Wednesday, 14 November 2012

An outfit a day...

...keeps boredom at bay.

I have mentioned before that our lovely school crossing lady always likes to see what I am wearing and discuss my possible sources of inspiration. 
Or at least what my outfit reminds her of, whether it is actually what I had in mind or not!

Monday's was 1970s Street Walker. Sadly no photographic evidence, but it consisted of a short dress, over-the-knee boots and my patchwork jacket.

I know you can picture it, if you try.

Yesterday's was 1980s Animal!

These photos were taken after school at about 3.45pm.
In the time it took me to take my jacket off and rearrange myself, the light changed... this. 
Winter is going to be a photography challenge.

1980s leopard print dress - Ebay
1980s wool jacket - vintage shop
Boots, also 80s - Second to None
1970s scarf - jumble sale
Belt - retail (sale) 

On to today.

French school girl recruited to work for the Resistance.

You see it, don't you?

I will say this only once...

Velvet jacket, Gap skater skirt, sheer purple blouse, leggings, waistcoat and bangle - charity shopped
Beret - gift
Boots - as before

Is it just me (and the Lollipop Lady) who like to name their outfits? 

Surely not!

Apart from my daily outfit analysis while crossing the road at school, the other regular comment I receive while doing the school run is I don't know how you have time to get dressed up every morning.

 I am pretty sure it doesn't take me any longer to put on my clothes than it does anyone else.
A skirt and top, or a dress and a cardigan, are no more complex items than jeans and a hoodie.
I can throw on a cape or a faux fur in the time it takes to don a black anorak (ubiquitous at school, along with denim and trainers or fake Uggs.)

So I presume what the real meaning behind this question/statement is Why are you dressed up and why do you choose those clothes?

Isn't it obvious?

I can be a 1980s Animal, or A French Resistance recruit.

In an ordinary northern city, on a dull midweek day, doing mundane tasks, without anyone's permission or approval, I can be anyone, do anything.
In my imagination at least.

And because when I reach in my wardrobe, my hands meet a wild variety of colours, prints, styles, eras, fabrics, textures. Not just a repetitive uniform of conformity.

We all get dressed in the morning.  Why not enjoy it?




Helga! said...

Why not enjoy it indeed?! I get asked the same thing often, and read into it the same thing...!!! A lot of ladies wish they had the courage, I suppose, to stand up to the bully's that insist everyone wear a uniform.Bugger that!
I'm rather enjoying the inspirations behind your outfits...I need to work on some myself!
That bloody black jacket ahs me in fits of envy,I must find something like it!! And I was just blithering to someone the other day how I need more leopard in my life!
I will say this many times-YOU ARE FABULARSEHOLE!
Love you madly!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Secret Squirrel said...

Ah yes, Curtise, sometimes that phrase is meant well, from someone who wants to dress up a bit. Other (most) times, it is meant a bit meanly I think. I think it would take me longer to dress scruffily, if anything! I have replied rudely to similar enquiries.

Keep doing what you are doing please.

I like to name my outfits as film homage. E.g. 'channelling the Talented Mr Ripley' etc

Lucy Nation said...

Yay for naming your outfits, I really ought to do this more. 'Dressed up' is just the drones way of saying 'weirdo who doesn't wear jeggings and ugg boots and have a ridiculous fake tan and eyelashes'. Leave them to it I say. I wish there were more mum's like you on my school run, it would make it so much more interesting. I agree with Helga. I think there are a lot of women who wish they could dress differently but don't have the courage to try anything different. I think my favourite of these has to be French resistance schoolgirl. I can't resist a cord jacket and a beret. Also, those boots are rather fabulous. Good stuff missus xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yay hear hear hoorah! They're just jealous as they aren't able to step out of the norm/comfort zone and break through to the other side! The cool peoples side! lol

Love the names - keep them coming! My outfits would be such things as: Busy/tired mummy in nana dress. Probably most days!

Fiona said...

No way Curtise, did the Lollipop lady really say you reminded her of a prozzie ? Ha ha excellent! Nearly as good as Vixs' 'bastard jewellery' comment. Loving the leopard print, not a bit Bet Lynch the way you've styled it and I also love the purple floaty blouse and beret. I often wear a beret myself but alas my wardrobe is not like yours. Won't be wearing Uggs anytime soon tho'

Lynn Dylan said...

Me too!! People ask stuff like, "where are YOU going?" Or, I love this, "Do you have a doctor's appointment today?" Well, no. I love to dress up! Now, about that outfit with the vest and that purple blouse underneath! That is rockin! I love that!! You go ahead on, girl. And I love the hat!!


Fiona said...

PS Forgot to say, don't ever stop 'dressing up.'
Unlike those mums at the school gates
you have style and individuality.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Ha ha. I love your themes. I wish I was your school lollipop lady; it would make my day seeing you every morning.

lucy joy said...

"you look colourful" that's backhanded compliment number one. "thats unusual" is another, "where do you get your clothes?" All well-meaning, I'm sure.
I get my clothes from shops. They're unusual because they're not currently in fashion, but once, they were very 'usual'.

Eighties librarian is my staple look. We have mentally ill new age mystic, has been folk singer, boiler barmaid. In fact, the list goes on. It is fun, more people should try it.

I like your animal dress. I'm on a diet, please can I borrow it when I've slimmed down? I'll send you my alcoholic primary school teacher dress with the jerkin (when I get my arse in gear).

Keep dressing up, its a dull life in Super Dry and Uggs . Surely?

Lucy s

Anonymous said...

You have said it perfectly...and why the bloody hell not!

I cant imagine not getting 'dressed up' every day. I get looks from the other mums at school but again I am not in leggings and fake uggs.

I love that I can be so many different things just by the clothes that I am wearing and I am totally in love with your french resistance outfit.

We all think you look fabulous and more important you think you look fabulous... so who gives a 'ham sandwich' what anyone else thinks!

Anonymous said...

so true about the enjoyment!!

It think what they really mean when they say they can't see how you have time to dress up like that is that they are aware they have NO style and are really wondering how to get it. Because most likely if they did try to dress up it would take them an hour because they haven't explored their true taste long enough to know what they really like.

It's all confusing to a lot of people who don't try so they just back down and stay "safe." I think that's just boring!

And getting back to YOU. I love this second outfit so much, if my shoulders were a little wider or I had a bit more boobage I'd love to wear a fuller skirt on the bottom like this. But your vest gives me an idea for an outfit I can do, YAY!

I just sent a package out to you not 60 minutes ago. yipee!!

Rose&Bird said...

Well said Curtise, you must be the best dressed mum at the gates! To see you in leggings and uggs would be the biggest surprise I think! I may wear jeans most days (the shame), but it's always with a mad shirt, because that's what's in my wardrobe.

Louise Mc said...

I love the blouse in your French schoolgirl outfit. You do realise your reference to French schoolgirl is going to bring all sorts of weirdos to your blog lol. I agree with you, it doesn't take any longer to whip up an outfit than it does to choose a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and yours is so much more expressive. I don't name my outfits, maybe I'd get more pleasure from them if I did. xx

thorne garnet said...

Doesn't everybody get dressed in the morning? I agree that it take the same time to put on sweats as it does anything else. But I've gotten into the jeans/t-shirt/sneaker rut myself, I feel better about how I look when I "dress up".

kaffesoester said...

Your outfits are both lovely, but I have to admit the animal dress is my favorite - and the jacket! You're so elegant in this 80's look!

The French Resistance outfit is very cute, and we get to see your lovely legs! The beret suits you so well. And thankfully you had time to get dressed this morning, like all other mornings! I think what people really would like to ask you is, where do you find the courage to dress so different from the majority? I get questions like that, and I say, because I love being different!

Vive la Resistance!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I SEE it! Although I'm awful keen on seeing 1970s Street Walker, too.

I didn't get 1980s Animal Print as much as I got Glamorous French Vogue Reporter. But hey, that's just me.

I don't think you dress different from the majority, I think you dress BETTER. You always look beautiful and intriguing, and I bet everyone on your walk can't wait to see what you're wearing today.

Patti said...

Ah working for the Resistance! I love that look, it makes me feel so Casablanca. You are fabulous; no wonder others wait in quiet hopes of seeing you pass by : >

Marjorie said...

Love your style.

Krista said...

Spoke like the wise woman you are! Why not? This French School girl look is well all the more interesting because you work for the Resistance (said with a heavy french accent). You look pretty stinking cute girl! I do like those floral tights and billowy sleeves on that blouse. I too often get asked, "Where are you going all dressed up " my most recent response to this as the teller at the bank asked...why I got dressed up just for you! I think I made her blush, I tell the gals at the post office the same thing. No really this is the only place I'm going today. If I am leaving my house you can bet your ass I'm going to look good because you are right it takes the same effort to put on clothes why not make it worth my time, plus I see it as an improvement on the dreary at times ugly world of ours. Your welcome world!

I like the naming of outfits I haven't done that yet. I think I would have named todays outfit hot airline steward detective girl. That was fun! Thanks darling, I just might try that again.


Connie said...

You know, you do look absolutely adorable every single time. And it is pretty impressive. Tho the people that just schlump around all the time. What's up with that? You are so right. It's usually just a few pieces. Why not make it FUN?! Can't wait to see you in the YELLOW skirt!!

Anonymous said...

Yes why the hell not. Life is too short to be playing follow the leader with fashion.

Both of your outfits look totally fab and I love the pic of you against the brick wall.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

It's funny that dressing a bit different to the current fashions seems strange to some people. I find each & every outfit you wear inspiring in some way. I do love the French Resistance outfit. Check out those gorgeous legs!!! I get asked all year long whether it's St Patricks day because I wear green so often. Oh well I'd rather be interesting then ordinary! Xx

Melanie said...

When you said Monday was 1970s Street Walker I thought the next words said, "sadly, no pornographic evidence," a logical misread.

A good question is, "How do you have time to dress down every morning?" You must be like sunshine in your town. I think Vogoff has an assignment for you...

Love how you name your looks! I love your French resistance resuit look, and in the evenings you have to work in the Cabaret. Perfect! And grrr to the animal in you, I mean on you - oh dear, I'll stop here...

Jean at said...

Amen to that, my gorgeous friend. You look perfect to me. I love the purple and the animal print, the boots and the beret. Utterly fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that we don't feel like being fabulous and overdressed everyday, but personally I always give it a try, maybe it takes more to fit in a pair of jeans than in a comfortable and colourful skirt.
Let's leave the dull,frumpy clothes to who hasn't creativity, sense of humour and interests.I noticed that many women that are curious about my style, would like to dress like me, but they aren't enough brave, I know it's not for everyone, but I never feel the need to conform to the crowd.I'd like to talk about it for ages, I live in Italy and girls are only label oriented and they wear colours such taupe or diarrhea.
Anyway I love everysingle outfit and I'm sure that the lady is really envious, I adore the leopard printed dress and the french school girl is one of my favourite style ever, the blouse, the hat and the skirt lenght are awesome!

Ivy Black said...

Now, here's my advice given with love and so forth. Cover the BuffBod up with some trackie bottoms...not one's with Juicy on the arse for the schooL run though. Save those for 'best'. Put a baggy top on and if it has a bit of something spilled down the front, all the better. Flip flops in cold weather are always a winner but best by far... go in your slippers. It helps if they've been worn down on one side from where you can't pick your feet up properly to walk. Follow my advice and no one will be intimidated by yer gorgeous self at the school gates ever again.
Alternatively....fuck 'em.

Vix said...

French Resistance worker, Eighties animal, tart, the possibilities are fabulous and each outfit totally rocks.
God I hate that "I don't know how you find the time to get dressed up like that." It seems to imply that a person in skanky denim and a puffa jacket is above frivolity. What they really mean is "I'm a boring bitch with no imagination".
Every day is a reason for dressing up and those Second To None boots were a great investment. xxxxx

bonsaimum said...

Exactly, couldn't have said it better myself. I love the French Resistance outfit.I am particularly envious of those leggings!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Amen and amen darling Curtise! Why indeed is it necessary to dress like a boring griege fart when we can be glorious, colourful tarts with little or no extra effort? I'm having a raging tanty over your AMAZING black jacket with the 80s leopard frock - bloody gorgeous!!!!!!! The boots are insanely glorious and oh my the purple blouse and waistcoat ... please could they make a Charlotte Gray sequel with you as the main event? You'd seduce the big-knob Gestapo guy with a raised brow and glorious rack, looking all pert-like, just as you press the detonator. BOOM!! xoxoxoxo

joyatri said...

I hear ya, sister.
What is cool is that you get to play every role in a 1980s French farce full of double entendres and mistaken identities. If that makes you a freak in the eyes of the anorak Ugg crowd, so be it.
How can you not name your outfits when they have so much personality?? I would kinda like to see the brooch on the beret of the French Resistance recruit outfit.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Aw, sorry to have missed 1970s Street Walker, but I do have a fair imagination! I am in love with your peplum jacket from 8os Animal, another excellent reason it had to come home with you, so glad it did, you are rockin' it! I don't know what I'll do for lighting through the winter either.

Your French Resistance tights are totally marvy, and yes of course I see it! Again with the amazing-on-you purple/mauve/plum family, so beautiful! I share your clothing philosophy - it might as well be fun.

Those comments are a kind of policing and intended to have us question ourselves - although they are a crappy thing for people to do, we can know we are being sufficiently fabulous that the raisin-hearted feel the need to try taking us down a notch, lol. Way to go, Curtise!!! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Man i'm sad we missed your streetwalker look!!
You HAVE to get dressed in the morning--going out nekkid isn't an option so why not make it FUN???

Love all of your outfits and persona's.

Today I am dressed as engineering bitch from hell!!!

Emalina said...

I love that leopard print dress, so sexy 70s! You look fabulous.

I'm just back from a jaunt in Paris, do pop over to the blog if you fancy joining me in Le Marais, wear your best hat!

Annie said...

'Allo 'Allo! I am loving both of these outfits. Those boots were a fantastic buy weren't they?

I agree, I can't see how it takes longer to put on printed leggings and a skirt than to pull on a pair of jeans. In fact, I know it doesn't! Maybe the people who say that haven't ever really thought about it.

The beret looks particularly good on you by the way. Nothing like the one I had to wear at school! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you're always so inspirational. Why not get dressed up, why wear jeans every day. I am extremely jealous of you leopard print dress! I'd love one. I just love the way you wear you beret, it makes me want to run up and give you a squeeze for being so cute! Every bit of every outfit is wonderful, bollocks to saving things for best. xxxxxxxxxxx

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Bravo! Love the animal dress and jacket.

Misfits Vintage said...

MeOOOW!!! Since watching Charlie and teh Chocolate Factory on the weekend for the five millionth time, I am OBSESSED with getting my hands on a purple velvet jacket. Just so you know.

You are SPLENDID in every outfit. The leopard frock is FAB and the purple blouse is DIVINE and you are SMOKIN HOT. And do not even get me started on those gorgeous boots. JUST DON'T!

Love your bits and bones! Sarah xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You are looking very fetching in the feline print! I love the point you make about how it takes the same amount of time to put on a skirt, a top and a cool jacket as it does to put on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, however, it does take imagination, and chutzpah to put together, and wear,outfits as cool as these, so we do have to make allowances for those folks who are lacking in those areas...

Izzywizz said...

I can totally see you in Allo Allo :) and hurray for putting an effort in getting dressed everyday, I think everyone should try it! :)

Melanie said...

I love the second outfit the best xxx
I used to pass a lollipop lady on the way to the nursery and she would always chat to me about what I was wearing!

Helen Le Caplain said...

I agree - fashion should be about having a bit of fun and channelling what you feel on any given day - I'm loving your Fresh resistance look, throw in an Allo Allo reference and I'm all over it!