Thursday, 15 November 2012

Doing it for themselves

I am loving all the expressions of sisterhood and solidarity around at the moment.
How fabulous that so many of you subscribe to the view that since we have all get dressed in the morning, let's do it with creativity, style and individuality.

Sarah and Melanie have kicked off an epic adventure, The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show, which has many of us keen to be involved.
There are connections being made, friendships developing, conversations happening, we are sharing our inspirational ideas. 

Gifts from blog buddies can be so much more than material objects.
After I got dressed this morning (you know, after the hours of preparation and planning and titivating and effort that goes into this activity every morning...) I realised I was channelling my dear friend and inspirational blogger Vix, and her fabulous description of her own style, Rolling Stones groupie!

I emailed to tell her so. 
It's not stealing if you tell, it's homage, darling.

Dreaming dreamy steamy dreams of being in the south of France with Mick and Keith and Gram Parsons et al in 1971...

On the school run, I shared the Look of the Day with the crossing lady, and had 3 people ask me where I was going "looking all posh."

South of France, 1971, hanging with The Stones and Gram, obviously...

Sometimes the blogging gifts are tangible, and that's pretty bloody great too.
Look what arrived in the post from Seattle!

My very own Joni James original!

I am on the hunt for a frame now. 

Thank you, Joni, I am more than delighted. I am art!

Here's some photographic evidence of why my clothes are always heavily accessorised by cat hair. 
Well, could you resist a cuddle with that ball of fluffy gorgeousness?

Clockhouse patchwork jacket - Ebay
1960s French-made Tricosa maxi skirt - Matlock Antiques Centre
InWear top, 1970s scarf, assorted bangles - charity shopped
Boots - community fair
Belt - retail
1970s felt hat - Chesterfield flea market
Black sparkly bangle - gift from the Goddess Helga

I had a lovely compliment from an elderly lady in a charity shop today. She was looking beautiful and extremely stylish, wearing a funky houndstooth trilby and a smart suit, and she said she liked my jacket. I replied that I thought she looked fabulous, and she told me she was 90 years old, and still enjoying her clothes, having had a lifelong love affair with fashion. 

If I can live as long, or thereabouts, and look half as amazing, and have half her joie de vivre, I will be a happy woman.
Rock on, Sisters!




Anonymous said...

Can I come in the south of France with you,the Stones and Gram Parsons?
I'd love to "homage" you and Vix on this amazing theme, it could be another blogger experience and ,as in your previous post, it demonstrates that an outfit is a story to tell, a fantasy and something that makes our lives better, but please take your hands off Gram, he's mine!
After seeing your glorious patchwork jacket, I've started to look for a similar one, it's not stealing...I hope to find one soon!
The skirt, the bangles and the hat are beautiful too!I already put the Travelling yellow skirt freak show badge on my blog, can't wait for it to arrive to us!!

Fiona said...

What a lovely story about the charity shop lady, how amazing to be still working at that age, she obviously has great taste.
I think it's great that the sistah's are so supportive of each other and generous. I thought 'Taffeta and a tea cup' was a brilliant idea, will rack my brains for a different theme altho' my wardrobe is somewhat limited.
Today you bring to mind, Lady Jane!xx

Anonymous said...

Fab outfit! No wonder people comment when you look so good. I think a lot of people (including me) find it quite difficult to put together a really good outfit. I am trying hard though. Maybe by the time I am 90 I will have got my act together.
Love your portrait. You must be thrilled.

Gracie O'Tripp said...

"No outfit is complete without a little cat hair"...Great outfit. Another great jacket.

Anonymous said...

We shall all be 90 years old and looking FABULOUS whilst we tryst with dangerous reprobater rockers in the south of france. Designer Depends for us all!!

You look wonderful--love you "posh" outfit!! Yes, we are an amazing ecletic community we bloggers!!
I am looking forward to the yellow skirt stopping by my house!! I have PLANS for it!!

Anonymous said...

You are always the best sisterhood delight in your posts! I'm so excited to see how the yellow skirt unfolds as it travels the world. Are you going to jump on it?

Love this patchwork jacket. Can I borrow it when I go on my date with Charlie Watts? He comes to my neck of the woods occasionally you know. He is friends with some drum shop owner here so it is possible! I think I'll hang out in the parking lot and wait, and if I'm wearing your jacket he'll be sure and spot me. Maybe bring me back to England with him too. Then I'll sneak off and visit you, and return your jacket of course. ;)

Have a fun weekend!

Trees said...

Oh such an inspiring post! Go the blogging sisterhood! Made me laugh that people asked you where you were going looking so posh. Simmilar thing happened to Ria & I a few weeks back:p We were asked if we were going to some kind of party (no this is how we dress). The lady in the charity shop sounds so lovely & inspirational!

Lynne DeVenny said...

Ooooh, you are now so posh you won't be fit to associate with the rest of us humble

Joni immortalized you fabulously! But you've always been art with your creative expressions of style and your thoughtful, funny posts.

Pet hair just gives outfits that extra zing you'll never see in Vogue :)

Max said...

I love the traveling skirt idea, and the concept behind it, almost as much as i love your scarf. What is it about scarves that make people comment that you look posh? I mean its not that long ago that their primary use was to wear 'em over a headful of curlers (at least where im from anyway!). Scarf wearing is one thing i have kept up in my fashion doldrums, do show us your faves sometime im betting you have quite the collection x

Diane said...

Rock on indeed - you look very Bianca Jagger. I bet you keep that lollipo lady amused all year. That art work is stunning! I love it. xxx

KC said...

Such a wonderful outfit and, with your commenters, a great community.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Ah, the '60's. Good times were had for sure. Love the jacket, it is just 60's divine.
Lucky you to have a Joni James art work.

Misfits Vintage said...

Community schommunity... I only come here for a good perve at your rockin' bod! Free porn... YEAH!

Oh ALRIGHT, you look OK in that jacket and I kinda like that skirt I SUPPOSE. For a girl.

Love your BONES. Mick and Keef et al would have loved em too! Sarah xxx

thorne garnet said...

"looking all posh", they're just jellie. Sometimes went I good to work, the students all look like they're wearing jammies and , of course, flip flops. I cheer up and feel better when I "make an effort". We have to wear clothes, have fun with it.

Patti said...

Give me that kitty to snuggle, I need that kitty! : > As Debbi wrote, the 60's were such a fun fashion era, and you look just as fresh and fun now.

Forest City Fashionista said...

"Scritch" under the chin for the kittycat....Yep, sisters are definitely doin' it for themselves! I love the concept of the travellin' skirt, will look forward to my turn at styling it up. If we all live to be 90 I think we should move in together so we can help each other get dressed and go out for tea.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful thing, all the love around. Undoubtedly you have paid homage to Vix in spectacular form. I love your thoughts about fashion. I t a beautiful thing how a part of this community we encourage and inspire each other every day.

Side note - Master V (3.5 year old) basically directed my styling efforts this morning, choosing my skirt and most of my accessories. Bless his heart he did a fabulous job. It's always interesting to see possibilities through children's eyes. I think the sweet boys efforts will have to have a post all of their own. X

Connie said...

OH! Joni did such a nice job. I expect to see your portrait on the cover of The Rolling Stone!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

To dress like a groupie, what a great idea. Especially on a Friday.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the story about the 90-year-old.
Enjoy your 1971 St Tropez fantasies - you look as if you'd fit right in.

Melanie said...

Okay, no pornographic evidence here either. Curtise, you really must remember to take your camera with you on trysts with The Stones and Gram and suchlike. But I do see evidence of ultra-awesome talent in that piece by Joni. While you are immortalized and frozen in time, the words keep you groovy. I wasn't rockin' on today, more like a slow ballad. Tomorrow, well, that's another day...

Annie said...

I'm with Ulla-Marie. Dressing like a groupie on a Friday is a great idea. And you are doing a cracking job of channelling the look, Curtise.

You've inspired to me to have a go myself (no, I'm not dressed yet, I have the lurgy, but a bit of slap and a fun outfit will cheer me up.)

Have a fab weekend xxx

Annie said...

Oh, and meant to say, the Joni James artwork is wonderful!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you always look so fabulous. I love this Stones Groupie look. I want some maxi skirts in my life. and a supermodel cat! Blogging has been fantastic, you really do get so much more than comments and presents! Love the brown and orange with the sexy suede jacket! I adore the hat too. You look lovely in hats. No wonder Joni wanted to render you in ink xxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Happy weekend, my dear Curtise.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I love your answer to "where are you going?" so much!!! Fab jacket and hat, plaid skirt, ring and bangles to die for. You and your green-eyed Fluffypants make beautiful art together too!

I hope we will all be as lucky as your charity shop lady, who sounds divine - I love that story! xo

P.S. Thank you for asking after my hen - she seems to have responded well to some extra care and perked up, but now another of our ladies is off, went to roost with an empty crop last night. I'm off to see if I can tempt her with some delicious / nutritious bits.

Vix said...

Yay! What a fantastic Rolling Stones groupie look. You absolutely rock it! Let's drive to the South Of France right now and take lots of drugs and hang out with the beautiful people.
Cat hair is so on trend this season, dahling.
That chazza shop lady sounds amazing, a compliment from someone fade to beige the minute they reach 60!
Joni's art is just incredible, post the dimensions so all us second-hand whores can keep a lookout for a suitable frame.
Love & Adoration xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Yes for the south of France!
Love that jacket again and that skirt with the jacket, great styling and the ring is a stunner -Yes i have joined the yellow skirt event - wonder how many bloggers joined in

Joni's work of art is stunning, lucky girl - that is something to cherish indeed

Have a good weekend

Ariane xxx

Bella Q said...

So much good inside this post- you looking fab, inspired by Vix (ah how she inspires!) and to know you're a part of the yellow skirt circle! I can't wait to see how you interpret it!

Bohemian said...

No wonder you Inspired the Gorgeous Joni James Original Work of Art... it and you look Fabulous!

Dawn... The Bohemian

bonsaimum said...

Woooohooooo, GO Girl. What more can one say?

Melanie said...

What a cute cat!
When we lived in this town before we were often asked if we are going dancing because of how we were dressed!

Vicky Hayes said...

Having a passion is a great plan - having lots of passions is even better! Can't imagine that you'll go off clothes suddenly Curtise! Really like your skirt today. I'm game for a spot of South of France but does it really have to be with the Stones? (shudders!) Vicky x

Lynn Dylan said...

Oh, Curtise, how fabulous to hear about a 90-year-old lady still enjoying clothing and refusing to just give it up! I love that! You are doing an amazing job at channeling Vix! Wow! I am impressed! You look maaaaahvelous! I, too, am enjoying the sisterhood and friendship going on!!


kaffesoester said...

You look fabulous! The South of France sounds divine - although I personally would consider Marrakech too...

Years back I had a jacket like yours, a bit less colourful though. I should have had a skirt like yours to go with it, I love it! With the belt and hat you're work of art - and you really are! Joni is so talented, I hope the two of you get a chance to meet!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love the story of the lady in the charity shop, I hope I can be that vital and interested in life if I'm lucky enough to make it to that age. If no outfit is complete without a bit of cat(or dog) hair, then I'm doing okay as I wear a bit every day. Love you channeling the Stones here Curtise, I'm feeling rather Kate Bush myself today after obsessing over her all yesterday on Youtube. xx

Bohemian vanity said...

Your outfit is so amazing gorgeous ! I love that skirt so much !!! Oh yeah my clothes are also accessorised with hair but of my fluffy dog :) But i don't mind Ha ! Have a fabby week dear ! XX

delia hornbook said...

Can i come to the South of France with you please i would love a jolly trip away :-) You look just as glam as that lady did im sure. Having a love affair with the clothes you wear is beautiful i always think about the first trip out the vintage clothes i buy had and who wore it etc its a true love affair. have a great week lovely, dee xxx

Krista said...

And what an amazing homage to Vix this is! You can see her in there but it's still all you! You look better than a groupie but a bandaid! This jacket is all kinds of cool and a perfect companion to so many things! I love how we all influence each other sometimes without even realizing it.

You had a bit of homage paid with that beautiful image of you from Joni. It's gorgeous as you both are to me! Wouldn't it be great if she and I could head back out across the pond for a meet up. How about a whole weekend ~blogger get away! How divine would that be!