Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Metal Guru

I have been inspired by this wonderful 1980s skirt which my awesome friend Sarah gave me, and by gorgeous Joni's post here.

Mix those metals!

Belt - retail (sale)
Charlie (free) and Pillsy (RSPCA)
Brass choker - gift from fabulous Vix
All other necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles - gifts or charity shopped
Top - charity shop
Boots - Ebay
 Skirt, hair flower and gold tone stone ring - gifts from Aunty Sarah

I used to have A Rule about not wearing silver and gold together, but in the spirit of adventure, I've chucked that one out. 

Yeah, cos I'm crazy like that.

Got a little petticoat action going on!

These sweet little gold buttons caused me some trouble when I wore this top for the first time.
They all came undone.
Cleavage alert!

Thankfully, I was only round at my mate Tracey's for a coffee, so I borrowed a needle and thread, sat in my cardigan, and stitched up the button holes. The top is stretchy enough to get it on without undoing the buttons, and further unscheduled boob display has been averted.

I think this skirt is amazing. I would have twirled if the paving and leaves weren't wet and slippery, and my sense of balance rather limited.

So I swished instead.

Raindrops on cobwebs...

...and whiskers on kittens.

I know, Charlie's already been featured, but look, he's so cute!
(Guinea pigs disagree.)

You might have noticed that I like boots.

There's a line in a Stevie Nicks song that goes cause I wear boots all summer long.

 In this country, that can often be true.

And because I wear them a lot, and because my incipient bunion is hurting and I can't always manage heels, and because other similarly foot-defect-afflicted bloggers have recommended them, and because they were only £18, I bought these from Ebay.

(Btw , I have no idea why Blogger has changed the font on this last section and won't let me do anything about it. Weird.)


Is it really childish of me that the brand name makes me giggle?

And reminds me of this? 

(The clip is a similar vintage to the skirt, I reckon.)



Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly do a knock out job of mixing your metals Curtise! That skirt is the perrrrrfect inspiration for piling it all on too. I think there's something so rich in the cool and warms tones together.
And these are a few of my favorite things!
If you like Mr Bean, you may think this is funny. We've had a ton of laughs over this 2 second video:

Have a wonderful rest of your swishy week!

Anonymous said...

I love when someone dares to wear an unusual mix of colours!It's true that gold and silver when mixed make a great effect and it's not easy to keep it on the not-tacky side, but you did great and(maybe because you named her in your post) this outfit makes me think of something that Stivie Nicks would definitely wear!
The skirt is flawless and I like it with the belt a lot!Your new pair of Aerosoles are great and they look very comfortable too!
Love xxxxx

mispapelicos said...

I cannot take my eyes away from the skirt and belt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Wonderful boots.
I always wear them for serious walking.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Aaaah, I love the T-Rex title! The skirt is wonderful, and I wouldn't usually wear silver and gold together either but you make it look ace! xo.

Vix said...

You frocking rule-breaker and genius blog title namer! I adore that skirt adn am very disappointed not to have witnessed a gratuitous booboid display to boot! Talking of boots that is a snigger-worthy name but what beauties they are, I prefer boots to shoes any day of the week.
Love the mix of metal, who makes these rules up anyway?
Swish-woo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Megan said...

Love the skirt - it looks like something that Desiree from Pull Your Socks Up would wear! Now I'm singing the song "Silver and Gold".

Anonymous said...

Rules were made to be broken darling! and by gum you are doing it with style. That combo friggin rocks!

I must admit that that skirt scared the crap out of me when you first featured it as I would have no idea how to style it, but you have done a truely amazing job. What an inspiration xx

Anonymous said...

Swish and swirl girl--I LOVE the skirt and what you've styled it with!!! Unexpected cleavage (I've unintenionally flashed my gals more times than I care to admit!!)

Charlie is ADORABLE!!!

Aerosoles are AWESOMECAKES!!! Very comfortable and you got a bargain!! My newest boots are Aerosoles, too!!

Anonymous said...

What a skirt - it's fab! Good for you breaking the gold & silver rule. Why not? Unless I hear of jewellery police on the prowl, I'm going to break it too.
Love those boots.

Gracey the Giant said...

Hooray for the 80s! And for your Aerosoles; funny name or no, they make very comfy shoes.

lucy joy said...

One of my favourites here Curtise, you know I love a bit of eighties glamour. Everything works, metallics compliment each other perfectly. I think it was considered bad luck to mix precious metals years ago. Your luck is IN though, luv. We all want a boob flash and think you're a sexy aerosole. So there!

Vintage Coconut said...

The silver and gold looks fabulous on you. And your swishing looks to be in order. The boots are really cute. I always love Charlie pics... He's such a HAM cat.

Krista said...

That video has me laughing! I love that perfect twirling skirt from Sarah and your mash up of metal inspired by Joni! You have totally rocked it outta the park! Your kitties are pretty and so are you sweet petticoat flashing Curtise! I love that chevron print bracelet and all your other mixed metal arm candy.

I just bought some pretty gray boots but after seeing yours I feel like I paid too much:( I love these and you will get miles out of them for sure!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Bahaha! Love those 9.00 news clips, thanks!!!

What an awesome metallic outfit combo!!! Inspired!

You look like a funky diva! Twirl on!!!

thorne garnet said...

That skirt is out of this world.I've got to learn how to make photo collages.

joyatri said...

You're the Mix Master! (er, I mean Mix Mistress). Is that silver nail polish too? I hadn't thought of wearing beaded bangles with filigree bracelets before but I love the mix of textures. The gypsy skirt is certainly twirl-worthy. I haven't worn Aerosoles in years, but I remember that they feel like slippers on. Glad you scored some so cheaply.

Helga said...

I fecking LOVE that skirt,and I love the mix of metals!MetalTASTIC!
You've got some gorgeous jewellery going on there!
Yeah,there's a real Stevie Nicks vibe going on,and it rocks!She rocks!(you rock,we rock..)
I'm all for a little cleavage exposure,personally,and I'm sad I missed it!Maybe Charlie could claw things up a bit for me?
Odd brand name for those boots.You;'re more than entitled to giggle childishly over it!

Unknown said...

Ooh you are AMAZING in that skirt - so glad you like it! The silver gold is fantastic and you have styled it to absolute perfection. That top is a frilly treasure - show us some of that scrum-didli-umptious cleavage STAT! Love all of your delightful bangly jangly bits - and love your boots - arsehole!

Love your bones! Sarah xxx

Fran said...

Gorgeous skirt. I have never worn boots with a shorter skirt. I must try it this winter. Wonderful shot of the rain on the spider web and such a cute kitty.

Jean at said...

GORGEOUS!! Love the metallic skirt and the velvet top!! Beautiful textures, very rich. I'm adoring the way you're doing the pictures, too, with the collage (complete with adorable kitty). You look beautiful.

Dawn said...

Damn girl you look so metaliscious! What a great figure flattering gorg.outfit. I laughed at your comment in small print about the puss. He is adorable. Dawn suitcase vignettes

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You are looking like a mixed metal Goddess. That skirt is gorgeous. You look so tall & skinny, & there are those amazing guns (arms) again. I LOVE that birdie necklace....super duper cute. Hehe I had a giggle over the brand of those boots too. You ALWAYS make me giggle. Xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, Miss Sarah knows how to coax you out of your style rules. I'm pouting a bit that we weren't treated to a view of the cleavage.

Connie said...

I'm so glad you're a crazy gorgeous metal mixer. Swedish accents have always cracked me up...especially like this. Love, Connie*

bonsaimum said...

The black,silver and gold outfit is splendiferous. I'm sooooo jealous of that skirt!!!!

Trees said...

I love this mixed metals look and that skirt is just perfect on you xoxo

Fiona said...

Boots rule! Perfect for disguising my fat legs and bunions! You are the Mistress of Metallics today, love the skirt and how you have accessorised with your silver /gold combo of jewellery. Charlie is so adorable, he appears to love a photo opportunity.

Melanie said...

A total rockin' metal guru for sure. Magnetic attraction! Especially if your bazoombas were busting loose. I love the collage, even without the decolletage. Sorry, it's veery late here. Love that clip too! Atkinson is my heartthrob. Must. Sleep. Now. YouarebeautifulCurtisenightnight.

CityScape Skybaby said...

This looks great on you Curtise, I like different metals mixed together these days too, I only ever used to wear silver. I hate it when tops come unbuttoned when you're out, that's happened to me quite a few times and it's not even as if I've been blessed in the boob area! Love your boots too, even if the name is snigger worthy, as long as you love them and get lots of wear out of them that's what counts. xx

Sarah Jane said...

Ha ha, the Swedish Chemist shop has me laughing out loud! I don't remember Not the Nine O'Clock News first tim around but I always liked Smith & Jones :D

The metal skirt is fabulous on you. I daresay it would be a bit tent-like on my, ahem "curves" but you have the perfect figure for any style. Lovin the flash of petticoat too sexy lady! xxx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Ah, lovely, lovely Aerosoles. I've also discovered the joys of a bunion pad :)

Your mixing of metals is so successful I hardly know where to begin, although I do know I covet the bird necklace greatly. Awesome thrifted finds.

I admire your quick fix of your blouse. I usually just get aggravated and don't wear the ones that open by themselves again, but I see lots of bloggers simply sewing up the front. Genius!

Diane said...

It must be our age, I have foot pain too and struggle finding footwear that is trendy and comfy. Those boots are fab though. I seem to remember my pal had that skirt in the eighties - I never thought we'd see them back, but as old Rod says "you wear it well" xx

BellaBean Vintage said...

You look gorgeous, I love this outfit on you!

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise, did i leave a comment, can't remember and do not have the patience to go through your comments to see if i left one!

Love how mix your metal - so clever! I know about foot defects, i have to be comfortable as well!
Love boots but find it hard sometimes to find a truly comfortable pair
Aerosol is a good brand, usually comfortable - I like Ecco but very very expensive -

Take care Curtise

Ariane xxxx

Lynn Hasty said...

Curtise, I LOVE THIS!! You look stunning! And I cannot say that I had seen "Mr. Bean" or whoever he is playing in that part, in that particular show. We get Mr. Bean on PBS here and can get his movies, but I don't think I have ever seen that!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

The more I see this drss the more I love it and what wonderful boots.

Rachel said...

Lovely, lovely metals mixing, that is some skirt. I like that you sewed the buttonson to avoid unexpected boob flashing - are you prepared for some expected boob flashing at some point? Tee hee.

Am also glad it isnt just me that sniggers at names like aerosoles.. Fnar fnar

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Yes gold and silver together really work and your skirt is wonderful. Look at your tiny waist! The top is great but obviously your boobs disagree and wanted to escape. Carry on wearing the mixed metals, it really suits you! Xxxx
See you soon

Kaffesoester said...

This is so inspiring! All the metals look great together, something I'll have to experiment with too. The skirt is gorgeous, and lovely with the velvet top! The black hair flower is the perfect finishing touch!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello lovely, sorry it's been so long. Am trying to catch up with everyone so am reading most recent posts before delving back into the archives or I'll never manage it.

I had a similar idea about mixing jewellery colours at one point but noticed today I was wearing rose gold, silver, navy and neon orange so obviously got over it! The skirt is fab, and thank goodness your bosom escaped in a safe house, could have been unfortunate at a PTA meeting. Or tescos.

his_girl_friday said...

What. An. Excellent. Skirt.

The Style Crone said...

It's such a relief to mix metals and your skirt is the example of perfection in this arena. Boots are a relief too, in all the way that you describe. So happy to catch up and see you radiate off my screen!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

If this is the result, I cannot WAIT to see what other rules you chuck out the window! This must be among my favourites of your looks, and I have so many of those. Beautiful collage.

When I think of "mixed metals" I imagine a shopping cart full of scrap joyously rattling and clanging!