Sunday, 1 July 2012

A tale of gambles, gifts, and a new Balotelli

Oh loves his football. I'm a bit indifferent, but the whole family has been watching the Euro 2012 championships, namely because we did a sweepstake at the start. Each of us drew 3 teams out of the hat, with one left over (for the cats!)

Eldest won some chocolate for getting the most points at the end of the group stage, but the big final tonight (Spain-Italy, for the uninitiated/uninterested) is between me (Italy) and the felines (who got Spain, the favourites!)

But the really big win came courtsey of OH and Mario Balotelli.

I came back from a PTA meeting on Thursday evening to find the football on the TV, but OH hovering in the other room, hopping around like a toddler who needs a wee, saying "I can't watch, we're on to win some money." He sometimes has a flutter on big football matches, and unbeknown to me, had put a tenner on Italy to beat Germany 2-1, with Balotelli to score the first goal. Anyone who watched it knows that is exactly what happened.

What are the chances? Well, William Hill said they were 70-1, that's what! Which made him a cool £700!

So off we went for a Chinese to celebrate (we need very little excuse to go out to eat!)

After some discussion about the best way to spend the windfall, the decision was to buy a new TV. OH has wanted a better TV for ages, but we've never had the spare cash, so off we went to town on Saturday morning with £700 in used notes in a brown envelope, how dodgy did that look!

Eldest had a little flash of inspiration. 

What should we call our swanky new TV? Why, our Balotelli*, of course, in homage to Mario!

*Do other parts of the world apart from the UK refer to TV as the telly?

This wasn't the only piece of good fortune this week.

I received a lovely parcel of deliciousness from dear Liz; a wonderful 1960s Crimplene frock, blue 1980s beads, Barry M nail varnish in Denim, a fabulously feathery handmade hairclip, and a bag of fruit jellies (which had been scoffed by the time this pic was taken... whoops!)

Thank you, Liz! Given that you are currently growing another little human who is due to emerge into the world any day now, I'm really amazed and touched that you found the time and energy to send me such delightful gifts!

This was me today.

Jumpsuit and hair flower (retail, sale), cardigan and bangles (charity shopped), beads (gift from Liz)

A quiet Sunday. Which was fine by me. 

OH restrained himself, but said he would have bet on Italy to win 1-nil. 

As we speak, Spain are 4-nil up. This is why we aren't millionaires, and why the £700 Balotelli will go down in family folklore as a freaky stroke of luck. Or fine judgment and intuition, depending on who is telling the story!

Hope you've had a lucky weekend!


Megan said...

I love both of those maxi dresses. The second one is especially beautiful.

We just watched the football match. My husband is crushed by the loss by the Azzuri since he is 1/2 Italian. His other 1/2 is Irish and they didn't stand much of a chance from the beginning. Oh well. It's over for another 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I love the dresses!
And well done to the felines for the sweepstakes.. Or should I say MEOWWW?!?! I wasn't surprised about the scoreline AT ALL.


Thrift Bee said...

Brilliant choice of name for the telly. Your garden is looking particularly floriferous as is your lovely maxi dress. Very flattering shape. Yay for Mario and OH.

Unknown said...


You look GORGEOUS in the beautiful garden shots (flowers!) and CONGRATS on your marvellous windfall! I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about... football? Italy? What? Eurosomething? but it's bloody FABULOUS that you won!

I love the pics of your darlings (and the gorgeous bob is a winner!).

Big love to you, jumpsuit woman! Sarah xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I must say I think I'm allergic to all sports, & I'm pretty lucky that my hubby isn't too interested either. I'd rather not focus on all that fitness & muscle! Great win for you great that you can upgrade the telly. We do use that term here in Australia too. Love your outfits my Maxi Queen. Xx

Krista said...

Yeah for winning against the odds this is a great story love it! I also love seeing all three of your munchkins looking so stoked!!!! Football, chines food new TV, great weekend for them!!!

You are always looking fabulous is your floral maxi's or jumpsuits. Can't wait to see you rock the new dress, the print looks killer!

Anonymous said...

I love the pun on BaloTELLI! Congrats to the OH and the entire family. I want to see you in that lovely bit of feathers.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I remember winning £200 on a free bet with Ladbrokes a few years ago in the Grand National - so satisfying.
Great jumpsuit - love the pattern.
Hope you enjoy your Ballitelly for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

That's a real English garden, isn't it?? So lovely! We try to copy you here in the U.S. but mostly it's still just weeds.

I love the fabric in that top maxi dress. You look very natural in maxi dresses. I think you're Mary Poppins for real....

Trees said...

That is really terrific luck!

We say telly here too, but with the number of Brits living in nz its not really surprising (one of my English friends even jokes that we are being re-colonised...)

You are such a star in maxi frocks - lovely package also. YAH MAIL!

Fiona said...

Hello Curtise,
Great maxi looks and the jumpsuit too. Well done OH on winning 700 quid on a game of (loathesome) footie. I'm so pleased it's finished and Emmerdale will be back to the normal time. (don't tell anyone I watch it!) Is Ballotelli the one who hands fists full of notes out to strangers at the traffic lights??? Brilliant pun btw and tell the LB's they are a handsome brood.xxxx
PS Your photo's are ace!xxxxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh the jumpsuit is fabulous and you look gorgeous in it!!!
The wee Cardy just makes it.
Yay to the great win and the new telly, yip telly.
The photo of the kiddies is so cute, they are all getting big. Oh that sounds like a comment that goes with a cheek pinch. Tee hee.
Love v

Louise Mc said...

Isn't it fab when things like that happen? I never win on bets, but that is a huge win. Balotelli, what an inspired suggestion lol. I love the jumpsuit. X

Kaffesoester said...

Congratulations on your win! In our family we've never won a thing - yet! You look fantastic in both the maxi dress and the jumpsuit, especially with the cropped cardigan, against your incredible English garden! So I guess the cat in the last picture is the one with the Spanish team?

Your kids are adorable, and naming the TV Balotelli is brilliant!

Melanie said...

Maxi, jumpsuit, check, check, ka-ching. Winner!! Envision oodles of gold coins spewing from your style lotto machine. Congrats on your fistful of gambling loot!! I hope you raised a few eyebrows pulling your money out of the envelope... Well done!!! I love how your cats really won.

Vix said...

Score! Good old Balotelli and his skills! What a brilliant prize, I'm glad the cats came good!
Loving the kiddie pictures, they are such an adorable bunch!
Liz's parcel is a triumph and that jumpsuit is an absolute beauty! That Bazza M Denim's like gold dust, it took me weeks to track it down.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous jumpsuit.

OMG, £700. Well done OH (but glad you didn't put money on the final). I've NEVER won anything - oh apart from a tin of boiled carrots in a raffle.

Melanie said...

Don't you look nifty! Lovely outfit.

We're cycling in this house, so were all over the Tour de France like a rash, football doesn't exist here!


mispapelicos said...

Brilliant day with telly included.
Love your dress and your kids are so gorgeous.

Unknown said...

another gorgeous Maxi Curtise!
I am so in love with your kids they are so cute!
Yes Spain won! i know it was crazy downtown after they won!

about TVs or telly we have 3 flat screens - is it a North American thing?

I will try to post today!

Ariane xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

That eurosomething was a crap (I'm Italian, you know)...but I'm just kidding because luckily my family is not a huge football supporter..I said during the final match that I was glad to have no stress from it (but I've got many others..).
To name your new tv Balotelli is pure genius!
Liz's presents are wonderful, can't wait to see that beautiful dress worn by you!
I really love both the outfits in this post (I remember that awesome Mary Poppins bag..I'm a little jealous)and the vintage jumpsuit is a real treasure, the print is fabulous!
Have a great week!!

Annie said...

BaloTelli - brilliant! Your kids are as smart as they are gorgeous. It's great to hear of some-one I "know" winning something!

Liz's print dress looks fab, and the jumpsuit is lovely. I'm also loving the hair flower, really suits you.

Your garden is looking beautiful and doesn't seem to be suffering from the battering we're getting from the weather. Mine is bearing up but the roses have taken a hammering. When will Summer ever come?
Love Annie xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I only wish my weekend had been as lucky as yours. =p I mean come on I play the lottery weekly *crosses fingers for a big win in the next 15 years.* *HAHAHA*
Love your new "Telly" we just call it T.V. here.

Chinese?? hmm sounds so delicious I just love Chinese food.

You look very nice in that dress Curtise.

Jean at said...

Congrats on the win!! Can't say I've won anything much since I was 5 years old, but I'm okay with that. Your new "ballotelli" will be enjoyed enormously, I'm sure. Your maxis and your flowers are just gorgeous, by the way!

The Style Crone said...

Your festive floral jumpsuit in your beautiful garden must mean that the rain has stopped and summer has arrived. The cardigan is such a lovely color next to the green of nature. Congrats on the windfall and new telly (TV is the term we use here).

Miss Simmonds Says said...

for someone who's lack of interest in football borders on intense hatred at times, I found the final reasonably entertaining. I could almost say I enjoyed it. At the end, with all the crying and trophy waving it was quite good. We had a near miss - Ray Winstone on an advert told us to put money on Rooney scoring the first goal in the Ukraine match, he did, but we didn't.
You did really well and the LBs look so excited they might pop over their Chinese feast. You look stunning in your jumpsuit and the parcel from Liz was full of wonderful stuff. You really suit those biiiig patterns, you lucky thing.

ps: did your telly go off and sulk at the end of the match too? xxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Congrats on the latest stylish addition to the family - good skills from the Mr! Love the patterns on your two frocks.

I did win a dress recently, am looking forward to wearing something other than pyjamas soon!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

What a fab win!!! I love your jumpsuit I actually thought it was a frock and had to look twice! Lovely parcel of joy there too. xx

doradadama said...

Love your jumpsuit! The pattern is so pretty.
Congrats on your winnings! I hate sports ,but love gambling.
The kiddos look super cool.

Dawn said...

These maxi dresses and jumpsuits were made for you...seriously. Love both on you! Last photo is gorgeous. dawn suitcase vignettes xo. Your children have the sweetest faces, I can just hear their little voices. dawn suitcase vignette xo

Stacey said...

What a lucky break! I've never had any luck betting on sports or the like, but that was an incredible win. I hope you all enjoy your brand new TV!

Oh, and your outfits are pure fabulous!