Sunday 4 January 2015

Almost blue

I've got a touch of the Back to School blues.

It's the thought of getting up early tomorrow morning and having to display a modicum of efficiency again. I'm not too keen.

But at least all the snow has gone.

We slithered our way on treacherously icy pavements to spend New Year's Eve with our friends Claire and Ron, a mere four doors away; by the time we tiptoed home in the small hours, the ice had mostly melted.

A 1970s-does-30s maxi and a red feather boa, a suitable outfit in which to welcome 2015, I think.

Yesterday was Nina's 9th birthday, and we went out for dinner to celebrate.

That jug of beer looks enormous next to Owen... Went down easily enough though.

(Simon was there too, please don't think I guzzled it all by myself!)

1960s mini dress - Second to None, Walsall
Windsmoor faux fur coat - vintage fair
Beret, scarf and tights - charity shopped
Boots - retail (sale)

So I'm feeling a bit quiet and subdued, as I often do at this time of year. The stretch between new year and Easter feels long, and a little gloomy.

Nothing a coffee and chat with my mates can't sort out though (on the agenda for tomorrow) and I'm looking forward to getting back to the charity shop to continue with my Vintage Rescue mission.

In addition, I'll be starting at the new hospice charity shop which has opened in our city centre. My original plan was to get up to speed with the volunteer role at my local shop, but transfer once the new branch opened.

Now, of course, I don't want to leave what I have come to think of as my shop. I have grown very fond of the little band of Wednesday volunteers and the manager with whom I've been working.

Not to mention the ongoing house clearance and its vintage bounty...

The manager was delighted when I called in at the shop after Christmas with the cash from the Ebay sales. I also sold some of the vintage fabric to my sewing/crafty friends.

Anyway, I'll see how it goes doing a day in each shop. If anything has to give, I can always call time on the PTA, can't I? (After our jumble sale in March, of course...)

What are your plans for January? Same old routine or pastures new?

Edited to add: how could I forget - Judith's first Hat Attack of 2015! See you there.



mondoagogo said...

Aw, this time of year can make one feel a bit bluesy, but it has also provided some glorious blue skies, so not all blues are sad. Your dresses aren't sad!

Happy birthday to Nina. Owen looks like he can't wait to start necking the beer, I'd keep an eye on him if I were you....

am I first on your first post for this year? Hope we al have a good one!

Fiona said...

Corrr! Bloomin' lovely mini... and earrings too, something I've not noticed on you before. I'm sure you won't have the blues for long once you get back in your chazza and spy the first piece of 2015 vintage. It will be interesting to compare the two shops, I think.
Superb pics of the LB's (not so L any more) ....not sure what's in that box Owen has but it sure looks laden with calories.
My plans for January are to get rid of this fucking cough!
xx Can you tell I'm finding it irksome?

Tami Von Zalez said...

Fantastic paisley print and in my fav blue/purple tones.

There is much going on in the New Year. I've got a few linkups in January and new job prospects.

Sheila said...

Love that dress on you! It makes me want to wear mod. Happy birthday to Nina!

January...catching up? Work will be very full, as is the social calendar (again??).

Goody said...

Happy Birthday Nina! Nine is so much fun-you'll see.

I can imagine the charity shops sending you off on loan to locations as the "Vintage consultant." Would be a fine idea. Glad to see the black maxi dress worn again-would have been a shame to sell something that looks so great on you.

I find trips to the garden centre and seed catalogues a good way to survive this long part of winter. Walking through a glass house this time of year does good things for my mental state.

Happy New Year.

Mother of Reinvention said...

Looking fab as usual and I love your furry coat. Looks very chic. January is a bit of a comedown isn't it, after all the glitz and bustle of the hols? Not to mention the lie-ins. it will be really hard tomorrow going back to reality. Working in two shops will be fab. Twice as much vintage to ogle at. Don't do the PTA if it's a hassle. Life is too short. Happy birthday to Nina! Xxxx

Fiona said...

Soz Nina...HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY!!!

freckleface said...

I think this time of the year lends itself to the blues, so it's good you've got some new stuff to look forward to. Yes, you can definitely give the PTA up after March. I'll sign a note for you if you like? Looking lovely and jaunty in that blue mini, and oh so glam in that boa. Happy Birthday sweet Nina! Nine, eh? Sounds like a good age to me, hope is jam-packed full of all the best things. I'm rather sad for you about the shop, you just fitted so well. I know you'll sort something out. Looking forward to hearing how it all develops. Well done on the ebay success, sounds like you did brilliantly. Xxxxx

Gracey the Giant said...

Happy New Year, Curtise! You look gorgeous in the blue dress (that I'll take off your hands if ever you don't want it). And your NYE look is perfection!

Kezzie said...

Hello beautiful blue lady!!! Thus is rather a splendid outfit, loving all the blue (and hat) and nice to hear things have been active over your way, happy birthday to Nina too. I am glooomy as hell about tomorrow!!! How will I get up at pre 7am?????x

Lizzie Cole said...

I love the electric blue - it looks great.

Lizzie Dripping

bahnwärterin said...

gorgeous sylvester outfit!
i can understand that you feel exhausted after the holidays. before i rediscovered my old love for skiing winter was very long, especially in berlin that is very near to siberia sometimes....
the black&bright blue ensemble is the right thing to fight winter blues i think - and hot coffee - with brandy :-)
happy birthday to nina!!!!!

Patti said...

Gorgeous in your blue print and your magnificent NYE maxi, Curtise! Happy birthday to Nina; all the kids look wonderfully content. Wish I could share a morning coffee with you, we would rally each other for the day. xox

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy, between now and Easter. I know what you mean about this time of year. It does drag on. Love that dress, gorgeous! :)

Helga said...

Gah, I'm back at work today, and not only do I have the blues, I am OVER it already!!!!
Thank goodness you and Vix are my first blog perves this year. I feel somewhat better already!
Love both these outfits, and am thrilled to bits that the Ebay sales went well...I suspect you are carving yourself a nice niche here, and may well end up running the vintage saving mission for a whole lotta chazzas........hmmmmmm, that would be wonderful.
Just back to the same old, same old for me. At the moment. I'm sure something new, exciting and unstressful is waiting for me, though....

Becky said...

Back to school for the kids tomorrow, too. Uggggghhh early mornings! You look so cute in the 60s mini!

Vix said...

There was an article in the Guardian at the weekend saying as much. The divorce rates go up, nobody's got any money, our tax returns have to be in, the weather's abysmal and there's sod all on the telly. Thank gawd I'm off on me hols next week! Hopefully you, Claud & I can squeeze in a Voice text-off before I go.
On a brighter note that Second to None dress is a dream. No-one could be blue for long with Curtises's legs to perv over and you look so hot in that black maxi and boa that I'm not surprised that the snow melted.
Happy Birthday to Nina! Glad to see Owen's taking an interest in the beer, a chip of the old block if ever there was one!
Dying to see what gets donated next. I'm off to Walsall for a rummage.
Love you! xxxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

I always feel glum in January too but your post is certainly a sight for sore eyes, that second to None dress is gorgeous.

I think you'll manage with no problem doing 2 days in 2 shops and think of all the delights you can save from the rag bag!

Anonymous said...

Dear Curtise I've been missing in action for a while, I've been taking down time since the school holidays started but I'm back and trying to get on deck. What wonderful news to hear about you volunteering, so much fun to be had. I look forward to hearing about the adventures. By the way you most glorious in you mini, gosh I wish I Gould come across some Stella ones I'm in love with. Have the most glorious 2015. X

Sue said...

Glad the snow melted away!! Oh poor you back into the school day routine, and Winter too. I will not mention our Glorious Summer!! My god you look amazing in BLUE! Yay to doing to lots of volunteering, I may be doing some myself to keep me busy until I find paid employment again.

Ulla-Marie said...

But think of it like this. I will soon have the same hairstyle as you (two month to go) so for me it's a kind of comforting to see pictures of your elegant hair.

joyatri said...

That vibrant blue mini looks like a great spirit lifter. I hope your new charity shop gig is exciting in that it brings new treasures to light.

Kylie said...

(expect a visit from the postie soon)
Your Mum was very lucky to have you nine years ago (and of course, you made a good choice too!)
I hope you had a lovely day x

Beth Waltz said...

You may be feeling "quiet and subdued", Curtise, but you appear to be anything but! in that vivid blue mini and the striking evening toute ensemble. You wear fur with panache! (How do you keep a boa intact with cats about?)

Suzanne said...

I totally agree with you that the time between now and Spring is entirely too long.

You look wonderful in your red and black for New Years!

Plans for the New Year? Fingers crossed we manage to escape to somewhere warm...but I'm not holding my breath. Otherwise I'm hoping to attend 2 big blogger meet-ups...which should be fun.


Connie said...

Your little bobbed haircut is perfect for a beanie/beret. And how can you be even a little bit blue when you look so damn beautiful in that 60's shift? Nina is 9? Wow! The babes are growing up....just as they should. Definitely worth a pitcher of beer.

Natalia Lialina said...

Happy Birthday to Nina!! You look fantastic in this outfit - love both the dress and the winter coat! One of joys of winter is wearing fun coats I think. It's never too bad here anyway. Now Siberia is all another topic. :)

I want to walk a lot and maybe even hike a bit, from time to time (not when it's pouring rain as it is today). Anna's starting a new class today (meaning there will be more driving in my foreseen future), and I want to start finishing what I started writing :) and get on with publishing. It'll keep me busy. There are a few vintage dresses and beautiful boxes to sort out as well. That is if I get bored with hiking, driving, writing and publishing. :)

Thank you for your input and thoughts about those dresses, Curtise - it all makes perfect sense! xxxxx

Charis said...

Loving your blue mini, you look gorgeous!

at my dressingtable said...

Happy Birthday Nina , love your blue dress , yes I know what you mean January and February are horrible months Best wishes xxx

Melanie said...

Big happy birthday to Nina!
And at least when you're blue, Curtise, you have a whole freaking blues-on-acid party going on on your mini dress, which hopefully will seep through the fabric and into your bones. It certainly cheers me up.
Your party garb was stunning.
Regarding your charity work, you are the queen and you decide what to do. That's all I can say, but sometimes the loyal subjects gets in the way. Grr.
For me? Dreaming big, bigger, biggest as usual.

Young at Heart said...

Ooh am inspired to go buy some blue tights to go with my brown boots....... Miu Miu from a secondhand shop and yes I meowed when I found them.....happy new year!!

Unknown said...

Feeling Blue I think there are a lot of us feeling like that. I for one I have been feeling pants since my operation at the start of December I have caught bug after bug and its soooo frustrating I have so much I want to do in the house but cant because of my bruised and sore ribs. But hey ho must not grumble to much. You look gorgeous in blue by the way. I am thinking you must give up the PTA work charity shop working is much more fun and much more you :-) Happy new year lovely, dee xx

Diane said...

I love that Blue dress - so funky! Let me know where the new charity shop in town is. I agree - let someone else have a turn on the PTA. XXXXX

Mim said...

It's great that Nina had a good birthday. And it's sad to hear that you have the blues - I hope they go soon. Good luck with working at the new shop.

We didn't get any snow, but I'm quite glad of that! It's pretty, but a nuisance...

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Happy birthday Nina!
Slightly concerned by Owens drinking...
Yes indeed, the stretch between Xmas and Easter is long, but on the bright side, Cadburys Creme Eggs reappear after Xmas. So it's all good.
Looking beauteous in blue Curtise. Good luck at the new shop. Happy rescuing! xxxx

The Style Crone said...

You may be feeling subdued, but your outfit of blue and your New Year's Eve ensemble are brilliant. Thank you for sharing your beret with Hat Attack!

Happy Birthday Nina and a Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

Looking forward to your vintage rescue adventures in 2015!

The Vintage Knitter said...

Belated birthday greetings to Nina! Loving both the NYE maxi and the '60s mini; two great looks. As for my January plans, I'm becoming self-employed after twenty-odd years of corporate bullshit. xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I wasn't looking forward to the early rising yesterday when I had to go back to work after having a week and a half off, but it wasn't so bad once I got up. I do need a routine, or otherwise I get nothing accomplished.

That is such a cool dress - love the pattern and the shape is very flattering too. I'm so glad you have found your happy place in the Charity shop - it's provided some fun, and a chance to give back to your community (not that you weren't doing that before).

Happy belated birthday to Nina, and a Happy New Year to you all!

Angels have Red Hair said...

In January I'm planning on sitting back ... enjoying the Summer holidays ... and doing as little as possible! I've been spectacularly successful at doing nothing in the first week :0)

Mrs Bertimus said...

Can't wait to hear about your new charity shop and all your new adventures there x
Thanks for popping by my blog by the way chuck x

Olga Rani said...

What a pretty little dress, Curtise! Such a lovely shade of blue and those large paisleys look fantastic. The hat you're wearing adds a flirty touch to your look.
One of my daughters is coming for a short visit, so it brings some nice change in my usual January routine.

ArgentGal said...

Happy New Year! The feather boa is a perfect way to ring in the new year. And Happy Birthday to Nina! Also a big Thank-You for sharing this part of your life through your blog. You are one of a handful of wonderful women who have inspired me to take the risk and start blogging this past year.

Peaches McGinty said...

Happy New Year and a Happy belated birthday to Miss Nina! a bucket of beer is a blooming good idea to celebrate, obviously not for the kids, ha! gorgeous you in your frocks and your bountiful faux fur coat, you had the snow for a while! we had it for about 18 hours, none of the icy aftermath - good luck with the new shop, it sounds exciting! we are currently focused on my mother-in-law's recovery and me doing my best not to be a bossy pain in the ass, ha! x x x

Unknown said...

I have read this post and the last, sorry, I started a new job and trying to fit everything in -
I love the previous post and the cats on the dining room table, too precious! Lots of snow and cold weather here.
Hope you like the new shop, pitty when you have to leave when you get along with your co-workers, but i'm sure all will be fine for you

I will mail the parcel Friday and i will add something for the kids
Btw, those children of yours are so cute!

Take care and hope you will like me little gift to you and children

Happy NY to you and family


Jazzy Jack said...

What can I look gorgeous in that electric blue paisley with matching beret. Such a foil for your hair! Hope the routine has set in now and your back into the swing. I'm dreading the beginning of school in Feb, but we all manage it somehow.
Looking forward to finding out how your vintage adventures go! Hope you can manage the two shops.
Oh, and I do love a good red feather boa. Looks like 2015 was welcomed with a bang!
Hope i'm not too late to say Happy Birthday to Nina. She is now the same age as my youngest :-) xo JJ

Anonymous said...

You are the perfect match for those charity shops with all your knowledge and flexibility. I'm sure they're thrilled to have you!

I have to say, that's my favorite look on you in the short blue dress!

Catherine said...

ahh we have ages until the kiddies go back to school! at least the trains are nice and empty till at least the end of Jan. Love that little blue frock!

Trees said...

I LOVE that blue dress - its so pretty! I feel a bit like you between Easter and Christmas, we only have one public holiday in that time and its winter and its just a bit tough...but you can pull through! Especially with the help of your fab friends. I wonder what new treasures will appear at the new shop! :D

No Fear of Fashion said...

Ooohh. Curtise, I saw your blue number on Google+ (because Bella posted it). And flew over quickly to your blog. What a terrific dress. Looks so good on you.
And I also very, very much like your new years evening dress. Beautiful. So glad you added some red.
Last but not least, congratulations with Nina.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe I missed this post. This dress has to be one of my all time faves on you. Beyond it's excellent design, it had to be made by some time-traveling designer who saw you in the future ... made for Curtise! You just have an eye for the best-energy pieces of the era and pull them off so well!
Cannot believe you can be blue after seeing yourself in this dress! I'm always relieved to be past the fiscal misery of December and can put more energy into my mental-cheer-leading for January. I like the change that happens just after the first of the year. I'm energized, and send some of my groovy vibes to you ... and that DRESS!
Happy Very Belated B-Day to the darling Nina! Looks like a good time was had by all, and I hope she continues to celebrate all month!

Melanie said...

Happy very belated birthday to Nina!
The blues in your outfit are just gorgeous.
My January has had big plans afoot and I should be ready to share them soon xxx