Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Doom and Gloom

Despite the post title and the miserable weather, I am feeling far less doom-laden than last Sunday.

 All I needed was some sleep, a spot of chazzing, and a self-administered metaphorical kick up the backside, and I feel right as rain.

Of which there has been plenty.

My lovely friend Amber asked in this post whether her readers were wearing anything with particular associations yesterday, as she sported her chicken skirt, a rallying call to health for her one of her beloved hens.

I commented that I was wearing this outfit.

Its significance?

The paisley maxi skirt was bought from a vintage fair around the time I started this blog. It featured in an early blog post and remains one of my favourite items of clothing.

The suede jerkin was a recent gift from darling Lucy, who started out as a blog buddy, but who has become a real life texting, emailing, meeting-up-in-person friend.

Lucy suggested a fitting post title might be Jerkin Off. I wanted to use this so badly but feared it would result in some unsuitable traffic to my blog...

 Jerkin Never Off might be more appropriate, I've worn it 3 days in a row!

The clutch bag and the enamel brooch on the hat are gifts from my yet-to-meet friend Joni, but as she wrote on the card she enclosed in the parcel, one day we shall meet!

And because I would never have used the word jerkin before I knew her (I would probably have said long waistcoat, but jerkin is so much better), gorgeous Vix's influence is in the mix too.

Yeah, you'd better hold onto your hat, influences and inspirations from fellow bloggers are everywhere!

An Amber-style leg shot proves the point.

1970s Co-op Crimplene maxi skirt - vintage fair
1960s suede jerkin - gift from Lucy
Knit top, bangles and hat - charity shops
Boots - Ebay 
Clutch bag and brooch - gifts from Joni

While we are talking influences, the Rolling Stones' new single, Doom and Gloom, has been getting tons of airplay on Radio 2 (station of choice these days...) and I like it.

It sounds like Rocks by Primal Scream.

Which in turn sounds like Jumping Jack Flash.

I don't particularly mind songs reminding me of other songs, it becomes a big musical puzzle of influence and homage. Or plagiarism, depending on your view! 

What you do you think?

Who are your influences?





Anonymous said...

Am I here first??? Let me check!

Vix said...

Dammit, I adore that outfit! I remember lusting after that skirt when you first starting blogging and my love for it hasn't diminished! Purple and red look fabulous together.
Lucy and Joni did you proud with their fabulous gifts and jerkins rule!
Jon admits to nicking his award winning riff on their most famous song from a huge 1960s hit and Tim Burgess based his entire look on 1960s Mick Jagger (although I don't know what he's thinking with that that blonde hair). In the words of Mozza, Plagiarism begins at home!
Ashamedly I haven't heard the new Stones song, I really should ditch Radio One! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yep, I sure is!

I didn't now what you were talking about when you said the clutch would go perfectly with your jerkin. I thought, what the heck is that? Some kind of pickle shaped hat? But it does go perfectly with your vest. You call a vest something else too, dont' you? Oh well,

This post had me smiling all the way through. I'm totally in love with maxi fabric as you can probably guess. And I never thought to do that with the big flower pin. Send it back dammit! Just kidding of course.
I would have so much fun dressing you up everyday since your body works so perfectly on all these styles. LOVE it. I'd love to see you in that crochet dress again sometime soon. Pweeeeeze?

Krista said...

Joni and her am I here first...AH LOL she's funny and she was. I think the inspiration in our blogging world is limitless and constant. Real people are the best inspiration. The jerkin is banging ;) and with that beautiful maxi skirt you are really looking like a modern day model, or at least the kind I want to see grace the pages of magazines! The bits from Lucy and Joni are going to get tons of use.

Marla said...

You look so nice. Love that suede long vest.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hahaha you are going to get some great traffic now, do share the best searches with us won't you? Fab gift from Lucy. My mum had an amazing long red suede waistcoat but tragically I believe it got butchered for a school play costume...eek!

Megan said...

I love the jerkin. I've never heard that term before. Is it related to "merkin"? ;)

The purse fabulously ties the vest with the skirt. Bazinga!

kaffesoester said...

That skirt is also one of my favorite items in your closet! The colours are fabulous, and paisley is a classic, and mixable with almost any other pattern!

I think that every outfit I've worn on the blog has heartwarming and comforting associations attached to it, for me. When I put on a dress that I've got lots of supporting comments on, I'm wearing those comments them too. And it's a great feeling!

Patti said...

LOL at Megan and "merkin" - lots of possibilities for unsuitable traffic if we combine the two terms : >

You look smashing in your paisley skirt, it is a classic forever. Just like the Stones - I really love the new tune.

silvergirl said...

i love that suede piece
i never heard of a jerkin, is that an english word for vest or something??

Penny-Rose said...

Great comination of maxi and jerkin (which I had heard of) funnily enough I have been looking for a suede vest myself.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I can see why you love that skirt. You must have a wardrobe FULL of maxi's! I've never heard of a jerkin before. I would have said long vest as well. I have found so much inspiration from fellow bloggers like yourself. Now I'm wearing styles & colours I never dreamed of. Isn't it wonderful!? Xx

bonsaimum said...

That suede jerkin is very fetching indeed, and I definitely love the pattern of your skirt. As for influences, I like music ranging from heavy rock to swing. I can't stand Rap music. I would rather remove my own liver than listen to it.

Paul said...

I love the skirt and the jerkin together.
What did your lollipop lady call you today?

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

sorry that last post about the lollipop lady was from me.

Camelia Crinoline said...

Great outfit. Ha ha, at 'Jerkin Off'. I loved reading about the particular associations to do with your outfit. That's why I love wearing second hand clothes. It feels like they have so many stories. That enamel brooch is fabulous.

delia hornbook said...

You look GORGEOUS love your outfit today the colours and patterens are sooooo lovely on you. That bag, belt and brooch wow what lovely gifts. I am a radio 2 queen to i have it on from the time i get p to the time i go to sleep very rarly watching the TV. And Jerkin off im still chuckling as to what could have come your way with that title ;-)) dee xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I love that skirt. In fact I've got some fabric very similar to it that I'm going to make a cushion cover from. Radio 2 eh? No, I'm stuck in a 60s and 70s time warp and I listen to Absolute 60s or Absolute 70s and when I tire of the horrid likes of the Police and Dire Straits I switch over to Arrow Rock. Just thought you might like to know that! Enjoy wearing your jerkin. xx

Anonymous said...

Wow!!Great outfit and post, I'm listening to the songs, I'm probabily the last one on earth to listen to the Rolling Stones'new single and yes, it sounds like a lot of old songs that sound like other songs, anyway brilliant review, I like Primal Scream!That skirt is amazing,the lenght, the print and colours, maybe I could give you an ideal prize as one of my best dressed blogger friends!
I liked the joke about the beautiful vest, but to write such a title could be very dangerous especially if you already have pussy cats in your pictures.Joni's clutch is wonderful too!!
Love xxxxx

joyatri said...

It's so interesting to analyze one's inspirations. I've recently purchased 70s magazines that I used to own and I know that certain photos in them became seared into my memory and served as building blocks for my style. Of course, as you say, our blogger friends continue to inspire and influence us and I love how this outfit pays homage to so many good friends.
I need to find a jerkin just so I can say the word more often.
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I would love to hear you recite The Lady of Shalott some time :)

Sacramento Amate said...

I drooled about Amber´s dress, now I am drroling all over yours, and that gorgeous clutch.
I am glad you are feeling up and running again.

thorne garnet said...

love the skirt, beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous on a gloomy rainy day!! I love the skirt and the jerkin really sets it off! You are rocking the new clutch!!

I find so much inspiration in everyone's blogs!! color combos, new ways to pout stuff together-y'all are AMAZING!!

grunge-queen said...

The skirt is a beaut, Curtise - the colours are so lush. Glad Joni's clutch found a happy home. It's raining here too, and bloody cold, and the mountain is obscured by fog. I am trying to find inspiration in Bach's cello suite, and, for those more dramatic moments, in Puccini. :) xo

Lucy Nation said...

Love the skirt. I understand why you have a connection to it. It suits you perfectly xxx

Annie said...

I'm not surprised you've been wearing the jerkin non-stop, it looks fabulous. Love the maxi skirt and clutch too.

I don't mind songs sounding similar either. When you get to my erm.. vintage, it's pretty inevitable, but I still try to listen to new music. I haven't heard the new Stones song - need to check it out! xxx

lucy joy said...

I'm chuckling imagining you in a thermal vest! Jerkin, waistcoat, vest - it certainly works with that perfect skirt and complimentary clutch. Sort of elongates the body and with your long legs, you look like you should be on Jagger's arm!

I didn't think you sounded that grumpy or fed up the other day - it is very normal and natural to feel like that after a frenzied day followed by alcohol.

When it comes to radio, I'm more likely to have 6 Music on, but radio tendsto drive me insane if I'm sitting down, I can only listen to it driving or during the rare moments the iron and cleaning cloths come out of hiding.

Blogging is certainly no passive hobby, as I'm sure some people who don't understand it see think.'Bastard jewellery' will stick with me forever, and the parcels, support, friendship, inspiration and laughter is something I missed sorely during my break. Hard to imagine life before blogging now, and your gorgeous skirt should be a constant reminder of that.

Lucy x

The Style Crone said...

Your outfit is filled with significance and associations, and your humor has me laughing out loud. The influence of stylish bloggers is a wonder to behold. This outfit would cheer anyone no matter the weather!

Fiona said...

Your 'jerkin off'comment made me giggle, and it looks fabularse with your Co-op maxi. (would never have thought to put these two together)
I thought you were referencing the Stones with your post title as I know you're partial to radio 2 also.
Was talking to someone at work who saw them at the O2 last weekend, it sounded amazing. Btw, love Steve Wright's impersonation of Mick.

Fiona said...

PS I read today that Old Flo may not belong to Tower Hamlets after all.

Sophie - CGDN said...

love that bold red and purple maxi, it looks fabulous on you x

Kylie said...

Love skirt, clutch, jerkin and YOU!
(owlies for littlest posted)

Kitty said...

Yep, there's gotta be a jerkin jingle in there somewhere. either way it's so perfect with that bag and hat, and so very YOU!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love Lucy and Joni, they're both amazing. You always look fab, the skirt is amazing and I'm so pleased you're lifted out of the doldrums. The clutch is beautiful, I remember you asking for that.
also you should've gone with Jerkin Off.
Wish I could come round for a cuppa and chat xxxx

carrievintage said...

one of your best outfit!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would have loved to have seen "Jerkin Off" as a blog post title - you would have got a huge spike in blog traffic for sure! Vix introduced me to that word too. That is such an awesome skirt, no wonder it's your favourite. Isn't blogger inspiration the best - great Amber tribute shot.

Style Sud-Est said...

never heard of jerkin as well but i know now what it means
Yes that maxi is superb on you, maxis are your signature style i say with the suede vest it is rather stunning - My influence, i think my daughter is a big influence - Japanese street style- Vix - you - Joni all of you lovely girls!

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxx

karensomethingorother said...

Oh my god. "Jerkin off" almost made me cry-laugh. That was wonderful. And yet, it was distracting from how elegantly fabulous you look. I almost forgot to comment about it, and how lovely your skirt is.
Damn, my blog friends are all quite far away--including yourself. Alas...

Melanie said...

My inspiration is in posts like this - the beauty, the style, and the writing which includes wit and thoughtfulness. The jerkin with the paisley maxi could stand up to any miserable day. I've visited here a couple of times, for a break from work. I always leave refreshed.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Dear Curtise, this post of yours is lodged so warmly in my heart as a bright spot these sad days. Stunning outfit to begin with, the gorgeous suede, amazing maxi, Joni's clutch, and red boots, all topped by that lovely hat - but knowing the associations, inspirations, and influences makes it even more so. I am deeply honoured to be included here!!! Thank you. xoxoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

Yup I am pretty sure that would be one of my favorite skirts too. It's Wonderful! I love me some Paisley.

Helga! said...

I haven't heard the new Stones song, but I love "Rocks".I reckon it's pretty difficult to be really,truly original nowadays,as there are only so many chords.And I don't mind things sounding like..., or clearly being inspired by....outright plagiarism is a bit suck though.
I love LOVE this skirt.It's the perfect maxi length,in the perfect print and colours!What's NOT to love?!
Lucy is awesome.I really hope I get to meet her NEXT YEAR when I'm over!I'm practically doing something dodgy in my panties just thinking about it!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh shitty arse bastard - I'm so behind! You look amazing, mi amor - I LOVE the skirt and the colour combo is one of my all time faves. You are rocking the bejayzus out of this amazing outfit. Jerkin gherkin merkin. That's all I've got. LOVE! Sarah xxx