Sunday, 22 April 2012

On the sunny side

                                           I found this delicious burst of colour in a charity shop this week.

I am loving orange at the moment. The always gorgeous Vintage Bird Girl was kind enough to mention me in this post (I adore her frock), which really tickled me as I was wearing this dress at the time.We were in sync in our choice of bright colour and print!

It's a homemade frock, in very a lightweight synthetic fabric which doesn't half cling... even with a trusty vintage slip underneath. But the colours are oh so gorgeous.

I am having to wear my flat comfy boots at the moment since I stubbed my little toe on the stairs while chasing my Boy, the Seldom Seen Kid.  Since he rarely features in my posts (unlike his Blog Hog sisters), I thought you might like to see The Boy again, just to prove he exists. Here he is looking sinister with his Dad...

                                                                            But I digress.

I don't suppose it's broken (the toe, that is) but man, does it hurt, and I can't stuff it into heels at the moment... I am such a clumsy clot. I gave the Boy a damn good tickling by way of punishment.

1970s dress, belt, 1960s scarf clip and bangles (charity shopped), boots and 1970s sunglasses (Ebay), 1960s bag (vintage market), lacy shrug (clothes swap)

                                                                She looks just like me, don't you think?

Can I say a huge thank you to all my delightful followers, old and new, who commented on my last post? I did it as a joke, obviously, and had rather a I'm wearing a wig so no one will recognise me attitude to it. Then a couple of my "real life" friends saw the post and seemed a bit shocked, which somewhat alarmed me...

                                                                   Was it too much? No, surely not!

           I am so relieved that my blogging buddies get the joke, laugh along, and appreciate a bit of dressing up.

                                             So while we're on the subject of orange bri-nylon nightwear...

I bought this fabulous 1960s nightdress off Ebay last year. It was described as a dress, but it is clearly a nightie. Could I wear it in daylight hours as a frock? Would you?

 I went to a jumble sale on Saturday, which wasn't that great, but of course I managed to come home with a few bits and pieces.

                                                                          Look - more orange!

                                                                       1960s scarves, 10p each.

                                                                   1950s brooches, 20p each.

            There's more but I've got to cook dinner so I'll show you later. I hope you all had a delightful weekend!


Unknown said...

LOVE this look, another for my inspiration notebook!!! And your last post was terrific!!! Loved the take-off on Grease and the nighties were great!!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Ouch, your poor toe. Hope it gets better very soon. Love the piccie of ickle boy - what a sweetheart.

Love the dress (I'm a big fan of orange too).Oh yes, the figure on the scarf clip is the spit of you (yeh right.....).

Can't wait to see more of your jumble sale buys. xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Ouch, your poor toe. Hope it gets better very soon. Love the piccie of ickle boy - what a sweetheart.

Love the dress (I'm a big fan of orange too).Oh yes, the figure on the scarf clip is the spit of you (yeh right.....).

Can't wait to see more of your jumble sale buys. xx

Sara said...

Oh, I love this look! That dress is phenomenal! The print is super uber are the colors! <3 I think this definitely goes down as a favorite..the dress with the lacy shrug and fab dress belt..I've got hearts in my eyes! :)

I'd wear the nightdress as a frock for sure. You can totally get away with's just lovely. And what great little finds from the jumble sale. The brooches are very fun..particularly the one that reminds me of a gorgeous sea anemone!

So sorry about your toe. I messed up a couple of mine a few years back while jumping off a speaker in a night club (those days are done..kind of) I know how painful it can be. I will tell you that if it's a bit crooked, go ahead and set it with tape or something..I didn't, and they're quite Sending healing energy! XO

Kelly Jackson said...

Love the orange and the floral - great pop of colour. I thought your last post was a hoot. Re: the toe: I hope you haven't dislocated it, as I do mine every year. It is super painful and now all I have to do is look at it and it dislocates. Bye bye to cute strappy sandals, wah!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love that homemade dress! amazing. You could wear the other one with a belt round it and your fantastic red shoes as an evening thing. I thought your last post was amazing and it even encouraged me to pose in nightwear too!
I can't believe you found those brooches for 20p, they're great!
Seldom Seen Kid, does look a little evil in the photo, does he get that from you? xxxxx

Fiona said...

I feel your pain Curtise. I stubbed my toe once getting into the bath I could hardly walk. I even went to hospital so convinced was I that it was broken but it was only bruised. Bloody hell though, it hurt like mad.
Love this dress you're in, the cardy was made for it. What great JS bargains, super scarves and brooches. (my fave is the crescent shaped one.) Lovely to see SSK wielding a light sabre, is that a collecting box at his feet? Btw the ballerina looks just like you, but without the gin!

Unknown said...

Ouch hurting your toes is one of the worst kinds of pain it takes your breath away thats for sure. I loved your last post it was great fun nd showed your wicked sense of humour ;-)) You look gorgeous in orange i love the nightdress and YES i think you could wear it out. Have a great week and before i forget i love those brooches. dee xxx

AnPhibian said...

Those wonderful oranges are positively contagious! Must, must have them -- NOW!

Vintage Coconut said...

That frock is so pretty and has a great punch of color.
It's a good thing to know the boy exists and is not made up! *eheheh*
"I will be emailing you on having relations with Darth Vader shortly"

You know what Curtise... Sometimes it's good to give people a good shock. We must keep everyone guessing right?? If there was no surprises, life would be a bore....

The price you paid for those brooches is SCANDELOUS! Ohhhh they are pretty.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I'm warming up to orange too. I never used to wear it, but it seems oh so chic now.
I would enjoy seeing you pose with nicer backgrounds - while a white wall doesn't clash, a great background would really highlight YOU!

Helga said...

O,my FARK you are amazing!!! Hurrah for nightwear,especially bri-nylon! Jeez,I'm gonna have have to get mine out...and my nighties!(BOOM BOOM!)
I love orange too,and in fact,orange is G's fave colour!AND he just scored a fab retro BRIGHT orange top off Trade Me,so he's feeling pretty damned chuffed right now.
That frock is divine,I hate clingyness too,but sometimes it's worth putting up with it!
The ballerina scarf clip has me in a bit of a lather!!SQUEE!I love it!
And jaysus,those brooch scores!SQUEE!~
Funny how a colour follws you round for a while.I find you just gotta go with it!
Ah,so son is actually spawn of Darth!Explains everything!

Helga said...

O,poop to the toe injury.SUCK.

Melanie said...

Read this in a simpering twee voice: "You are like a spring garden with beautiful flowers sproinging up gorgeously everywhere." And then, blam, that belt. I love it!! Who does not dread the tickling punishment, you cruel beast. I hope your toe heals very quickly!!

two squirrels said...

Oh this dress is a wee cutie, I love the colours Miss Curtise. Poor little toe. They are small but hurt like hell!!!!
The apricot rose brooch is amazing, what a find, it would look lovely with the dress.
I have about three bri-nylon nighties I wear as dress. Hmmmm I should wear one soon before my knickers would freeze off. Tee hee
You do have the force with you, hubby is "Darth"????
Cute wee man, ooops that is your son I mean.
Happy week to you lovely lady.
Small furry hug for toe. Love v

Kylie said...

Love your orange brooches, dress et al. Cant remember if I commented on your last post Curtise, but I did read it. I thought you rocked the wig as they say and that your legs are too good to be covered up in maxi's.
Posting a parcel your way today x

Debberoo said...

Ouch for your poor toe! I loved the JimmieJams in your last post and this one and I think its very amusing that some of your friends were shocked. I'd wear it as a badge of honor (or honour if I was in the UK is that right?) you've still got it in you to cause a bit of shock and twitter, go you!

Loved seeing SSS but am totally confused about who your other half really is - I'd say being shacked up with Darth is way more shocking that a frilly nighty or two.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh thanks for the link my Love. You look wonderful in's funny how 4 of us blogged about orange frocks on the same day. I have some nylon frocks too & the cling factor is always a pain in the you know where. I use a static spray on mine which seems to help a wee bit, but I hate spending the day peeling the dress off my arse! I love the flat boots & I would definitely wear that night gown as a dress. With your collection of belts I'm sure it will look fabulous. Birdy blessings to you my dear. Xx

Anonymous said...

first--before I forget, I love the combo of colors in the dress--grey & orange is a long time favorite of mine.

Second--you and Melanie were the life of the party. Hope there aren't any long-term consequences.

Had not known that Darth was the father of your children.

Simon said...

LOVE this look, another for my inspiration notebook!!!
Second Hand Vans

Trees said...

I love this frock on you - it has such great colours:D

karensomethingorother said...

Ooo! Orange IS super fun. That's it. I have to find me some orange...though I don't see a lot of it around here..

That's too bad your friends were a bit shocked. I thought that post was tremendously entertaining and enjoyable.

Oh, but the night dress does look like a night dress to me. It wouldn't if you took the frilly part off the bottom, but it would still be so pretty in the summer, don't you think?

Scarlett said...

The orange floral is fabulous, really looks great on you. I however seem to be scared of wearing orange for some reason. AND your last post was epic - more dressing up! Scarlett x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Loving this orange frock it's definitely your colour. The brooches are beautiful. xxxxx

Unknown said...

LOVE the floral frock - the colours are gorgeous! I wear nighties as frocks all the time - but I also wear pyjamas and tutus so don't listen to a word I say!

I thought your last post was fun and lovely and fabulous and anyone who has a problem clearly has no sense of humour!

Those brooches are both FABULOUS - and what wonderful bargains!

LOVE YOU! Sarah xxx

Max said...

you dont half have a way with colour, grey with orange is so right and i would never have thought it. The red nightie is just gorgeous and doesnt look like a nighttie to me so i say wear away x
ps "seldon seen boy" and the "blog hogs" cracked me up x

Krista said...

I'm sending your kisses for that poor toe, let's hope the nail stays on! I kicked a vacuum years ago lost the nail and well that toe has hurt ever since, DAM TOES, do we really need them?
I love this bold colorful frock it's simply delicious! Those colors let's start a rainbow sherbet revolution!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

The orange in the dress looks so good with grey, which is not a colour combo I would have thought of. The little grey cardi makes a stellar outfit. Sorry about the toe!

doradadama said...

Oh curtiseita,
I do believe im jealous of your rose orange frock.
I love discovering same color pieces to match my clothes.
Yeah, you need to keep biatchs on their toes!
I love in all kinds of nighties amor.
You should wear this red gown out.
Your little boy is the cutest spawn of Darth.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm sorry, did you ask me if your red nightie should be worn as a frock? Well HELL YEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!! You know I do and would and love it and want you to wear it out and about you divine creature!!!! xoxoxxoxooxo

sri said...

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