Friday, 27 September 2013

Blue looks so cool on Madam...

You are such an encouraging and supportive lot!

I think my interview yesterday went well. I think the interviewer liked me.

I know she liked my outfit, because she told me so.

I won't hear the outcome for a week or two; I'll keep you posted.

Busy busy couple of days.

Meeting with the Head at school.
Coffee with a friend.
Sorting out Seldom Seen for a weekend at Cub Camp.
Joanne's birthday do tonight.
Blogger meet-up in Birmingham tomorrow.

Can't wait!

Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks again for all your good wishes.




Connie said...

Of course they liked you. I'll bet they LOVED you. I do hope you get the job! And if things get rough there's always a Mrs. Slocomb coffee break. Have fun in Birmingham!

Krista Gassib said...

Of course she liked your outfit :) I'm holding onto the hope that it's in the bag! Have a blast tomorrow I love all you gals so very much! Feel me giving you all the biggest group HUG!

Sandra said...

well you looked dynamite, it's only polite she said so! x fingers crossed for you x and hello to a thermos full of Mama's 'special' drink, enjoy your busy, fun and wonderful weekend x looking forward to the blog meetup of awesomeness pictures x x

Ivy Black said...

'Course she liked your outfit and you'll get it no probs.
See you tomorrow.xxxxx

Maureen said...

I used to work round the corner from Debenham and Freebody - but that was a long, long time ago!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Woo hoo! Crossing my fingers! Will you get a discount? Because I need some stuff... ;)
Have a lovely day with the ladies tomorrow! xxxx

silvergirl said...

How exciting for you
Glad you thought the interview went well
I love the outfit you wore in your last post for the interview
Sending good thoughts your way
Have a great weekend

Carina Rosenholm said...

Keeping my thumbs crossed for you!

Angels have Red Hair said...

This will be the hardest part ... the waiting to hear back.
But you can spend the time imagining how it will be when you get the job ... and they send you to "clear out that storeroom and get rid of the contents" ... and it's full of long forgotten fashions ... waiting to be rediscovered .... by you!!!!
That's what I'd do anyway ;0)
Good luck

Helga! said...

Of course they bloody well like you and your outfit!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!
O, my beloved Mrs Slocombe, she's such a lifestyle icon!!!! Frigging love her, you've bought a much needed smile to my face!
Love YOU, you soon to be employed gorgeous woman!

Patti said...

of course they like you! and you looked like a million bucks! (Yankee talk). Have a lovely weekend and enjoy every minute. xoxo

Brooke F said...

The interviewer would have been bonkers not to like you and it does show that they have good taste if they liked your outfit. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Those folk would be so lucky to have you, Curtise. Hope things turn out the way you want them to.

Oh, do the hubby and I love Are You Being Served! What a stitch!

Hope you have a fabulous blogger meet-up.


Secret Squirrel said...

Crossing my fingers for you. You are the best candidate.

Cannot WAIT to hear about the meetup. I have had a really quiet day, including an afternoon snooze and cuddle with Percy. Really needed that, but sad to miss this opportunity

I will live vicariously through your purchases! Xxx

Trees said...

Sounds like it all went well - if she said she liked what you wore that IS a good sign. GOOD LUCK!

Jane George said...

boooooo hooooooo!!!!! still poorly and couldn't meet you all! so close and yet so far! x

Anonymous said...

You looked fab so no wonder the interviewer liked your outfit.
I have my fingers crossed for

Vix said...

You looked amazing and you are amazing, if you don't get the job the woman's clearly mad!
I'm still smiling from a fabulous day out yesterday! You fecking rock! xxxx

The Good Will Hunting Paralegal said...

How could anyone not adore you? You are simply brilliant.

Emalina said...

I bet it went great, crossing all fingers and toes for you.

The Style Crone said...

Will be waiting to hear what happened with your interview. I'm sure the interviewer was charmed!

bonsaimum said...

I'll keep everything but my eyes crossed for you. Good luck.

Kitty said...

If they can't see and appreciate the real you, then they're not the mob for you....and the right one *will* come along, if it isn't this!!

Vicky Hayes said...

Wishin' and hopin' and prayin' etc (So sorry if you now have to sing that all day!) Vicky x

bohemian vanity said...

Crossing my fingers for you dear Curtise! Glad the interview went well I bet you'll get the job!!! The outfit you chose is very classy and nice, i like that you combined the green jacket! Of course she liked it! xx Tani

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I hope you get the job and spill the beans on good ole Debs.

Tamera Wolfe said...

They would be insane not to snap up someone as stylish, awesome and dignified as you!!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Cannot imagine them not hiring you. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed here on your behalf!

Veshoevius said...

hee hee - thank you for the vid of Mrs Slocombe! I do remember watching that series as a kid. I do hope you get it! Have my fingers crossed for you! x