Monday, 2 September 2013

Iron out the rough spots

I'm not quite sure where the last week has gone...

Final week of the school holidays, and it flew by in a whirl of buying new uniform  (Eldest), checking old uniform still fits (Seldom Seen and Littlest), plimsoll hunting, haircuts, and making the most of the remaining opportunities for lie-ins.

Getting up tomorrow will be a killer.

But I will force myself to be cheery, wave Eldest off at some ungodly hour (7.30am, poor bugger), then whisk the other two up to school, before meeting my friend Jo for a coffee and maybe a wee wander around a few charity shops.

Well, we haven't done it for weeks - we're owed!

This dress... oh it does annoy me.
It's only a cheap thin cotton shirt dress, cost next to nothing in a Matalan sale years ago, and I don't wear it often.

It creases like mad, which I can cope with, but it also does this...

...attracts every last bit of lint, fluff, cat hair, and hangs on to said detritus for grim death, making a mockery of the time I spent applying a lint roller. There's two minutes of my life wasted which I'll never get back again.
Just look at the bloody state of it!

I'm flashing my petticoat in the hope that from a distance, no one notices the alarmingly poor standards of grooming.

Charlie's photobombing again.

There's something about black and pink together that reminds me of the 1980s and a surfeit of saccharine Pierrots.
Admit it - I know some of you must have had a Pierrot duvet cover back in the day!

Sorry, I couldn't summon up a single tear for the occasion, although the expression is suitable mopey.

Look who's been making himself at home in our garden, not to mention our house.

This is Caspar, the new cat from next door.

He's as cute as a button, and he and Charlie seem to have teamed up to scoot about the garden, pouncing and chasing, in reasonably friendly fashion.

You can't see the colour of the nail varnish on my toes very well, but it's a rather lovely metallic lilac. 

Eldest brought it back from London for me.

Mind you, I gave her the spending money...

But it's the thought that counts.

Dress and sandals - retail
1950s petticoat - vintage fair
Cardigan, vest top, bangles and pearl necklace - charity shopped
Brooch - car boot
1960s vinyl/tapestry bag - gift from my grown-up-not-given-up friend Vix
Skull necklace - handmade by my colourful and creative pal Krista
Hair flower - gift from my gingham-clad darling Sarah

Wish me luck for tomorrow - both for getting up on time, and for the chazzas!
Oh, and I really appreciated all your thoughtful comments on my last post.
Thank you. As always, comments and conversations are what blogging is all about for me; without them, I'm just talking to myself.



Diane said...

I used to work with a girl in "the real office" who had Pierrot overload in her bedroom - she couldn't buy enough of the stuff. She was so easy to buy for in the secret Santa! Good Luck for tomorrow, School hols are a distant memory for me now, but I remember how hard it was getting back into the routine! You'll enjoy the charity shopping though xxxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love the pink and black ... It reminds me of a liquorice allsort .... and I LOVE liquorice allsorts.
Good luck with the back to normal scheduling tomorrow. In these parts we are on the countdown to the next school holidays ... just under 3 weeks to go.

two squirrels said...

Oh no I have a dress like that....well I did have a dress like that....gone gone.......lint collecting rat bags are out.
But you do look fabulous in said rat bag......loving the flash of petticoat.
What is a hunt them down????.
Kiddies back to school, it only seems like last week you said the holidays started......
Casper is pretty is Pussy Willow???? I was thinking of her yesterday....we have pussy willow out here.....oh I do love it so very much. I read in the paper someone staying they only had 15 pussy willows left, I liked that, instead of counting the years.....seasons in pussy willow seems just lovely.
Happiness to you lovely V

Patti said...

best of luck tomorrow AM, with the new schedules. I love your plan to do coffee and shopping later, that's something to get up for! You look grand in pink and black, and the "new" black kitty blends in well. He must know you are a cat-woman. xoxo

BellaBean Vintage said...

I do love a black cat, mines called Batman. Other cats also, I don't discriminate - although I did once have a white cat - loved her to bits - but the fur, everywhere, on everything....she would have played havoc on that lovely black dress. I love the petticoat and the sandals. Good luck with the early start and shopping tomorrow, 7.30 am does seem a bit uncivilized. My only child has her head in a bucket poor love so I'm completely lacking in routine for today xx Jen

Melanie said...

You look great in this outfit, so many little bits to admire. I wish I knew a cure for linting... Love the petticoat and impish Charlie in the tree.
The cycle grinds back into motion I see. I get that get-up-and-go sense every Sept as school residue, and your coffee and shopping sounds like the perfect kickoff to the season. Good luck treasure-hunting!

Connie said...

I sure wish my kids had had uniforms when they were in school. The whole back-to-school shopping thing was quite traumatic for EVERYONE. And why is it that as the kids get older and they seem to need more sleep, their start times at school get earlier? Wassup with that? Very sweet and Pierrot-y. Now that school has started you can hit those stores! Can't wait to see what you find.

Max said...

Kid-free op-shopping sounds like a great enticement to get out of bed, hope you find something superb, biba or halston for your trouble!
I remember having a pierrot cotton ball dispenser. Dont ever recal using cotton balls though, weird granny gift i think x

Lynn Dylan said...

The dress has an appeal, even if it does attract lint. I had a dress like that. Yes, had. I finally got angry about it and got rid of it. But the entire dress was that black cotton, and I looked like a lint ball by the end of the day. Add in a beagle and it was beyond control. Oh well. The cats are having a good time!!


thorne garnet said...

7:30am! What a cruel joke to play on children. Good luck getting them all to school.

Brooke F said...

Ah, the end of summer holidays blues. There is nothing more depressing, but you now get to charity shop again, so hurrah! I love the pink and black combo, and that flirty petticoat peeking out!XXX

Helga! said...

Argh, the lint problem would have me hurling that frock out the window!!!!
Love the petticoat, darling, and those shoes, as I think I have said before.
Jaysus, the back to school palaver! I'm quite pleased I don;t have that to deal with, although I do love stationary!!! Some chazza shopping and strong coffee will most certainly be in order!
Caspar is a SWEETIE! I love black cats, but have not had one since I was a child! His name was Sydney, incidentally.So lovely to see pookies playing!
Have a blast tomorrow, and may the Chazza Goddesses smile upon you!
Love yooooooooooo!!!

Val Sparkle said...

I love that little touch of turquoise in your necklace - it counteracts all the pink and black a little.

That lint-catching fabric looks like the tunic I just got rid of. There must be a magnetic field in the weave that attracts light-colored fuzz. Of course, if you have cats there's no hope, unless they're all as black as Casper.

Good luck in the AM! Sounds like a big part of the world will be hitting their alarm clocks tomorrow after a three-day weekend or school holiday, groaning and saying Shit.

Instant Milk said...

Very cute<3


Fiona said...

Hope the LB's got off to school OK this morning and you have a fruitful day at the chazza's. My god, how much time have I wasted applying a sticky roller to my clothes? The moggy has a lot to answer for! The whole Pierrot craze passed me by I'm glad to say. Lovely nail varnish from Eldest (even if you did pay for it) and I rather like your it pewter?

Vix said...

I'm just preparing for the onslaught of posh kids and their yummy mummies blocking the end of the road off and braying with laughter.
Hasn't it flown? It doesn't seem like 7 weeks ago since Liz broke up and we got sloshed in the sunshine.
After all that organisation you thoroughly deserve a day of adult company and therapeutic chazzing.
That Scratcher-lan dress is worn to perfection, love the cheeky slip shot! Nothing on god's earth is worth all that tiresome de-fuzzing, though.
Love the cat-off shots and that gorgeous and poshly packaged make-up, what a thoughtful girl she is!
Love you! xxxxx
PS No, I've always despised clowns - strictly a Pierrot free bedroom!

Trees said...

Oh I love this outfit - the pink and black is lovely. But that shirt dress seems SUPER annoying. Sounds like something you pick out of the wardrobe thinking "I never wear this" and soon remember why you never wear it! I hope the first day of school went well for all the kids and also I hope you have some super finds at the chazzas!

Carina Rosenholm said...

I Hope your morning went ok and that you had a great ' hunting' at the chazzaz!

Indigo Violet said...

Lint roller? Sounds like too much hard work to me, I just throw stuff in the washing machine and on the line!

Sandra said...

Arg! the school run, uniform shopping, stuff, early mornings, 5 mins before leaving the 'important' thing that needs to be found and signed or washed - Bonus, peace and quiet and time to potter and do stuff - cheeky petticoats are always good, the black/pink is a great combo, once linted I don't look down, I do an occasional shake! lazy to the core I am! have fun at the chazza's, I hope you get a haul of awesomness x x

Miss Magpie said...

My thoughts are with you for tomorrow!

Vicky Hayes said...

I don't even have to do a school run any more as the children all walk now but I'm feeling pretty maudlin about the idea of them going back. A bit of chazzing and a coffee is a lovely bit of light at the end of the tunnel though - have fun! Black and pink is not my favourite colour combo but as usual you manage to pull it off beautifully! Vicky x

Krista Gassib said...

Just one more reason to never wear black;). The petticoat now that should be today's main event, gorgeous! You are pretty in pink, again! I hope all went well this morning both with the send off and the shopping.

Will you think I'm mad if I tell you I had to look at that picture of you from your last post, the close up one when I was having a total melt down yesterday. I could hear you telling me to be strong, that this too is just part of life. Thank you for helping me when you might not even have known you did.
Love youxxxoooo

Miss Piggy Bank said...

I never had the duvet but my friend did, she had duvet, wallpaper and curtains so it was a bit much.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Good Luck tomorrow - my youngest is back at school to although I will be long gone by the time he leaves - thank heavens for mum.
And yes, I did have a Pierrot duvet!!

Tamera Wolfe said...

Peirrots are clowns and clowns freak me out...

The oufit is cute--lint and all!!
I always associate black and pink with the fifties....

Cute cute cute cat pix!!

Harrie Hattie said...

The holidays have flown by so fast just carnt believe it, yes I had Pierrot clowns back in the 80's although they do freak me out haha, lucky charlie has found a friend. My poodle is still trying to make friends with bells our neighbours cat but it's not going to plan mmmmm Xx ps you look stunning xx

Secret Squirrel said...

Oh goodness, I had Pierrot stationery - absolutely loved it.

Love your petticoat and the blak/pink zinginess. Blooming fabrics that attract fluff, I am never without my lint roller. Obessed, in fact.

I have to say, I would have children if I thought they would buy me nail varnish. What well-brought up children you have ;-) xxx

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I feel like I haven't seen your face for a month, but it was just last week! So glad you post often.
You look so put together, and right-with-your-world, in spite of the lint magnet. I'm guessing you tried some of that anti-wrinkle spray, haven't you (the kind for clothes, not the face!)? In my case, it's always pet hair. I swipe once before I dress, then another time when I get to my car ... I see what I missed better in daylight!
Sweet slip, adorable outfit all together, and toes are magnificent. Congrats on raising a daughter cool enough to buy you anything. Mine thinks she's always on the receiving end ... the natural order of her world!
Have a great week, darling Curtise. Come see my new hair cut (ARRRRGH!)

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK !!!! (i'm screaming so you can hear better all my best wishes to you and the kids!)This post reminds me that I have only one more week left and then my alarm clock would be set many hours earlier than usual ...Anyway I'll visit the charity shop and I'll have more time for me, thank you for reminding me about this too!
I love pink and black togheter, the petticoat is lovely and the whole outfit recall the Grease's Pink ladies (I love their style!).
I adore the pierrots!! I remember that I asked my mommy to buy one of those lame mirror with a print of him on, in the 80's , but she obviously didn't!
Love xxxxxxxx

ayoung70 said...

Clowns are scary, even in the 80's they were.

I keep a lint brush in my car, but as my office chair at work is covered in cat hair, and my cat has not ever been here, not even once, I think I fail at removing the fuzz.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you are charity shopping as my comment posts and that the morning went smooth as butter. I am a huge fan of black and pink or pink and gray pairings! (and it has nothing to do with the 80s either). Share similar feelings about the pervasiveness of LINT.

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I'm up far too late so I shall be stressed and shouty for the morning of the first day of school. We've had 6 weeks to learn to tie a tie. And failed. Perhaps we should arise at 6 for a crash course. And of course I've spent the evening labelling cardies and sewing on school badges.
Good luck Curtise! xxxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Congrats on the "new kitty"! Hope the morning and first day back goes as well as it can. I can't cope with that lint-magnet fabric at all, but you look adorable and Pierrot made me guffaw and moan nooooo! when you ramped up your pose and expression. I did that tear for you. Eldest has great taste! Love. xoxoxo

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Here's an idea for the lint-attracting skirt: machine embroider it all over with white stitching. OK, I didn't say it was a GOOD idea. But it might fool the skirt into thinking it is naturally black and white.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hope the kids woke ok and the first day back to school went well
Same here i don't have little kiddies but i see all over in the subway and buses -

I read your other post - Like you say it's inevitable, but we must not think too much about it, live the moment i say - We are alive, crazy and fun all is good- this is what we should concentrate on -

Love the Caspar the cat, what wonderful orange eyes he has wow!
Fun that the 2 cats get along

Black and pink real pretty -

Have a good week with the kids!

Ariane xo

freckleface said...

Better late than never...what can be better than a photobombing cat? A cat pal called Caspar! My favourite cartoon as a child was Caspar the friendly ghost. Random, I know. Sorry.

Lovely anenomes. I want some for my garden. That outfit looks great, but the fluff issue, oh dear.

I have a Pierrot confession! I made an outfit and went to a fancy dress in it. Who am I kidding? I liked it so much I wore it a few more times afterwards...oops. Don't tell anyone. xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love pink and black together, but I was thinking more Rizzo than Pierrots. I didn't have a Pierrot duvet cover but if I saw one now I'd snap it up! You're lucky Eldest bought something back for you (and lovely colours they are too), I would've spent the lot, on me. I also have the hideous fluff problem, my dogs moult continuously and they just love fresh laundry, I bet your cats do too xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Did you ditch it? DITCH IT!!! Life's too short to roll lint!

You are gorgeous, of course. Not sure I've ever seen you in this colour combo before and I love it. The metallic lilac polish is awful - send it to me STAT.

And I LOOOOOOVE the beautiful pic of you with the cat! Definitely time for a pussy blog.


Sarah xxx