Saturday, 31 December 2011

I resolve...

... to dress how I like and not care about the reactions of others.

This is a cheat resolution, of course, as it's something I already do. It's more of a reminder to keep doing it, brought on by an incident which happened today.

LBs and I are in town. I am wearing this;

                                                         Pretty unremarkable, wouldn't you say?

                                                      A 1970s pussy bow frock, 99p from Ebay.

With my favourite-of-the-moment faux fur, plus red tights, white T-bars and navy 1980s bucket bag (all charity shopped).

So back to town. LBs and I strolling along chatting.

Eldest LB: "Mum, that lady who just walked past did this to you." [Pulls a what-the-hell-do-you-look-like? appalled face.]

Me: "Did she? What did she look like?"

Eldest LB: [thinks] "Scruffy."

You ladies will appreciate the moral of that story without any assistance from me.

My resolution for 2011 was not to buy anything new for myself, I could only shop in charity shops, on Ebay or at markets or fairs.

And I've done it! I think it's going to continue, I can't imagine being a high street regular anymore. Too expensive, too much tat, too samey, no fun.  And I have had SO much fun charity shopping, and through rediscovering my old love of vintage, I've discovered all your wonderful blogs, and made some fabulous friends. Your support and encouragement and appreciation of my efforts have given me so much confidence, I can't tell you.
I owe you all - big time. 

 This is me in 1986, or thereabouts. I was about 22, wearing a 1960s black chiffon cocktail dress. Big permed 80s hair apart, I'm proud of how I looked. I wore vintage then, and wasn't scared to look different. And I'm wearing it now!

The 2011 (just) version; 1960s Shubette angel sleeve maxi dress (vintage fair), Mum's beaded necklace, bangle and flower (charity shopped)

Off to our friends' New Year's Eve party in an hour or so. Only 4 doors down the road, very handy for stumbling home!

Further resolutions may follow, probably involving reduction of alcohol intake and other notions of self-improvement. I'll let you know...

Happy New Year to you all.
Keep being you, you do it so well!

Curtise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Scarlett said...

Happy New year hun, great post and love that you've not been highstreet shopping in 2011 and will continue - hoorah for charity shopping! You look amazing in the pussybow dress, i can completely relate to the story as you know - let them look on, continue to looks as fabulous as you do. Scarlett x

Krista said...

Curtise!!!!! I love you and your lil darlings!!!!! It has been great meeting you and so many other lovely I don't give a shit women!!!! You look fabulous in both but the maxi is so gorgeous, I hope that is the outfit of the evening because it's really beautiful. Congrats on not buying new in 2011. I only did it for 1 month but the lesson I learned will stay with me all next year....first try and buy used, it's more of an adventure and my outfits look WAYYYYYYY better!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog they give me warm fuzzies!

Here's to next year, bring it on!!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Carry on with the charity shopping, ignore the mental comments of passing strangers, some people do it no matter what you wear x

Max said...

I love this look! and I have to say, with that wear-anything-and-look-fab figure and charity shopping talent you need never need to go high street... I'd love to do the same but I always think "but what about shoes?"
happy new year fabulous inspiring woman x

Nelly said...

Happy new year to you too I am going to wear vintage every day as well eye rolling scruffy people or not love the 80s pic I too wore vintage then just wasnt called that wish I still had all my outfits from then tho.All I have is one 50s swimmers/bathers my mums 1963 bridesmaid dress a lace grap jacket thing and a really old dressing gown oh and a beaded black jacket.i wont even talk about what I got rid of sigh Cant wait to see what we all find this year woo hoo xx

Trees said...

Wow - I love that vintage maxi!! I love the idea of Maxi's now I just need to wear them :)

I love the idea of only buying 2nd hand/vintage - I think I will also add in there clothes I've made for myself. I agree that chain stores are just lame and all the same.

Happy 2012!

Sabina said...

Wow--I never find anything that chic in thrift shops--and I actually do try--frequently. But I love everything pictured here, in particular the faux fur coat and blue gown.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year.


Kylie said...

Firstly, I am maxed out by your maxi! I love maxi's and I totally love your gorgeous navy blue nye one. You look beautiful and I'm sure there were no "what the?" looks from anyone at the party.

Secondly, you look fabulous in your pussy bow and a-line (I just think it's a shame you had to cover it up with a coat...) Who care's about "Scruffy's" opinion anyway? I'd actually take it as a bit of a back-handed compliment. And I think you should.

All the best for 2012 x

Kitty said...

Unsurprisingly, I can totally relate to this story! I just bought some fringed chenille shorts (made from an old bedspread) and I can't wait to horror people with them!
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog and your support this year Curtise, I'm so glad you started blogging.xx.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are my heroine Curtise!!!!!!!!!! Good on you for returning to your love of wearing gorgeous vintage-y gear ... you're in damn fine form lady and I am so proud of you for shirking the high street and embracing the old and precious to create your very own style. Oh my I would have envied your 80s hair!! Yes, I had a perm and would hang my head upside-down and shower my hair with a can of hairspray ... BIG HAIR!!!! I was in London at the time but it seems that there was quite a bit of new romantic style going off in Sheffield what with so many 80s musicians hailing from there. Not sure if you were there at the time, but The Phoenix was totally into the whole hair, bangles, makeup, sexy bass-player thang ... pwoaaaarrrrr!!!!! His band was The Mockingbirds. I am in LOVE with your angel-sleeve frock my dear and LB is an absolute darling for being your eyes and ears ... shame on that woman, what if you did that to her? Jeez!!!!! Hehe!! Happy New Year my darling woman, I'm looking forward to more wonderful goodness from you:))) xoxoxoxoxoxoox

Unknown said...

Who cares what people think! I am lucky lots of Montrealers dress like me and i always get nice comments so there!
I ca not shop in normal stores unless it is on sale and very special
I love your outfits !

Happy New Year!

Debberoo said...

Love you and, as so often, slightly in awe of you! Here's a story for your awesome self. You actually rocked the vintage and re-purposed before your Uni years. I remember being so jealous because you had leggings before they were mainstream (as in you couldn't get them at M&S) - they were your Dad's longjohns if I remember correctly? Anyway, here's the story, one time after seeing you (I think maybe she'd given us a lift somewhere) my Mum asked me (trying to be oh so casual) "so, ummm, do you like the way Curtise dresses?" Of course I knew exactly what she meant because to draw attention to yourself in anyway at all or to be "different" would be the horror of all horrors for my Mum (and I don't say that in a harsh way, there is a reason for her fears and the fear has shaped her life in a 1000 ways that are really sad). Myself, being utterly perverse, replied in the affirmative (which was true) but said in such a way as to not acknowledge in anyway whatsoever that there was anything even the tiny tiniest "different" about your wardrobe. Ahhh I was so proud of you and of myself too! :) Wishing you and yours a really fabulous 2012, filled with good health and happiness and I am determined it will be the year when I finally get to meet your gorgeous, clever, sassy LBs in person!!! xxxxxxxx

Helga said...

You looked fucking gorgeous,the goddam cheek of shittily dressed slags!I literally don't look at people around me,cos I have no time for those pathetic attitudes!
Fab story!
Love that maxi,frigging amazing!Love YOU!You were gorgeous in the 80's with your divine perm and that heavenly frock,and you're gorgeous now!Clearly you've always ahd style and class,angel cheeks!I'm frigging stoked to have you in my life!

Krista said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on the picture from 1986....holy BIGHAIR is right! I love it!!!!! We all have the same big hair memories :) You look straight out of a Whitesnake video :) and still have a glass in hand....PERFECT!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You sure know how to rock a maxi dress. It's only just occurred to me that dressing in vintage may appear weird to other people. But I'd rather feel I have some style then be dressed in generic fashion all the time. Happy New Year to you. Xx

Unknown said...

Ooh that 80s pic is FAAABULOUS!!! I had a mega spiral perm (a la Pete Burns in You Spin Me Round video) that took eight hours to do and five years to grow out!

Your angel wing maxi is SPLENDIFEROUS! The colour is beautiful on you and it fits you like a dream. And that pussy bow blouse makes me want to pat you, in a MOST inappropriate way!

I hope you gave LB a little cash bonus for describing that bitchy passer-by as 'scruffy'.

SO glad you began blogging this year - you are a delightful inspiration and I am SO GLAD to have 'met' you! Here's to a KILLER 2012 for us all. Big hugs!

Love! Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Curtise the blue maxi is amazing on you!!!
I'm with all the lovely ladies above, you are just fabulous and I just love seeing all your great vintage finds.
I always love to read your heartfelt words, thank you!
Happy new year love Vanessa xxxx

mispapelicos said...

You were gorgeous at 22, but you have grown more beautiful and stylish with the years, like the really good wines.
Happy New year, dear friend.

Vix said...

Happy New Year, you fabulous woman!
That blouse is beyond fabulous and that maxi dress is divine.
I adore that 1980s picture, are you drinking Campari? It was snakebite all the way for classy old me!
Don't go changing anything about yourself in the New Year, you're perfect already. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

New to your blog and love it.

lucy joy said...

Happy New Year!

My thoughts exactly with regards to clothes shopping.
New clothes have never felt right to me, I never wore them as a child and do NOT enjoy hight street shopping.

You look fantastic, you know what suits you, and know what looks good together. So many people are jealous of the confidence it takes to dress a bit differently. It is certainly something you can't fight. I do own some clothes I wear just to 'blend in' but I resolve to give them to charity.
We're all in this together! You inspire me, and I'd hate to see you in a Next blouse and BHS cords!

karensomethingorother said...

Bah. People are stupid. They probably feel threatened that you're stylish and well put together. It offends their track pants sensibilities.

Fiona said...

I so agree about the charity shopping, I just love the buzz of getting a stylish bargain. Great reply of LB, she will go far.
Happy New Year x

Vintage Coconut said...

Well... I wish i had been along side of you in my faux fur coat too! *LOL*
We could have turned our noses up at the scruffy woman and pretended to be some high class snobs. Maybe stop for a fancy cup a tea whilst out and about.
I think you look rather lovely Curtise in EVERYTHING AND PICTURE in this post.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you had a fun drunkin time. I fell asleep on the couch while Mr. Coco watched Bear Grylls. The Crustacean's left a little early because they could not handle all the Champagne and HOARDS of fun we were having. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I can't believe how you managed to do your resolution - I wish we had decent vintage shops near me!!

Here's to a vintage 2012!

Shawna McComber said...

I am visiting your older posts. Such fun! I love 1986 you. I used to wear my mum's vintage dresses to school dances. The other girls were in tight jeans.