Tuesday 5 February 2013

Charm, personality and social poise

High levels of charm, personality and social poise are definitely evident among my favourite blogging friends.

I'd like to claim a little for myself, but I'm not sure I have much charm... Sarcasm, profanity and flippancy in abundance, but I don't think I would have graduated with flying colours from charm school.

And I can be a little socially anxious too.
Personality - yep, got one of those.
Thankfully, bloggers are a kind and forgiving bunch, and in addition very generous.

Parcels of Joy arrived this week - in triplicate!

Makeover Queen and Supermodel Tamera sent a fabulous 1970s dress and a pussy bow blouse, my very own Frida Kahlo pendant, a 1980s belt, owl bookmark and pen holder (Littlest has her eye on these) and gorgeous handmade cards.

Lovely Kelly, La Reine de la Bumplet and the knitted dress, is a woman after my own heart - she loves a 1970s leather bag, and so do I!

This plum suede bag is beautiful, and won't it go well with the dress from Tamera?
I love serendipitous coincidences!

And gorgeous Rock Chick Fiona, collected together all sorts of goodies for me and the kids.

Handmade hair accessories for the girls, chocolate for Seldom Seen.
Hmmm... will it reach the boy? He is at school all day, and he doesn't know it's meant for him... 
Might share. Might steal. Who knows?
The embroidered hankies in their original box, wooden salt scoop and notebook are for me, as is the fabulous handmade card.

But of course she did, darling!

Clementine is currently working on her follow up to the highly successful Bake. Dust. Fellate. (provisionally entitled Awaken the Slut Within) but a busy schedule is no excuse to let domestic or sartorial standards slip.
Well, I'm not hoovering. 
And it's too chilly for cavorting in my frillies.
Look at the snow!

But I am always prepared to flash my tights, especially when they are leopard print!

Velour dress, boots and leopard print trilby - Ebay
Suede jerkin - gift from lovely Lucy (currently struggling with internet problems - miss you, Luce!)
Fur collar - gift from awesome Kangeroo Whisperer Sarah
Bangles - charity shopped
Tights - gift from my darling sister

I'm fashionably late for linking up with Patti and the Ladies of Charm, Personality and Social Poise over at Visible Monday, but I hate to miss out so I'm going anyway!

Thank you to all my blogging friends - your presents are delightful, your presence in my life even more so.



Louise Mc said...

Oh no, snow! I hope it doesn't come a little further south and land in Coventry. Having had the pleasure of meeting you in real life, I think you are charming and didn't seem socially anxious at all. Stay warm. x

Judy C said...

Now that was a fun week. I love the snow and those lovely gifts are to die for. You are lucky and having your girls makes it much better. Mine are grown and gone and I miss them.

Unknown said...

What a lovely gifts for a very lovely lady. You deserve to be spoilt enjoy it all :-) I can't believe you have snow again but saying that its been bloody snowing here again today but its not sticking thank god. You look gorgeous in your outfit you suit that hat it looks brilliant. Stay warm and have fun, dee xxx oh yes stay away from the bar of chocolate :-) x

mispapelicos said...

Wonderful first pic in the snow, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
You are everything.

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifties, Curtise, and I'm glad you like the purse. I finally did my giftie post today featuring the goodies you sent me, a little late! I may need to see a close-up of that velour paisley dress - it's gorg! And you have snow, again! xoxo

Vix said...

What fabularse gifts! We'll have to wear our Frida pendants at the same time, the frisky pensioners in Walsall's Wetherspoons won't know where to look!
Everything you've got looks gorgeous, the bling, the pussy bow blouse, the frock, the bag, all the handmade cards and lovelies, just goes to show how much Blogland adores you!
On to your outfit...leopard-clad thighs, jerkin, fur collar? What's not to love?
Reading the comments it's looking like a north south divide with the snow, we've got it too, boo.
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Vicky Hayes said...

The snow makes a fab photo but please... no more snow! You look gorgeous - like a movie star from one of those brilliant 50s films where they pronounce hat 'het'! Vicky x

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ah, what a lovely card! It's you in your hat! Glorious sunshine here but definately cold enough for snow and I think it may be coming. Ugh! xxx

Fiona said...

Oh no, more snow! None 'darn sarf' yet, please let it stay that way.
What a lot of pressies you've got, love the dress and handbag... and they match, what are the chances of that? Leopard print tights..., I wouldn't expect anything else.
Hope there has been no fighting over the chocolate.
Looking forward to the Awakening of the Slut, ooh err. x

freckleface said...

Snow? Again? I've been creating the delusion for myself that Spring is on the way. This doesn't fit with my plans at all.

How wonderful to have all these lovely presents on your Unbirthday! That's what you get for being so kind and lovely and popular! :)

Your little trilby is so cute, and I love that leather jerkin. Keep working it Sheffield! xxx

Patti said...

Bake, Dust and Fellate has to be the BEST title ever for the mostly-wretched self-help aisle. Sign me up for edition #one. What fabulous presents you've received, and you look gorgeous in the snow, dearest Curtise. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

Melanie said...

I heard there was snow up north, we just have biting winds down here. And what lovely gifts you received!

thorne garnet said...

More snow, at least your photos are awesome. Love the first one, stop action flakes.

Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful effect that snow added to your photos and the warm brown of your outfit in contrast to the snow!
How great is to get all these wonderful presents from your friends, they are all made with all their heart!
Can't wait to see Clementine back in action, this is an awesome news!!!
Love xxxxxx

Flora Cruft said...

O wow I love your outfit-in-snowfall shots, you look gorgeous in that warm and glam ensemble, love the hat and the cheeky leopard legs!

Sheila said...

All the snow! We haven't had any this year - I see the sun peeking out this morning.

Lovely outfit - who doesn't love leopard tights!?

Fran said...

What a wonderful collection of accessaries and I LOVE that first photo of you in the show shower. Great outfit for a snowy day. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing scandalizing the neighbors whilst flashing your leopard tights!!!

I specifically choose that page from the vintage etiquette book to make the card for you. After all-- aren't you the epitome of charm and poise??? so demure and lady-like.

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to find a maxi dress like the 70's one on the card??

Unknown said...

Wow, it looks like you are having a massive snow storm. Love that fur collared vest. You look fabulous.

Diane said...

How come we e=were the only ones in the world to get snow today!! ??? You make my day Curtise, you really do xxxxx

citizen rosebud said...

You seem pretty charming to me, Missus! I like the leopard leggings below! Flash em sass 'em!

Ivy Black said...

Ha! Now I've seen yer thighs I'm a happy woman...not offended in the least.
That's a wondrous lot of goodies. Aren't bloggers bloody marvelous?
You have charm oozing from you....oozing I say.

Helga said...

Snow indeed!!! Bloody hell!
Look how poised and fabularse you are in it!
O, hurrah for Parcels of Joy, and in triplicate?! WHOOT! Nicely spoilt, you are.
You are a gorgeous Snow Queen.

Max said...

you suit the snow, all kitted out in proper winter clothes, so much more interesting and attractive to look at thanthe sea of plastic shiny puffa jacket and wellies we see in season around here. enjoy the snow x

Miss Maple said...

I love pictures with falling snow. So magical. Great presents and great outfits!

Becky said...

Snoooooow!!!!! Lucky :) My 6 year was wondering if she was finally going to get to see snow when we head to Puerto Rico again in a few months. Ummmmm... No. You look fantastic! I can't fathom all those layers in this heat here (no winter again this year), but I am loving the leopard print tights!!!! You are lucky to get all those fun little packages!!
Becky :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Coo, you've been dressed by committee and they've done a great job! You are a lucky and stylish woman. Hope the snow stays just long enough to look pretty, then buggers off before it becomes icy and inconvenient.

Krista said...

Wowzers we both got killer Frida necklaces, how lucky are we! The dress Tamera sent you will look so hot on you and yes perfect with that plum leather bag! I love seeing you out in the snow flashing a bit of knee for us why you do look quite mischievous in that last photo, I do love it!

karensomethingorother said...

I don't know Curtise--I think you're full of poise and charm. And ROWR to those fierce feline tights. And also, ACK! SNOW! Blech. At least someone else is suffering through the snow and cold, but looking far better while doing it.

Eat the chocolate. Just eat the chocolate.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Gorgeously steadfast in the snow, I love how it settles on your collar. Fabulously luxurious outfit and care packages! I am so glad you're feeling the love.

Anything which could possibly masquerade as charm, personality, and social poise on my end is in reality just a poorly-disguised desperate awkwardness, lol. You are perfect! We are all perfect! xoxoxoxo

Trees said...

So many epic pressies for you my lovely! I think you look stunning in these snow pictures. Also - you're awesome :D

Kaffesoester said...

You're one hot mamma in the cold snow, flashing those animal patterned pins, lovely!

The brown colours are great on you, and you look nice and warm. The velvet dress is beautiful!

We had snow falling both yesterday and today, so I know the feeling.

The gifts are fantastic - the owl things are my favorites too!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Mme Clementine it is ALWAYS a pleasure to see you frolicking in the snow, with your wonderful skirt and fantastic tights... and of course that suede jerkin! Luce is amazing. But so are you, always looking totally stunning. Isn't Tamera a goddess? She who ogles burnt out buildings. I love everything she sent you and I'm looking forward to seeing you model it! xxxx
ooh and love the handbag and hankies!!

Connie said...

Aha! A dominiatrix with a heart of gold. <3

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

You are a vision of loveliness in the snow, especially with your gorgeous legs sheathed in leopard!! Aren't our blogging buddies the best?! Lovely gifts, every one!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my goodness gifts galore for the snow queen of England. =D
You look rather marvelous and I am IN LOVE with your leopard tights. *Meeow*

The Style Crone said...

I think that flashing your leopard print tights in the snow is quite charming! Especially when wearing a leopard print trilby. And your parcels of joy in triplicate are charming as well.

Unknown said...

Bloody hell it looks coooooooold there! Get inside at once, Labia!

The parcels are all lovely - Tamera is getting to be quite famous for her marvellous Friday treasures! You look GLORIARSE - the tights are wonderful.

I cannot imagine you being socially awkward - you seem so confident! That's what people say to me all the time and I am totally socially retarded!

And I say eat the chocolate. EAT THE CHOCOLATE!

Love your delicious bones! Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

We are getting the white stuff tomorrow - 10 cm on the way!
What wonderful gifts you got, so many generous Ladies !
You say you are socially awkward? i can't believe this!
I was told the same at some point of my life, but i'm better, lots better socially

Yeah girl Eat the chocolat!

Have a great day gorgeous!

Ariane xxx

Anonymous said...

Love your snowy photos - you look very poised in those.
Lovely parcels of joy - the '70s bag is fab.

Forest City Fashionista said...

We are expecting a big dump of snow tomorrow! I'd take sarcasm, profanity and flippancy over social poise and charm anytime ;) I love your outfit, especially the leopard tights, which are most certainly worth flashing. You are being so spoilt with all those packages of joy.

Melanie said...

Hoist yer skirts me lady!!
If I lived next door I'd yell FREE DAY over the fence which is the pass code for sneaking away (trudging through the snow) to the "coffee" shop for some kahlua floats to exclaim over your treasures and be shrill. You look fabulous in the snow.

bonsaimum said...

What great pressies. You are one lucky woman indeed. :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Good grief Curtise!!! Is someone snowballing you or are they actual snowflakes? Jeez they're huge! My goodness you look positively radiant in the snow with your leopard-print hat and tights (yaaaaay!!) and bangles too, the suede jerkin is absolutely beautiful, what an amazing gift from darling Lucy. Parcels of Joy ... oh what bliss to receive such awesome goodies during such a wintery week! I hoovered today and looked very hot because it was about 30 degrees with sweltering humidity! Hahaaaaaa!!!! xoxoxoxo

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

Fab treasures, just the thing to get out of bed for on a cold morning. That eighties belt is a corker and I love the owls too.


CityScape Skybaby said...

You have charm and personality in abundance Curtise, plus a good dose of mischief I think! Love the pics of you in the snow with your leopard print tights, and all your lovely prezzies, did seldom seen get his chocolate in the end? It would have been touch and go in this house, I've often hid in the bathroom to eat chocolate without having to share it. xx

Mrs. D said...

Now that is braving the weather! I wish I was that courageous!
Lovely gifts you got :)