Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Virtues of Vertical

Thank you so much for all your good wishes, healing vibes and sympathy, I'm sure they have put me on the road to recovery!

But bloody hell, it comes to something when your achievement of the day is being vertical!

Still, it's good that there is less of this...

 (move your head towards and away from the screen)

...and more of this.

Up and dressed and suitably autumnal, despite the highly irritating deafness.

Anyone know how long it takes a perforated tympanic membrane to heal?

I think this shot sums me up at the moment.

Dozy, half-asleep, crumpled, jacket askew, not quite knowing what to do with myself.

But let's not underestimate the virtues of being vertical!

1970s maxi dress - vintage fair
Cardigan, trusty denim jacket, boots, umbrella, leather bag, bracelets, bangles and necklace - all from charity shops

Here's a shot of the bag, specially for Kelly - she loves a brown leather bag!

A bargain at £1.99, suitably scuffed and worn in and ready to go with anything.

As I was about to take the pic of the bag, this is where I found it...

... Naughty Jess!

Can't be cross though, she's too beautiful. 

My good buddy Joanne, who has been an Angel of Mercy and helped out loads while I have been unwell, decided it was high time I had a change of scene this morning, and insisted on taking me out for coffee and cake, and a quick look in a charity shop.

Her instincts were spot on, I did appreciate being out, and picked up these two gorgeous 1950s silk scarves for £1 each (pictured here as found, unwashed and unironed!)

That made me feel better!

I'm doing my inaugural link-up with Lakota - being upright is surely worthy of a Ta-Dah!

It's good to be back!



Rose&Bird said...

So happy you're on the road to recovery - lovely to see you up and about again! Unfortunately i'm taking over tha baton now - Baby Bird has passed on his horrible cough to me! The scarves must be compensation for illness x

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise, i was checked your blog often but miss the post about you being sick! hope you get well soon!
But i see you are doing better, that is good!

Ariane xxxx

Candycane said...

Beautiful outfit looks all warm and cozy in this horrid weather!

Sorry to hear you've not been well - but glad you're on the road to recovery!

The pic of your cat is so funny, she's saying get off it's my bag now!! ;)


Krista said...

Ah yes sweet Curtise I am holding back all my dirty comments about being on ones back:) but this is about being vertical :)) Its good to see you upright again and you look beautiful so in my eyes you are almost there, but your poor ear :( *hug*

I am loving your new header too, its so past caring! That shot of you with your lashes on, god I loved that post. Look out she's back!


Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Ouch! Your ear-thingy sounds painful! Hope not, though. So glad you were able to get out and about, and I agree, a stop at your favorite thrifty place is definitely therapeutic. I love the layers over your colorful skirt (and BOOTS!!!) and the bag is perfection. The kitty is sooooo cute and I wish I could have one or two. Joey's violently allergic :-(

Good to see you and enjoy your day!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad you're up and about again.
And I love the new header - brought a smile to my face....

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great tohave you back. And vertical. I love the yellow scarf. How can that not cheer you up?

Thrift Bee said...

Good for you for getting vertical!! Glad your feeling on the mend. Having recently felt the euphoria of feeling well after a spell of feeling shite I only hope you get the same buzz soon.
The colours in your dress are fantastic, I seem to be mad about orange at the moment. Russ sends his love x

Vix said...

Good to see you again, you gorgeous creature. You are rocking that fabulous orange frock and the bag Jess has snaffled is a beauty.
You were extremely brave to face outdoors this morning, it wasn't even worth considering here, those scarves are beauties hand rolled edge and all.
Keep getting better! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Curtise!! Welcome back to the land of the Vertical!! You LOOK fabulous in your autumn outfit!!
A trip for coffee, cake and thrifting is probably more theraputic for you then any antibiotics!!
Jess is ADORABLE!!!

Fiona said...

Welcome back Curtise, so glad you are feeling a little better. Is that dress new ?? It's gaw-jus, and you look fabtastulous in it. Jess has bloody good taste, love that bargacious leather bag she is warming for you.
Stay warm, dry, and well.

Trees said...

Glad you're feeling a little better, as you know, we hav

Kelly Jackson said...

Tee hee, m kitty likes leather too. Thanks for dedicating the bag shot to me - the bag is fabulous, and what a price! Sometimes the more beat up, the better eh? Glad to see you're on the road to recovery. Is your header new (or have I no attention to detail anymore?)? In any case I have just noticed it and it's funky-fab. Take care Curtise. xoxo

Sarah Jane said...

Yay, so glad you're back and on the road to recovery. You shouldn't try and do too much though. Loving the autumnal shades and the new scarves. Let's hope the torrential downpours ease up soon eh xxx

Sarah Jane said...

Btw, love the new layout! xx

Helga said...

O,there's nothing like a wee spot of retail therapy to make you feel perkier! being vertical indeed IS rather an achievement after a nasty illness like you've had.
Well done!
That bag is rather fab, Jess clearly approves! Why o WHY cats like to perch themselves uncomfortably on things like bags I don't know!
Sweet frock,poos to the rain,but at least you got yourself some fresh air!Lovely to have you up and mobile again!
Love you!
O,love the new header!!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's good to have you back! A perforated tympanic membrane sounds like something to do with drumming - like you've put your sticks through it during an overenthusiastic solo, I hope it mends quickly though, you have devoted fans to entertain!

Love the dress, and don't we all appreciate a worn leather bag? I know I do.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Hurrah!! I'm so pleased you're vertical! Jess is just so gorgeous, I love the way cats instantly try to own anything new you've bought, even if it's uncomfortable. Gorgeous scarves! Your hair is looking pretty at the moment. Lovely autumnal outfit too! Xxxx

Megan said...

Beautiful frock. Such pretty fall colours. I don't think you look crumpled at all - you look very well put together.

Yay for boots!

Kylie said...

Hi Curtise, great to see you up and about. I don't have time to write a propper comment but it took ages for my hearing to return to normal - at least 6 months - lucky it was only one ear! Take care x

Unknown said...

Oh amor, I'm glad to see you upright and looking gorgeous in that beautiful bright maxi. Your garden is looking so green and lush. Tell us more about the CAKE! Hope you continue to get better and better - thinking of you!! Love you more than maxis! Sarah xxx

Debberoo said...

Have missed you loads! Hope you are all the way better very, very soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I posted a package your way today.

thorne garnet said...

Good to have you back. Love the new header. Cats are nuts, one of mine was sitting in a waste paper basket this morning. It was empty, and she was just sitting in it, gave me one of those what are you looking at faces. That dress is pretty great, too.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh it's so lovely to see you upright! Do the kids have to shout to be heard? God I hope not, that would send me back to being horizontal:((. That is one nasty fucker of an infection you've had love and you had me WORRIED. What a darling Joanne is for taking you out - she knows what perks you up doesn't she?:)) Yes, baby steps with a wee bit of opp shopping and a cuppa is certainly the way to go. Jess has VERY good taste in shoulder bags and oh my the frock is absolutely delish!!! Big hugs to you darling friend:) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Melanie said...

Your poor sweet membrane!! I hope it mends well very very quickly - no wonder you have vertigo. I like the graphic; I sometimes feel like that when I look in my closet.

You are a sweet garden treasure in this blooming outfit - obviously thrifting is good medicine, the new scarves are beautiful. And I must say that your hair still looks fantastic, even after all that horizontal action - or inaction. I bet Jess gives great purr therapy. Rest well, dear Curtise.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better!!I love the new header, it's so 'homesick blues' that I should put it on my blog too!!
You manage to look great even if the recovery is still uncomplete and that skirt is fabulous and perfect for your tall stunning figure!!
I wish you to feel better and better!!

Caroline said...

Glad you're feeling better. My youngest used to constantly perforate his ear drums. Just be careful next time you fly.

I love the Autumnal colours in your skirt, and those scarves were a great find.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Yay, you're vertical. Vertical is good. Except when you want to sleep then horizontal is better. My wise words for the day..... Anyway, so glad you're feeling better. Love the maxi a lot. Gorgeous colours. The scarves are beautiful. Take care... xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering with a dodgy ear. That's never fun. At least being horizontal makes you appreciate what a gift it is to be vertical again. LOVE your maxi. Awesome fabric. Sorry for my lack of comments....I have been reading your posts, although I was worried when we weren't seeing them so frequently. I hope that ear drum heals quick smart & that you are back to your usual fabularse self soon. Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hurrah, you've linked! I meant to say before - love the new header!

bonsaimum said...

Good to see you are up and about.I love your skirt, great colours. Jess is absolutely gorgeous and has taste in bags. She looks like she's saying its mine, MINE.

mispapelicos said...

You look absolutely glorious for somebody who is recovering, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Sending plenty love.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Hooray for vertical! Love your maxi dress and jean jacket, and excellent new scarves. The psychedelic experience was both hilarious and sympathetic, poor dear. Just so glad you're on the mend, may it proceed at speed! xo

P.S. Hi kitty!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

I totally love that maxi print!
I am glad you are feeling a little bit better. A little better is better than no better.. =)
The scarves look lovely and so does your leather bag.

Kaffesoester said...

Great to see you out of bed again, and on your feet! You look wonderful in these autumn colours! The skirt is really beautiful - I wonder if I could wear something like that?

I really enjoyed the patterned do-nut, great fun!

The yellow scarf would be so great with many things in my closet, for £1? Unbelievable! If I had bought it, I would have saved so much money that it would have covered all transportation costs, to UK and back again!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Nothing like the company of a friend and some charity shopping to cure what ails you. So happy to see you vertical, and in your funky denim and maxi!

Annie said...

So glad you're feeling at least a little better. You certainly look back on form in that lovely orange flowered frock.
Take care and don't overdo it though!
btw, love the new look of your blog.

Annie xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

I'm quite a fan of horizontal I must say although I can see that for you vertical has the charm of novelty! Love the autumnal frock and that gorgeous bag and glad you found the scarves - naturally that made you feel much better! Hope the ear is a fast mender. Vicky x

Anonymous said...

I looooove the colors in here today and especially the way the sun shines on the umbrella. A clear umbrella too! I've always wanted one of those.
Glad you're horizontal....I'm still with ear problems. My right ear is ringing so much I feel like VanGogh and I'm going to cut my own ear off!!

Thank you for your sweet message today. ;)

silvergirl said...

so glad you are on the mend and actually up and getting dressed
this skirt is just fabulous

Max said...

glad to hear (boom boom) that your feeling better. don't know whether its the horizontal-ism that's done it but your hair is looking pretty spiffy these days babe, as is your other (blog) header x

♥ Miss Tea said...

lovely outfit! love the maxi dress you wear, the bag is just gorgeous and Jess is super cute! something my cat would do too! here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

blog hopping from ta dah tuesday :)

susan (http://tea-diary.blogspot.co.uk)

Kezzie said...

Hello Curtise! It's really nice to meet you via Lakota's link-up! Your Tympanic membrane sounds like a musical instrument! But I am imagining it is something in your ear? Sorry to hear you have not been well but happy to hear you are indeed vertical and looking lovely with it!Definitely worth a Tah-dah! The scarves are mighty fine also- I adore the daisy one!

karensomethingorother said...

Ah Curtise! I'm sorry you've been feeling so lousy. What a wonderful reason to have coffee and cake though. Geez, you'd never know you've been sick--you look wonderful! I look like garbage when I've been sick!

joyatri said...

Welcome back. So nice that your friend took you out for a cake and thrifting pick-me-up.
I spent 2 months this spring being deaf from an ear infection so I know how annoying it is. I was unable to converse with more than one person at a time and no one could hear what I was saying because I was speaking to softly since I couldn't hear myself. I won't take hearing for granted after that experience.
Very adorable kitty. No, you can't be made at a face like that!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I missed you!

Oooooh. Want scarves. lol

Heya, kitty, you are soooo cute!

Curtise, you are wearing another lovely dress. I just want to frame you and hang you on my wall. Or in the alternative, visit you in the UK and go to charity shops. You are on my Bucket List :D

Connie said...

I absolutely do not iron my bedding. I may be crazy but I am not insane. How are you doing? Better I hope :-))

Lynn Hasty said...

Your so right that being vertical is worth a ta-dah!! I am so sorry that you have been sick. My Mr. has been the same way but I think he is on the road to recovery too. I am playing blog catch-up as well. I've been well, but oh so busy! Love your maxi and the denim jacket. You look perfectly put together to me! Be well soon -- totally well!!


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear you have been poorly i hope your ear infection improves quickly for you. But i have to say you still look gorgeous loving the maxi dress. And bless Jess far to cute for words. Take it easy and take lots of care, dee xxx

Stacey said...

So good to see you vertical darling! You look smashing & I'm glad you're on the mend. :)

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love everything about this outfit Curtise, it's gorgeous and you suit a maxi so well. You're looking great so I hope you feel much better. Kitty is such a cutie sitting on your bag, my cat Sasha always plonks herself on stuff too, usually the newspaper or clean washing. xx

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Love your outfit and those 1950s scarves are glorious. Jess is so beautiful and fluffy :)

Nikki x