Sunday, 22 September 2013

This weekend...

...I had all sorts of things to do.

Some necessary things, some fun things.

That Weather Witch, our darling Vix, mentioned in her comment on my last post that the sunshine wasn't over just yet, and she was proved right. Of course.

The sky was wonderfully blue as Littlest and I headed to St Mary's church for their regular vintage and craft market.

We perused, we tried on, we chatted, we had cake.

Littlest looked adorable in the vintage hats, none of which fitted my big pumpkin of a head.

She spotted that the deer brooch had lost an eye, so the kind stall holder gave it to her for free.

The lemon and lavender cake was not to my taste - beautifully baked, but I just couldn't get my head round eating lavender. I don't even like the smell much, never mind the taste...

We have the Obligatory Blogger Deer, and there were plenty of Obligatory Craft Fair Owls. And bunting.
So all's right with the vintage/craft world, that's a relief.

We read the gravestones laid as a path, and contemplated the sadness of the high infant mortality rate in Victorian times.

We spotted that Sarah was 7 when she died, the same age as Littlest.

And I admit to a guilty chuckle at this...

...I know, I know, crude and mindless defacement isn't funny.

But maybe someone was scared off before they could finish writing cock and bull story on the church door?

Shadows, reflections, drawings...


swimming lesson run...

It seems very late for the brambles to be ripening, perhaps they're not going to this year?

Someone had left the bottle of Cactus Jack's outside the swimming baths; I hope that is actually apple schnapps left in it and not something less salubrious.

Divine colours.

 Here are mine.

1960s Sherman of London maxi dress - Ebay
Pretty much everything else (apart from a couple of rings) - charity shopped

The nail varnish is Revlon (£1 - what else? - from Poundland) and called Mischievous.

Such lovely light today.

Linking to the gorgeous Patti's fortnightly gathering for Visible Monday.

If I get through my telephone interview in the morning, at which I won't be visible, I'll let you know.

And calling all UK bloggers - if you're free on Saturday, come to Birmingham, there's a grand day out planned! Just email me or Vix for details.



Diane said...

It has been a grand day - I thought you had started drinking on the swimming run! xxx

Pennyblossoms said...

Blast! I'm still in Manchester next Saturday...I will be there in spirit!
I think if they've drunk all that schnapps they wouldn't be in a fit enough state to re-use the bottle (if you get my drift!).
Z xx

Helga! said...

Bahahaha, cock and bull story! Yep, I suspect they were interupted! I would have giggled at that too, it appeals to my juvenile sense of humour.
Is there ANYTHING Vix isn't talented at?! Bloody HELL!
My head is reasonably large, but I just wear my hats in a rackish fashion so nobody guesses I can't actually get them onto my big head! Littlest is rather dashing in the last hat.....good to have a day out, just the two of you!
Ew, schnapps before a swim?! Hopefully that WAS what was in there...hmmmmmm
You look heavenly in that maxi and sunshine...even the pookies look admiring! I would quite like to squeeze you! Have you got yer knickers on?!
Loving YOU!

thorne garnet said...

drat! Missing another meet up! I'll just look it the photos and pretend I was there.

What is it with vintage hats? I pretty much stick with knit one, my head is rather large.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a lovely day! I especially love the shadow photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Patti said...

oh thanks for saying "fortnightly" - I feel so much better when a true Brit says it. Lovely photo roundup, and yes, your Darling Daughter looks fabulous in the vintage hat. I spit my beverage at the poetry on the church door. Cheeky! perhaps " I love cocktails". Love your dress, and thanks for sharing all the joy with Vis Monday xoxo

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Well, littlest will have to link up to Hat Attack! She looks darling, as do you in that yummy candy striped dress. Your posts always give me a little emotional surprise...light, funny, thoughtful,'s all here. The first time I had lavender in food was at a lavender farm on Maui. Lavender scones at 4,000 ft with an endless view. Sublime!

Sheila said...

Wonderful mix of pictures of historical areas, nature (kitties!) and you, as always.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos! Love Littlest in her hats. I know I've come across country gravestones for children...and that always gives me pause.

The Style Crone said...

Littlest models hats like a pro! I especially love the colorful turban in the lower right corner, along with her glorious expression.

Your color are divine, along with the polish color that adorns your fingers and toes. So very visible!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Littlest looks so cute in those hats. I can't get my head around eating lavender either or rose for that matter. I love the smell of roses but hate baking with rosewater in it. I love the colours in your maxi. Good luck for the phone interview. I know how nerve-wracking interviews can be having done a few lately.

Max said...

ooh, i like the blue shoes and nail polish, lovely shade. shame it's a phone interview and they wont be wowed by your pizzaz. i expect your pizzaz translates down a phone too anyway and they will snap you up in an instant, i would.
i make a beautiful lavender cupcake i've enjoyed many times, only recently had it pointed out that my lavender is not the edible kind though so i've laid off it, but planning to grow a range of edible flowers this year to zuzz up salads.
littelest is lovely in vintage x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Ahh my darling Curtise, looking as beautiful as ever in that maxidress. I'm so glad you & Littlest had a nice time out. I hope the interview goes well. Xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love your littlest with the turban.
Hasn't the weather been amazing this weekend.
Your dress is perfect for all seasons.
Looking fab as always.
Can't make the blogger date this weekend (Golden Wedding to attend) but would love to meet up with you next time.


Trees said...

What a lovely weekend - mine was pretty much the exact opposite, rain and storm and more to come? Spring where are you? You look so fab in that maxi - no one can look as fab in a maxi as you do xoxo

Vix said...

Hahaha! Let's hope I can conjure some sunshine up for Saturday, the sun does tend to shine on us bloggers.
That Samuel Sherman dress is always a joy to behold and littlest looks divine in her vintage turban hat. I've come to the conclusion that the women of the past wore their hats perched on their heads and pinned them. We can't all have mutated into bastard massive headed freaks over the last 30 years, can we?
Love an old grave stone but I can do without the Cactus Jack, the mere thought of it has my belly doing backflips (along with Thunderbird, K Cider and Scrumpy Jack!)
Not long now! xxxxxx

Sandra said...

Saturday blog meet up heavenly times? I would have tagged along like a star struck newbie but can't *weep*
I'm craving a vintage fair at the mo, Littlest is gorgeous and just like her Mama, beautiful pics of kitties, they are so feline regal - good luck with the telephone interview, your magnificent self will knock 'em dead! x x

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I really think more people would be regular church goers if services were combined with vintage and craft fairs. They are clearly missing a trick.
It looks like a lovely church. Ours is a modern monstrosity. :(
Littlest is a cutie. Good luck this morning! xxxx

Ivy Black said...

I'd go to church if there was more craft and vintage on offer...that's if I didn't burst into flames once I walked over the threshold mind you. Lavander is yummy.I like to eat it. In biscwits you understand, not from the bush. Oh, behaaaave...
See you in Brum in a

Carina Rosenholm said...

You Said it - divine colours! And fab pics!
I wish that i could hop on my broom like the witch som people think that i am and fly over to you and be part of your fun this weekend!

Krista Gassib said...

Light don't you just days when there is something extra special about now everything is illuminated. I love your montage of littlest she is so photogenic and born to wear hats obviously! You day out looks perfect, I feel the same why about lavender in food, it's just wrong, lavender creme brûlée was where I learned my lesson.

I loathe graffiti no matter where it's scratched unless it's art so I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder:). I heard about this epic meet up and I'm more than bummed that I can't be there. I miss you gals all so much right about now. Please take some shit for me and someone flash their undies;)

You are gorgeous in this dress Curtise, I adore the colors and seeing your sweet shoulders in the sunshine.

Krista Gassib said...

Look at all those fucking auto corrects, my iPad can go to hell! :) sorry to sound so dumb!

Tamera Wolfe said...

ah that maxi is stunning!!!!
littleset is just adorable in those hats.

I putter around the graveyards in town. Tis heartbreaking at times to see the line of little graves in a family plot.

Anonymous said...

Fab maxi dress! And I like the yellow hat on littlest.
I tried a piece of lavender & elderflower sponge cake last year - it was delicious. I have been trying to make it myself since then.

Annie said...

There's loads of berries on my brambles, but they're a way off being ripe yet. Hopefully they're just a bit late.

How adorable is Littlest? She looks a treat in those hats. Love your dress, and the shoes are fab too. Such a pretty colour.

Not sure whether I'm going to be able to meet up with you guys on Saturday. I am in town, but I'm at Style Birmingham with my sister, and we'll be across the city centre from where you are (I assume you'll be going down to Digbeth). I'll talk to Vix and maybe I can catch you briefly before you leave. Hope so!

Love, Annie xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

lmao at the graffiti!!!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Such gorgeous photos - from the brilliant bird capture by the church tower in the first one, to you looking very cheeky in your ruched top maxi! You are becoming quite a pro with your camera, and your eye for composition is excellent. Love the one of the kitty lying in your shadow!

I would have snarfed up that lavender lemon cake - I have had chocolate with lavender in it and I quite liked it, but I like the scent too. Littlest is adorable in the hats, and I imagine seeing the tombstone for a little girl her age gave her a bit of pause for thought? Sounds like quite a lovely day for the two of you.

freckleface said...

Littlest is rocking those hats. She looks amazing! Just adorable. Does she have the same collecting tendencies as you then? I would have been all over that cake. In Norfolk they make lavender bread and I've always fancied trying it.

I LOVE your interpretation of the scrawl on the church door! So funny. This weekend was seriously gorgeous. Just like you in that frock. I might need to get a better peek at those sandals, they look luscious.

We went brambling yesterday. I thought it was too late but they were perfect. OOOH so exciting, the countdown to your get-together. Already looking forward to the reviews!! xxxxxx

Fiona said...

What a handsome and imposing church, wish we had vintage and craft fairs at ours. Can't moan too much tho as there was a JS at St Peter's last weekend and I copped some leather loafers good-as-new-for 50p. Littlest is a scream and she knows how to get a bargain, wonder where she got that from? Looks like the weather was much better up North than it was down here, lucky you.
How did the telephone interview go ?

Veshoevius said...

Ohh how I'd love to go up to Birmingham and go vintage shopping with you guys! But sadly I have to teach my dance classes on Saturdays :(
One day, one day!
Wonderful photos and wonderful dress - glad to see someone making the most of the last rays of sunshine in spaghetti straps - very jealous! I was stuck indoors working all day!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Are you looking tiny in that dress or what!? So pretty ... love the colors on you. You just wear brights and primaries better than anyone, our Curtise.
Great with or without the cardie, and the little shoe toes are adorable. Sandals, wedges, pumps, flats?
Glad you're having some extra summer (We finally got a bit of rain and it has cooled just a few degrees! Happy me!)
Chalk as medium makes all graffiti forgivable ... note that whoever swiped at it didn't try very hard to remove it.
Bitter sweet little stories for Littlest. She has that same French 60's fashion model-y looks just jumping out, just like Eldest. Must get it from Mum.
Charmed by the whole post ... you all look so happy, even the kitty cavalcade!
Hope this week coming is just as good as the last for you.

silvergirl said...

looks like a perfect weekend
i love the little one with the turban

Sacramento Amate said...

Nothing like England with good weather, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Your daughter is exatly like you, ahhhhhhhh How amazing.
love and sunshine, my dear Curtise.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Oh Curtise how I do enjoy a weekend stroll in your neck of the woods... thank you ever so much for sharing your wonderful life!!

Jane George said...

birmingham???? as in birmingham uk??? what you doing, i'mn only about 20mins away!!!! x

Jean at said...

Mischievous indeed!! In addition to the nail color, I love all of the colors you're wearing. You match the sky and lovely landscape, and you and Littlest are adorable. The cathedral is spectacular. I would be the gaping tourist, scrambling to take a gazillion pictures. The fair would enthrall me to no end and my ear would be delighted at all the "accents", yours included.

Love you and glad to see you shining. XXXOOO

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love your interpretation of the graffiti Curtise, a vandal with a cause. Also love littlest and you on your day out, she's so sweet in those hats, and the light is beautiful in your photos. The brambles here don't seem quite ready yet either, though I guess I'd better just gather what I can before they're no good anymore. Would love to be able to tag along to the blogger meet like a bad penny, will be in Whitley Bay this weekend so closer but not close enough, but I'll look forward to seeing everyone's posts about it, it sounds like it could be massive! Enjoy yourselves, like you all need me to tell you that. xx

Kitty said...

well hell-oo, long time no comments!!! (yes, i'm rubbish, but I'm trying to get back into it). Littlest is just gonna be the spit of you nay day now, and how wonderful is that bloody maxi?! awesome I say!! Much love to

Secret Squirrel said...

Catching up a little (had a few days off sick, trying not to get another sinus infection) - we both visited graveyards this weekend! Vix spotted that too. And you are equally maudlin and like to think about the stories of the people remembered on the gravestones.

Beautiful colours captured in your outfit and the garden, you are such a good photographer xxx

Dawn Elliott said...

You go to the most magnificent places...and always looking so demure while doing it! I adore your put things together in ways that are so flattering and fresh. I LOVE YOUR STYLE! I do think I need to pay a bit more attention here!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

The girl is definitely adorable in her hats. So cute!