Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Orange you pleased to see me?

Given all your wise and rebellious comments about ignoring the "rules" about colours, seasons, blah blah blah, I have taken my exploration of colour a step further - orange!

                         I don't have much orange in my wardrobe, but I will try to rectify that error - I like it!

                                                                     See? It's making me smile!

I have been looking through the 1950s children's books I bought last week, I love the illustrations and the dated language. They are so of their time. Take a look at this prime example;

                                                She is a topping girl. Boring Auntie Angela is such a spoilsport.

                                           I'm sure we would all benefit from the chapter on Fashion Sense...


                             Don't you think this gorgeous girl has a look of our lovely Vintage Sweetheart Em?

                                                   Love this crosspatch Mama bird. She looks how I feel!

                                                      I want one of those costumes please. In orange.

1960s sleevless shirt dress (vintage fair), boots (Ebay), black top and cardigan (ancient), belt and bangles (charity shop)

                                                                    Do you wear orange?


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ooh yes, I'm fond of orange, dunno why it doesn't make more of an appearance. And you look slimmer than ever in this outfit!

You're right, that is Em in the pretty party dress - and I'm sure Desiree must have a frou-frou circus/theatre girl outfit she could lend you. Fab illustrations.


Vix said...

I love orange, we even bought a campervan that colour 'cos I love it so!
You look gorgeous in orange, that frock is fabulous, love the print. I love those boots, too!
That dark haired lady has a bit of a bitch face going on.
Love and hugs! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I ca't recall if I have any orange, though I will happily wear it, reds, oranges, pinks, purples, they all suit me I've been told. I also like to clash all of the above.

And you look rather nifty!

All those showgirl type ladies, have you noticed the further back you go, the weirder the mouths?

Krista said...

This tangerine dream is gorgeous on you! I love the crazy print! Your sweater and gold belt completely change the look too, LOVE IT! Those old books are amusing aren't they?
I'll take one in pink and orange. I do love wearing orange and need more of it!

lucy joy said...

Orange is underrated! It's one f my favourites and always cheers me up.
I love the sophisticated pattern on the dress, ensures there's no nod to dodgy 80's luminous fashion.
I could pore over those books for hours - many a double entendre to be found!
Where do you keep all your clothes?

Frocktasia said...

I love orange but it has to be said that it is one of those colours that can be a bit hit & miss with my skintone. I tend to go for the warmer varieties if I'm wearing it as a block colour. Your dress is fab and you've styled your outfit perfectly...x

Vintage Coconut said...

Orange makes me HAPPY too (Just like Yellow does) Both colors my Mom says "She can't wear" One day I am just gonna throw her into a orange shirt and MAKE her wear it.
I dunno though she can really kick up a fuss. *hehehe*

You look really good in orange Curtise. I think you need some more of it.

OoOooO love those old books
And that girl *TOTALLY* looks like Em

p.s. I like your boots

Fiona said...

Love the print on this dress Curtise, the orange looks great teamed with black and cream. What fabulous books, Mrs. Bird looks very tetchy and I'd love to know what Marjorie has to say about fashion sense.

Unknown said...

You look fabulous in every colour - I love you in orange! I like the various looks you are playing with the cardigan and belt too. You are a topping girl, Curtise and if I were there I would definitely kiss you until some bastard tried to stop me!

Love! Sarah xxx

Kylie said...

Oh my gosh! That sketch is so Em. The face, the pose, the style etc. What an incredible likeness.

I think you've found yourself a new colour Curtise, I love what you're wearing today. More orange I say.

Oh, and you know how Em is the spit of that girl, well that mamma bird looks alot like me. Uncanny.


Melanie said...

That is a spectacular dress - it looks fabulous on you! And the gold belt with those lovely bangles and lace boots are exactly right. Poor Theo would be spanked with a big, fat lawsuit today for kissing until Auntie Angela stopped them. Topping! Ha! I love your finds.

his_girl_friday said...

You look beautiful. Great outfit! Orange is fun. I am really into your boots and tights too!

Helga said...

I most certainly am glad to see you!And rocking orange!! I adore orange,and it's G's fave colour!Ooo,next you'll be trying rorange and pink and red all together!Makes me feel faint!
I'm loving that funky frock!!!
Ha,topping indeed!I lovethat old language!I might try using that one.You are splendidly topping!
Yes!That pretty lassie does look like our Em!!!
Loving easy cos you're do do do AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That oufit looks super! I have a couple of frocks in orange....a bit similar to yours. I haven't worn it much before but I do like it. Love the way you've styled it with the black tights, boots & cardy. Xx

Unknown said...

aahhh that girl defiently looks like Em ;-) I love old books and have a few of those myself they are a great read. You look gorgeous in orange and you should def wear it more its a you colour ;-) No i can't wear orange not with my red hair ;-)) dee xx

Trees said...

You rock that orange dress, I love it on you!! Also those books from the fifties are just adorable, makes you realise just how far the world has come.

mispapelicos said...

I love and WANT your dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I wear all colour, but you know that, my dear friend.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love this combo on you! The orange and black is scrumptious!!! I also love those illustrations. Funny you found my twin and I might just be wearing a frock like that soon.... xxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I LOVE orange. I have a pair of orange tights and a (vintage)dress which has some orange in it but that's all. Not enough orange in my life, obviously.

You, of course, look topping in orange and loved looking at those illustrations. Toodle pip old bean. xx

Anonymous said...

oooh, I love that dress, I like wearing orange too! :-)


Louise Mc said...

I love orange, it's such a nice warm sunshiney colour. Having said that, I don't think I have any in my wardrobe... Must rectify that situation. X

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I've always worn orange, I've got a great orange silk pencil skirt I really should do an outfit post with! That dress is really flattering on you and despite all the nonsense about colour, the shade in that dress really suit you!

I really really love those illustrations too!

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise,

Those old pics are so adorable!
Of course i wear orange, well you know! In fact, it is one of my favorites!

I love your dress so pretty and looks fabulous on you!

Have a good day

Take care, love

Ariane xxxx

karensomethingorother said...

Somehow I think that playing a game of "hunt the slipper" is not as exciting as it sounds.

Yes, you should wear more orange! It looks great on you, and it is a fun colour. You know--I don't think I have anything with orange in it at present! I'm going to have to explore this myself. I seem to always be drawn to hot pink, coral pink, sky blue and white. Damn.

Unknown said...

The color and the print suits you so well! I`v been in to orange things lately myself too)


Anonymous said...

Orange is a fav colour here, it's a must in the wardrobe.
The dress is fab on you and the print is awesome, I couldn't pass that dress up.

doradadama said...

Orange you a beauty!
I love orange print amor.
I have a tweed orange/brown pencil skirt that is too long for me.
amar you in bright colors.

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern in the dress. It has a sort of deco vibe to it. And those book illustrations, not to mention the advice, are priceless.

Stacey said...

Orange is a color that so many people hate, and I don't know why. I certainly love it in this frock! What a great pattern!