Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After the whirlwind of kids and cake and and film-watching and the occasional stern voice (time to settle down now, boys!) and pancakes for breakfast and swimming and a birthday tea at our favourite Chinese restaurant, a quiet day was definitely in order.

Lazy Sunday afternoon, I've got no mind to worry...

Dress, suede ankle boots and C&A Clockhouse suede jacket - Ebay
Black top (ancient) and belt - retail
Hat, bangles and tights - charity shopped
Pendant - car boot

So what have I achieved today?
Bit of breakfast-making.
Bit of photographing, measuring, and putting a few things on Ebay.
Bit of nagging support and encouragement about homework.
A minute of silence.
Lots of tea drinking. 
Bit of chocolate indulgence.
 Bit of ironing.

Bit of tomfoolery.

Fed the cats. They wouldn't let me forget to do that.

I spy the Seldom Seen Kid! 

Did some Birthday Boy cuddling.

Close my eyes and drift away...

I'll be linking up with Patti's ever-popular Visible Monday.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love that jacket! That style has always been a favorite of mine, so yes indeed delicious!! And your legs look delicious too. I could have an entire satisfying visual meal in here and still never spoil my appetite for more!

I'm having a lazy Sunday, nothin' but walking to the store and eating...

Helga! said...

Just look at those dear little eager kitty faces! Irisistable!
Gawd,that jacket is amazing! I love these wizardy purples you've got going on, and I love that you weren't an over achiever either!!!
How perfectly perfect for a Sunday!

lucy joy said...

Tea and chocolate is the very least you deserve after a hectic boy-filled weekend.
Purple - a firm favourite of mine, but too much and I feel like Desmond Tutu in his robe. So, great styling with that fantastic jacket, what a find.
Glad the birthday celebrations went well, and thank seldom seen for gracing us with his presence, no Where's Wally games today.

Weekend over too quick, homework not done, ironing're putting me to shame Curtise!

Have another little rest tomorrow, I'll feel better then!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Glad you survived the sleepover!

It must be blog your cats days!!! I posted pix of mine today, too!!

I seriously ADORE the patchwork jacket!! You look beautifully stunningly gorgeous in your purple frock!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Curtise, you are divine in purples. This outfit has a lovely I-want-to-say-simplicity, though it's not simple at all, it all just fits together so well. That hat and extraordinary jacket could be challenging to style, but you've done marvellously.

Your "lazy" Sunday sounds plenty busy - I'm glad there's been cuddling, tea, and and indulgence along with! And oh those pursed kitty-whisker-faces ... they are clearly wasting away. :)

Judy C said...

Love the dress. Purple.Yes. The colors sing.

fashionoverfifty said...

I remember these jackets, but what i really like about yours is the splashes of bright and the fur cuffs and neck. Great find~

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

That jacket is so much fun! What a great find!!

Patti said...

Chocolate and tea for your respite - well done! I love the amazing patchwork coat, as well as the great tights and boots. Thanks for sharing the fun with Visible Monday.

Forest City Fashionista said...

This is a marvelous outfit on you! I love the penguin (are they penguins?) printed dress that shows off your great gams and your tiny waist, and it all comes together so well with the patchwork coat, hat and the adorable ankle boots. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day - birthday cake, cats and cuddles!

Connie said...

I actually find ironing very relaxing. You look beautifully serene in your purple (the official color of protection and healing!)

Style Sud-Est said...

You are developing a great eye for photography
I was looking at the previous post some pics are priceless like the cat ant the coffee pot so good!
Happy birthday to your boy nice cake you have made, yes too like the eat a bit of the cake mixture before baking

I adore your jacket , your styling is excellent, perfect love it

I hate housework as well but i have to hoover as well sometimes because of the cats

Ariane xxxx

bonsaimum said...

Beautiful, beautiful purple. :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You are purple perfection! Those legs of yours go on forever! I do trust 'seldom seen kid' enjoyed his special day. Thanks for your lovely comments on my fair post. You're a keeper! Xx

The Style Crone said...

Looks to me like you've had an extremely busy day, and finding time on top of that to put together this gorgeous outfit. The color purple suits you, and as usual, your creativity and sense of humor make me smile.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Happy Birthday to your precious boy.
I love that shade of purple on you.

Vix said...

That Clockhouse jacket is bloody marvellous. I'm sure I remember lusting after it when it was in Coats and 'Ats the first time round and the penguin dress is amazing. The Eighties was quite the decade for mad prints, you bloddy hipster.
I'm glad you survived the sleepover, Seldom Seen's cake looks very professional, bet there's none left now.
I love that photo of the expectant kitties awaiting food, I know that scene oh so well.

Lucy Nation said...

Good old C&A. I remember it well, my mum used to take me there to buy my coats for school and I would usually end up with lurid pink or a mad 80's fluro combination! Your jacket however, is the business. I love how it goes with the purple. The hat really sets it off too. Glad you enjoyed your lazy Sunday. Cuddles with the kids are priceless, especially when you don't have to instigate them yourself! xxx

Max said...

clockhouse at c & a, now thats a blast from the past! ACE jacket, and ace attitude to the weekend. i did sod all and used my pregnanacy, the rain and my cold as an excuse to take copious naps. seldom seem is gorgeous and ought to be more frequently seen x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your lovely son!!
This is a perfect Visible Monday post!! Let's start our week wearing bright colours and clothes that makes us happy!!To have a jacket like that will make me very happy any day of the week!!!I love the penguins print and the hat too!
Have a wonderful week!
Love xxx

Sophie - CGDN said...

LOVE that purple dress on you especially with those purple tights.
Ps. That's what I'd classify as a productive day. hehe x

joyatri said...

I didn't see the dancing feet penguins until Vix mentioned it. Crazy! Once again, your styling is superb. Kitties, cuddling, chocolate and tea -- sounds like a perfect lazy Sunday to me.

Annie said...

Coats and 'Ats. How that takes me back! Fab jacket, funky and practical, perfect.

Your cats are only outdone in the cuteness stakes by Seldom Seen :)

Sounds like you had a fun weekend in spite of the bit of ironing! xx

Louise Mc said...

I love purple soooo much, looks like you do too. Sounds like a lovely laid back weekend. What cute kittys too. X

Stacey said...

Ohhh, I do adore that jacket!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh Clockhouse! I miss you!

That whole outfit is fabulous. I love the jacket. You always look great in purple too. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, I'd've coped with the stress/fun by scoffing cake. I've got some very similar ankle boots to you and I must dig them out and start wearing them again, after seeing how fab they look.
Keep up the good work super mum! xxxx

Krista said...

The jacket the jacket, I love the jacket on you! Your chilled out Sunday sounds well just perfect if you ask me. Happy to hear the Birthday party was a success, no calls to the cops for excessive noise, no kids crying in the middle of the night that they want to go home and everybody got cake! WIN!!!! Your kitties are cute and I am familiar with those hungry stares. You look velvety good in purple Curtise and that BIG hug you sent me last week worked. The power of love I tell you, it moves mountains :)

Fiona said...

Love your C & A jacket Curtise it looks great with the hat. Don't the pusses look pretty, ever hopeful of a morsel if they're anything like my moggy. SSK photo is lovely and so is the foot shot. (very arty!)

angie said...

Pure bliss. I love days like these that things seem to float.I love this jacket ....for ever wearable!!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Great Clockhouse jacket Curtise, I like your laid back style here. I wonder does every family have a seldom seen kid, it used to be my daughter, any photo I ever took was of her back or her fringe hanging over her face, but now it's my oldest boy. Very Happy Birthday to your seldom seen kid! Hope he had lots of fun. xx

Ivy Black said...

My god, that's a stonking jacket. It looks bloody fab. And those boots....yummy. Happy Birthday to your Seldom Seen.
Have a luverley week.

Secret Squirrel said...

Weirdly, I KNEW that was Clockhouse. It s stirring some old clothes memory - I think I knew someone with the jacket.

My favourite clockhouse outfit was grey marl leggings and a black and grey hoody that said

Just like that! Hee hee x

silvergirl said...

i am loving the purple and black together
i don't think i have ever actually worn those two colors together
will have to give it a go

Melanie said...

I feel restful ease in this post. If you were any closer I'd try to lull you into a sleep so I could wrest that jacket off your back. You look fantastic here. I like your Amber foot shot.

Trees said...

I LOVE you in shades of purple! I love the picture of your cats, we had a lot of cats when I was growing up and that was pretty much their standard pose *feed me now humans*

karensomethingorother said...

Happy birthday to your cute little guy! I'm glad you had a nice weekend, with a bit of this and a bit of that, and a lot of fabulous style.

Diane said...

C & A - I used to love it! You are soooooo cool. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Cat picture is so cute. *heheh*
I am lovin your patchwork coat. *Super FUNKY*
It suits you.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh my goodness, I love you so much for the Starsky and Hutch reference!! My cardigan is totally a Starsky cardi and I shall refer to it as such from here on!

LPFashionPhilosophy said...


ox from NYC!


Lynne DeVenny said...

I love your tomfoolery...and your long purple lines with your tights and booties. Your coat looks very huggable.

Tea houses sound so delightful. We don't have 'em 'round these parts :(

Dawn said...

Fill those bowls with cat food,,please! They are so petite and adorable. How many do you have? I love that you include them in your posts...being the pussy lover that I am...hahaha. Anyway, how cool is your patchwork leather jacket? Wearing one of the iconic 70's floppy hats that I love, I swear you just walked out of one of my vintage mags. have a great day! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Milex said...

everything works so well!

Milex said...

everything works so well!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I'm so behind, please forgive me ... happy birthday to Seldom Seen and I always say happy birthday to mama's coz it's a very special day for you too:). I love this purple wonder with EGAD!!!! - THE jacket of the century, well last century, which is even better!! I wish I could wear floppy hats as elegantly as you do, I love them but me noggin's too big. I'm glad to hear the wee laddie still likes a cuddle with mum:)). Big, warm hugs to you my lovely xoxoxoxo