Thursday 15 May 2014


It seems that if you wear anything other than jeans, t-shirt and fleece (or equivalent), you will run into the adjective fancy.

I have received all sorts of comments about what I wear, though I don't much mind what anyone else says.

 In my book, looking fancy is fine. I think it's intended to imply overdressed, but that's fine too.


  Yes, I suppose this is a fancy mid-week frock.

But so what?

 I don't know what to do about the hem of this dress.

It's been hacked off and poorly hemmed, but there isn't enough fabric left to let down.

Should I try and find some braid to hide the wobbly hem, or cut the dress to midi length? Or shorter?

Any thoughts?

 I do love the floaty cape sleeves.
Now they are fancy.

But the thing is - I'm not.

I'm a woman of very low standards really.

I am definitely not fussy; I'm not a clean freak, a label whore, or a snob. I'm as happy in a greasy spoon as I am in a swanky restaurant (I'd rather go to a pub and a curry house really), and as long as people aren't rude or bigoted, I don't much mind what they do or say. I prefer a modicum of intelligence, it's true. I like an apostrophe in its rightful place and a well-articulated opinion, but I swear like a navvy, and am perfectly happy with secondhand clothes, low-brow pursuits and cheap laughs.

I'm just not fancy pants at all.

1970s cape-sleeve maxi dress and most of the bangles - charity shopped
1960s pendant - flea market
Sandals and hair flowers - retail (sale)

I think some people find the discrepancy between how I dress and how I am a little confusing.

Oh well; they'll live.

What about you?

What do your clothes say about you, and do they ever give a misleading message?

The word fancy always makes me think of this song. I love Bobby Gentry, and even if 1960s country music isn't your thing, you have to admire the way she's poured herself into that catsuit.

Now that's fancy!

PS. Thanks for all the pledges of additional votes for our Vix. She's still in the lead, but Tweedy Man is chap-hopping at her high heels, so please keep asking people to vote!

Here's your one chance, Fancy, don't let me down...




Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,
It is rather dismal in these days of jeans and t-shirt uniforms that people generally do not go the extra inch to dress up for anything. Indeed, it would appear that even the Opera House these days cannot guarantee a well dressed look amongst its audience. So, we totally applaud your efforts to bring back style and dress the part. Any part, the part you wish to play, the part you wish to portray, the part you aspire to......any part at all is fine with us as long as it is not like everyone else.

You are doing sterling work as the Vix Campaign Manager. If we should ever need to gather supporters for a cause then we know where to come. You are a woman of single and determined mind and we love you for it!

Melancholy and Menace said...

Oh, I love the way you as fancy as you like, it's your life and you clearly live it as you should do....with elegance and style.

I favour dresses and skirts over jeans, tees and hoodies. I think clothes should reflect a woman's femininity and sexiness, without making her look like a bimbo, who doesn't have the ability to use an apostrophe where needed xx

Sheila said...

I'm going to a dance recital for my nieces tonight, and guaranteed, I will be the fanciest-dressed one there. No one ever breaks out of the "parent uniform" - it's so sad.

Be fancy! I love this dress. I think it would look nice at midi-length. Too short, and the sleeves won't have balance.

STAshworth said...

I can relate. I wear nothing but dresses, mostly for comfort. The way I look at it, people are just making conversation. As for the hem - can you leave it the length it is and just have it hemmed properly, perhaps professionally?

Unknown said...

Oh, my! I haven't heard that song since I was a kid! I always loved her hair!
I know I stand out wherever I go, but I like to think that they are a little envious of my guts to dress up. I think most people are to scared to dress in anything but the "norm".
I do think you could shorten that dress and it would still be adorable. :)

Natalia Lialina said...

The dress is gorgeous, and so are you! Fancy! ;) Maybe a nice wide flounce will add to its charm, what do you think? It can be contrasting, or just a slightly different hue of this dress. I think it must be a maxi length to stay true to its character.

I think I understand what you mean here, Curtise. There is a difference between fancy pants and fussy pants. And you are definitely not fussy pants, and I am not surprised at all. I am also messy and very down to earth kind of person. Although I do enjoy being fancy, and I enjoy better stuff in life, and nice restaurants etc. But I am equally happy with a cozy little place like the cottage I live in, a small chip and cheerful restaurant, thrift shopping... Being genuine is what matters to me. Not being fancy, and definitely not being fussy. Anyone can fuss around, make a big deal out of nothing. Not anyone chooses to live a genuine life. That's pretty rare.

Much love

thorne garnet said...

I find it funny that people who are dressed boring seem to think it's ok to make comments about the way other people dress. Let's hear it for fancy.

About that hem, is there enough fabric to take it out and redo it with a narrow (1/2") hem?

Vix said...

That dress is gorgeous! I say chop to midi length rather than faff around with braiding and the like. I do love you in red! Looking very wistful on the decking, aren't you?
Yes, people make some very odd assumptions, like me being a prostitute and a psychic. Oh yeah, give me a curry house and a spit and sawdust pub over a sterile town centre wine bar and a Berni Inn any day of the week.
That tweedophile's nipping at my heels...arghhh!
Love you! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well, you wouldn't be you if you weren't a bit fancy-in-a-nice-way! You look very vintage Hollywood in that dress though, divine! Must admit to slobbing around in jeans and a t shirt a lot, but they are almost always £1 ones, branded of course! I'm starting to build a collection of more frivolous clothing now I don't need room for office attire, and looking forward to wearing it too. I'd drop that hem down and re-do (there might be more fabric than you think tucked away!) but just a tiny hem, it might go all lettuce on you, especially if it is bias cut too, but that might be quite nice!

Suzanne said...

Another stunning gown from what seems to be your unending Narnia closet.

I always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed any day.


Angie said...

I hope my clothes say I have fun with my clothes everyday. It's a creative let out for me. As for your dressing is unique and fancy and totally you and we love you for this!

Unknown said...

Chop the dress I say! Go for a midi hem and show off your lovely legs! x

Kezzie said...

I have never been called fancy but 'eccentric, quirky, different'- yes! You look blooming gorgeous!!!! X

Señora Allnut said...

oh yeah, she rocks with lots of attitude in her catsuit and love her funky&blues style!, fabulous song for a little dance around my room!
And obviously you look gorgeous, wearing your pretty dress!, so Brilliant Color and Fabulous Sleeves!.
I usually don't care about comments about how overdressed I'm, even when they ask me if I'm going to attend a wedding or a party. Everybody can feel that social pressure to fade into the mass, so annoying!
besos & visible ladies!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

The dress is a wonderful colour against your hair. I say chop away!
I wonder what my clothes say about me... probably, ''should try harder!''
Shut up clothes. xxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Dress how you want - whatever tickles your fancy!

Asparagus Pea said...

When I put my non work clothes on Mr Asparagus Pea says ' ooh you've dressed up!' But I do actually spend most of my waking hours covered in mud and something that's recently exited a cow's rear end (including two calves in two days).
Anyway - you might not be a fancy person but you seem like a classy bird to me!

Patti said...

You may not be "fancy pants" but I love the way you dress and accessorize your form. I wouldn't mind seeing this dress made to a midi, but it's lovely as-is.

Oh, and a pub is the first place I look for in any town, I really can't abide "fancy" restaurants. So when I cross the pond, we can meet at a pub, yeah? xox

Mother of Reinvention said...

Your dress is beautiful and if fancy is not dressing in jeans, a t-shirt and a fleece that "Hurrah" for fancy! I think that you have an amazing sense of style and a fabulous wardrobe. How much better to be fancy than beige. Too many homogeneous fashion clones wandering round these days. Mind you, where I live you are overdressed if you are not wearing your jammies in the street. I have never heard that song or Bobby Gentry before but I have to say she is pretty cool. I love her hair and her catsuit. Yay for the fancy ladies! xxxx

Louise Mc said...

It's a beautiful dress, the colour is so vibrant but I think it would look nice as a midi. Xx

Diane said...

I beg to differ - you are a Fancy Nancy!! You brighten my day and I love the way you dress. xxx

Jayne H said...

A little bit of what you fancy does you good and if you fancy being fancy then why not? Love the frock, voting for keeping it long with a neater hem if that one is a bit rushed even by your standards !?! xxx

Anonymous said...

Woot woot lady in red, you look simply divine. I regularly get comments because of how I dress and I also get looks. School pick up and drop off shows just how different I am to most. I'd rather be true to myself and style than to dress in mummy uniforms. A lot of mums here wear workout gear all day long.

Helga said...

I'm rather pleased you are a Woman of Low Standards, as we would never have found each other if you weren't!!!
Fancy-schmancy! I quite like the word FANCY, and often feel like being fancy. I suppose wearing anything other than jeans and a t shirt these days comes unde rthe FANCY banner. Whatever! I love this frock, it's just fancy nancy enough! The hem-hmmm, maybe just unpick it, trim it and leave it raw??
You are a gloriarse fox, and you always look divoon, and like you care about yourself!

Shawna McComber said...

I sometimes get comments too, though I don't wear vintage dresses. I get "well aren't you all dressed up!" Just because I'm wearing a skirt.
One of my frequent typos is to put in apostrophe where it doesn't belong-I type it's no matter which of the two options is required. I usually catch it later but not always. Now I will be worried that you are reading my blog and thinking you are too fancy for me!

Wobbly hem, I'd be inclined to add something to the bottom- a flouncey thing perhaps but then I'd also be inclined to put the same sort of trim on the ends of the cape sleeves too for consistency and that's starting to sound like too much work.

Clearly I am of no help at all.

Krista said...

Fancy as fuck! I can see why you love these sleeves! I'm thinking my clothes say I'm crazy and I am a bit of a nutter, and proud of it! Chris always calls my food fancy, kinda cracks me up because it could be a quesadilla but because I put broccoli in it suddenly it's fancy.

Unknown said...

You wear a midi so well ... the beautimous purple affair from the previous post is proof positive.
Make it midi ... that's my vote. It's kind of your signature length.
It's a lovely red, this one. Has it spaghetti straps?

If I didn't overdress, people wouldn't recognize me. That would be anything more hoity than nasty jeans and a hair band tee. And flip flops. I exaggerated only a little.
"My, aren't we fancy." I get that phrase fairly often. Always delivered with what folks imagine is withering sarcasm. If they only knew. Yup. I completely admit that it's to keep myself a little distant from our local mainsteam. I'd drown there, I know I would.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Be fancy and proud of it … we love your fanciness :0)
I'd shorten the dress to around knee length … but it would look lovely at any length.

Goody said...

I would trim it with some sort of red velvet with pom poms-but I have no taste. Otherwise, I'd try unpicking the hem, and re-doing it.

I get the stink-eye regularly. I should care, but I just don't. *Shrug*

Connie said...

Oh yes. You are most certainly bottom of the barrel....NOT!! You have your lovely feet firmly planted. It's the rest of the drones that need to toss their wardrobes off the Tallahassee Bridge. Yep. I agree. Snip the hem. Make it a midi. Mix a cocktail and flip those sleeves around!

Fashionista said...

Fancy schmancy. The fleece crowd are just envious of your style and pizzazz.

My hem suggestion: unpick it (tedious yes I know but stick with it), press it vigorously (to get rid of the stitch marks), trim (if needed), re-hem with a blind hemming stitch.

Last week I attended a school Mother's Day dinner so I cracked out a frock and some fancy (even by my standards but I thought bugger it why not) heels with a matching evening bag and off I went. On the way I picked up a friend and was highly amused that her sons (aged 19 & 17) thought I looked "very glamorous" and "Mum you should change into a dress". She had on a very smart pantsuit so certainly wasn't looking shabby at all. We were possibly overdressed but ppfffttt, it didn't bother us a jot.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I am another one of in the not so fancy club. I feel ripped off going to a restaurant for dinner. I much prefer a good breakfast at a cafe. I've never gotten off on buying labels. I probably live for comfort rather then fancy stuff. But to some wearing a frock & matching accessories does look fancy. I'd rather look fancy then look like a slob! Such a pretty frock on you. I think unpick it & see if the hem can be rescued, & if not then cut it to midi length. You will look amazing in it either way. Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

"Where have you been?" "Where are you going?" I'm sure those are questions you're frequently asked in addition to the "you're looking fancy today" accusation. And it IS an accusation isn't it? God forbid that a grown woman has a mind of her own and dresses likewise! Great post Curtise and to the question of whether my clothes give a misleading message ... well, I think people just feel confused when they look at me - they certainly look confused. I've actually taken to staring at what people now. It's not because I'm all bolshie "what the fuck are you looking at?" I'm actually, genuinely curious as to what makes the people who ask those kinds of questions or give me the "look", tick inside. I want to know why a woman my age wants to look shit. Most women of 46 don't have babies, so it's not like they're leaking milk all over their saggy, grey tshirt (and bless the hearts who are suffering from sleep deprivation). Women hurtling towards 50 and beyond generally have a wee bit more time to put into their appearances. So why the accusations of being "fancy" or as I like to think "are you fucking mental or are you trying to pick up?" It's an interesting dilemma and one I think you and I shall explore in great detail one fine (or rainy, or snowy) day in Sheffield.
Fuckity bye!!!!! (BTW I've played that video about 13 times and shared it with all and sundry - can't get enough of MT!!!!!!) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoox

bahnwärterin said...

don´t chop that beauty - it will fall out of balance!
unpick and make a tiny neat hem with the help of some bias band. or if you have access to a overlocker a rolled hem.
we are not overdressed - we are dressed. jeans and tee range not under "dressed" in my world :-)
and what other people think - they will think mostly the wrong things until they know me - anyway what i wear. someone who has a degree as designer, worked in fashion business, is pretty..... can impossible be someone who reads heavy books, loves being outdoors, climb mountains, talk with wild animal and plants.....
you guess the picture.
i´m very happy that i found you and vix and the other girls - i started to feel lonely in hans wolfshaut deutschland....

jennywren said...

It looks like there is an inch or two of the old hem - you could maybe unpick it press out the crease and then resew using bias binding as a false hem/facing.
Love the colour and the cape.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I get the "Don't you look Fancy" at work quite a bit, and compared to what they're wearing I guess I do. I agree with Thorne Garnet, why is it that it's usually people who are dressed the worst who feel the need to comment on those of us who would rather be overdressed. I would love to say, just once, "well, I'd rather look like this than be boring as fuck like you". But I don't. I don't think I'm really "fancy" because a lot of my outfits are made up of more casual clothing, but it's the colours, shapes and pattern mixing that seem to confuse/delight people.

I think because of the shape of the skirt you could hack off the dress just below the knee and it would work.

Val said...

That's a lovely dress, but I have no idea what you could do with the hem. The hems of the cape sleeves look a little fringy - can you do something like that on the bottom?

I think people who comment on your style of dressing are just confused, as you say, or they're jealous or insecure about their own style. I go both ways - some days I want to stand out and other days I don't. Sometimes I desire to be invisible. But I always appreciate a correctly used apostrophe.

Peaches McGinty said...

You are fancy fine and gorgeous, and thank goodness for that, the world is brighter and richer because of your wonderful way of dressing and I mean that, it thrills me to the core whenever I see someone wearing something they love. The dress is divine, I have no clue about the hem, other than put a trim on it or an extra tier - we have been voting using all our email addresses, and will continue Viva Vix Votes!! have a fab weekend Curtise! x x x

Miss Magpie said...

I say midi it too and down with the tweedy chap boo hiss.

Sue said...

Add bobbles to the hem, bobbles are the bomb!! Fabulous fancy smancy frock, I think fancy should be every day. I don't have hack clothes or gardening clothes, I hack or garden in my normal stuff, does this qualify me for fancy?

freckleface said...

You and Bobby are both rocking the red today! Looking HOT! Those cape sleeves are great. I like the maxi length, but i guess it depends on how terminal that hem is in real life, can't tell on this screen. Bobby has some great moves and i am slightly mesmerised by that cat suit. Hasn't she got an amazing figure. 60s country is definitely my thing, although I've never heard this before. In fact, I thought she was a boy....she definitely isn't. Xxxxx

Trees said...

I don't so much here the whole "fancy" thing here in Wellington, but when I go home to where my parents live I do feel very "dressed up" as well its the land of fleece and jeans (but it is a dairy farming province - so I do understand). So annoying about that hem, sometimes when I'm shopping and I see a lovely hem like that that's just been hacked away at I get kind of mad! I think go to mid length, such a shame as it is a beautiful frock.

Unknown said...

I love that.....fancy frock. It is floaty and chic and yes, a little fancy. And you look stunning! Why not wear a beautiful dress whenever you desire. That is the fun of clothes, wearing what your mood demands. I get the look up and down, and the comment "where are you off to" all the time, but bugger it if I shouldn't wear my pretty dresses any day I like. I like dressing up and not blending in with all the track pants and hoodies. XXX

Becky said...

Nothing wrong with fancy anyway! Hem looks fine from here, but you could always take it up a bit if you need to, right?

Caroline said...

Hack it to a midi!

I'm a bit of a paradox. I love my handbags and will spend on those but I'm just as happy in a charity shop buying something to complete my outfit.

I do wear jeans most days but that's mainly because I cannot be arsed to wear anything else. Anything vintage I do find tends not to fit as I don't have a vintage figure. Boobs are far too big.

mispapelicos said...

Glorious in red, dear Curtise.
Thank you for being part of Share-in-Style

L C said...

First off... I love that song!!! lol it's one of my karaoke standards! This dress looks smashing, but I think you could solve your dilemma going just over the knee. It would look awesome!