Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather

The UK's weather has been dreadfully wet for most of this winter, and today is no exception. Add gale-force winds to the mix and we are in for a stormy night. Hope the slates and chimney pot are still on the roof in the morning...
I was despairing of getting outside to take any photos, but managed to dash out when the rain slowed from a downpour to a drizzle this afternoon.

I was forced back indoors though; I'm really not keen on taking my photos in the house, but needs must.


Dress, cardigan, bangles and leggings - charity shopped
Boots - retail
1970s apple necklace - flea market
I was volunteering in school today, and although that doesn't mean I have to tone down my outfits, I have found that sitting on tiny chairs and squatting down next to little kids  rules out very short or very long dresses. The kids tread on my maxis, and one of my flouncier skirts ended up draped over the back of a chair when I sat down, showing rather more of my backside than any 6 year old needs to see. Thank heavens for granny pants and thick tights.

My chazzing drought continues; I went to five with my mate Jo on Tuesday, and didn't find a thing. 

Thankfully, blogging has brought me into contact with wonderfully generous friends who source vintage treasures for me which see me through the hard times. Look what lovely Shelley sent me!

A floaty dream of a 1970s Tricoville dress, and a 1970s Canadian-made wool maxi skirt. Of course I love them both, and couldn't resist giving the frock a quick try to show you.

It's my third Tricoville dress;
the 1970s frock on the left was a gift from darling Vix, and the one on the right is part of a 1960s suit (I seem to wear the matching coat more than the dress, it's that pesky turtleneck that bothers me.)

So does that constitute a collection? I think so.
 And if you search Tricoville on Google images, I pop up in the results, which makes me chuckle. Our Vix is usually the Queen of Google images, she's everywhere! 
 Thank you, Shelley, these are the perfect gifts to cheer up a rather gloomy day.
And thanks go to Sacramento too for being kind enough to include me in her latest Stylish Friends round-up. I'm below Vix and next to Jan, and Sara, Senora Allnut and Mel are in the mix too. Lovely.
Hope you are keeping warm/dry/cool wherever you are!



sonia said...

Love the last dress! So pretty. We're also having bad weather here... expecting another 10 inches of snow tomorrow. Gah! ps: as a pre-k teacher I always wear leggings with skirts as yes, accidents to frequently occur... not that the kids even notice, though. ; }

Peaches McGinty said...

The blooming weather! my bush has been battered! it's all over the grass, broken, it's the rabbit's favourite place too (that is not meant to sound like filth, haha) your dresses are gorgeous, and you got amazing gifts too, the Tricoville is fab! x x x

Patti said...

We are having thunderstorms right now too! I hear the rain through the chimney, and it's lovely to be *inside*. Your new dress is really fabulous, all ruffled and feminine, I love it. Hope you see some sun tomorrow, xox.

Helga said...

Jeez, we got a massive sudden downpour last night! The WORLD is wet and wild! None of us are getting a rpoper season. O well.
Love that first frock, and OMG, such treats from Shelley!!! She's a sweetie, the amxi will be amazing, and the Tricoville frock is divoon! Funny how labels gravitate to one...
O, my frocks are frequently inappropriate for my work, such as the flouncy skirt one I wore yesterday that ended up ion my knickers showing my arse off to the cafeteria!!! WOOT! I consider that a TREAT.
Loving YOU!

Sue said...

Seen snippets on our news about the wild weather in England, not good at all. Hopefully your summer will make up for it when it arrives. I remember doing parent help and having to think about appropriate clothing to wear for very similar reasons. I also had to consider neck lines, didn't want to knock some poor child out with a boob on the loose!!

Connie said...

You look lovely inside outside up and down all around. Your hair is so pretty. Props to your hair stylist! So happy to see you on Sacramentos style list because you practically own it!!! I actually use the "if I can't roll around on the ground in it, I won't wear it" rule for ALL of my clothes. The students are so lucky to have your style to imprint in their young minds. You are doing your part to make the future a lovely place. And if they glimpse a bit of granny pantie, well that's just part of a good education.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hahaha...I'm always grabbing at my skirts to make sure they're under me when I sit, for just that very reason! It happens!!!

Great gifties for a great person...I sure hope to see with the yellow skirt soon!!!!

And Sacramento chose the perfect photo of you to showcase your gorgeousness.

Sheila said...

We're getting the same weather: rainy, blustery and generally pissy.

Love that maxi skirt, and the dresses are fabulous!

Caroline said...

I love your school uniform. You are brave volunteering. I hate other people's children.

Complete chazza drought here too. I haven't got anything for ages.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well Australia's weather has been dreadfully dry for pretty well all of summer. If only we could come to some sort of sharing arrangement … then the whole world could be happy ;0)
BTW, I'm loving your new boots more and more with every post … I want them … I really, really want them.

Veshoevius said...

What fab gifts from other bloggers. The Tricoville dress is lovely! Very Stevie Nicks! Hopefully the storm will blow out before it reaches you - they were forecasting armageddon here and it wasn't nearly as bad as they claimed it would be.

Max said...

You really do look fab in all of these beautiful clothes, i love how you guys all share and look out things for each other. There is only one thing worse than finding nothing down the oppy and that is finding something incredible but not knowing anyone of the right size/mentality to appreciate it!

Vix said...

Love that first dress, the print reminds me of some of that gloriously funky fabric Em has in her stash and those two delights from Shelley are an absolute dream. that jade skirt is making my knees go weak! Get you, Queen of Tricoville!
I love it when you pop up in google images. I was frantically searching for new blogs yesterday and typed in "stylish, second hand blogger" and guess who I got?
The chazzas aren't up to much at the mo, are they? Managed to get loads of swag for Kinky Melon but nothing to fit or suit me. Roll on Spring!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Your gifted frock from Vix is gorgeous! Sorry you are having some horrendous weather at the moment and the op shop drought continues over here too. C'mon op shops gods, we are worthy! XXX

Unknown said...

Just been watching the news and they have been showing your horrible weather , hope you are safe and dry !
no finds at the chazzas here either , im in bed with a horrible cold .

Asparagus Pea said...

You're totally rocking that plum colour - but I know what you mean about turtle necks. I've always thought it's because I slightly claustrophobic. Hold on tight for more stormy weather xxx

Unknown said...

This weather is nuts isn't it. The wind and the rain yesterday was scary how fast it was coming down and blowing. You look gorgeous i love your new dresses especially the brown floaty one really suits you. I to am struggling to find new vintage dresses as i where them every day and those on ebay are far to over priced for me. Hopefully over the next couple of months people will start sorting their cupboards out :-) dee xx

Unknown said...

The weather here is absolute awful, I'm only a little bit and I nearly did a Mary Poppins yesterday.
A big shout out Vix... You got to find me a dress like that haha. Your chazza's finds have served you well I love the green skirt.
Stay safe honey xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I love that floaty number, Curtise. Tres jolie. Not sure why I lapsed into French there. I'm so bored with our charity shops, I've not found a thing for aaaaages. Thank Gawd for the odd jumble sale is what I say. Bored with the weather too and sick of our roof leaking: we've had three leaks in as many months. I'll stop moaning now...xx

Suzanne said...

Wow! Lucky you! So fun when other people can shop for you on the other side of the globe.

I can't wait to see that maxi!

I'm not staying warm here. It sucks. My only hope is now my husband comes back home and we manage to find a cheap vacation spot somewhere hot and all inclusive so I can get through the rest of this never-ending winter from hell.

On the bright side of you getting loads of rain everything looks lovely and green : ) I can see the daffodils in your garden.


Bobbi said...

Great dresses! You look great in the purples - and your hair is so Louise Brooks today. did you get it done?
Stay warm!

Fiona said...

So bored of this weather now. I ventured out to the garden yesterday and slid all the way to the compost heap and now Prudy's deposited muddy paw prints all over the front room, Grrr. You are hardcore to go out there with bare feet in open toed shoes ...eeek! What fab gifts from lovely blogger friends, the jade maxi is a stunner. I'm hoping the Scouts jumble next month will come up trumps as the chazzas have been disappointing so far this year. Now, what am I going to wear to the gig tonight??? Any suggestions? xxxxxx

Fran said...

Geee, I am comment number 23 but here goes anyway. I LOVE the short dress, tights and boots. I must search to find a winterish short dress. Turtlenecks are not my fave either but here in Texas USA, our temps have been near freezing during the day more days than I can remember...and that's a lot of remembering. A turtle feels pretty good sometimes when that icy wind is blowing.

Melancholy and Menace said...

Crazy storms here in Wales yesterday, but today it's as calm as can be! Lots of damage repair going on though and roads closed due to fallen trees etc.

I hope you're keeping warm and cosy.

I love how you can carry off any outfit - you look lovely and I especially adore your gift from the lovely Vix :)


freckleface said...

I know, this weather is crazy! We are entirely justified in living up to our nAtional stereotype in talking about it. Can't believe there is more to come...argh!
You look a dream in these dresses, my favourites are the vix dress (so feminine and swirly) and the tricoville ( stunning). Your hair looks amazing! Have a great weekend and stay safe. Will it be the life of brian i wonder? Xxxxx

Unknown said...

Love them all! You just look smashing in them all. Particular kudos for the Tricoville, but know that nobody looks as dashing in her minis and sheaths as you do. Again, great boots.
Hope your weather improves ... looks like ours is clearing up after a hideous week, just in time for Valentine's Day. We REALLY need our customers to come out that day ... please keep fingers and toes crossed for us.
In the meantime, I'm enjoying being cheered by your great photos and adorable mug.

Forest City Fashionista said...

SQUEE! So happy to see you in the floaty Tricotville dress - I knew it was going to find a good home with you.

I love that first outfit - the shape and print on the dress is great, and you've winterized it perfectly with the bright cardi and boots.

So sorry to hear about the vicious weather - hope all your bits were intact the next morning!

thorne garnet said...

sound like the UK is having hurricane force winds, how strange!

Since the start of the new year, I have yet to go shopping for anything other than food or "health" items. Not that I need to add to the amount of stuff I'm sorting through, I keep telling myself I'm saving money.

Love the Tricoville dress.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

You dress lovely.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Kezzie said...

That skirt and dress are rather brilliant as is the Vix-gifted dress!!! Ha ha, re the suitable clothes for school, I never forget my first week of PGCE placement in a school. The music teacher there was wearing the most ridiculously low cut cross over cardigan with not much under it and she had the most enormous amount of boob on show- I couldn't keep my eyes off it, wondering what on earth the children were thinking!x

Dawn Elliott said...

That first outfit is took a very nice look and made it gorgeous with that red cardigan - brilliant! I also really like that last dress - the colors and the shape are fab! Sorry about your horrid was 74* here today...and I actually broke out my sandals! (Arizona Mountains!)

Señora Allnut said...

everytime I watch you wearing your tan boots, I'm inspired to wear mine!, you wear so pretty color combos!, love that touch of red!
And your 'new' clothes look stunning, lovely Tricoville dress, and so nice that you look so gorgeous wearing that label!!, every dress looks fabulous!!
(that turtleneck could be removed, even though it would be a professional job if it's knitted fabric!)
besos & vestidos

at my dressingtable said...

What lovely friends you got !, the outfits are great ,love all the dresses.I don't know about you ,I'm so fed up with this weather, take care with best wishes Les x

Goody said...

The only volunteer I recall in our school as a child was the , "Picture Lady." She'd bring in an art print , and talk about it for a few minutes before giving us something to colour. I think that was what passed for humanities in the 70's. What I remember vividly was that she wore hot pants (often bright suede) and gigantic medallion necklaces-like chest plate sized.

So...I've already got a bitchin collection of boots to start you off.

Stay safe and dry.

Trees said...

I hope you're keeping safe and warm - we've had some pictures of the UK weather in the news here and it looks pretty horrible! I love those brown boots - I want them