Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Strictly monochrome

I used to wear a lot of black and white, but I have made a conscious decision to inject more colour into my wardrobe.

Perhaps it was a reaction against the sparkle required by Christmas, but by Boxing Day, I was in monochrome.

           I must have been feeling a bit stern and governessy. Kids were obviously getting on my wick...

I'm thinking Deborah Kerr as the crazed governess in the fabulously spooky film The Innocents. It's one of my all-time favourites.

                                     Or maybe I'm poor doomed Miss Jessel, lurking in the weeds? Hahaha!

           For light relief, I changed my hat. You know, like you do when you're bored. Bloody Christmas!

1960s Riddella maxi skirt (99p, Ebay), white shirt (old work wear, at least 15 years old), velvet waistcoat - or is it a jerkin? Vix will know! (£2.50, charity shop), Jones boots (worn to death, Ebay), leopard print trilby (£2.29, Ebay), tan leather bag (lovely Alex)

           Victorian governess? 1970s pimp? What's your fancy dress of choice this Christmas?!

The oh-so-stylish and delightful Ariane at Style Montreal Sud-Est has been kind enough to give me a Liebster award. Thank you, Ariane - now that's a Christmas gift I didn't expect, which cost nothing, and has brought a smile to my face!



Liebster means "dearest" in German, and this award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The stipulations of the award are as follows:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your 5 blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you have sent the award to will forward it to their favorite bloggers.

So my choices to whom I am passing the award are;

Krista at Peetee's Palace
Melanie at Vintage Coconut

All gorgeous, funny, stylish and interesting ladies whose blogs I greatly enjoy. Check 'em out!


mispapelicos said...

You are always magestic, my dear friend.
I hope you had a good Christmas and having a rest before the New year.

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Curtise!
You made me giggle in your comment on my post asking if the pic I put up was our "serious" photo. It was pretty much the only serious one out of the bunch. Now how did you know that??? LOL I will show a couple other since you asked in my next post.
Now on with your amazing outfit. You look very nice! I really like that skirt and the hat goes along with the whole things fabulously!

You need to show us that other faux fur you got.. I just ordered one on a boxing day special online lastnight. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET IT! *EAAK*

Thank you very much kindly for the bloggie award. When I first started blogging I got some awards but at the time... did not know what on earth to do with them. Now OF COURSE I know... I will have to search over previous posts and do a award ceremony for myself. *lmao*


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Congrats on your award!

It is a stern outfit, but every woman needs one. I can understand the kids getting on your nerves, that's just about every day for me.

Krista said...

You are funny Curtise I do like your sense of humor! I do think you look goo in this maxi and jerkin, shows off all your curves.... I also adore both playful hats.What about a 1970's pimp governess :)

My favorite fancy dress this Christmas was no dress, cozy legging's and a sweater one day, jeans the next, I had kids to play with :)

Congrats on your award and thank you so much for thinking I'm worthy too, that is very very sweet of you!!!!

Hope you are ready for New Years because I think it's coming.

lucy joy said...

I think monochrome is a perfect backdrop for your colourful personality.
Monochrome was my choice too. Black shift dress, bare legs and walking socks. Coupled with my red nose due to sneezing non-stop (not drinking too much) I looked like a sort of upper-class junkie, part country casuals, part sophisticated glamour.
Thank-you so much for the Leibster, I have received this once,does it matter?
I will certainly be modelling the coat, very next post.
Why is this comment all about me? So RUDE!
You look fantastic, and I'm itching to watch that film now.
Yay to monochrome!

karensomethingorother said...

Well Curtise, you looked monochromatically wonderful. Black is always good. Nobody wears dresses around here, unless they're going OUT, so to wear a dress around here makes one either look WAY too fancy, or like they're going to a wedding. Sad but true.

Kylie said...

I do think Sacremento's got it right, there is something quite majestic about you, you know.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I like the monochrome look on you, sometimes it's fun to mix it up from the bright and out there outfits we love to wear.

Thank you for thinking of me with the award your too sweet!


Kitty said...

Well I think you look somewhat French in that outfit, and you know, French and bossy can't fail to be sexy now can it??!!

two squirrels said...

Just a very quick pop in to send you a very big furry squirrel hug for the very kind and lovely Leibster award!!!!
Oh sweet how lovely that is!!!!
And that you have one too!!!
I just love seeing you and reading your blog, it is always such a treat, thank you!!!

Love love the black and white outfit.
Happiness to you Curtise.
A happy little squirrel,love V

Vix said...

Oh, matron! You do look a bit strict and scary in your monochrome gear but rather sexy at the same time. It makes a pleasant change from all the sequins and glitz. Both hats ate fabulous but yep, bloody Christmas, I'm so over it (not that I was ever into it, I just like shouting Merry Xmas to sour faced passers by as I flounced past them in full evening dress at 12.30 on Sunday lunch time and watching them being taken aback).
I'd call that a long-line waistcoat as it's got metal buttons...I used to have one almost identical and wore it to death.
I watched Inception last night and am still pondering on it. xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

oh! love the outfit total different look for you and loving it all you need is a wip;)
I love your leopard skin hat, i think i saw one lately almost bought it-

You deserve the award, i love the way you dress, love your sense of humor and you seem to be a warm, caring person!

Love the Innocent, love Deborah!she is my all time favorite - I think i saw all her movies -

Take care Curtise - Happy New Year and yes bloody Holidays i will be happy when it is over!

The Cat is still in the basement, wonder when it will come up -

Ariane xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I do love you in a maxi and frankly, who doesn't have to change their hat at LEAST twice a day? You are smoking HOT in that outfit and I agree with Kitty - there eez a strong French influence, oui? non???

Love! Sarah xxx

Scarlett said...

Congrats on your much deserved award chickadee. I a huge fan of black clothing and you look beautiful in the black and white :o) Scarlett x