Monday, 25 May 2015

The only way is up

You don't need me to tell you that life is full of unexpected twists, turns and contrasts, and last week provided me with some perfect examples.

By birth, I am a country girl, but by inclination and choice, I'm happily urban. Still, I do appreciate living in a green city with plenty of parks and woodland to explore, and having the beauty of the Peak District on Sheffield's doorstep.

The Y1 trip to Ecclesall Woods was great; we made Andy Goldsworthy-inspired art, admired the bluebells, and enjoyed our picnic.

Negotiating public transport with 82 kids was a challenge, but one which was managed with aplomb. I am always full of admiration for the hard work and enthusiasm of the teaching staff with whom I volunteer. 

And the kids are pretty cool too!

There's no denying that I felt disappointed about missing out on the charity shop deputy manager post last week; however, there's been a further twist in that particular tale. 

I have been asked if I am interested in the same role but at a different shop, and I certainly am. I'll find out more next week, but there might just be a happy ending after all.

Claudia, Owen and Nina - everything charity shopped or hand-me-downs, apart from shoes

Me - 1970s top - gift from Vix
                 Silk palazzo pants - flea market
Denim jacket, 1960s bag, most bangles and 1970s tiger's eye pendant - charity shopped
Striped bangle - gift from Fiona
 Sandals - retail (sale)

So the kids have broken up for half term, it's a Bank Holiday weekend, and I think I've finally landed a job - let's go out and celebrate!

You can tell we were giddy...

Claudia and Nina - Selfie Queens.

A good night was had by all.

We're lucky to be able to hop on a bus at the end of the road, and head in one direction to find woods and countryside, in the other to access our city centre.

Extreme window cleaning is definitely not the job for me...

1970s St Michael shirt, suede waistcoat, shorts, sequin beret and shoes - charity shopped
Tights - gift 

 And while I am a committed dress and skirt lover, I do occasionally feel the need to ring the changes.

 Claudia says I'm pinching her style, she's been rocking the playsuit-and-tights look lately.

Naturally my version has some Seventies' influence going on.

Nothing wrong with learning from our kids, is there?

I think I'd better link this post to Judith's next Hat Attack, even though I'm early; I may not wear a hat again before June 1st, and I hate to miss it!

And now I'm off to follow the twists and turns in your lives - what's been happening?



diaryofapennypincher said...

Yippee! Hopefully that is great news on the job front, maybe it's a vintage charity shop? Love your saucy little number, you do wear it well!

Lisa said...

What fantastic news! How exciting. Keep us posted with the twists and turns as they unfurl themselves.
You all look fab, love the last outfit.
The clothes shopping with my 10 year old was completed last week. Thankfully both children have always been more than happy to wear the things I've charity shopped/car boot/ jumbled but now she is quite tall and of a solid build so is wearing clothes from the ladies section. We bought leggings and tshirt basics and then yesterday another haul of goodies at the local car boot. She is finding her own style among other people's preloved things for 50p a go and is loving it! That's my girl.
Lisa x

Vix said...

Check those legs out! How fabulous do you look? I'd forgotten about that yellow smock top, too. What a Spring-like vision you are in both outfits!
Wonderful news on the job situation and ace to know that the trip went well.
The restaurant looks so trendy. Loving the light fitting.
Here's to lots of fabulous half term high jinks with the best dressed family on the black.
Love you! xxxxx

SAM said...

I'm about to take advantage of a three day weekend Monday and do a purge and then shop in my own closet and see what "new" summer creations I can come up with. I couldn't pull off the tights and shorts look because of shortish legs and cankles but, wow, so fun for a casual night on the town. My 24 year old leggy daughter will pull it off with ease as you do.

Sheila said...

Ooh, I better get my shit together for Hat Attack! I keep missing them.

Congrats on the maybe new position! They would be fools not to hire you!

I love that your kids have the posing down, just like Mum. You are rockin' the shorts/tights look, Curtise! Brava!

freckleface said...

Eek! Knew it, knew it, knew it!!! That's fab news. Feel quite giddy on your behalf. Well done Curtise, you obviously wowed them. Just like you're wowing us in those shorts. SEXY!!!! 😜 Eccleshall woods with your Andy Goldsworthy artworks sounds and looks lovely, but isn't it fab to be able to go the other way too? Best of both worlds. I'm so pleased for you, keep us updated? Xxxxxx

bahnwÀrterin said...

manager in a different shop? if its not on the isle of wright (insert any far away place here) this sounds fantastic!!! i knew they will take you finally!
the school trip sounds awesome - a beautiful wood and doing artsy things with the kids - love andy goldsworthy. i remember summer camps (usually in barracks - the weather) with that much kids, 3 weeks long and of cause the whole lot traveled by train. can´t imagine how that was managed!
your playsuit look is really hot! that cat print tights! wow!! soon i will wear my shorts again too, but because i cant stand tights i have to wait for hot weather :-)
fingers and toes crossed for the job!!!! xxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

LEGS!!!How fecking fab do you look?
Ha! I knew they would have to give you a job, albeit not the one you went for. Congrats, my flower. Think of all the fun you'll have at work.
That's a school trip I wouldn't mind going on...trees, Goldsworthy art; perfect.
Have a great half term break and with a bit of luck the sun will get it's arse in gear.
Loves ya.

at my dressingtable said...

What fabulous news , once again great outfits love the yellow ,have a great week best wishes x

Mother of Reinvention said...

That's brilliant.Congratulations. Knew you were perfect for the role. Hope it is a handy shop for you. Love the lemon and your palazzo pants have beautiful drape. You look am-az-ing in the playsuit look. Gorgeous legs and leopard tights are superb. Xxxx

Asparagus Pea said...

Whoop whoop - and proof positive that it always worth stifling the urge to shout 'I hate you - you bastards!' When turned down after a job interview. xxx

Kezzie said...

That is a seriously super outfit at the end! Those shoes are insanely cool and the shirt too!!! Jealous, me!?!?!?

Your kids are so cool! I love the posing!

Oooh, yeh, I do hope that job works out! xx

Anonymous said...

That shorts and tights thing I am crazy for!! You look adorable in that outfit. And I had a feeling something would come of the job interview you had. Ya see? Didn't I tell ya?
Those woodsy shots look so good. I live just a mile long bridge across from the down town area of Seattle but interestingly there is also 2 miles of forest between our house and the beach. Nature walks any ol' time. Though we don't do it enough. (fear of white supremacists and hillbillys) ;)
By the way, the bright red lipstick looks awesome on you!

Beth Waltz said...

Leopard tights were invented for ladies with legs like yours who also happen to own vests and wear bright red lipstick.

Yes, of course, there was something funky in that first job interview result. I am among the multitude who is not. surprised. in. the. least. that you've been offered a position albeit elsewhere. Where, by the bye, is elsewhere...might one give it a stealthy snoop before deciding?

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

I've certainly no wish to jinx anything by celebrating too soon, so let's just agree that you are one hot lady in your shorts and also that stunning yellow top. Your kids are lucky ducks to have you along to make field trips fun!!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Woo Hoo! Rocking the hot pants Curtise! And the new news is news indeed! Fingers crossed that it all works out!

Lovely seeing you and the brood out enjoying yourselves...and bravo for herding 82 littles through the woods. I'm sure you all had fun!

Melanie said...

Celebrate! Oh YES!!! By all means! Even the sequin beret and those shorts alone demand it - oooh, you vixen. Yes, fingers, toes, all crossed of course.
What a lovely family. Clearly the good vibes there are in abundance. Traipsing through the woods is a wonderful way to spend time with kids.

Goody said...

Ah, so they realised you were too good to let go! Sending positive vibes your way-not that you need them.

Oh the happy faces of children on break! Wonderful!!

You know I love shorts and tights, and what you did with them here is nothing short of perfection-do NOT change a thing (except perhaps if you could find matching suede shorts to go with the waistcoat).

Olga Rani said...

Oh, you look smashing in shorts and tights! Love this look! And as always, your kids'face expressions are really amusing :)

Sue said...

You will so get the other job, you just will!!! Your kids are adorable, photogenic and, yes down right adorable. Thanks again for taking me on a tour, the country side is stunning, and the nature art gets a big thumbs up from me. Loud wolf whistles for your last photos, you look amazing, and why not borrow your daughters look when you look so smokin hot!! Seriously need a close up of those shoes.

BadPenny said...

That's great news ! Lovely photos & outfits.

Jazzy Jack said...

What a shock! You have legs! And gorgeous ones too clad in those cute tights!!!
So happy re potential job news. Crossing all my bits for you.
As always your kids have stolen the show :-) xo Jazzy Jack

Suzanne said...

I'm so excited for you about the other possibility!

Love the outfit with the wild tights!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Huzzah! Obviously they were impressed with you (as they should have been), I hope this works out and you can add Charity Shop Manager to your resume! Celebrations are definitely in order!

Your kids are such hams - I love seeing photos of them hanging out with Mom and being silly.

HOLYMOLY you look sooooo damn cool in your shorts and tights. I refuse to wear shorts in the summer but I will layer them over colourful tights when it's cold. Demure in your dresses and cardigans, Dynamite in your leopard, stripes and suede!

thorne garnet said...

Don't you look nice in those shorts. I won't jinx it (fingers crossed)
What beautiful countryside.

mispapelicos said...

Gorgeous you and wonderful family.
Tons of love, dear Curtise

Fiona said...

Dressed to impress! LOVE the shorts and the groovy shoes, only wish my legs were as good as yours. Liking the red lippy too, v.glam! Sitting back and waiting obviously had the desired effect... so pleased that the other job came your way after all. Lovely happy family pics, Claudia made me smile clutching her mobile, just like my niece. I wonder if they take them to the loo? xxx

Melanie said...

Fingers crossed for the other job! Love that yellow smock, it's so pretty and don't you look fab on those shorts xx

Natalia Lialina said...

WOW!!! You look super gorgeous in shorts and these great tights, Curtise! Your legs are perfection! I learn from my daughter constantly. I think it's (almost) the whole point of parenthood. :)) And whose fantastic AND stylish kids are those? Love all the family photos! You guys are the most adorable!! Absolutely loved your Andy Goldsworthy inspired art - great job, I'm sure you are a talented teacher. I do love AG (have you seen Rivers and Tides? isn't it inspiring?) and also taught a class on his art at elementary school once. Unfortunately, we did not make it to a park like you did - which is wonderful for you guys.

I will be so happy if you ended up taking a position that you'll enjoy! Wish you all the luck in the world, dear Curtise! xxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

That is brilliant news!
I knew you were just perfect for the job!
AMAZING outfit too!

Peaches McGinty said...

Great gams! love your outfit too, very sexy! it's good to have a change from our usual silhouette isn't it? makes me feel quite bold! am soooooooo chuffed about the job news, makes sense though, you are far too good to let go, hurrah *drinks a sip of wine* also 82 kids on public transport, oh my goodness! you all deserve medals! it used to terrify me having a load of teenagers out on a school trip back in my old job, shudder! love you the pics of you and yours, you are all posing legends! x x x

Miss Magpie said...

Wow look at you in your shorts! I love the yellow top on you too, fabulous.

Fingers crossed for the job. x x

Unknown said...

That's exciting news about the job, hope it works out!
I love both your outfits, but you are really killing it in those shorts! I wish I could find short that look that good on me! :)

Pennyblossoms said...

Love,love,LOVE the shorts and patterned tights. Fab!!
Fingers X'd for the new job.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Fabulous news ... fingers crossed for a happier ending this time :0)

Kelly Jackson said...

Love your sassy short outfit, Curtise! You will ROCK as a charity shop manager! Hope it works out for you. Xo

Mim said...

Woohoo! Such good news on the job front. I do hope you get it.

ROWR to the animal print legs. They look fab.

Melancholy and Menace said...

Fingers crossed that the new charity shop position works out! So many gorgeous photographs, it is wonderful to have a choice of nature and city. Sometimes I enjoy the hustle and bustle, but mostly I'm a country girl.

I love the play-suit and leopard print tights look. You're such a fox!


Diane said...

Fingers crossed on that job - you were made for it! You all look fabulous and highly individual in your pre-loved clothing. You all have such style - I am in awe. And you have fabulous legs in those shorts and tights lass xxx

Lynn Holland said...

You look fabulous in the shorts outfit. I love every piece and what a gorgeous coloured top from Vix
Good luck on the job front xxx

Kaffesoester said...

So great to hear that another job possibility is opening up - they must take you!

The short look is fantastic on you! So cool with the waistcoat and those incredible tights! Although you look amazing in dresses and skirts, this is certainly a great alternative :-) Lovely lips too!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ooh, fingers crossed! That sounds great news.
And check out those legs!!! Looking good Curtise. xxxx

Shawna McComber said...

Oh I love your funky shorts and tights outfit! So sassy! And I am crossing my toes for you on that deputy manager job. I am sure you would be excellent.

I feel the pull of both country and city, and so I live in a small town which isn't quite either. I always enjoy your pictures of parks and city architecture. The tree photo at the top of this post is gorgeous! xoxo

The Style Crone said...

Congratulations Curtise! I'm very excited for you and know that you will make the perfect charity shop deputy manager. Can't wait to hear the details. Time to celebrate!

You are gorgeous in yellow and I'm loving the 'shorts with tights' look on you. It's always fun to experiment and learning from the kids is a good thing. Thank you for sharing your headwear with Hat Attack.

Jean at said...

I hope you can hear me from here....YAY!!!!!!! Looks like things are moving along beautifully. The young'uns look fabulous (love the expression on Seldom Seen's face and the young ladies are so beautiful) and it looks like good times are being had by all. I hope you get the job of your dreams. We also live in an area where we can access country side or city within 45 minutes to an hour. I like that but I hate the fact that we have to drive everywhere. No decent buses, trolleys, trains etc. Oh well. Bloom where you're planted, right?

The hot pants/tights combination looks great on you. I love it with the vest.

I'm slowly coming around. As always, I have tech insanity. I don't know how to do anything, and my young'uns are gone, flew (flown?) the coop, migrated elsewhere. But I've got my eye out for a youngster in the neighborhood who'd like a little spending money in exchange for some tech savvy. :-)

Love you so much. I'll stop by when time permits, just know my heart is with you. XXOO

Catherine said...

arent you just a looker in your shorts and tights! Claudia must know that girls have been wearing that since the 70s!
Im behind in reading your blog, so hopefully the next one i read you have some good news about that job!