Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ad Hoc Fashion

It's that tricky time of year, rather chilly one day, warm the next. Then it rains. Sometimes it's all three in one afternoon.
What to wear?

Littlest started guitar lessons this week. She nagged asked me about it all last year , and I finally succumbed. 
We have borrowed a guitar, and if she sticks at it, we will buy her one of her own (secondhand, hopefully). I didn't think to ask the friend from whom we borrowed the instrument whether it had a case. It doesn't. So we carried it to school in my shopping bag. 
I know - rock'n'roll.

(I have now sourced a case - also borrowed - because around here, we like to cobble things together in an ad hoc fashion.)
I am hoping hoping hoping Littlest takes to the guitar. I'd love for one of the kids to show some musical talent. And if she could be a rock star and keep me in finery and champagne in my dotage, that would be excellent.

Austin Reed silk dress, cardigan, red flower, most of the bangles and 1970s pendant - charity shopped
Sandals - retail
Cream bracelet - darling Tania
Black heart-shaped ring - Italian Widow Vix
Orange flower - cool Mrs Coconut


Red and gold, a good combination, I think.

Look, I've grown some chillies this year.

Yep, looking pretty smug about that.

In other news;

Sue was blown away by all your positive comments about her poem, and says thanks very much.
Her head has swollen to the size of a large pumpkin with all the compliments, she's going to be unbearable from now on....
She's writing a children's book at the moment, and she's given me a draft of what she has produced so far. I will be reading and critiquing it later, and trying to find something intelligent to say other than wow, it's bloody fantastic.

This week saw my annual Give Pants A Chance event.
I tried, but I looked shit.

I am braving the Wrath of Vix, and saying never again
Till next time... 

1970s peasant blouse and sandals - Ebay
1960-70s suede jerkin - luscious Luce
Linen trousers, 1960s vinyl/tapestry shopper, bangles and necklace - charity shopped
Sunglasses - retail (sale).

We used to have a sex shop in our neighbourhood. 
As soon as the kids could read the word toys, questions were asked.
Can we go in that toy shop, Mummy?

It has now closed down, and an electronic cigarette shop has opened in its place, one of many springing up all over the place.
It seems we've had the sex, now we are having our post-coital e-fag.

Bits and bobs from charity shops and Chesterfield flea market (clockwise from top left);
1970s handmade maxi skirt
 groovy 1970s tray
fishnet tights
1960s Meakin pottery (a quid for the lot from Joe's stall)
1960s fabric.

Can't quite remember what that little lot cost but it was well under a tenner.
Oh, and this.

A small 1960s canister, made by Damel (Spanish, I presume) featuring Don Quixote, accompanied by Sancho Panza while he tilts at windmills.

Who doesn't want their vintage plastic containers decorated with illustrations of 17th Century Spanish fictional characters? I know I do.

I could have washed it before taking the photos, but hey, a bit of vintage grime adds interest.


What else? 

Stall holder Joe on Chesterfield market has taken to calling me Myrtle. No idea why. 
My mate Jo says it's a euphemism for vagina, but I've never heard of that before. Mind you, there are loads; all those cutesy names because we don't seem to like to use proper words for down there.
Fou fou. 
Front bum.
A vagina's a vagina in this house.
On that note - I'm off to cook dinner. 
And no, it isn't Fuck Broth.


Rose&Bird said...

What a fab colour combo, has perked me up no end! Great finds - pleased to say I recognised Don Quixote although I've never actually read it. Does the fuck broth lead to sex shops and e-fags?!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I've a soft spot for "front bottom" myself but we don't say that anymore now my daughter is an annoying pre-teen - we say "vadge". Don't talk to me about Don Quixote, he's a bone of contention in our house. Jim has 4 big fat volumes about Don Quixote gathering dust on our book shelf and he won't let me sell them on ebay. Annoying. Anyway, I don't think you look like shit in trousers at all and I'm loving the red dress and yellow cardie combo. xx

Vix said...

Well, Myrtle, I don't think you look shit in trousers at all, you silly arse. Try them with the Second To None boots, it's the sandals that make it look a bit busy (get me, Gok feckin' Wan)
Love that Austin Reed dress, what a stunner, it shows off your bangin' bod a treat. Gorgeous gilt pendant and splendid chillies, and here's me all smug over a few cherry tomatoes. I need to up me game.
Great Chesterfield finds, that skirt and the demented biscuit barrel especially.
It's vagina in this house, too.
Love you! xxxxxxx

Sheila said...

I love the red dress with the goldy-orange accents - so autumnal! You always get such great deals in the shops - lovely things.

Fun to see my purple suede vest's twin across the pond!

Such entertaining posts! Thank you for the smile this morning!

Anonymous said...

Love your red silk dress - gorgeous! The chillies look marvelous - mine are pretty hopeless this year - no idea why.
It's vagina here too. xxx

silvergirl said...

adore the orange and red combo!

Fiona said...

Red and gold is a bangin' combo on you, very autumnal too. Actually Mrs. you do not look shit in trousers at all, it's all in your head. Love love love your 70's finds (especially the Meakin and Don 'Kwikzote') I know I keep saying it but I can't get over how cheap stuff is oop north. Good luck to Littlest with the guitar, brings back memories of my brother murdering Stairway to Heaven through my teenage years. It was fanny then and still is now I'm afraid. xx

Ivy Black said...

Love that colour combo...puts me in mind of a nice bowl of sorbet.
I'd rather have a sex shop than an electronic ciggie shop. I remember going in to one when I was doing A level art because I wanted some nude pictures to copy...Mayfair and not Razzle you understand. I walked in and about 20 men walked out!! Anyway..I quite like mimsy or flange, but like you , I call a vag a vag.
I'm impressed with your chillies. I've grown pepppers this year but they aren't as vibrant as that. They'd definitely jazz up the Fuck Broth.

Brooke F said...

I want a t-shirt that says, "a vagina is a vagina". I also think that your red dress is hot stuff. Ooooohhhh I just love red! And I agree with your pants decision - good on everyone else but I just don't like wearing trousers. Till next time, Myrtle. PS- ROCK ON Littlest!

Patti said...

Thank you! I am trying to get everyone I know to say vagina. Well not everyone. I am leaving my mother-in-law alone when she says "down there" (she's 90). Love your red dress and all your fab finds. xoxo

Krista Gassib said...

I'm dying over the sex shop and post-coital e-fag! I ran a porn store for 2 years in downtown San Diego, that job was fun and fucked:) Shame on you for knocking these trousers, you look tall and gorgeous but if you don't feel it toss it!

I hope littlest becomes the next big thing so she lavish you in all kids of goodies:) All the coolest girls try guitar anyway, good for her.

Red and gold like all these leaves about to change. Winning combo, you look like fall on the horizon.
I am loving that pottery, you English gals have so much beautiful stuff in your charity shops. Too bad I couldn't bring any of that home with me.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Here's the problem with your pants ... they're LINEN! No one on earth looks good in linen unless they are that rare kind of folk who never bend or sit down. And white linen at that. And for linen pants, they look grand on you.

Please don't say never. Whenever I do that I'm always sorry, or at least mistaken. ("Must happen a lot,Jan!" you say ...)

You look beautiful in the gorgeous red, so that makes up for the linen. It's a rare woman that manages to look so spectacular so often, and you are one of that rare breed.

Very good luck to you on the youngest and the guitar. If she can get past the sore fingertips. I tried to learn once, and my music teacher told me not to bother coming back, and that I was wasting her Tuesday afternoons. I can't be offended. She was right. I do better on piano.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up ... please send rain.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great dress. Lovely colour.
My daughter's v-word was Binky.
Makes me howl when she watches Made In Chelsea.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Firstly, I just love the colour combination of red and gold on you ... "your" colours definitely.
Secondly, I thought the pants looked great on you.
And thirdly, LOL at the sex shop come cigarette shop ;0)

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I am also trying to raise my daughter to be a guitar legend AND the only female pop star who does not perform in her knickers. Sadly she's having none of it. Such a shame as there's a real gap in the market. We could make a fortune.
The dress is very pretty and autumnal! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

it's not grime, it's patina.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Girl London is 6 and started guitar about 2 months ago! She loves it. Probably because her teacher is this gorgeous hippie goddess musician who is super amazing with her and the complete opposite of me. Clearly both are children are superstars, but the fame and fortune part would be cool, too. I'll guzzle the champ with you all day long.

Connie said...

You, dear Myrtle, have the most amazing figure. Gorgeous. No wonder you don't want to hide it under trousers. However, I think they look great. Good luck with the guitar. My son, Izzy, plays the guitar...all day long. In fact, I can hear it right now. It's 9:30pm. The new neighbors consistently give us the evil eye. It's a hard days night around here.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh how pretty you and the flowers are - such great colours. Yeah - a rocker to be! Gitarr player ...
The pup did'nt see the toad otherwise she probabilly would have tried to eat it!

Diane said...

Wash your mouth out potty mouth! Love the outfit - I never know what to wear at this time of year. You got some great treausre - I'm going to try and have a day off for Chez market - what day is it on? The Boot sale in Guildford is certainly worth a trip - its huge and they have some great crap down in the south. I thought it would be expensive but it was way cheap! They were giving things away at the end and I got some great swag for free. xxxx

Diane said...

Also I prefer front bottom, the kids like "clung"from the inbetweeners but my all time fave is "fishcake" - from one of my Aunties xxxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Great finds! Give Pants a Chance - I must remember that.. I have little phases of doing that.. getting far less common nowadays.. For different reasons than you - I can't squeeze my arse into them!

Fanny all the way. (I know in America Fanny is the other kind of bum. That makes it funny sometimes when we're watching american shows, and they refer to fanny packs etc..) LOL

Harrie Hattie said...

Ha ha love it!! One word "muff" ;)

Oh and fabulous colour combo Cutise xxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

REd hot chili Pepper lady in that red dress---LOVE it--just stunning.

Don't think the pants in theory didn't work--maybe because they were so white?? You neeed a pair of groovy print big pants ala Desiree!!

lot's of cool stuff you got--EVERYONE needs a
Don Quixote canister set!!

Here's sending good guitar lesson vibes to littlest!!!!

Marla Robinson said...

Beautiful pics, love your bangle bracelets.

Helga! said...

Ad hoc?! Hell yes, that's how we roll!
I am well impressed by your chillies, darling! That smug face is well earnt! It goes well with that classy frock, actually!!!
Red and gold-YES! A favourite combination!!
It would be mighty fine of Littlest becomes a star, she'll be eternally grateful for your succumbing to her guitar wishes! You can become the best stage mum, you might want to start practising...
A Don Quixote cannister?! That's really rather amusing, and I wouldn't pass up on an opportunity to have a dozen cannisters with fictional 17th century characters!!!
I can't bear pants. I just won't try then anymore. UGH. I get enough of G clutching at my crutch, why on earth would I want pants crawling up there as well?! bahaha!

Sandra said...

I'm 3 wine's in and apologise for any rambling! you look good in you pants and you don't look like shit! - I have a lollipop effect in pants (straight legs and equal arse/tum effect, I avoid the buggers like the plague) great chiili's! and yes to music lessons, good for learning apparently, I forget why! and a myrtle! hehe my Aunt calls hers a clematis! xx see you soon my lovely x x

Camelia Crinoline said...

That dress looks fabulous on you. It goes so well with the mustard cardi. Occasionally, I try and give pants a chance too but I just think we're not meant to be. Maybe you and I were just made for dresses. I really hate vagina euphemisms. 'Lady garden' is the absolute worst.

Trees said...

Sometimes I wear pants, but then I feel hideous and hate myself! Pants are evil (I DO wear gym pants, if there was anyways I could do a step class in a skirt I TOTALLY would). We are having the same weather problems here - spring is a pain in the butt, one day its beautiful and I think I can FINALLY hang up my coat for the year, then next minute pouring rain and extreme wind. Love that frock on you. Hope the guitar classes well - we need more female musician that rock and don't get their boobs out all the time!

Anonymous said...

I love the red and golden combination, it reminds me of the beautiful colours of the wood in autumn. So cool that Littlest wants to play guitar! I think music is very important for kids, my daughter is taking lessons too, Piano,so they could from a band together! The Don quixote canister is one of the best thing I've ever seen and so the beautiful colors of your garden, the photos of your accessories with chillies and flowers are mind blowing! The joke about the post coital e-fag made my morning! And I forgot....All the best to Sue for her books!
Lots of love xxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love love love all the red, orange and gold together, it gets my painter's senses tingling. Beautiful spicy colours to inspire me on a grey day. That huge red bangle is gorgeous too. Fingers crossed littlest becomes the next Joni Mitchell and keeps you in champers and guilt free vintage shopping. I really like that dress, midi length stuff really appeals at the moment and it's such a beautiful fit and lovely pattern. I also like you in trousers! Keep going, keep an open mind in the chazzas, try some 80s ones. The Don Quixote canisters are just fantastic, I love the art work. A brilliant find! xxxxx

freckleface said...

You would make the coolest rock star mum in the world. I bet you'd drink champagne direct from the bottle, wouldn't you?

Hot dang Myrtle, look at your chillies! They are amazing and go perfectly with your hot autumn look. Me gusto mucho as they say in Mexico.

Give pants a chance :D Ha! And then incurring the wrath of Vix. You are taking chances this week! Again, me gusto mucho. Can you tell I am practicing for a week in Espana?

I love your Sex Toy Story. I wonder if they will make that into a cartoon for all the family. I want Don Quixote on all me cannisters. Effective immediately.

I've got the girls coming over in a bit, I might do a straw poll on the vagina issue. xxxx

Veshoevius said...

It's so great how you always wear flowers in your hair! What a fab colour that dress is on you and love it with the orange cardi. I always enjoy seeing photos of your garden - you have wonderful flowers and I'm very envious of your chilli crop.
I loved the fuck broth poem by the way - know the feeling! That's probably why the flat is always such a mess!

bonsaimum said...

You have made my day. :)

Emalina said...

LOVE the autumnal colours and oriental look of your red dress, dear Curtise, and such a stunner on you! You've got transitional seasonal dressing down pat, I'm watching and learning!

Lucys Lounge said...

hello myrtle ! isn't great to get new names. my name is really deirdre but everyone calls me lucy in the shop . its so handy because if i meet someoone when i'm out and they call me lucy i know where i know them from.
i never wear trousers too. i think you look well in them. . however i do love your dress collection. the red one you have on today is beautiful., thank you for your comment on my should i comment post. i am going back to talking to everyone in the comments because thats what it is talking. love lucy

Melanie said...

Oh, you look stunning in that red dress. It looks like it was made for you.
I like your Give Pants a Chance theme but if you don't feel the love, why bother? Having said that, they still look great on you.
All that talk of sex shops and toys, when you wrote bits and bobs, I honestly read it as tits and boobs. Is there a name for that condition?
I know Littlest with be a Schtar with her guitar.
Front bum? The one I hate is V-jay-jay.

Vintage Coconut said...

*Oh I can just picture littlest playing a guitar.* "How cute" I hope she takes to it too.
You look gorgeous in that red dress. And I adore your chili's they are so cute.
(I was giggling at the sex shop bit) *hahahaa* Oh my goodness!
Your 1970s tray is so cool and it totally reminds me of my past couple weekends. I have taken up canning. And I did some pickling and used purple cabbage. I SEE PURPLE cabbage on your tray and all the other veggies. *Eaaaak*

Penny-Rose said...

Curtise, you have a way with words :-) I am totally loving the red dress and your hair looks amazing. As for trousers, you do not look shit at all. Never say never, what about those amazing versace style ones?? You just need to find the right pants. I don't care how natural linen is its a bastard to wear as it crinkles all the time and goes floppy. I have a spare guitar here that I would teleport to you in an instant if I could.

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