-together which was a sleepover and you were groaning with pain on a bed with back ache. Vix rolled you on the floor and gave your back a massage. Now I realise that the person groaning was Anto, because he's got bleeding into his joints and here I am the fucking slacker lazy wife hearing that in my sleep and making his pain into a half-happy dream!
Fuckity bye from a leaky fucking minge-box. Loveyoumorethanpurplefrocksandhollyhocks. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxoo

two squirrels said...

Oh oh my gosh I am going to stuff my mouth with cotton wool and shit a bunnies tail......snigger......beep beep beep perfect....tee hee!!!!! That's the new doctor!!!!!
Yip the vote is in for the frickin fabulous VIx.....she must win!!!!!!
Fantastic dress on you sweet......love v....

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I want your hair. And your dress. And your yard.

And yes, Vix MUST WIN!!!!!

Val said...

I love the word slapdash, and I have already voted for Vix, and I'm curious to know more about Tweedy Moustache Man. But first I must see what all the swearing is about. I might learn a thing or two!

Peaches McGinty said...

You are a fucking brilliant Campaign Manager! Vix must win, she must! I'll round up my lot later and get them to vote (I already have!) and you are looking totally deliciously regal and gorgeous, I'm off now to unleash a whole load of buggering swear words on to something like a cushion now! I feel like I'm pumped haha! x x x

Becky said...

I might need you to come manage my life lolzzzz In love with your entire outfit-- that dress is killerrrrr and I love the bag!
Vix is a vintage Queeeennnn!

Unknown said...

She's so unique and yes and yes i voted for her!
Hope she wins!
Nice of you to do all this for her, you UK Gals are the best:)

Take care


Unknown said...

I'm sure she will win if you have any say over it! What a sweet thing to do! I voted, and really hope she wins! That dress is fab, by the way! :)

thorne garnet said...

Vote for Vix? Of course, I did. What I love about her style(and yours) is that she doesn't look like she's wearing a costume. Some of the vintage wearers I read look like they belong in a movie, Vix looks normal. I love the way she mixing in new stuff and doesn't do the head to toe look (you too!)

Bobbi said...

How could a person not vote for Vix? She's fabulous- and so are you for nominating her!
That purple looks great on you. You should wear it more often.

Unknown said...

I love love you in that dress !!!
So fab .
Of course i have voted for Vix !
Im out in the garden instead of cleaning the house.. much moore important and fun .


amie k said...

Hi Curtise!

I do love your blog so, the way you write is so easy to read and it almost comes across as if you're speaking; it's a fascinating insight into your world and I love it! I think you look fantastic in the dress and I totally agree with you, I am always faffing about doing blog things instead of the washing or other chores haha! xxxxx

Oh ps voted for Vix of course xxx

Sarah Jane said...

My favourite Malcolm Tucker line: (in response to a knock on the door) - "come the f*** in or f*** the f*** off" - priceless.

What a lovely post dedicated to our Vix. I have voted but will try and do so again with other log ins as she definitely deserves to win xxx

Señora Allnut said...

hurrah for Lady Vix and your fabulous rocking campaign!!, I've voted (twice) and obligued to vote to Mr.A. and his mom too!.
And how gorgeous are you wearing your stunning dress matching with pretty purple and blue flowers!!! such a fabulous outfit and pretty pics! (and love your bag too!)

Shawna McComber said...

Not even remotely offended. Fuckitty bye? Is that a farewell or a song for going to sleep?

I am very anti-social, not too many friends -seriously most of the people on Facebook are not people I am close to. I'll give it a try and see what happens. :-)

LOVE that purple and turquoise-blue dress!

Shawna McComber said...

Oh yeah-I'm lifting yoru photo montage of Vix Fabulosity to put on FB too. I'm guessing you aren't likely to sue me.

Shawna McComber said...

Oh dear, I just can't do it. One of my FB friends, a woman I really do consider a friend and not just an acquaintance, is in too much trauma with her daughter in critical condition in hospital and possibly dying. She is on life support and having constant seizures as well as a lung infection. I just can't post anything frivolous right now. So sorry.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Well, are you just the best Goddammn campaign manager/blogger friend ever? I did indeed vote for our Vix when the first post went up about the contest, and I will ask a few friends to ante up and cast a few votes as well. No way some little moustache-sporting fetus is going to steal the title away from her if we have anything to say about it.

That is a glorious dress, both in colour and shape. Vix in dress form, it is. XO

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Vix is most certainly the most deserving blogger of the Best vintage blogger in the universe. I love everything about her, as I do you. Xx

mispapelicos said...

My dear Curtise you are so brilliant, yeahhhhhhhhhhh Who better to be Vix's campaign manager ?
Just fabulous both of you

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

I've already cast my vote. Can I do it again? This post is compelling, and you're definitely the right person for the job. :-)

As an aside, the blue and purple color combination is fabulous!!! You look gorgeous. XXOO

freckleface said...

Sergeant Major Monk, here i am reporting for duty. What a wonderful post if I may say so Sir, and also Sir, I haven't slacked off in any of my duties, Sir. Me, yes, family, yes, friends, yesSIR! Vix is of course the rightful winner, no doubt about it and you are absolutely the right choice of campaign manager. Well done The Monk, and for doing it in such a winning outfit too. Good work! Xxxxxx

Trees said...

You and Vix are to two most lovely Vintage ladies I know! I hope one day I can go to the old country and visit you both! It is agreed though - Vix MUST with the vintage personality of the year award!

Pennyblossoms said...

I love the first comment from Jane...sums up blogging for me so well. And I f*ckin' love Peter Capaldi. Had the best student job ever working on pre-production of a show with him in and have been secretly love struck ever since!
Oh, yes, and I have voted for Vix. Now to get all the other f*ckers to vote for her as well. Tweedy 'tache man must not win!!! (Tho' I'm sure he is a very nice man! Just mustn't win!)
Z xx