Monday 28 May 2012

Fruits, flowers and frock love

          I probably say this about a lot of my clothes, especially maxis, but I think this one really is my favourite.

I bought it from a little community centre fair last year, which I had seen advertised as having a vintage clothes stall. Now I've been fooled by this before - you rock up to find not a single vintage item, and leave disappointed and empty-handed. This one was different, there were a couple of vintage stalls with some really interesting things, and nothing cost more than £3.

At the time, I was following vintage-loving blogs but not blogging myself, and buying vintage to sell but not wearing much.

                                                This dress changed all that. Thank you, Favourite Dress!

It fitted. Perfectly. It was a maxi. With angel sleeves. And a beautiful print. It was love. Is it wrong to love a frock? Nah, I knew you guys would understand!

                                                                         Look - raspberries!

                                              My favourite strawberry brooch adds to the general fruitiness.

I bought this brooch from a lady at a car boot sale who was selling a lot of her late mother's costume jewellery. She had lots and lots of brooches, her mum had worn one every day, along with earrings and a necklace, even when she got very elderly and ill, the lady told me sadly. I assured her I would keep wearing this lovely piece, along with the other two I bought. I think she felt a little guilty for selling her mother's things, but I hope she realised I would continue to wear and treasure them.

                                                                   Heaven must be missing an angel...

My garden does have other colours in it apart from pink, honest! My yellow rose bush is under attack from greenfly, so the poor buds looked a bit scruffy. (Oh Helga, I can hear you tittering!)

                                            Does anyone know what these priapic little beauties are called?

As I was pottering about taking photos in the garden accompanied by the cats, another little creature came to find me.

       Feel free to add your own caption. Just don't call him a priapic little beauty. Not yet, please not yet!


Anonymous said...

An angel has fallen from the sky! Does the dress have wings? ;)

Okay, I won't say your little creature is cute...let me think of another adjective. Precious? haha I bet he won't like that one.

Trees said...

I love this dress on you lovely - isn't it amazing how certain items of clothing can change the way you see yourself or how you dress entirely. Also I love that wee brooch and the story behind it.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh for access to your maxi wardrobe! I'd make a great neighbour you know, and only stalk you a little bit...*opens Right Move tab on the laptop*

Dunno what those flowers are, but they look like they were designed to clean the inside of foxgloves!

The seldom seen kid looks set for indie stardom I reckon, and look at those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Uh, I thought the priapus (is that the noun form) started pretty with full morning bladders. We have a lot to thank this dress for...if it is what got you wearing vintage and blogging about it to boot.

Max said...

Ooh you look lovely wafting around the garden, no wonder the plants are standing to attention har har! I once nursed a guy with priapisim, of 6 months duration!!! (psychologically nursed i hasten to add!

Unknown said...

That maxi is PERFECTION! I adore the darling print and the sleeves - and the brooch is so fab with it. The only thing that could make this outfit better would be an enormous floppy hat - that is the most wonderful silhouette on you, Curtise! (Love the look on your boy's face - wonder where he learned to pull such an excellent quizzical face!) Love! Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I have no doubt you managed to assure the vintage jewellery seller that her mother's goodies will be well-loved:)). Personally I don't think I could sell my mum's jewellery, but if there's no one to pass it onto, then I guess, why not? I love that darling wee brooch and the frock is completely divine!!! I have one with the same sleeves and they feel so lovely billowing around as you walk don't they? Every time I see your garden I feel happy that you have your own little piece of heaven to flit about in with the wildlife and that gorgeous wee pixie!!! xxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...
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The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love your posts - those dresses remind me of kinder times in the seventies when I was a little girl.

Vicky Hayes said...

How could you not love a frock with raspberries on it?! Vicky x

lucy joy said...

What a print! I agree with Lakota - I'd love to have a week wearing your dresses. You were made to wear maxis.
I have not a single flowering or non flowering plant on my back yard, phallic or otherwise. Can't help you there.
I think your boy is showing his reaction to the suggestion that Miss Simmonds had been offered a 'baargain' with the £16 bag!

Love you in the summer Curtise, we get to see you out flaunting you style to the 'max'.

Lucy x

mispapelicos said...

Such perfect print. Your son looks like you. Gorgeous both

two squirrels said...

Oh you are a sweet summer sundae!!! Strawberries and raspberries just perfect. The dress is beautiful on you and I love the story behind the gorgeous brooch.
Your wee man is cute, but looks like a little bunny in the head lights.
Love v

Louise Mc said...

Wow, your little person really does look like you! I love that frock, like said woman's mum I NEVER go out without earrings, a necklace and a watch and if any one item is missing I feel damn nikked. In this heat though I've had to dispense with necklaces and I don't like it at all. I'm so glad you chose to start blogging. Xx

Melanie said...

You've been changing your shoes around. I like the highest heel ones best. Stellar maxi and cool brooch - you do their heritage proud.

Your handsome young man could be the TV actor for a charity ad beseeching your viewers: "Please, please, for the price of a cup of coffee a day, you could buy my mum 5 new thrifted maxis a month. Help us now. Credit cards accepted." Do you get those ads over there?

Unknown said...

Peter pan and one of the lost boys bless his heart thats what first came to my mind ;-)) Wow you look gorgeous as always its blinking great to be in love with your clothes because it makes you comfortable with who you are to i feel. I had a huge lump in my throat about the story of your lovely brooch. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

Vix said...

Hahaha! Melanie's comment cracked me up, yes, let's get the little man signed up for the ad break between Jeremy Kyle and that adorable pleading face will keep us all in frock for years to come!
I adore that dress, the cape sleeves and Empire waist make your stupendous figure even more beautiful and the print is wonderful.
Far better for that lady to sell on her Mum's pretties than spend the rest of her life bogged down with clutter she's never going to wear, I'll bet the old darling was a right glamourpuss in her day! xxx

Dawn said...

These last two maxis were made for your figure. I loveee them both. I have a couple that I need hemmed. Gorgeous flower shots. How did you make your collage? Did you use photobucket? I need a new site to make them. Your son is so handsome. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I guess some people can't keep everything but you'll carry on loving the brooches.

I love that dress! Any sort of fruit print is the best! I want a maxi dress now, though they're getting expensive on ebay. Not sure I can pull them off like you do!

Big love XXXXX

Krista said...

We totally get love affairs with dresses, I think we all have a few that are on the short list of what to grab if the house is burning list! The pattern is berrilicious as are those little wings. You look better than strawberry shortcake in this sweet frock! That gals Mom would be smiling knowing someone else was enjoying things she did for so many years. Did I hear you say too much pink in the garden :)

Caption would be something like this, "Your really wearing that today! :)

karensomethingorother said...

"Mum, I'm STILL waiting for my $&@^ lunch!!!"

Love the dress. That's nice that you'll keep wearing the lady's treasured brooches, etc. That's the good thing about repurposing things--they don't go in the garbage. They keep being loved.

Well, you always look great in a maxi dress. The only ones I see around here, have empire waistlines and spaghetti straps, and are clearly intended for some 18 year old.

Anonymous said...

The fruity print is just what I need today!!You are always so gorgeous in maxi lenght and you know that I'm starting to have garden-envy, that priapic beauties are amazing and so all the other pink flowers!!
Is the handsome guy in the last photo available for one of my daughters?

Vintage Coconut said...

Well I am sure if I had that dress it would be one of my faves too. The pattern is delicious and it looks so cute and comfy. Love the brooch you put with it.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Frock Love is never wrong, Curtise!
I loved Melanie's comment about your son's expression being perfect for a charity ad--she's absolutely right! His beseeching expression would definitely inspire me to contribute towards increasing your maxi inventory

Rose&Bird said...

Stunning dress and what a bargain for £3 (or was it less?). I'm no good at captions so I'll not comment on your lad's photo!

Stacey said...

Loving a good frock is never wrong, at least not in my books (and especially not when the frock is as gorgeous as this one)! I love this maxi - the print, the gorgeous sleeves, the colours!

Sara said...

Favourite dress was made for you. Beautiful. The print is marvelous!!! You have the most gorgeous maxis..the sleeves and necklines always make me swoon. :D

Love the strawberry brooch. I gotta tell ya, this whole ensemble has me wanting to dance a jig, but it's 3am and I'm having to sleep on the couch in the living room..whatever, surely no one will hear..

..the jig has been danced..

The flowers are lovely. I just helped mom transplant some rose bushes to the side of the house because they were getting too much sun and these MONSTER BUGS won't leave them I feel your greenfly pain..I'll have to ask mom what those little beauties are (if you've not already found out)..she knows everything about flowers..

Creature is cute as can be. XOXO

Fiona said...

Your phallic flowers are Persicaria Curtise, aka Polygonum Bistorta. Brilliant floral pics btw.
Great dress on you and lovely that it holds fond memories, your strawberry brooch is the perfect find for it. SSK is gonna be a heartbreaker.

mispapelicos said...

Will you send me tyour home address and size at my email, please so I can get on to your parcel, yeahhhhhh:

Helga said...

Am I so predictable?! TITTER TITTER!!!! Bahahaha!
Love the angel winged frock,I can see why it's a fave,it's so pretty and you look so gorgie in it!!!
That poor lady,it would feel weird to sell her Mama's things,but if they bring joy to another,and some helpful pounds to the coffers,I reckon her Mama would be fine with it!It's a sweet brooch!!
Ha,yes indeed I have been using song lyrics for post titles!!! I like to think it makes posts sound more mysetrious,or glam or something!!!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Good grief, that child is handsome. He's gonna break some hearts someday (if not already).

Love frock and flower pics.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm glad this frock set you on your vintage loving ways! If it hadn't we would of totally missed out on seeing some of the best maxis out there. xxx

Unknown said...

Your kids are so cute, yeap, i said it, what a priceless expression on his face!

Love your dress and brooch - Little old ladies have or had treasures i tell you -

Take care Curtise

Ariane xxxx