Monday, 5 November 2012

Governess or Cowgirl?

So it's back to the school run and and scrabbling around for dinner money and checking spellings and tracking down stray plimsolls and ironing uniform and all that malarkey, after a week off.

I needed a haircut and a new jacket to face it!

The dress is an old favourite, but the little wool jacket was a find in a vintage shop I called into after I had been to the hairdressers.

I know I don't need another black jacket, but this one fits perfectly and has that flattering nipped-in waist and lots of buttons and peplum-y detail.

What's a girl to do?

I think my Halloween steampunk governess look has turned my head, all of a sudden I want to look all severe-yet-slutty Victorian. No bad thing...

1970s maxi dress and boots - Ebay
1980s wool jacket - Cow vintage
Carpet bag - flea market
Hat, bangles and necklace - charity shopped

And the best accessory of all?

If only Jessie would let me drape her around my neck like a stole...


Yesterday, Eldest wore her usual uniform of a checked shirt and jeans of some description, which reminded me of Madonna in her Don't Tell Me video, and inspired my outfit and a little photo shoot.

Don't ask me why we have these cowboy hats, we just do...

Seldom Seen wasn't made to join in, it might have looked rather too gay porn/Brokeback Mountain to be appropriate...

Still not wearing jeans. You can't make me.

She ain't heavy, she's my sister.

I borrowed a hat.

I bought the check shirt (from a charity shop, obviously) for a line dancing event which got cancelled; I was really disappointed!
Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart... 

I think this Stirling Cooper sheer skirt (last seen accompanied by a wig and a corset here) might look rather fetching with the new jacket, what do you think?

The little buggers didn't tell me I had my waistcoat buttoned up wrong.

No pocket money for them this week.

Eldest likes Madonna but hadn't heard this song or seen the video before. I don't think she was overly impressed (too low key for her tastes) but she liked the dancing. Yee haw!

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Anonymous said...

I'm for the severe yet slutty Victorian look (who isn't?), it sounds creative and perfect for winter, I must study all your next posts and make it mine!
The jacket is beautifully tailored and amazing with the hat and skirt!
Your girls have nothing to learn from Madonna, they are more beautiful and they can act and dance better, plus they are a duo!
I love also your second outfit, that skirt is marvellous and I think that it would look great with your new jacket even if the effect could be even more severe-yet slutty than I could imagine!
I'd love to go to a dancing line event someday, here is not popular, but I adore the cowgirl style!
Have a wonderful week!!
Love xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Of course you needed that jacket is glorious, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Love all your ensembles.
Your girls are soooooooooooo gorgeous.

Krista said...

Those girls just steal the show Curtise, the picture of the older one giving the lil one a piggy back ride, is so sweet! I love that they have cowboy hats and totally know how to rock em!

Slutty Victorian I'm all for that! I can totally see why you picked up this jacket it fits like a dream and sometimes that is all it takes! I am loving that paisley skirt and your floppy hat that let's the whole world know ~yup I got my own style!

Jessie is a gorgeous kitty and that photo makes me want to kiss his nose. Let's get through this week together!

Connie said...

Slutty Victorian..Always a good look. Love that you're rocking a bob. And your kids....The CUTEST!!!!!!!

Vix said...

Severe-yet-slutty Victorian and tarty saloon girl, you'll always be visible be it a Monday or whenever. The new fringe looks ace and of course you couldn't say no to that stupendous peplum jacket. Both skirts are wonderful but no jeans? What capsule wardrobe is complete without some sensible boot cut jeans in indigo denim? Never mind charity shopping, a trip to Marks and Spencers next time, my lady,. I'm sure Per Una have the perfect pair for us "overs".
Those kids need to take the role of blogging photographers a bit more seriously, fancy neglecting to tell you about the waistcoat wardrobe malfunction, tut tut. (Mind you they are so bloody adorable we can forgive them anything!)

Lynne DeVenny said...

My little and big buggers never tell when my outfit's askew either. But I think it makes us more real :P

Curtise, I don't know where to start except everything you wear looks bodaciously steamy to me, yet of course appropriately stern and laced

That black jacket is so perfect, double peplums are so divine. And your family of cowgirls looks so much fun. Sorry about the line dancing. I used to love going to a local bar/restaurant that offered it 'round here but closed :(

Kitteh is beautiful. Cats can be so uncooperative when it comes to being used as stoles and such, although they won't hesitate to drape themselves all over the person that likes them least in the house.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I covet that peplum jacket. Isn't it amazing how a vintage piece can look so perfectly modern. I love all your outfits. That long black skirt is marvelous.

Patti said...

Jessie is gorgeous and look like she enjoys being photographed! That would distinguish her from my cats entirely. Love, love your peplum jacket - I thought for sure it was 40's till I read on. Thanks for sharing all the fabulous-ness with Visible Monday.

Melanie said...

I love peplums, they always look so elegant on Victorian style jackets. I say wear the jacket with the skirt, it'll look lovely xx

delia hornbook said...

aahh you little girls are adorable and they are rocking there cowboy hats as do you ;-) Loving your new black jacket in fact i love your first outfit you look gorgeous and it just flows over your lovely figure. Your hair looks pretty slick and lovely to ;-) I know what you mean about back to the school lists my little one had an extra day off today due to an inset day my eldest was not impressed having to go to school and leaving his brother in bed. Back to getting up at crazy oclock tomorrow but it will soon be xmas holidays ;-)) Have a great week lovely, dee xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Oh boy i missed a lot of posts!
Sorry - I have been busy lately and still busy but i still think of you! I said to myself today i have to go see her blog for sure !

I love your Halloween pics, i escape Halloween, i am not really into it- i had a medical appointemnt and went shopping afterwards - When i got home it was over!

The blogger meet up looked like lots of fun - you all look so happy - love the girl with the pink hair!

Love your last post, i don't wear plaid shirt but i like them on others, i can never find a decent one, others can but not me!

You cat is so beautiful - what a stunning pic Curtise - Your kids are cute as ever

Have a good week

Ariane xxx

lucy joy said...

Mixed blessings with kiddies back to school, innit? On the one hand, they're out of the way for a while (yay!) on the other, rushed mornings, shouty breakfasts, lost books, and the threat of PTA Christmas hell looms.

Looking like that though, in a looks-made-to-measure jacket and that wonderful hat, must be a smug feeling? admit it!

I just know those girls are going to follow in your stylish footsteps and march to the beat of their own drum.
Sod the jeans, you never saw a Victorian slut hanging around in stretch denim, did you?

lucy x

Anonymous said...

Well, you could just fit right in to that video...and I'd like it a whole lot better if you did!
What a perfect jacket on you. I have one I thrifted too I keep just for that reason. It's so flattering on you Curtise.
Your kids are getting more and more comfortable in front of your camera from my perceptions. Better watch out! They'll be creating their own blogs in now time. My son has about 10 blogs, one for each creative idea. haha I have so many to keep track of! Us mothers must be supportive. ;)
You know, I started out thinking you should add more denims in your wardrobe, but I think you look BEST without them...but with a skirt on of course...not naked. ;)But you did look super duper sexy in the body suit you tried on during the meet up.

What did you ever do with those vagina flower pants??

Style Higher™ said...

AMAZING jacket, of course you had to get it! :-)

Louise Mc said...

I adore the jacket it's perfect, and I love your new found love of steampunk too, Victorian styling is so lush. I'm sadly lacking a black jacket, I must keep my eyes peeled. Xx

Fiona said...

Hello Curtise,
What a perfect buy that black peplumed jacket was, it fits you perfectly and 'showcases' (as they say on poncy fashion progs) your tiny waist. The girls are naturals in front of the camera, it will only be a matter of time before they are blogging or fb-ing. As for your Madonna inspired outfit, if you are really trying to emulate her shouldn't you be showing us a nipple ? That would be really slutty! (Poor Lourdes must have died with embarrassment) Didn't even notice the waistcoat till you mentioned it! xxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Ooooh* That bag is delicious.
Your little cowgirls are so cute!
*Totally got to giggling about why seldom wasn't participating in the cowboy hat wearing*

You make one sexy cowgirl Curtise *whistle*

Secret Squirrel said...

What a fantastic fit on the jacket, like it was made for you. I don't know, dinner money, lunches, homework- I can barely get myself dressed in the mornings... At least the blog forces me not to wear my dressing gwn to work.

Ivy Black said...

Yup, I can go with the severe yet slutty Victorian look. How could a nipped in jacket not look delicious on you oh BuffBod? Look at those girlies...they are naturals. The shot of them both is gorgeous.
I don't mind that Madonna song. Don't much like her though...she's a pillock.

Max said...

your are quite a virtuoso with the dress ups-victorian to cowgirl in the same day-i like it. i am partial to a check shirt these days (a side effect of living in a farm-y area) and much more flattering than the stripes which used to be my fave x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Look at you, being able to slip from one style genre to another with the greatest of ease!! I LOVE that jacket and it hugs your fab figure in all the right places. It would look kind of cool with a grey fur piece round the neck ;)

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, that blazer is amazing. The layered peplum is just gorgeous and it fits you beautifully. I love the maxi dress too; I look for them while thrifting, but they're rarely maxi on my giant self so I pass them up.

Annie said...

You couldn't possibly have passed up that jacket. The fitted style looks fabulous on you. I love the whole of that outfit actually, the dress and hat are perfect. We have a Cow vintage in Birmingham, I wonder if it's the same people.

Your children are absolutely adorable. They look a picture in those cowboy hats. I definitely think your sheer skirt and the jacket would go together. Let us see!
Annie xx

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love your cowboy outfits.. YeeeeHaw!

Mrs. D said...

The victorian severe yet slutty look is my favourite. The jacket was a great find! I wouldn't have resisted either.
AS for not being too impressed with the Madonna video- give it a few more years haha. The dancers on that video are gorgeous!

PS: Thank you for your comment. Things will get better eventually.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That coat is the most amazing cut, I love the shape on you. I love this late 60s does Victorian look, that could be a liberty print.
Jessie is the most perfect looking cat I've ever seen, she's gorgeous! A cat supermodel!
I like you in a waistcoat too! Wear more! And I like that skirt too!
lots of love XXXXXXXX

Helga! said...

I'm quite Madonna fan...well, was.Don't like the recent stuff, but loved the album this was off and the 70's dance inspired one, whatever it was called.
Yessss, I'm all for slutty severe sexacious Victorian steam punky governess cowgirl looks!!! You're frigging rocking both of these outfits like no one's business.The new jacket is fabularse, just the sort of thing I have a hankering for.The carpet bag is giving me the horn.The pleated skirt and Jessie are making me frisky.Stop it!
No don't..........SQUEE!
Rock on,Bodacious Bod!
Love you!

Emalina said...

That dress and jacket combo is quite gorgeous! And I'm head over heels for your Jessie, what a beauty!


thorne garnet said...

beautiful jacket. It looks great with the dress.

bonsaimum said...

Too much, a gorgeous jacket, magnificent skirt and Jessie, all in one post--Bonsaimum is all a flutter!!!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I enjoyed watching the Madonna video. I would love to see you try that dance in your country best! I do agree Jessie would make a perfect accessory. And I love the new jacket & the gorgeous detailing around the waist. So pretty with that maxi. And your hair looks fabularse!!! Xx

JaninJabitt said...

How could you NOT have the jacket? I I'm thinking Prairie Governess with a Slutty past? Or future. Both if you add the Steampunk element. You have a time traveling bodice-ripper plot on you hands, I think.

Cindy Swanson said...

I am SO in love with that jacket! Green with envy :) It's obviously one of a kind.

Love all your pics...and I had forgotten how Madonna brought a whole new vibe to country line-dancing. :)

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Kylie said...

Plimsolls, now that's a word straight out of a Famous Five adventure! I love it. Your little cowgirls are v.cute too!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Severe-yet-slutty Victorian sounds delightful. I love that jacket. The peplum is fabulous. It looks very 40s.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the cowgirl look - I want that skirt.

Sophie - CGDN said...

Oh hello indeed! I'm surprised I've not come across your blog before. Looking forward to putting together a FHCS parcel for you, will be trying to get some inspiration from some previous posts. Should be fun! x

Alex said...

Oh I wouldn't even have noticed the waistcoat being buttoned wrongly if you hadn't mentioned it! I was focusing on how good you look in a cowboy hat. Must be genetic - how cute are the girls?!

Kitty said...

Aah, dear Curtise, I've always suspected you have many MANY subtexts within you!! Slutty and Victorian may well be among them, I'm sure!! And I love the new jacket, would look great as part of a 40s suit, now there's a challenge for you...but it's one I KNOW you'd more than pull off.xx.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I think this is one of my favourite outfits that I've seen you in Curtise, especially in the second pic, I can imagine you as a D.H. Lawrence heroine swishing about. And I loved that song and video! This was one of my favourite periods in Madonna's career, I loved 'Ray of Light' and 'Music' was good too. Your girls look so cute in their cowboy hats, I miss those days, now I'm living with a seventeen year old diva! xx

Sophie - CGDN said...

Sizing - I take a 10 if it's a tight item or an 8 if it's loose (if that makes sense) if in doubt then a 10. I am the opposite of an hourglass! I should ask your sizing preferences too really x

Anonymous said...

Your girls are just so darling!!
I adore the new jacket--such a fabulous style.
Love the plaid and chiffony skirt outfit-YEE-HAW!!! The new jacket woill look stunning with that skirt!
Victorian yet slutty--why not??

Anonymous said...

Your girls are just so darling!!
I adore the new jacket--such a fabulous style.
Love the plaid and chiffony skirt outfit-YEE-HAW!!! The new jacket woill look stunning with that skirt!
Victorian yet slutty--why not??

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I don't usually go for tailored things but sheesh that jacket is GOOD!! ARE you sure it wasn't made specially for you/?! I'm glad you're looking so fabulous for the school drop-off.

Very cute girls!
And you totally crack me up. Your posts are hilarious.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love seeing how you're getting ever more creative with your wardrobe and having so much fun doing it. That new jacket is gorgeous and perfect for your slim figure. I love you three cowgirls, and the cat has the fashion blogger's gaze too!

Anonymous said...

The new jacket is lovely, the peplum is especially good. I think your skirt will go well with it.
Severe but slutty Victorian is a really good style - much better than jeans.

silvergirl said...

that little black jacket is fabulous

Dawn said...

Great snag on the black nipped blazer, it pairs wonderfully with your vintage maxi which looks fantastic on you. Both looks are really impressing me here. I laughed when you commented about feeling like a sausage, such a way with words Curtise. I don't like bulky layers, I go for a thin ones and pile them on. I get too hot and then feel bloated and suffocated. Yee Haw! dawn suitcase vignettes xo Beautiful kitty, jessie.

Misfits Vintage said...

Lovely dovey love that jacket - the peplummy bits and the lovely snug waist are perfect for showing off your gorgeousness. I would love to see it with the full black skirt too - might it be a tad Stevie-esque? Not a bad thing! Your girls are such supermodels! LOVE the cowgirl looks all round and the carpet bag is DIVINE. You're alright too, in a slutty Victorian way. Spank yourself, you naughty idiot. LOVE! Sarah xxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I can totally understand that jacket's need to come home with you! Fetching! Gorgeous bag as well. The entire cowgirls photoshoot is to die for - such a fabulously rowdy bunch, and your outfit is divine as always. I am loving these themes of yours, Curtise!

Melanie said...

Of course you needed that jacket. Your new fabulous haircut demanded it! I love this severe yet slutty look. Where's your pointer? And you gals need to be properly lassoed to control all that unbridled exuberance. Too much fun!!

Lynn Dylan said...

Curtise, I love that black jacket!! And the long skirt! And I am just loving the recent pictures of the littles! Sooooo sweet. Sorry I've been slow to get around. Life has been WAY WAY WAY too busy around here. Sigh. But I try to enjoy it. It's better than the alternative!!! :D