Friday, 7 February 2014

Dressed to kill, and guess who's dying?

Further to our discussion about clothes that make us feel good (or perhaps express how good we already feel about ourselves?), I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing this dress today.

A late 1950s/early 1960s cocktail dress for the school run? But of course!
I might have been drinking coffee rather than Cosmopolitans, but I felt fabulous nonetheless.  
You can't really tell from these photos, but the fabric has quite a sparkly sheen to it, which adds a certain glamour. But such is my reputation as That Mum At School Who Wears Odd Stuff that no one bats an eyelid anymore.

 I had a pretty frugal January, despite weeks of scouring the charity shops and local flea market. I don't know if I've lost my chazzing mojo, or if I am being more discriminating, or whether it's a reflection of the slim pickings on offer.

It really isn't like me to come home from Chesterfield flea market with two big bags of fruit and veg, but not much else.

Still, the lemons were massive (you ought to see the size of the butternut squash!) and the daffodils were cheap; I'm greatly looking forward to reading Agent 6, and watching Life of Brian with the kids, I think they will love it.

I popped into town this afternoon, on an errand to buy Eldest some new Scouts trousers; the poor kid has been squeezing herself into her old ones until she can no longer do them up, and the hems are flapping around her shins. I was chuntering about the price of the uniform, but there was a half price sale; excellent.
I am blaming Patti and Val et al for what happened next... I bought these boots! Well, you all encouraged Patti to buy her Doc Martens, so I took courage from that and went for it.

Yes, me; buying new boots, in a proper shop and everything. They were reduced, naturally. I have been on the hunt for some tan knee length boots for ages and not seen any I could afford or liked enough.

These will do very nicely. I like how they take a fancy-ish dress down a notch, and I am sure I will wear the hell out of them. Be prepared to get sick of the sight of them!

1950-60s cocktail dress - vintage shop (sale)
1960s vinyl shopper - Ebay
Cardigan, tights and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - Clarks (sale)
Necklace - gift from Val
I have come to the conclusion I can allow myself a second tier of clothing, which I like very much even if I don't feel The Truly Madly Deeply Love. 
It's the same with books, or songs, or films. There are examples of these whose merits I thoroughly appreciate, but they aren't in my Top Ten. And I think that's OK, it doesn't mean I can't read/listen/watch and enjoy.

Thank you for all your comments on the subject, I love to read your thoughts and opinions.

I am out with friends tonight for a Turkish meal; a visit to the hairdresser is scheduled for tomorrow, and I might pop into St Mary's vintage market for a browse.

And if we can make time for Life of Brian, so much the better! 

Have a good one, whatever you're up to!



Vix said...

Those boots are fantastic and you totally deserve them after exercising so much restraint during January. They look ace with that gorgeous cocktail frock.
Those lemons are massive - are they for your gin? Stupid question, though. What else are lemon for other than garnishing drinks!
Can you lend me one of the kids, please? I need someone to explain my mobile to me, I've just found two texts off you I didn't know I'd got (sorry!)
Have a fab weekend and a splendid night out.
Love you. xxxxxx

bashashhazbaz said...

you look so very cute in this outfit!

Peaches McGinty said...

The boots are fab! and sale too, even better, they are too lovely to not wear all the time! can I just gush over everything while I'm at it! the bag is brilliant, the dress is gorgeous and your cardi too! I do have to have lemons or juice in the kitchen, good stuff! have a great night, yum food and great company sounds like a perfect Friday, have a wonderful weekend x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

LOVE those boots!!
Your whole outfit is gorgeous and definitely belongs in your top tier.
I think I have 3 tiers actually.
Absolute favourites.
Perfectly acceptable.
Scungy stuff for dirty jobs and occasional lolling about.
Have a lovely weekend.

Allison said...

ahhh life of brian...I have visions of you laughing your lovely head off and your kids rolling their eyes...that outfit is def top shelf....great colours. have a great weekend! x

Connie said...

That dress is very pretty but when you showed the close-up of the fabric I recognized as the same fabric as an Easter dress that my Mom wore some time in the 60's!!!! I watched Life of Brian with my kids years ago and they LOVED it. We all laffed so hard! And recently they introduced me to J'aime Private School Girl which I love!!!! Have you seen it? What goes around comes around. Your kiddos probably have all sorts of clever things on hand to show you!

Fiona said...

Oh yes, I noticed the boots straight away. They are the bizz (in fact quite similar to mine) and in a sale too...couldn't be better. Rather like the new frock, Odd Mum? I know you'd rather be thought of as odd than boring. Are they all sporting see through Primani leggings and Croydon facelifts?
I love Life of Brian and hope the kids do too. What is that handsome piece of architecture ???
Enjoy your dolmas and your weekend. xxxxxxxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Very cool boots! Are docs comfy? I've never had a pair.
I was just thinking how nice your hair looked and you're off for a new do.
Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

Frocktasia said...

Life of Brian is one of my favourite movies ever, I remember watching it with my family back in the 80s and totally falling in love with Monty Python. For me they are the ultimate Kings of British comedy, I love all their stuff. I bet your kids will find the movie hilarious too.
Your outfit today is sublime. That dress is a beauty, love the colours and print and your new boots look both stylish and comfy.
Have a grand weekend.
Loads of love,

Unknown said...

The whole ensemble is gorgeous! Superb frock, great colours and fab new tan boots (fret not I won't get sick of them!). Have fun with The Life of Brian! XXX

Asparagus Pea said...

I happened to find myself in the Toast shop in Llandeilo last friday and treated myself to a pair of boots (in the sale). Much like the ones you've just bought. Decided to be brave and wear heels even though they nudge me over 6' - being visible huh?

Suzanne said...

How I would love to shop in your closet. That dress is GORGEOUS!!! The colours, the shape. Love it! And the bag…(sigh).

I must say…love your style!

Have a great weekend.


Señora Allnut said...

Such a fabulous color combo, love your dress print and those purple accents!
Ohhhh, those clarks boots are amazing: I own them too (two years ago!) and they're comfy and really hard-wearing!. You're going to rock them!!, and I would love to see you wearing your boots a lot!

Miss Magpie said...

Oh good grief how can you spring those boots on me with no warning? Wow oh wow, what size are they? *jumps on a train on the of chance they will fit*

Patti said...

I am so tickled to be a bad influence on you! And those boots are totally worth it, from the looks of them. Oh I adore Life of Brian and hope your kids do too. "Always look on the bright side of life . . . ". Have a good Saturday - there's a vintage fair in our small town tomorrow so I'll be there. xox

Melancholy and Menace said...

You look gorgeous! I love how your dress, tights, cardi, boots and hair all match. Those colours really do look great on you :)

I hope your kids enjoyed Life of Brian.

Have a fab weekend xx

Val said...

Love the dress - that print is so cool, and I love the way you picked up the purple and brown for accents.

Now about the boots - Patti started it! OK, I guess I was the one who made the comment that made her write that post. But I still haven't bought my Docs (although I have some in mind), and I'm not responsible for any actions that might have resulted from my comment. :D

Trees said...

That dress is fabulous - I think you meant to say that you're that mum at school with fabulous taste that doesn't conform to dress standards right? I want to get some new Docs this winter, I've had my current pair for at least 5 years. But my old brown boots died last winter, I'd had them for like 2 and a half years, they were just cheap ones from avon - but I wore them to death. So much for thinking "I will hardly ever wear brown boots". Yours look FANTASTIC!

Melanie said...

Imaginary cosmos are good when you are already drunk on a fab cocktail dress. And I won't get sick of your boots, even though they are so ill (which is supposed to be sick as in cray cray, as in awesome). And I'm glad you have a Reputation to uphold. Have fun at the movies!

Olga Rani said...

Great boots! Can't imagine someone can ever get sick of them. Nice colour and I bet they are comfy. Look nice with this lovely dress. Enjoy your weekend!

Tilly Rose said...

Love the dress.....fab colours!
The Life Of Brian...that brings back memories :)

Enjoy your weekend
Tilly x

Kezzie said...

You'd definitely be the mum I eyed up as I brought the kids out at 3.30pm thinking, "I wish I had her wardrobe!" Sadly, we don't really have flame vintage mum at my school!
I love those tan boots, I've also wanted a pair but not found any real leather ones that are cheap enough, in my size, low heel but not those flat ones that wear out!


Kezzie said...

Glam not flame!

Greenorchid said...

LOVE that dress great find and in a sale!!
Suits you... Cx

Allan said...

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Rosemary the Shopper said...

Yes, OK is OK. I don't seem to have an "off" button when it comes to clothes. The best I can do is stay away from shops, unless I want to drown in clothes. I never seem to tire of things. Or wear them out.

Anyway, wear what you want, honey. You can always feel good that you are keeping the economy going by buying retail.

Rosemary from

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

It's oddly rare that I recognise songs from blog titles but I know this one and will have it in my head now. Which is a good thing. Lovely lovely boots. I have a pair similar actually. Life of Brian....I loved it when I first saw it back in the day but I saw it again recently and I hate to say it but I was a bit bored. I know! Sacrilege... xx

sonia said...

Love the brown of the boots with the purple accents. I wish I enjoyed wearing tights but I find them very uncomfortable. So I have to put off wearing skirts/dresses until Spring. Oh, well. Hope you have a marvy day.

freckleface said...

You look superstylish and coordinated in that amazing frock, not surprised you felt fabulous, you certainly look it. I love the purple bias, it's not a colour we see enough of. Great boots, and even better if they were a bargain. Life of brian, how wonderful. I think we saw that at the cinema as kids. We loved it, hope your brood do too. I support the theory that it is slim pickings in the chazzas at the moment. I went the other day. Not a sausage. Xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic outfit, it looks great on you! I would never have put those colours together but they look amazing. Those boots are just fabulous!

Young at Heart said...

love those boots.....I bought a brand new sweater's a long story but basically it was £300 (!!!!!) and it cost me £30.....I have worn it everyday since I got it on Friday 31st makes me so happy I may never take it off!!!

Unknown said...

Loving the boots Hun ;) Gosh the life of Brian haha Xx

Helga said...

Dance away the heartache, dance away the tears!!! I frigging LOVE Roxy Music, and that's one of my faves!!!
Loving the new boots! HUZZAH! New boots certainly dance away the heartaches...they do indeed casualise the frock somewhat. it's a gorgeous frock, I'd be very happy to be wearing that! I do love a good pair of tan boots, I think I ahve two, maybe 3 pairs. What size shoe to you take, lovely? In Euro fittings, that is. Just out of interest, as a keen shoe/boot shopper I often see bargainacious ones that are not my size!
Jaysus, G can pretty much quote Life of Brian, and The Holy Grail! We/re both big fans, but he's been a bigger fan for longer!!! The kids WILL love Life of Brian, I reckon!!!
I'm thrilled you stand out in a sea of boring looking mothers. I'm proud of you for that! And I love and adore you!!!

Indigo Violet said...

I covet your outfit so much! Red and purple go so well together.

Vicky Hayes said...

Purple again - it's a great colour for you Curtise especially teamed with red and brown. Love the boots and I agree they're perfect for grounding the gorgeous cocktail frock a little. Hope you're having a great weekend - enjoy LoB! Vicky x

Krista said...

You look flipping gorgeous in this dress and your new boots! I also love that you have a reputation about the way you dress, doesn't it feel good to be talked about:). This dress is really a stunner on you and I love the purple cardi with it too!

The only thing I remember watching with my folks was the news program 60 mintutes and I hated it. Truth be told it was until my last visit with them that we watched our first movie together. It was a comedy and we laughed together and are salted caramels. It's a memory I cherish. I think it's ace that you are sharing your love of film with SS.
Big hug mamaxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I always loved that line from the Roxy Music song "Dance Away"! Oooh, look at you in your lovely new boots, and how cool is it that the colour matches the brown in the dress print perfectly! I've been doing way too much shopping the last couple of weeks, new, and secondhand. I think it was because I was so glad to see the end of January, I needed to celebrate and it got out of hand...

at my dressingtable said...

Love the outfit, boots are great, want the bag lol.
brilliant post , best wishes Les

Veshoevius said...

Old stuff? From here that dress looks brand spanking new! It's a gorgeous dress and suits you to a tee - I love the print and the purple cardigan is lovely with it. Think this has to be one of my favourites of your dresses.

Sheila said...

Wonderful boots, just gorgeous, as are you! Love that dress -

Mrs. D said...

The dress is really beautiful! Looks lovely on you and sod those who think it's weird - because jeans and black see through leggings are so stylish, right? lol