Monday, 5 March 2012

Killing the blues

             For many years, I didn't really wear blue, apart from denim. That seems to have changed lately.

This outfit started off with the navy polka dot pencil skirt I bought last week, but although it fits perfectly, it's maybe too good a fit, in that it makes my child-bearing hips look a little too... well, child-bearing!

So I think that's another item destined for Ebay, probably to languish unsold. I am really finding Ebay hard going, I see other items with huge bids on, but they are never mine!

                                                You have seen all the components of this outfit before....  

                                      ... apart from the white sunnies, a gift from the Hellishly Hot Helga.  

I find it very difficult to accessorise blue and white with any colour other than red. Surely it's not some deeply unconscious patriotic urge rising to the surface?

                                     See what I mean? I look as though I'm trying out my Jubilee outfits.

                                                                             Still got the blues.

A friend who helped out at our jumble sale was looking at a top, but rejected it on the basis that it "wasn't her colour". She is "Autumn" (yes, she'd "had her colours done") and now doesn't stray from that template.

                                                                 What do you think about this?

I tend to the view that anyone can wear any colour and look great, it just depends how you wear it. But I'm no expert, and maybe I'm happily trolling around in total ignorance of the fact that blue doesn't suit me!


                                   Oh well. I'm not pastcaring for nothing.You won't get me singing the blues!

PS. I did indeed wear the 1950s frock out to the pub on Friday. I had a great night out, and shuffled home at 3am, thankfully with no curry stains on my dress and with my feathers and petticoat unruffled. One young man, wearing way more make-up than me, complimented me on my fascinator, but I caused no other commotion. Just shows - wear what you like, it's only clothing and most of the time, no one's bothered!

But thank you for all your positive comments, it gave me the courage to be wildly and happily overdressed!



Miss Simmonds Says said...

You look great in blue! I'm an Autumn but I think it's all bollocks really. Just wear any colour, but as you said in the right way!

Love all those outfits! Good thing you like blue as there's something blue on my latest post I thought you could wear....

Vix said...

You look fabulous in everything particularly blue but it is my fave colour so I am biased. Those bright tights and sunnies are gorgeous.
I had my colours "done" once, I looked horrific, apparently I was "spring" so vomit-inducing pastels and off-white. I think the consultant was on drugs.
Glad the night out went without a hitch. If we're having fun we couldn't give a toss about anyone else's opinions on our outfits. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dawn said...

I love anything nautically or patriotically inspired. I love the remixes and bold colors. You have a great way with words, enjoyed this post. 3am? Go on, girl!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Helga! said...

Hahaha,Miss Simmonds took the words right out of my mouth!I literally thought "O,that's bollocks" as I read that!
I love blue,after years of also not being a fan,and also cannot resist wearing red/white/'s just a fantabulous combination!!!Frigging flags,they had to steal the best combination in the world!
Jaysus,I love this outfit,you are SO rocking it.Child bearing hips my arse.
How sweet of that young man to admire your fascinator! I find that the compliments outwieght the negative remarks generally.I ignore anything negative,if they can't say somehting nice they can fuck off.Most peeps just wish they had the guts to frock up madly!!!
I adore you!

La Dama said...

You look good in blue amor!
Forget that i dont listen to consultants,never had that shit done. The more color the merrier. That goes for make up too.
Also love red, white an blue colors ,but i always add a splash of gold.


That colour crap was all the rage in the early nineties wasn't it? Didn't realise people were still going by the 'season' rules. You have style, some people, most people in fact, just haven't. There are no rules, if you feel right it'll look great. I've never seen you in anything which doesn't look great.
I went crazy for blue and red last year, it always looks fresh, clean and smart. I'm a huge fan of orange with blue, it looks as good as red I reckon.
Your night out sounded brilliant, I bet plenty of people commented amongst themselves on how fab you looked.
I'm so glad you didn't get curry on your dress - I definitely would have!

Thank you so much for the comment you left today. I smiled the biggest smile I've managed for months after reading it. I mean that.

Lots of love

Lucy x

Melanie said...

What hips?? I see no hips! Now I have huge hips compared to my waist, which is why you'll never see me in a pencil skirt or anything clingy, though I have only today spied a fishtail pencil skirt which I was mooning over for a moment.

I think there's something about blue which secretly calls out to red and white which in turn brings patriotism bubbling up to the surface!

Anyhoo, you look fab!

Fiona said...

I've never had my 'colours' done as I think it's bollocks also. You look terrific in blue and I love the nautical look especially. So glad your curry night was a sartorial success.

Mary Lou said...

blue and red are my favourite colours and i think blue definitely loves you too;) those tights are so fabulous and i love how you paired the skirt with this amazing red belt darling!
love and kiss,mary

karensomethingorother said...

well, you always look great. I happen to really like blue--sky blue especially. Is that because I'm supposed to be a "spring?" Bah, that's funny. I'd forgotten about what colour seasons we are.

Rose&Bird said...

You look great to me, blue is a good colour on you! I don't know why the blue/white/red colour combo works. Which came first, I wonder - flags or frocks?! You could try distillations of the basics - i.e. shocking pink or orange instead of red, or purple instead of blue.

Technically speaking I suppose I'm an 'Autumn', but as I hate brown that kind of rules out most of that colour pallette! The best advice I read was not to wear certain colours next to your face if they appear not to suit you, keep them for accessories or skirts/trousers etc.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in r,w,&b! I love the tights. Child bearing hips my Aunt Fanny you look amazing!

VintageBirdGirl said...

You can certainly pull off blue...& it seems everything else you try on for that matter! It's not a colour I usually go for either, but I am starting to wear more of it. I do like the combination of tan & blue too. Xx

Joyatri said...

I think the medium blue of that lovely maxi dress works best on you. And I really like the blue accessorized with brown in yoru previous post.

Funny that you posted about rediscovering waistcoats and a sudden interest in wearing blue. I have experienced both as well. I used to prefer warm colors, such as maroon and rust, but with there being more silver in my hair, I have started wearing cooler colors. I've never been a fan of blue, but it seems to go better with my coloring now. However, it will never replace PURPLE as my new favorite color!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried pairing blue with gray or green? I love the sunnies Helga sent you and the scarf you've added to the look. And, yeah, for wearing that fabulous outfit out and coming home intact!

two squirrels said...

Oh you look so lovely in blue!!!! I am a huge fan of red, white and blue. Don't flag it!!! Tee hee
Oh the amount of bloody times in the shop people would say "Oh I can't wear that it's not my colour". Rip my knickers.
Love and happiness to you V
TA for the lovely comments and support xxxxx

Melanie said...

I don't know whether to say, aye-aye cap'n or nothing at all - that marvellous striped shirt brings to mind nauticals and Marcel Marceau, both images I love. You look fabulous in blue...and red and white! I like your jubilee quip. Ha! Your pattern mixing is wonderful too.

Vintage Coconut said...

Well Curtise I rather like you in blue and I surely think it is "one of your colors"
I have not the slightest clue what coloring I am... BUT I WEAR every darned color so who gives a hoot! *hahahaah*

delia hornbook said...

I think you look lovely in blue. I think its about how you wear an item and not the colour. Having red hair im not supposed to wear red or yellows but if its the right shade of those tones they look great with my colouring. I think lime green looks gorgeous with blues and reds you could give that a try ;-) Glad you wore your 50's dress out ;-) dee xxx

Anonymous said...

curtise! I love that outfit! I think you look fab in Blue!

I've had my colours done years ago (apparently I'm a Summer) yet I don't go for pastels all the time. I just wear what I feel like wearing. Fashion is all about having fun, not just sticking to one colour pallete.


Kylie said...

I wouldn't have a clue about my colours or any of that proper fashion stuff, but I do know that you always look smart no matter what colours you wear. I like today's outfit. I love me a stripey Frenchy tee, I have a few myself, although none of them are French, they just pretend to be!

Misfits Vintage said...

I hate those stupid rules about what season you are - what a load of old shite I say!

There are so many shades within the spectrum of a colour that to say you can't wear a colour is just silly. Of course, my favourite example is yellow - being one of my FAVOURITE colours to wear, I always have someone tlel me they can't wear it and you know what I say to that, of course. You just have to find the right shade for you - and you're right, you have to find the right way to wear it. White next to my face makes me look ill, but put a bright scarf around my neck and it's fabulous!

I think you look beautiful in all of your blues - and I also find it difficult not to wear red with blue and white - it is just so perfect. I love all of your outfits, and I love YOU! Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

You look sooooooooooo gorgeous in blues, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Krista said...

Rules what are they for again? Oh yeah they choke creativity and self expression! You are totally rocking the red, white and blue. I will say I rarely wear this combination outside of Fourth of July, but I adore it on you! I think it's a hard one to pull off with my hair.
Girl you have the best bitch face out there and you are so past caring.
I love you!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Red white and blue is a brilliant colour combo, but I am another one with NO CLUE about seasons and all that - I have attempted (as a teen, on the advice of Cosmo or something) doing the thing where you hold different swatches of colour under your jawline to see what makes you look washed out and I never had any idea. Same with whether I have warm or cool toned skin, whether red lipstick is blue based - doesn't mean much to me. Which is worrying as I used to consider myself good at art. I know you look good though!

And very glad to hear the 50s frock got its outing and returned home unscathed.


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

I got through my first day at work!
I was slow and confused could not remember what i was doing before sick leave but it will come back!
I have a very boring, well paid , unionzed position in an engineering firm. I have a diploma in translation, but do not work in the field but intend to in a couple of years, will see.

You know Curitise you cna mix your blue with yellow, green, grey, just go wild dearest!

Ariane xxxxx

Joyatri said...

I just came across this post about color charts from 1947:
The one for my hair/eye color is pretty much what I wear.

Trees said...

I love blue! It's a long time favourite and you look great in this outfit.

I really don't go for that whole "getting your colours" done deal. For me, that's up their with - you shouldn't wear that because you're an hourglass. I may be an hourglass, but I will wear what I want to wear and what makes me feel great, not what your "fashion rules" tell me to wear! (I get a little passionate about these things!)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ha! I was talked into having "my colours done" when I was 17 and apparently I'm a "spring". The phase lasted about a year before my girl crush on Madonna got the better of me and I re-embraced black. I mean really ... telling someone they can't wear black? Feck orf!!!!! I adore you in blue and I'm so in love with your denim jacket and Helga's sunnies!! Thank you for all the lovely blue-themed pics, I've recently started looking at blue with fresh eyes. So happy you had roaring "past caring" night out - it's true, who gives a feck really anyway? You are a gorgeous, adorable woman!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I never stay away from colours because somebody tells me I can't. It makes me want to wear them more actually! I have a habit of wearing red, white, and blue too it's just such a classic look. xx