Sunday, 1 April 2012

Polka dots with hints of purple

Eldest and I spent the afternoon in town yesterday. First stop was Marvellous Mary's Vintage and Craft Market. Just so that the stall holders don't think I'm a one-trick pony, I didn't wear a maxi. I know. A radical move.

I've had this 1970s polka dot peasant dress for a while and worn it a few times, but never taken a photo for the blog. It's got a rather homespun vibe to it, and I always assumed it was German (the label says Rawe Rheda) but it has a Tyrolean look, I think. Which might explain why I feel like a Sound of Music reject in it.


I've found a solution to the dilemma of what to wear with my "hideous" red shoes. Purple tights - of course! Why didn't I think of that before? I get the contrast which wasn't there with red tights, but without going as dark and heavy as black.

                                                                             Works for me.

                                  A girl should always match her petticoat to her shoes. It's the law.

St. Mary's was a bit quiet, fewer stalls and definitely fewer customers. But it's always a pleasure to go and browse. I never come away empty handed, and it's lovely to chat with the regular stall holders.

          Delightful Naomi and me at her stall of treasures. Look at that wedding dress - it has a lace hood!

I bought this great 1960s (we reckoned) vinyl/woven shopper from Naomi. It's big enough to hold all my crap, and looks unused.

And I will be wearing this very soon, I'm just teasing you with a peek at the beautiful fabric. Naomi said she knew I would like this item as soon as she saw it, and like the good retailer that she is, she knows her customers and got it spot on.

                                      Claire and Marie giving good pose! Super-stylish ladies, aren't they?
Eldest wheedled for me to buy her a hat from their stall. A cool 10 year old needs a red faux leather cap, naturally.

                                                 I thought the look called for the 60s effect on Picnik!

Then on to Schuh for the moment of truth - the Converse hi-tops have been purchased, full price has been paid, ensuing outrage at said price has been swallowed and accommodated, and Eldest is happy. As Sarah commented, I will indeed make her wear them till her toes grow out of the ends. And then I'll force her brother to wear them too.

                                                       I do like them though! Purple - good choice.

1970s peasant dress (vintage shop), tights, Office shoes, red slip and bangles (charity shopped), vintage hair decoration (flea market), belt (Oasis sale)

                                         Hope you have had a good weekend, my lovelies.


Max said...

Rik-rak, polka dots and red, white and blue, that dress is hitting all my buttons! You look absolutely lovely and are making me want to rush out snd buy red shoes this instant x

Rose&Bird said...

That's a great dress and it's nice to ring the changes now and again! Purple tights and red shoes - a perfect solution (navy or royal blue tights/red shoes could also work with a different outfit colour). I'm really looking forward to seeing the 'peacock' style piece - the fabric is stunning x

Vix said...

That dress is totally perfect with the red shoes and purple tights! You are as fabulous in a midi as you are in a maxi and Eldest looks gorgeous in her baker Boy cap.
Happy new Converse. I'll keep my eyes peeled for size 3s when I get back.
Love the look of that Art Nouveau print fabric, can't wait for the big reveal!
Loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lucy joy said...

Yes, it all works so well! Purple tights are now on my shopping list.
You do get about Curtise, I would love a day shopping with you. Good choice with the Converse, you do have to succumb now and then to teen peer-pressure by proxy, the price of new clothes is appalling though.

Spirit level and chives! So glad to have a fellow appreciator.

Lucy x

Scarlett said...

You know im going to say it - i blooming love the polka dots! You have great pins so should have them out more often. Im a sucker for red shoes and yes they look amazing with the purple, you trend setter you! Scarlett x

Vintage Coconut said...

I rather like that dress Curtise.
It's Spicy!
I am thrilled to see you figured out the dilema with the "AWESOME"
Shoes. They look fantastic along with purple tights.
That wedding dress looks gorgeous.
I can already tell that whatever that tease of fabric is .... it is going to be AMAZING!

She chose purple?? *Woohoo* Eldest Lb and I have the same color of Converse. *heheh* I found mine at bag sale and I LOVE them.

Fiona said...

I'm so envious of you with all these wonderful treasures on your doorstep. Fabuloso purchases, loving the bag and the sneak peek of fabric - so pretty. Your Tyrolean look is damn fine, did you manage a yodel?
Eldest LB is a natural model and she'll look 'EPIC' in her new Converse and cap.

Helga said...

Yeaaaaaah,purple tights/red shoes does it for me too!
G was amused that you were the onyl one to notice the lack of facial hair!Point to you,my darling!
Fark me,what a fab frock!It's got every delgith covered,ric rac being the most delightful of all!Good on you for throwing them in a spin by not wearing the ubiquous (sp?!_ maxi!!Gotta keep em on their toes!
Loivng the new bag,that's hot.And yes,a 10 year old DOES need a red leather cap!If it was black it might be a bit gay bar,but red is fab.
I do hope said 10 year old is supremely(to the tune of doing the dishes every night for a month)grateful for those converse!Fab colour choice indeed!Aw,good on you for caving!!!Double figure b'days are spec!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Eldest is gorgeous isn't she? What a beautiful girl, just like her mum. And of course I approve of purple converse, a vital purchase.

Looking forward to seeing newest frock in all its glory soon!

Unknown said...

LOOOOVE this frock - polka dots and tiers and floral bits and ric rac - it's splendid! And the purple tights are PERFECTION with the fab red shoes. Little Miss looks wonderful in that fab red cap - she's a hat girl! And the purple chucks are awesome. Love! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I have purple tights, but no red shoes at the moment... In the US, we have ladies who lunch who doll themselves up in red and purple. You would fit right in.

I love the purple Converse and the red leather cap. She'll be the coolest kid around...and no doubt, you are the coolest mom.

Bri said...

Your dress is so beautiful, I love polka dots!

Stacey said...

Oooo, I love this dress! It goes beautifully with the red shoes (as do the purple stockings). Brilliant!

Melanie said...

You have invaded my subconscious. During my inspiration outing today, shortly after viewing your post, I sketched a red car and then I started adding a layer of purple on top. It's those shoes and tights you have on! Marvellous combination!! You look great.

Do Tyroleans yodel? You must do in that outfit. The neighbours would love it.

Great thrift finds - am looking forward to seeing that polyester bit wrapped around you.

two squirrels said...

EEEEEEkkkk the prefect dress!!!! Look at you, sooooo pretty. Polka dots, red shoes, rik rak and beautiful Curtise.
Oh oh the tease!!!! That is the same pattern fabric of the dress I was wearing when I meet Warren 10 years ago. It was a beautiful 70's maxi in reds and golds, you would have loved it.
The purple sneakers for poppet are very cool! That is if you can use cool, sorry i'm a bit of a nanna.
Happiness to you
Love v

Miss Claire said...

Ammmmmazing outfit, and those red heels are too cute! I'm quite envious. Love the little converse sneakers too! Purple, good taste :)

Melanie said...

What a lovely outfit!
My Converse are pink, but I haven't worn them in an age as the last two times I managed to twist my ankle in them - weird I know.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love that dress! it's really flattering, you'd be suprised to know. Does it give you any urges to listen too Oompa music or run singing up a hill? I nearly bought one of those Bavarian style green felt hats recently. Eldest is like me at that age - wanting the slightly odd thing. But it really suits her. Plus I also had purple converse too, so good choice.

Sara said...

I LOVE the purple and red..fabulous idea! You look so lovely in this dress..I really dig it. You found some really beautiful things; I can't wait to see the "sneak peek" item in a future post! The fabric is gorgeous. :D

Bespoke Biddie said...

this dress is divine my dear!



Forest City Fashionista said...

I think that dress looks quite lovely on you! I agree - purple tights and red shoes are excellent together. The oldest must be thrilled with her purple cons--if you are going to splurge, converse are worth it. What a fab Mom you are ;)

karensomethingorother said...

Now that is a fun dress...and the petticoat?!? Well, doesn't every girl want a petticoat? That makes it so awesome. I do like those shoes. I think they're so fun in a cool, 1940's technicolor dance scene kind of way.

doradadama said...

I love all that ric rac and array of polka dot bright colors.
This is my fave dress amor.
your red petticoat is sweet.
Converse rock!
Your daughter is gorgeous in that red hat.
cant wait to see your next dress.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hooray for purple tights Curtise!!! Oh you absolutely cannot go wrong with purple and Miss 10 is clearly convinced (and quite rightly so!!) that her purple hi-tops will make her life complete. And she's right!! Oh and a red cap too of course! I love the wedding gown with the lace hood and good god look at your beautiful smile with Naomi. I adore the Tyrolean frock soooooo much - look at all that amazing rik rak, braiding and floral fabric!! Hideous shoes bring me so much joy! xoxoxoxoxo

Vintage Sweetheart said...

The purple tights are perfect with that frock and those shoes! Such a fun outfit. xx

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise,

Lovely dress you are wearing, purple is a good choice for the red shoes! pink and red, grey and red, green and red, yellow and red, here are a few more combinations for you!

You daughter looks lovely with that cap, she looks eddy, chic! it girl material your eldest!

He Converse are great tell her this 52 year old from Canada adores Converses - there is a store on St-Denis street that has all the Converse imaginable! I am a kid in a candy store when i go.

It seems there is always a bazaar in your world - For me , St-Vincent de Paul is having its half price sale on Saturday and later in the month a great church bazaar in my neighborhood -

Take care Dearest!

Ariane xxxx

Krista said...

Curtise you are smiling beautifully OMG look at how your face just lights up! Your smile is kicking the crap outta the usual bitch face :) God you have a pretty smile my dear! OK enough of that. I am in love with this polka dot number it is so festive and the shoes are perfect with purple! I love all the detailing and the petticoat is sexy!

I love the picture of eldest LB with her cool cap, and what taste she has with those purple Chuck Taylors! Like her Mum she has good taste!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Fabulous oitfit. I love polka dots and those "hideious" shoes are gorgeous. Love your daughter's red cap too. What a great day out.
I am due to take my youngest son shopping in Liverpool today. he has his birthday money to spend and he has designs on Hollister. If I manage to emerge form the darkness I will be back soon.
Jane X

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, ric rac, polka dots, purple tights & hideous (tho' why they're hideous, I know not) red shoes. Why, these are a few of my favourite things! (a little nod to The Sound of Music there - one of my favourite films, I'll have you know).

Looking as gorgeous as ever and Eldest LB is certainly a chip off the old block.

Have a fabulous Easter Curtise. xx

Trees said...

I love this peasant style frock! Your "ugly" shoes are amazing too :)

I bet the eldest is super happy with her new shoes and the red cap looks great on her too.