Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Our happy place

Goodness me, a whole week has flown past and I haven't posted a thing. Life has been really busy with a mix of work, socialising, and kids' stuff, which is all good. It might be a challenge initially, but I'm sure I can find a blogging rhythm which fits with my new work schedule.

No looking back wistfully - onwards.

I bought this dress during a lovely day out in Nottingham last Saturday with my dear friends Vix and Tania.

Beautiful, aren't they?

I just love meeting up with these two sweethearts; we potter and browse and chat and laugh, there's always a comment or two from folk about what we're wearing, and the traditional Wetherspoons lunch is cheap and cheerful. Just like us.

Firemen, sweeper-uppers, and Vix. 

Her blog post about our day is here; she has better photos than me, I was useless and took hardly any.

We chatted to the lady from Sherwood WI who had been partly responsible for the yarn bombing. She told me that the conversation turned rather naughty while she knitted those leeks. Can't think why...

A Wetherspoons in an interesting building with a mobility scooter parked outside; ahhh, we're in our happy place. 

We're waiting patiently for out 'Spoons sponsored lunch. Or weekend away, whichever they would like to offer us. Now that would be a freebie worth having.

Tania and Vix lit up the city centre with vintage colour and big smiles. 

The My Sight charity shop had some cracking stock...

but unfortunately Tania nearly got stuck in that vintage beach set, the quilted velvet coat was just too plain and brown for Vix, and the Shelley's platforms were too big. Oh well.

I like the feisty quotation from Nottingham-born writer Alan Sillitoe; Once a rebel, always a rebel, and it's best to be a rebel to show 'em it dun't pay to do you down. 

And after a final pint and a natter, that was that. Our days out always go much too fast,
but we rarely go home empty-handed. 

These well-chosen gifts from Vix and Tan demonstrate the beauty of vintage/secondhand shopping - quirky individual pieces, both useful and pretty, which needn't cost the earth but make perfect presents.

Early 1980s New Looks of California cotton dress - £5, Sunshine Vintage Bazaar
Belt and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - retail (sale)

I've done two days at work this week, and my brain is buzzing with induction and training information.

Yes, I'm just like this little fella, bumbling about but trying to do the right thing and remember it all.

Not much chance of that, but I'm doing my best, and enjoying it!



Lisa said...

There is always so much info to take in when you start a new job. Soon it'll all be second nature I'm sure.
Lovely day out with such colourful friends.
We like a WS breakfast every now and then!
Lisa x

Mother of Reinvention said...

Sounds like a brilliant day. Glad the new job is going well. You will be an old hand soon. Beautiful, colourful ladies. Must try a 'Spoon day sometime. They have a couple. You guys should do blog posts from each one in the UK sponsored by Wetherspoon's of course. :) xxxx

BadPenny said...

I bet you girls had a lot of fun ! I'm sure you will be settled very soon xx
Thanks for the link on your comment - great Blog !

Goody said...

Looks like a fun day out-WS should absolutely comp you guys a meal (or drinks, at least) for all the great press you're giving them.

Funny you should post a bee photo just as I'm reading a book about the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Bees are quite smart you know-just like you! Anything new takes getting used to, I suppose.

I would not have guessed that dress was 80's (I didn't own anything that pretty in the 80's). Great colours on you too.

at my dressingtable said...

A great dress ,so pleased the job going well looks like you had so much fun ! Best wishes xxx

Patti said...

You three - so fabulous, colorful and happy together! I love the "rebel" quote, thanks for sharing it. xox

Melanie said...

I thought your absence might be to do with your new job after Vix mentioned you were starting a new one. I hope it's going well so far.

That's a pretty dress you've got there and what lovely gifts too xxx

Melancholy and Menace said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new job :)

You ladies are all stunning and I adore everyone's outfits.

Ha! The leeks are fab.

So many gorgeous gifts, too! xx

Sheila said...

Oh, I wish I had blog-friends who lived that close to me! Looks like a wonderful day!

Suzanne said...

What a great day! You all look smashing.

Sending good vibes for remembering it all at work. Soon enough it'll feel like old hat : )


Miss Magpie said...

All of you looking fabulous as ever. I'm sure you will soon find your stride. x x

diaryofapennypincher said...

Ahh, I'm sure the head spinning phase will pass soon in your new dream job! Gorgeous gifts off Vix and Tania, and great photos of your day out too. Love the yarnbombing, I've seen the Saltburn stuff, amazing! I agree, you should get a freebie from Wetherspoons!!

Anonymous said...

These blogger meet up photos are always so fun to see. Hope you're enjoying your new job!

thorne garnet said...

I hear ya about the one a week posts. Ive been working at my old summer job for a couple of weeks and wondering where all my free time went!

Unknown said...

You did find a wonderful dress, your thrift shops are so great! I've been busy painting at my house, so not much blogging for me either. :)

Ulla-Marie said...

Nice to see your legs! it should be fun to blog. The day it feels like a duty, it is time to take a break if you don't do it for a living. So I hope that you only post when it's fun and it seem like you have fun!

Melanie said...

Every time I turn around you're having another wonderful meetup! I'm glad you all found time.
Your Pic Monkeys are always the best. I like the flaccid leeks. And I love the bee on the flowers.
As for your dress, oh yes, that is truly a winner on you. Leg alert! Gorgeous. I'm glad you are sucking it all up at work. Before long you'll be barking orders like you own the place. Heh.

bahnwärterin said...

elegant and colorful busy bee!!
your new dress is fabulous - but your are much more - i´m sure your new job will be a successful one for you!
still envy the girls outs!!!

Sue said...

You will nail that job, and you will enjoy it I bet. Your get together with the girls looked like FUN!! Love your close up photo of the bee.

Mim said...

You all look like you have so much fun on your days out - thank you very much for sharing the photos.

Byron was one of my collection of odd pinups when I was a teen - aaaaah, but wasn't he dishy? A shame his reputation for bedroom shenanigans overshadows his political progressiveness.

I hope the training continues to go well.

Olga Rani said...

Sounds like you three had a lot of fun! You definitely brought colour and joy to the place, just one look at any of you wearing your bright outfits would cheer anyone up.

Becky said...

Congrats on the job! You ladies always have the best times and the pics are gorgeous!

mispapelicos said...

Sooooooooooooooo jealous of the three of you
Glorious dress

Angels have Red Hair said...

As long as you're enjoying it the remembering will come in time :0)
Your blogger day outs always seem like such fun ... wish I could join you for a pint.

Beth Waltz said...

What a beautiful photo of the buzy bee, happily noshing in those dainty flowers! He's probably wearing a smile as big as those of you blogging ladies, enjoying your day out. What catches the eye is those pops of pink in the buds, and on the anthems of the open blooms -- and in the print of your pretty dress. Petunia pink suits you!

Jean at said...

New job, good for the brain, right? Keep dementia at bay, that's what I tell myself anyway. Lovely post! I saw Vix's pictures and wished I could've joined you!!! You look lovely in the floral print dress. Sending much love to you and your family. XXXOOO

Unknown said...

Such a busy bee you are ! Congrats to your new job ! And im sure you are doing great !

Mrs Bertimus said...

Such a happy post, full of fun and frolics!
Thanks for once again brightening my day with your colourful blog x

Sarah Jane said...

Haha, knitted leeks ;-) The elephant figure is so cute. What a charming gift. Another great bloggers day out but I think I'd like to see a night out next. Now those pictures would be fun to see xxx

Natalia Lialina said...

I am so, so happy to find you at your happy place, my dear Curtise! The photos are great, I enjoyed them all as I always do in your blog, and of course the photo of Vix and Tania is just wonderful - such warm, genuine smiles and truly happy eyes! Not to mention, how beautiful and colorful you all are! Love those naughty veggies, but then, who wouldn't? :) Your floral frock makes me happy!

Good luck in your new journey, my dear - it will be an interesting and fun adventure, I'm sure! Much love xxxxx

Jazzy Jack said...

Yay for new job, not so yay for all that new info.
Never fear you will manage I'm sure!
Gorgeous gals with gorgeous smiles and gorgeous gear. You lit up the world.
Thanks for sharing and lighting up mine! Xo Jazzy Jack

Porcelina said...

You lot always have such fun outings! I love seeing what you find in the charity shops. That's a pretty dress on you and it's nice seeing you in something mid length, although I do think you rock a maxi particularly well x

Asparagus Pea said...

Go Curtise - i'm just about seeing the wood for the trees in my new job. Things take time to shake down xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Wetherspoons should be giving you and Vix a sizeable discount considering the number of times you mention the place in your blogs. Whenever I get over there, I'll be looking for one!

Great Bee photo - yes, it sounds like you have been as busy as one. I'm finding blogging to be a real challenge these days. Hope the job continues to go well.

freckleface said...

I could have sworn I commented before I went off for the weekend, but apparently not! Sorry, Curtise, I'm not being deliberately difficult! 😄 anyway, where was I? Oh yes, look at what a fine time we had, the weather played ball and everything in the end. I'm so glad we managed to squeeze one in before it all goes mental with your job and Vix's flurry of festivals. Yes, people are right, Spoons should be sponsoring a blogger's day out soon. Shall we get our people to talk to their people? Well spotted on that dress, you look just perfect in it. I wonder how the new job is going? Exciting! Gosh, time, where does it go? Every week is jam packed. Blog post is still on my to do list...cor, you've just reminded me of my silent struggle in the changing room. Hot flush and dislocated shoulders!! 😂 xxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Glad you all had a fab time...then again, how could y'not? I really wish I not been at work that day. It's all go from now on I feel...I hope we get a get together before the year is out though!
Those photos of Tan and Vix are gorgeous. Love that dress on you, you look stunning.
Hope the job is going splendidly. If I lived round the corner, I'd be asking you to get me one too. Not go quite so fabulously here...I fear I have spoken my mind again and that never does!! I'm with Sillitoe every time! I may have to get that on a t shirt.
Loves ya!

The Style Crone said...

Another fabulous blogger meet up! The three of you look radiant and happy and your summer floral dress blooms beautifully in you garden. Looking forward to hearing more about your new job.

Vix said...

Phew, time does go fast! What a fab day we had. So good to relieve it all over again!
That dress is fabulous.
Hope the birthday celebrations were fabulous and that the world of gainful employment isn't too taxing, mrs M!
Love you! xxxxx

Fiona said...

A fab get together with the girls, how super! Gossip, grog and goodies are the best ingredients for a perfect day. Have been wondering how the job is going and pleased to hear it is enjoyable. Hope you had a good birthday. x

Catherine said...

oh that looks like a wonderful day out! all those items you turned down at the chazza, oh i would have loved to pick those up, lucky sods, always have such a great range to choose from!