Monday, 19 November 2012

Last of the fuchsia

How was your weekend?

Hope you all had a good one.

I did some Christmas shopping, and met Santa.

And the girls were inspired by Neil Armstrong!

Littlest is quite the Space Cadet.

Today, I have taken inspiration from the very last of the fuchsia hanging on in the garden against the wind and the cold.

Love these colours!

1970s maxi dress - gift from Rock Goddess Helga
Boots - community fair
Cardigan - retail, at least 5 years old
Cape - flea market
Bangles, necklace - charity shopped.
Flowers pins - retail (sale)
I went to a little secondhand/vintage sale on Sunday, rather more in hope than expectation, but it proved to be great. I did some more gift shopping (for the vintage lovers on my list) and found some beautiful dresses.

The 1970s panne velvet maxi dress with the awesome angel sleeves is probably a keeper. I wish I could fit into the Kati at Laura Phillips floral/crochet number, but sadly it is too small, so to Ebay she must go. Same goes for the amazing purple high neck maxi.

The delightful woman I bought these from was selling all sorts of wonderful 1960-70s clothes which had all been her mother's. She remembered her mum wearing them, the Kati dress had been worn to several family weddings. 
And this was only half of the stuff her mother had kept, which now has to be disposed of. 
I will keep my eyes peeled for her next sale, and take more cash!

I'm chilly today, these cape sleeves are all well and good but they don't keep the wind out.

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Vix said...

That Helga maxi is just beautiful adn perfection with the cape and pretty brooches, you splendid creature.
You scored big time, loving it all! You know I'm a tart for a Kati!
Our fuchsias are mostly over now but the "Show Off" variety seem to be hanging on for grim death, bless 'em.
How could you mention the C word in November? I thought we were friends! Mind you, I'll forgive 'cos the boob grabbing action is hilarious and the girls' Neil Armstrong homage is nothing short of fabulous. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

So much inspiration can be taken from flowers, the colour combinations are always glorious.
I cant help but wonder about the TARDIS and Dalek in the background!

Fiona said...

Is father Christmas fondling his moobs ? Ooo eerr! Eldest LB's face is a picture, I can just hear her now. You look fabularse in fuchsia and your accessories are perfect. Your weekend purchases are wonderful, how lucky to find a vintage sale, I'm pinning my hopes on a new independent charity shop which opens near NM soon.
Loved your lyrics for Mistletoe and Wine, much better than the originals.
Mwah x

Anonymous said...

The Helga/Siouxsie's present is great and you are stunning in it and the idea of resembling your fuchsia with your outfit is mind blowing!
Nature is always a great inspiration, especially the colours never stop to surprise me with their unusual yet amazing combination!Great vintage finds, I'd love to put my hands on such a similar bargain, but it's really difficult to score such great pieces here!Have a wonderful week!

Connie said...

You really are the Flower Girl ;-)

delia hornbook said...

You look beautiful purple and red are gorgeous colour combination enjoy your fushia we had a hard frost this morning the first one really of the year and we don't very often get them down here. Great finds to you have a good eye for vintage and what suits you. Have a great week lovely, dee xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise

Your outfit is perfect, the maxi and that cape splendid on you !

I love your finds, my favorite is the high neck maxi, love the colors

No more flowers hanging in your garden -


Max said...

That cape has the most amazing silhouette. That father xmas looks a bit like mrs slocombe in drag to me!

Anonymous said...

That velvet maxi is certainly a keeper..I managed to snaffle a 3/4 length velvet coat at my first ever carboot sale last weekend for £1 and I am still in shock. I am now on ebay scouring ebay for more the bug big time.

Also your fuscia inspiration is well needed to brighten up these grey days xx

Patti said...

I love that you were inspired by your flowers, for this lovely outfit! The cape is dashing, and love the flower decoration too. Thanks so much for sharing the fabulosity with Visible Monday.

Thrift Bee said...

What a charming idea to use the garden for inspiration, and you did it so well. If I were to go out to the garden for inspiration I'd end up a cross between compost heap, building site and a chicken.....oh no, I did that look today!!

Lynne DeVenny said...

You are giving that fuschia plant a run for its money. I think they - and you - are so beautiful.

Giggling over the Santa photo, mainly the "Little Teddy Bears" reference in the sign for the hotel (?). Also, Santa looks delighted to have such a hottie on his arm :)

You always find the coolest stuff. Have I missed the link to your Etsy store? Inspired by Megan Mae, I am slowly figuring Etsy out :o

lucy joy said...

Wish I could have joined you! Maybe I'd dive into a record shop during the more painful Christmas related activities, ie meeting Santa.
Too bad about those dresses, they must be miniscule.
I've been noticing how some of the fallen fuchsias look like birds once flattened on the pavement.
Gorgeous maxi, the colours are perfect for the season, and the length makes your legs look endless.
My weekend was totally rock 'n' roll. Sonny brought Timmy the teddy home from school; we had to take pictures and write about the things Timmy got up to. Being a competitive mum, I took a million photographs and wrote a tongue in cheek account of the weekend. I hope my efforts didn't go unnoticed.

Blinkin' eck, it's getting cold, your fab cape will have to be eschewed in favour of daily faux fur once the last of the fuchsia have disappeared.

Lovely to see the girls so happy, my lot look like they're on death row when we are out shopping!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I love the red and purple together. Great to take inspiration from nature.
Great buys, that lady had good taste. I especially like the velvet maxi.

Krista said...

When I was little I use to pop open the blossoms on these, my Mom would get so mad. This dress from Helga is the most perfect combination of pinks and purple and reds! How can you not be happy wearing this, wear=instant happiness! It looks so elegant too with hat cape, I am digging how you paired these too. I'm feeling inspired:)

The girls always make me smile:) Did they raise their arms on their own or did Mom make them ;p I love the dresses you found especially that high collar one, you have quite an eye!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous in that maxi--stunning color combo!!
nice haul from the sale!!
youy girls are darling!!

why is santa tweaking his nipples???

Helga! said...

O,how I,loooove that cape!!!
I'm always happy that you like that frock, as I loved it...but it looks better on you! The fact that it FITS you makes all the difference!
I remember my parents having a fushia outside their bedroom window when I was a kid, and I love the flower...but am always disapointed at the way it hangs down, and we don't get to really enjoy the full beauty of it! Don't see it all that much around here.
I keep saying that I'm gonna get my picture taken with santa, but I never get around to it...mostly because he's always in a damned mall, and I spend as little time as possible in the malls!And I'd love to do a naughty, frisky pic...but am pretty sure there'll be complaints about me traumatising the little ones!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Fur twin!
*omg we both met Santa on the weekend* AND wore fur... I will try and post my weekend escapades tomorrow. I am behind on everything internet-ish and some of regular life too. *HAHA*
You look lovely as usual. The photo of the girls is cute.

The Style Crone said...

I'm lusting for your cape! I love the color and how it drapes over the gorgeous fuchsia maxi. I always enjoy your garden photos and now the change of seasons.

You and the girls are getting a head start on holiday shopping with some very impressive finds!

Trees said...

A giant tardis!! I want to have Christmas in your town, I mean we do have Gandalf - but I love Dr Who!

I rather love that velvet dress you bought and can't wait to see you style it - I'm sure you'll be super fancy:)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love your fuchsia inspired outfit. The colours are just what this weather needed to brighten it up.

bonsaimum said...

I am in love with that maxi dress and partnered with the cardigan--spectacular indeed. Such beautiful colours!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love the dresses you bought Curtise, the black velvet is gorgeous so I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing it in the future. Your girls look so cute with Neil Armstrong, I take it the Seldom Seen Kid opted out of a shopping trip? My boys hate shopping trips with a passion. Your fur coat is lovely too, I need to dig my mum's faux fur out of the cupboard and give it another whirl. xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Excellent colour combo. Very fuschia-like indeed.
I've never worn a cape before. Many-a-poncho, but not yet a cape!! Suits you down to the ground!

Your kids look cute and very excited to be posing for your photo lol.
That's an intersting looking park there for a bit of pre=christmas frenzy frivolity! xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Now, I'm not a fan of fuschias but your fuschia inspired dress is a different matter. Yes siree!

Egads, the dreaded Xmas shopping. I ventured into Westfield recently (biggest shopping centre in Europe near us). It was hell on earth. Already. Apart from M&S and John Lewis which were quiet little havens in comparison. xx

Bohemian vanity said...

Oh thats another wonderful outfit dear ! I adore that cape it is so gorgeous on you ! XX

thorne garnet said...

Ha, I used to do the same thing to the fuchsia at my aunts house. I know it, Santa is a Dalek! I can't even start to think about Christmas until mid-december. Over here in the USA, this coming Friday is called "Black Friday". We're all supposed to go mad shopping. I wont be going to the side of town with the mall. And will not be buying anything, it's not my job to support Wal-Mart

Miss Magpie said...

Looking forward to seeing you in the black dress, I love the sleeves!

JaninJabitt said...

Wow... cute with the cape, but when revealed with only the cardie, amazing. Very pretty-amazing, not merely-shocking-amazing. Congrats on your wonderful purchases.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Such a perfect cut cape!

joyatri said...

Lovely to see that you've been inspired by those hardy fuchsia and have inspired us with combining that summery maxi and flowers with your woolen cape. I was so inspired by you and Vix that I packed thermal underwear on this trip to the UK so that I could wear them under maxi dresses and still be warm. It's great to be able to wear clothes I love year round.
Can't go wrong with panne velvet and can't wait to see you in that black maxi.

Melanie said...

You do a mean hanging-on-fuschia! May your buds never drop. Um... May your blooms never stop blooming. I love this outfit - that mad maxi from Helga Rockstar with the cardigan is inspired.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Is Neil Armstrong very Christmassy? I like him anyway.
You look gorgeous. I love the dress and that you're taking your inspiration from nature and emulating it perfectly. Nature always has the best colour combos and I love red and purple together. The colour of the dress with the cold blue stone colour of the cape is bootiful. Got my eye on that black velvety number - model them for us!

Dawn said...

Y'all must have more vintage over there or something. I can't believe what you score every time, Curtise. I agree that these colors together are beautiful. Not sure if I mentioned that I love you hair length and style...stop tempting me Curtise...that is a length that I look most flattering in as one of my besties believes to be true. Thank you for all of your more than kind comments about my hair. Great Christmas inspiration! dawn suitcase vignettes xo Let me see if I can come up with a pic of me in that length.

Annie said...

That Father Christmas looks a bit scary!

I love fuchsias, and when I was little I used to pop them open just like Krista, and also much to my mom's dismay.

Helga's dress is just gorgeous. What a fab print. Love the cape too, though I do see what you mean about the sleeves.

Excellent dress scores. Look forward to seeing you in the black velvet.


Lynn Dylan said...

Curtise, don't you just love a pleasant surprise when thrifting!! Lots of great finds! I love the cape, even if it is not perfectly toasty warm! The Helga dress looks awesome, as per your usual (and hers). I hope your week is wonderful!!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Those are fab dresses - I'd love to see what else is that woman's pile of stuff to get rid of! That cape looks wonderful with the fuschia maxi. I have two capes and they are fun to wear, but not the best for keeping cozy. Santa looks a bit dodgy...

kaffesoester said...

Those colours are a hit every time! The cardigan is so lovely with the scalloped edging, and the maxi is amazing with the eye catching flower print, in all the right colours!

Amazing that you still have a few flowers in your garden, such as fuchsia. They're long gone here!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Curtise you outshine the flowers - this is one of the most awesome "inspired by" outfits I've seen! Hilarious outing pics and gorgeous vintage finds too! xoxo

Bella Q said...

I love the muse and the model- and the cape looks perfect on you.