Monday, 9 September 2013

I'm going out

Well, that weekend seemed to fly by rather fast.

Look, I'm camouflaged against the greenery in the garden.

That's Charlie and his little buddy Caspar frisking about in the tree.

On Saturday, while the girls went out with their dad, I took the opportunity for some one-to-one time with Seldom Seen. 
Over a latte (one shot for him, two for me), we discussed homework, and agreed a system whereby he takes responsibility for it rather than me having to nag/bribe/threaten/cajole him. Honestly, homework causes more conflict between the adults and kids in this house than almost anything else. I cannot stand it. 
With reference to my last post, and This Be The Verse, I asked him if he thought his dad and I were fucking him up. He thought for a bit, then said "Yeah, but it's OK." 
That's my boy.

1970s DL Barron maxi dress - flea market
Denim jacket and most of the bangles - charity shopped
Peacock bangle - gift from dearest Tania
1970s cameo pendant - from my friend's mum's collection
Sunglasses and sandals - retail 

I had a lovely evening round at my friend Sue's on Saturday.

Trace, Karen, Sue, Lois, Joanne, Chris and Liz. The dream dinner party.

Lots of wonderful food, free-flowing wine, great company, and so much laughing my face ached.

The conversation ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. Education, parenting, community projects, health issues. Pelvic floors, tics in unmentionable places, the use of olives as fake nipples, and the delights of Vagi's Flavours.

Who wouldn't want to dine at this restaurant?

Tracey demonstrating the incredible boob-enhancing power of Greek food. 
Sue went to Zakynthos last month, and had been inspired to make some delicious spinach spanakopita. 
She is also an inspirationally good writer, and has given me permission to reproduce this poem of hers, a caustic ode to domestic goddessery, and proof, if further proof were needed, that fuck is a perfectly legitimate word to use in poetry.

Fuck Broth

Fuck broth.
And apple crumble made from scratch
and chutneys and jam
from the windfall rot
long overdue in the preserving pot
and the high-rise town of pans and plates
twinned with musty laundry mountain range

And dead mice under the fridge
and desperate plants snided with flies
and handmade cards
and homemade pies
and unframed photos
unanswered messages
call backs, get backs
knock backs, set backs
notes for class
and broken glasses
and cat piss on the sodding mattress
and rising dough
and half written poems
and other stuff I wish I'd never started
and catching up and knuckling down
and cracking on and getting ahead
and all of it.
All of it.

Fuck broth.
I'm going out.

I did say to Sue that I was going to pretend I had written this, since it describes my own thoughts and feelings with frightening accuracy. But I admire her talent far too much to be dishonest and claim it as my own, though I can't say I wasn't tempted. 
I know such an interesting bunch of women.

Liz, another of the raucous diners, was talking about the street piano she had arranged for her road. 

It was lovely to see so many people gathered around the piano in the sunshine this morning (it's situated right opposite school). This little boy was enjoying a play, and his mum said it was OK for me to take his photo and put it on the blog.

So here's to friends, to laughing till your face hurts, to going out instead of making broth.
Here's to music in the street, to poetry, to fucking up and being forgiven.
To pelvic floors, and to flavours, many, various, and Vagi's.

Despite blending in with the greenery, I'll be joining Patti for Visible Monday. Even if I'm camouflaged, you'll definitely hear me; I'm the one with the fuck-peppered language of a navvy and the cackle of a hyena. 
Now don't you just want to invite me to your next dinner party?



Val Sparkle said...

Oh, I love that poem! Not only the sentiment, but the way it flows and seems to gather momentum and passion as it goes. Fuck broth.

I also love the idea of street pianos, but what happens when it rains? I'd love to hear my resident musician playing keyboards outside - I bet the sound is strong and clear.

Lovely outfit, and you've reminded me again that I am bereft of a proper denim jacket! I must start looking for one. I'm also bereft of cats, but I I'll make do with pictures of yours.

Vix said...

Fuck me, I love that poem! I think it sums up my life, too. The woman's a boobalicious genius.
That dress is gorgeous on you, the Sheffield Steel ring is sublime & you look like you had a riot over at Sue's. Credit to you for remembering the topics of conversation, my memory is appalling after a skinful!
That piano! What a cool idea.
...yes, I do! That's if I could be arsed to cook!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh - i love that maxi ! So pretty...
lovely time with the girls!

Sheila said...

Yes! You are totally invited to my next dinner party. I am rather foul-mouthed in real life, and my crew of Winesday Women would adore you!

Love your dress, your kitties in the trees too!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy to read about homeworks, food and poetry in your amazing post!! I like the idea of the street piano, brilliant!!
You look stunning with your camouflaged outfit and I do want to invite you and your family to my next dinner party, my marriage and every event of my life!!! Sue's poem should be printed on my kitchen's door, I really love it and I hope to read more of her works!!
Love xxxxxxxx

Kelly Roy said...

Loved the tribute to the Greek restaurant.our point of friction is the time they spend playing on line and thumbs up to another great long dress of yours!

Tamera Wolfe said...

Street piano--what a cool idea!!

love the poem!!
You look glorious in your blue & green maxi!!

Seldom Seen sounds like one cool dude!!

Julie said...

like you most of the conflict in our home is focused around homework, leaving it till the last minute and tears of fustration. I have two sons 14 and 11 and being on the beach or xbox always take priority over homework. love the piano idea.

Sandra said...

Vagi's flavours, can't cope! it's hilarious, I'm a smut - 'Fuck broth' is classic and marvellous and is an anthem for us all, ....homework issues! well done, it's a bugger of a thing and they get so much, I used to do mine on the school bus and I am into the pavement piano, aren't we all tempted to play an instrument? my chopsticks are glorious - I would have you over in a heartbeat, we could snort (that is not a drug reference, Ha!) and cackle all night x x

Ariane Lasalle said...

Oh yes! we have them too those vagi's in Montreal and fuck broth too but all in french- hilarious!
Homeworks Oh Boy! yes that can be annoying, i'm lucky i never had that problem with the kids
I like your frock, greenery camouflage -

About the slut in plaid, i had a few - i don't understand what you mean Ariane - I posted an example on Facebook, or go on E-Bay and type - Plaid skirt, you will see what i mean -

Have a great day!

Ariane x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Great poem. I always have that feeling of having started something and then, very quickly wishing that I never had. Yeh, I know what you mean about homework. Everyday, I ask my daughter if she has homework and I breathe a secret sigh of relief when she says she hasn't. It's always a trauma..... Your green maxi is a joy to be seen! Xx

Patti said...

that's a fabulous poem for all the fabulous women I know! Thanks for sharing that, Curtise. And for the gorgeous maxi dress pics and the darling kitties. And your very smart son too. xoxo

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I would bloody LOVE to be at a dinner party with you, and I'd imagine I would be cackling right along with ya! I love a good dinner party with a bunch of mates. This used to be a very regular thing for us pre-kids. Hmmm. My day will return! We still have regular BBQs in the summer which I guess will do for now. (kids run round like mad until they drop, while we ignore them!)

Love the poem. Brilliant.
Love the street piano. I don;t thing NZ has cracked onto this yet. Great idea. What happens if it rains? Poor piano.

Claire said...

I absolutely adore your dress! I've been extremely slowly building a vintage wardrobe and would love to add a 70s maxi. The chunky rings are gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

Curtise! Curtise! Curtise where are you?
Ahhh there you are, and look at you all fabulous like in that glorious green print maxi. I'll have one of everything you're wearing, it's all very Trudie too.

The poem is a laugh you're friend is a talent with words and I just love the street piano idea.

Good luck with homework woes this week. X

Ivy Black said...

I do indeed and wear that frock for 'tis my favourite.
That's a blinding poem. What a super talent Sue has and I often think fuck that, I'm off.
Oh I know homework used to cause so many rows in this house...GCSE assignments used to drive me insane! Trouble was most of me wanted to say fuck that to it it as well and let my kids do something else instead.
Cheers love. See you soon.

Helga! said...

FUCK YES! I'm all about that poem. It's beautiful.It's ART.
So is that frock, it always makes me swoon. Has to be one of the BESTEST prints.
You, my darling, are invited anytime, all the time, to dinner. We'll swear like navvys and cackle like hyenas's all too gloriarse an idea! I love a good dinner party, and the right guests are paramount! Did I mention that there will be a lot of booze?!
Loving you more than ever after finally getting to CHAT!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Fabulous poem and great pics as always.

Francie said...

Wow, love reading your posts. So funny...and kids? Gotta love em.
What fun!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I want to know more about Vagi flavours. and I think that poem should be more well known because it's wonderful. Your jungle green frock is just gorgeous on you. Sounds like a night out and a good laugh is exactly what you needed. I was terrible at doing homework, I even got a sticker for actually handing in one piece during the whole of Year 7 (still Middle school for me then) and it didn't encourage me to do any more. Don't tell SSK this, it may give him ideas. I hope you're having a fabulous back to school time xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yes ... Yes I do ... I'm planning a little soirée next Saturday ... do you think you can make it???

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh Curtise, I love this post, and that effing fabulous poem by Sue. You do know the most marvelous women, and if I ever have a dinner party, I want the guest list to be filled with the likes of you.

I wish my Mom would have asked me when I was a child if I had thought that her and Dad were fucking me up - I would have been curious about my reply. Good answer from Seldom Seen, and the homework agreement sounds like a good plan.

Melanie said...

How does one scour a pelvic floor?
Most excellent poem. Most divine Seldom Seen. Where can I buy Tracey's Greek food?
And most importantly, you look divine and write the best posts.

Krista Gassib said...

Totally fuck broth! Love this poem and every little bit about this post. You do have amazing friends, but then your pretty fucking fantastic! Your honest conversation with Seldom Seen is refreshing, I think you guys are doing just fine.

I wanna have a dinner party and hell yes you are invited. I wanna have fun! Your dress is gorgeous as your garden!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Your hen parties sure look like a grand time. Lots of love and laughter going on...along with raunchy poetry and bigger booby tips.

That and seldom seen gave me a laugh out loud moment.


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Me again. I neglected to mention how lovely you look in the garden with the kitties. And I love your polish. When I saw it, I immediately thought of patina'd metal, and sure enough look at the gorgeous bangle...a perfect match!

silvergirl said...

beautiful colors in this great maxi and i especially love the peacock bracelet

Vicky Hayes said...

Well yes, Curtise, if ever I had dinner parties I would like you to come to my next one! I was about to go and make some broth but you know... I might just go out instead! Tell Sue she is a genius. Vicky x

The Style Crone said...

Curtise, you would be the perfect guest at my next dinner party. Fun, stylish and clever! You could never blend into the greenery, even though your gorgeous maxi is similar in color. Your friends are hilarious and talented, like you. And I am totally taken with peacock bangle.

Emalina said...

Teehee, Sue's poem is brilliant, love it! And that's one of my all time favourite dresses of yours, perfect with your hair colouring and uber gorgeous on you.

Gabriala Brown said...

Love the maxi and I hate homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the kids don't have enough to do?!!! My daughter goes to school at 7:45 am and comes home at 5:30 pm and then has 3 more hours of homework??! I am getting ready to pull her out of school and get her a full time job so she can get some rest! xo

Goody said...

When my child heard we had a street piano in the park not far from where we live, he wanted to go play it. We have a piano, that he passes numerous times per day without so much as glancing at on his way upstairs to stare at a tablet...but put a piano out of doors, and he's ready to play for hours.

I'm not sure I've ever left you a comment, but I love your blog, and you would be most welcome at any party we throw. That dress is lovely.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

You have freaking TICS there!???!!!! NOOOOOOO. I'm so disillusioned. I hate the little bastards.

What a completely lovely look on you, Curtise. You don't just do prints, you always do the most flattering prints for your lovely, tall self. So impressive. Trust me, you do not blend into the ivy, lady.

Lovely hands with shades of blue and green on tips and rings. You're so on trend, you reluctant pace-setter, you!

Good talk and reasonable response from Seldom Seen. Hope the agreement works. I don't think any boys his age like homework except the swots.

Street Pianos!!!!! Yes. I love them.

The poem made me breathe easier. There's just Dan and I and about a million animals now, but I remember how it was with all the kids stuff. Lovely that our poetess "went out". Did she come back?

"Fuck-peppered." Best new language use of the century. So happy I know you.

Have a great week!

Jane George said...

fuck broth is now my most favourite poem in the whole wide world! I wanna come to the next dinner party...i love a bit of face hurt laughing action! brilliant post, gorgeous dress, street piano and boobs enhanced by greek food...yep you covered it all, i am completely satisfied! xxxxx

Fiona said...

Sounds like your evening at Sue's was loads of smutty fun. Her poem is brilliant, has she written others? Vagi's only a matter of time!

Trees said...

That dress is amazing - what a beautiful print. Also I want to party with your friends - looks like a blast!!

Delia Ryder said...

I gave up with trying to get my boys to do there homework I got to the understanding you don't do it..then you pay the consequences I got fed up of the battles. Your friends like a great fun bunch to be with and I so agree with you sometimes you just have to let stuff go and and just go :-) Looking gorgeous as always you are, dee xxx

Dawn Elliott said...

I adore a woman who can express herself fully! That being said, aren't jean jackets the best? They look good with just about everything, if you havd the right attitude! Love the dress and the nail polish that highlights the blue! Love that you asked your son if you were fucking him up! Love my time with my girlfriends...and can feel your joy!

freckleface said...

Here's to you! I know that dress! It's so fantastic. Always a winner. As is dinner with the girls. You just can't beat laughter, cynicism and a bit of smut all washed down by some vino.

You obviously do know some really interesting women if that poem and the street piano idea are anything to go by. Takes one to know one I say.

Your little chat with Seldom Seen sounds so sweet, as does the girls going out for some special time with their dad. This week is now flying by, what's going on Curtise?! xxxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Such a perfect dress, Curtise, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Secret Squirrel said...

This was a nice peek into your world! Although, you really do not blend into the greenery, it just goes with you. The green dazzles with blue too. Gorgeous jewellery shots too.

I am rather a swear-er in real life, too xxx

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Love that poem. She sounds like a wise woman indeed.
The street piano is such a lovely idea. xxxx

Penny-Rose said...

Love all of this - so much. Imagine a great big smile on my face reading this. Love.