Monday, 26 November 2012

A festive fair and fabulous friends

Where would a blogger be without puns, song lyrics or alliteration for post title inspiration?

This was last Friday's outfit, described as "Bavarian" by the lollipop lady. 
Not sure about that!
But it was reasonably practical for setting up ready for the school's festive fair on Saturday.

Predictably, there were mutterings about the name Festive Fair
"Can't we call it Christmas any more then? It's political correctness gone mad!"
Actually, it was just because the graphic designer mum who does our posters found it easier to fit the word festive into her design than the word Christmas. 
No political correctness here, just a love of alliteration and an eye for a good poster layout!

1980s dress - Ebay
Waistcoat, bangle, necklace, tights - charity shops
Boots - retail (sale) 2 or 3 years ago

The fair was suitably festive, despite it being in November. Leave it until December, and the number of Christmas fairs, markets and other events makes for a very crowded schedule.

Clockwise, l-r; Gorgeous handmade goods galore, Tracey and her vintage cake stands, henna tattoos, Elodie and her stall.

Santa's grotto (before Santa arrived!)
My friend Joanne and I wrapped most of those fake presents piled up - the kids got some chocolate and a photo with Santa. (See here for last year's debate about suitable grotto gifts, and the perils of PTA membership. And to see me looking crazed in a wig, always good for a laugh...)

More perils - low winter sunshine!

Eldest did sterling work on the tombola - that's my girl!

The event went OK, despite not being as busy as last year. We made a pretty creditable £1300. 
After a hilariously tipsy session round at my mate's house counting up the takings (a lesson learnt - prosecco and accountancy are not good bedfellows), I woke up on Sunday with a thick head and a heavy heart and that flat post-event, post-booze feeling.

Do you know what I mean? 
Do you ever question the point of what you do?
I am starting to treat the organisation of these school events as my job (since I no longer have a paid one) and feeling responsible for the outcomes. 
Which is spoiling the fun of it a bit.
I think I need to stop grouching and start laughing again, don't you?

This parcel of joy cheered me up considerably!
My lovely friend Lucy, Poet of Pontypridd, sent me a fabulous vintage suede jerkin, a pretty blue dress, a great belt and funky chain, and sweeties!
Oh, and a mug with cats on, but that's in the dishwasher...

And my gorgeous bloggy twin Joni sent me a second original calligram, this time of a cat (excuse the glare, it still has the cellophane on it), and some fabulous jewellery as well as the wonderful clutch bag she offered to give away a while ago on her blog. I was cheeky enough to claim it! Won't it go perfectly with that jerkin?


See? Blogging really does make life better!
Thank you, Lucy and Joni.
Linking up with Patti and all the other Visible Monday ladies!
I am horribly behind with my blog commenting, but plan to rectify that situation, starting now!


Louise Mc said...

I love your outfit, and I can kind of see where the lollipop lady is coming from the with the Bavarian thing. Always I great look for this time of year I reckon. Looks like a great fair and not too shabby on the takings either, well done. You deserve more prosecco. x

lucy joy said...

I know just what you mean about the anti-climax sense of impending doom you wake with after a booze sess/special occasion. One of the reasons I dislike planned events. But life is full of highs and I suppose.

If you stop enjoying your PTA involvement, you must rein it in. You've got a good few years left of tramping back and forth that school, so consider doing things which benefit you as much as the community!

I don't see Bavarian, I see sexy folk singer (good folk, not twee).

The bag is indeed a good match for the jerkin, and I do love those calligrams - perfect way to show words off.

Hope you have some lovely kiddie-free events to attend soon - you have the clothes, so enjoy yourself.

Lucy x

Rose&Bird said...

Can kind of see the Bavarian connection, a slightly dirndl effect? Sounds like the fair went well, excellent work. I do know what you mean about taking things a bit too personally. Was that other post really a year ago?! Great gifts and the cat calligram is fab x

Melanie said...

Ah, yes, I can see how your right leg looks particularly Bavarian in this. But the overall look is 100% Curtise splendour!! I like the vest over your dress.

You are such a superhero for participating in these fundraising events. It is such a jolly time of the year, so seasonal, and yet so happy. Why don't they just call it Stuff Your Face Day and be done with it?

I ALWAYS question the point too. Miz Bagg usually answers, and so do your fantastic posts which I enjoy so much!!! Stiff upper lip - they have treatments for that...

Connie said...

Very festive indeed! It's nice that you're a devoted and stylish volunteer. You do such a good job. I'm sure they would miss you immensely if you ever dropped out. Plus I'll bet your kids are very proud of their mama :)

Vix said...

Bavarian? I reckon that lollipop lady's been on the Gluwein! Fabulous? Yes!
That's a brilliant achievement, all the stalls look fantastic especially eldest's tombola and Santa's grotto looks positively bohemian with all that velvet.
Love Lucy's parcel of joy especially that marvellous jerkin and Joni's cat art is gorgeous.
It's understandable to feel a bit flat after something you've been planning for months comes to it's conclusion. I bet I'll feel the same after next Sunday so I better get a flight sorted or I'll be a grumpier old cow than usual!

Krista said...

Looking real good rocking that short dress! Bavarian hmm how bout' all that and a bag of chips! This dress with that waist coat really show off your fabulous figure! You look extra sexy Mama!
I hate being political correct I don't think I could if I tried. This crafty fair looks like a great place to browse and buy unique handmade stuff~ love that. I'd say a $1300 haul is pretty darn good! Your eldest is looking so cute in her stripy stripes and pretty blue eyes!

OMG Lucy and Joni totally spoiled you, look at all that delightful loot! The waist coat will look so good with so much of what you wear. YAH for you claiming that clutch it is funky! Life can be pretty goo eh...even when you are nursing a post high hang out and drink fest :)

Patti said...

The waistcoat is enviably fabulous. I do get the Bavarian vibe, but you are much more fun than "Bavarian" suggests. : >

Congrats on a successful fest, and I agree, never let the political correct sheriffs get you down! Thanks for sharing all the goodness with Visible Monday.

Fiona said...

Not really getting the Bavarian vibe Curtise, more 80's cool rock chick I feel. Well done on all your sterling work with the PTA,I bet they love having you on board with your creative juices and willingness to get stuck in. LLB's tombola looks the bizz and it seems there was a good variation of stalls.
VERY envious of your suede jerkin from Lucy, was looking for the very same thing today but of course failed to find one. The search continues.....

Forest City Fashionista said...

That waistcoat really is the icing on the cake of the printed dress and shows off your fab curves! Blogging does make life better, and brings you fun things in the mail. I can understand the letdown after the adrenaline runs out. If you're not enjoying organizing these events then maybe it is time to step back for a bit. It is a talent to be able to pull all that stuff together - good on you!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I forgot to mention that the shiny grey skirt is patent leather - found it at a consignment store for cheap!! I have to be careful or I'll have the equivalent of a whole herd of cows in my closet...

The Style Crone said...

Blogging does make life better, as do you in that spectacular outfit. The print dress with waistcoat and boots create a beautiful silhouette.

It looks like you're working really hard on the school events and I'm sure that much good will come out of all the energy that you expend. Very impressive!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hot legs baby! Great outfit, although you would look great in a sack! How wonderful to receive bloggy gifts. Of course I am drooling over the accessories, & that belt is gorgeous. I hope you are rid of that hangover, & that you have a fabularse week ahead. Xx

Bella Q said...

What wonderful treats from bloggy friends. PS: you are having a fabulous hair day!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Those cake stands are fabulous. The outfit is a bit bavarian, I suppose. Anyway, it looks great and that's all that matters. I think 'Festive Fair' sounds way better than 'Christmas Fair'.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Loved hearing Harper Valley PTA in the blog you linked to Curtise, she was singing it like she meant it wasn't she. My mum always used to play that song a lot. Your festive fair looks full of great things, way better than our school fair and £1,300 is brilliant! I imagine you giving anything you do 110% but I hope you don't let yourself get burnt out with it. I had a friend who ended up lumbered with responsibility for all the school events because she was too nice to say no, I think it was a relief for her when all her children left primary! But at the same time she was a bit weeping about it too, those years go do fast don't they. Once kids get to high school, parents aren't involved in school events really anymore, at least that's not been the case here, so I guess I'd say even though it's stressful, enjoy it, just don't let the PTA pile everything on you! And you look lovely by the way! Where did the lollipop lady get Bavarian from? xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Excuse the mistakes, I meant weepy not weeping and too not do, pc's broken so I'm on Pat's phone and predictive text is doing my head in. Xx

WendyB said...

Ha ha! More decisions should be made based on graphic appeal!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am not a fan of political correctness but as a fan of alliteration, I totally love the title of Festive Fair.
I can see where the Bavarian title comes from. I love the long waistocat/vest with the dress. the prorportions are perfect.

Ivy Black said...

Fab! I'm with Lucy...not so much Bavarian as a Nu-Folk star.
Lovely parcels of loveliness..bang on as ever. Blogging doesn't half make life sweeter.
Big wet kisses..

Diane said...

I post on my own blog using a song title, then pop over here and read tour first lines!! haha. LOVE your outfit. You are doing a grand job for you fundraising - I am highly impressed. I used to do it when I ran a toddler group and dint have a proper job. You do run out of steam at times. And I agree - blogging has enhanced my life in so many ways. xxx

Anonymous said...

Poor lollypop lady, I'm sure that now she's feeling the pressure of giving always a proper name to your outfits and this time she did wrong!!I hope someone would give her a good history of fashion book for the festivities, so she could be more original as all our blogging friends here!The dress you are wearing is beautiful, the print and the slevees are great and the black boots and vest gives you a 60's french vibe like B.B. on her Harley Davidson, I need a job, can I be a new lolli-pop lady?
The fair sounds great, you did a great work, but you should keep on having fun in organize these events and don't worry about the prosecco, it happens to everyone, we want to relax and then..the hangover is around the corner with the depressing feeling of the 'day after', but it's not so important if you enjoyed yourself!
Have a wonderful week!

Melanie said...

Thankfully it wasn't political correctness gone mad! The nursery I helped at wasn't allowed to call Halloween Halloween as a parent complained, they had to call it Spooky Day.

delia hornbook said...

It looks like you had a great day and took loads of money which is even better ;-) I loved the look of santa's grotto it looked so warm and inviting. I know how you feel about the responability of others and the flat feeling after the events with not working. I feel just like that when i organise the fairs i do i take on everyone elses feelings and needs wanting them to have a good time and make money i think its because i know how much work goes into setting up your own table etc to. And im rambling now so im going to stop there. You look gorgeous love your outfit and your gifts are lovely enjoy them. And i agree friends are truely wonderful. Have a good week, dee xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Nothing much going on around me. Christmas here, doesn´t start until a few days before.
Looking fantastic, dear Curtise.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Bavarian? I'm not seeing it, just your usual fabulous looking self, Curtise! You did a grand job for the festive fair. Give yourself a big pat on the back. I have never helped out at the school - I know, I'm a big disgrace and a lazy old bint. Never mind. xx

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

Very cute post!love this!
that's amazing!Love your sense of style!!

Emalina said...

looks like you had a lot of fun, just sorry to hear about the hangover... p.s. those thigh high boots are amazing!

Bohemian vanity said...

OMG those boots are so adorable !!! Looks like you had much fun dear ! XX

Kitty said...

You'd be a fab pro fair/event organiser, I bet. With or without alliteration..xx.

Anonymous said...

Love your "Barvarian" look!! You were graced with some awesome goodies that I can't wait to see on the blog!1
Wish I had been close enough to come to your Fair--i adore these type of things!!!

Connie said...

Just a quick reply to your comment on my blog...and another chance to check in with your adorable flippy outfit...Yes, I was a member of the dance party but I refuse to name Names! I have all the injuries to show for it and very little of the career. And Matthew Bourne's ballet is wonderful. Saw it on tv. Crazy good!

Style Sud-Est said...

People i tell you Bavarian? i do not think so, more seventies vibes cool outfit with bonus your gorgeous legs:)
Sounded like a nice fair - we will have ours soon, artsy fancy fairs we have here -
I do too question what the heck i am doing this for -my job - the only answer now is the money, only the money...

joyatri said...

Nowhere. That's where we'd be without song titles, alliteration, etc. We'd all have title-less posts and that would be sad.
What lovely gifts from Joni and Lucy. I thought that clutch looked familiar. I like the stripey stretchy belt.
Vix and I were saying that you are one of the few who make 80s dresses look so cool. Maybe you can join us for a shopping trip the next time I'm in the UK? Or we can organize something in your neck of the woods?

kaffesoester said...

I really don't see much Bavaria in your outfit, just a gorgeous dress, great tights and fabulous legs!

Blogging is one of the best things ever happening to me! I love all the support here, and the inspiration. Not only for dressing, but for dealing with all sorts of challenges one might meet.

Those vintage cake stands would have ruined me - first buying them, and then transporting them back to Denmark! I already have 'a few', so afterwards I would have to deal with the rest of the family! Good thing I wasn't attending your Festive Fair!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you look Bavarian but I do think you look good in it. It's a really good outfit.
Love your pressies - lucky you! A great way to be cheered up just when you need it.

Dawn said...

Curtise, I am granting you the sunshine award on my blog at some point today, so take it or leave it, it is yours. I will not be hurt, mad,or otherwise if you don't want to spend your day doing the is tedious. Don't let the school take the wind out of your sails, it seems like a lot of work but you have a great attitude and I am sure you are the most stylish mum. dawn suitcase vignettes xo Your boots are fabulous. Sexy over the knee!!!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I guess I get a sort of Bavarian feel from your outfit (I think it's the fullness of the sleeves) but I adore it. It's something I'd definitely wear.

I'm so excited you thought today's outfit looked like Barbara Stanwyck! I was totally channeling her as I sold my cattle.

Also, I don't like double denim either. I can't bring myself to do it and only liked today's look because it DOES look like a dress and is more palatable to me.

Helga! said...

O,I remmeber loving that harper Valley PTA post!! the frock is divoon, and what a great way to work out some angst-by prancing around in a wig and a fabularse frock! I can't stand commitees and the like, just can't stand PC crap and peoples general idiocy! I simply WON'T do it!
Yes, indeed, time to laugh,darling.It's too easy to get carried away.And besides, you've got better things to think about, like getting frocked up in your splendid new treats!!!
Bavarian?! I don't see that, myself.I just see you rocking it, and I'm totally into those boots!
Rock the hell ON, sistah!
Love you! XXX

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Still amused and irritated by the bizarre envelope debate in the previous post. If you're not enjoying it so much then take a back seat, the back seat is the best place to giggle anyway. I do love a good Christmas bazaar and I can't resist the tombola. I primary school Christmas activities.
You look fabulous, your hair is looking especially gorgeous at the moment. Beautiful Lucy sends the best presents and that waistcoat looks wonderful. Joni is a star too! So are you, don't let post event blues get you down. If they are then start something else at home or send me a message on facebook and I'll reply with a tirade of fun stuff xxxx

Marla said...

Great outfit. I love to go to Christmas fairs.

Anonymous said...

You're becoming the "go to" lady for the public schools over there. Good thing you're so stylish, now you're able to inspire in all kinds of ways. I can just imagine it! They're thanking you when you put together these festivals, and they're going home and rummaging through their closets wishing they could come up with such a festival of frock looks as you! You need to wear a sign that says, "dream on, you can't do it as well as me."


bonsaimum said...

I think your outfit looks terrific. Those boots are lovely. I think its great that you are so involved with the school.It sounds like you have a great group of involved parents there.I particularly like the sound of the after festival festivities.

Andrea said...

You are such a huge inspiration to me! Could you please consider following each other?

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Seriously, Curtise, amazing! The shapes of your outfit and of you are divine together. Last year's post is hilarious, if not entirely so at the time. I am always in awe of how much time, effort, and work people put in, and you are amazing! Regardless of whether it's the hangover, burnout, or something else talking, to self-care accordingly is always good. Truly, thank heavens for blog-friends and treasures!

Lynne DeVenny said...

Blogger prezzies are the best! You're right, life should be fun and festive, but I'm still calling Christmas Christmas :P

I love your blue dress. I'm not getting Bavarian, more modern Renaissance Woman.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I have our Christmas Fair this Sunday. Groan. I have the book stall and once again have to weed out some rather unsuitable donations...
I have to say your set up looks a lot nicer than anything we ever manage.

You are looking lovely, and I adore your new bagsied bag!

Annie said...

£1300 is a wonderful achievement! The Fair looked fabulous, and you should be really proud of yourself. I do know what you mean about post-event anti-climax though, which is way worse with a thick head (which always seems inevitable in my case!) Do care of yourself too though.

As to Bavarian, I am with Lucy Joy, sexy folk singer. And what great blogger parcels, love the jerkin, bag and cat picture. xxx