Thursday, 15 March 2012

Is that is tripod, or is the postman just pleased to see me?

                        I must be taking this blogging lark seriously, I've just bought a tripod for my camera.

Sadly it hasn't made my photos any better but at least I'm outside, and the camera is no longer balanced on the ironing board resting on a marker pen...

When I get braver, I might actually move around the garden, but at the moment I'm tucked in a corner out of sight of the neighbours.

How do I stop my photos being so over-exposed in the sunshine? I can't seem to adjust anything when the camera is set on the timer. It's only a point'n'press, so don't get too technical with me. I might cry.

Isn't it funny, I was gagging to wear my new hideous red shoes, but when I tried them with this outfit, it was all a bit too much, and I had to revert to my black boots. Still love the shoes, just need to figure out the tights to go with them. I'm not a natural at this styling thing, I have to try lots of options and frequently get it wrong.

                                                                     Oh well, they're only clothes!

1970s dress and boots (Ebay), cardigan (jumble sale), denim jacket and tights (charity shop), belt (Oasis sale), beret (gift from Patsy), black beads (gift from Helga)

I am collecting the kids from school at lunchtime tomorrow and we are all heading off to Bristol for the weekend, where we will be meeting up with my sister and her partner. We are all very excited.

Now I need to pack, so I will catch up with you all after the weekend. Have a good one, whatever you're doing!



one denim bird said...

Yay for the tripod! And like you I have no idea how to adjust the camera! The red shoes are fun! Maybe with black tights??? You look fab as usual anyhoo.
Yippie for weekends away - we are heading to a winery for a very civilized rock concert! x

Vix said...

Yay for the tripod! It's lovely to see you outdoors in all your glory.
I love the red tights and shoe combo. Why not add your trusty denim jacket if you're feeling a bit out of your comfort zone?
Have a brill time in Bristol. I've tagged you for a music post if you want to play when you get back.
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

karensomethingorother said...

I don't know--I thought the shoes looked really cool with the tights! As you recall though, I like the shoes. I also liked your outdoorsy photos! I improve whatever is lacking in my photos with an online photo editor like Piknik (picnik?) but it's closing down in April so who knows what I'll do then :(

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting a professional piece of kit!! I'm loving that dress... And have a fab weekend away! :) xo

Rose&Bird said...

Ooh, now you're getting serious! No idea how to adjust exposure on a compact camera (DSLR owner - sorry), can only suggest making sure you're not shooting directly into a light source? I'm not quite convinced about matching tights and shoes - I think I'd try the shoes with a contrasting colour, but I have no idea about styling really!
Have a lovely time down here in Brizzle - I'd suggest meeting up if my Mum wasn't visiting this weekend x

Louise said...

Ooh I love the frock.

If it's point and shoot you will struggle adjusting anything but you could try standing with the sun behind you and putting your flash on, just see what sort of effect that gives. Xx

YvonneSedition said...

Hola! I like the red tights, but maybe you could try with black opaques if you're not sure. The dress is lovely too x

Kylie said...

Well I don't know about your postie being happy to see you Curtise, but I was over the moon to see mine when he passed your lovely pressie over our front gate!
What a wonderful parcel. Thank you x

I'm officially on the hunt for something special for you, can you email me your size Curtise because I'm thinking only a frock or two will do. It's going to be fun shopping for you btw...I'm more of a per una person myself (well compared to you!) so now I've got a reason to look at all the loud and crazy stuff I usuallly ignore (loud and crazy in the best possible, no side-eye way!)

Now to the shoes. I actually love this frock with the red shoes and tights more than I do with the boots. I'd go for that combo if I were you...

Thanks again Curtise, it was a lovely thought and a lovely parcel x

wardrobeexperience said...

lovely dress and adorable shoes...

fabriquefantastique said...

pics are just fine.... practice makes perfect

Vintage Coconut said...

You got a tripod!! THAT IS FANTASTIC.
I had one too but then the one leg became wonky and likes to slide down on its own. *Rolls eyes*
So right now I am using... the bbq, the fence post and sometimes even the garden hose holder. *lmao*

Love your dress, I think the black boots go good. The red ones seem to get lost in your tights. =(
They are so SASSY they need to be shown off!
Black tights maybe?!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend away.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to more outdoor photos! I do see the problem, I had to scroll back and forth to make sure that the indoor and the outdoor photos were the same dress. I don't know what kind of camera you have, but on my Sony Cybershot, a point and shoot, I have settings that allow me to select for indoor/outdoor, etc. You might try that.


It's a fact that two reds will never clash. I learned that years ago and it is right. I love the red shoes and tights. I wear footless tights a lot because my favourite shoes are silver. Black tights look awful with them, but black footless tights work. They have loads in my local M+S Outlet starting at 99p.
Photography is not my forte. Is the postman friendly? Maybe he will photograph you if you ask nicely!
I love Bristol, my cousins live there and we always have such a good time.
Have a great weekend Curtise, wear those shoes, they're fab.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

If you wear red shoes in Bristol you'll be dancing all weekend and will ultimately have to chop your feet off. Just saying. It's a well known side effect of fabulous footwear. Say hi to Brizzle for me, I miss it.

On to the photos where as ever I'm no help at all, just owning a tripod and knowing how to make it photograph you on its own has me filled with awe! You've got some good twirly action shots again though, so that's all good.

Have an amazing weekend, ms professional fashion blogger! xx

delia hornbook said...

I adore this outfit today you look gorgeous love the outside shots there fab and so clear give yourself some well earned credit there great ;-) This is one of my favourite outfits for you and i love the boots. You could always wear natural coloured or black tights with it and the shoes. Have a great weekend im off to Bristol tomorrow well im off to Nalisea and Cleavdon for some chairty shopping ;-) Have fun, dee xxx

VintageBirdGirl said...

Enjoy your weekend away. Love your outfit as always. I like the red shoes with that ensemble. I think you are having us on saying you're not a natural at this styling thing....I don't think so! You ooze style my dear! Xx

two squirrels said...

I so love the pattern on your dress Curtise. Just fabulous.
So nice to see out in the ivy, looking forward to a tour of your backyard with the trusty tripod. Hey just a wee tip, see if your camera has a fill in flash. It works well outside.
Hope you have a simply wonderful weekend.
Love v

Melanie said...

What a scrumptious outfit! I utilise a tripod for my pictures too, but as I've misplaced the whatchamacallit, my camera is balanced atop it!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

go with black tights or bare legs when it's warmer! I'm sure our outfit photos will improve when we can take photos outside!
got any post yet?

Forest City Fashionista said...

I have tried shooting self-portraits with my tripod, but they never work out very well, usually because of the lighting. I would cast my vote for the dress with the red cardigan, and the red shoes, but with some contrasting tights. Have fun in Bristol!

Krista said...

Curtise gotta tripod, YEAH, and that postman is still very happy to see you! You and your ironing board who would have known. I have problems with over exposure outside too and sometimes it's impossible to fix post process so don't worry just try and shoot in the shade if you can.
I love you in this dress you look wonderful! I see what you mean about the shoes maybe too much red with the tights. You know I love you in those boots! Your weekend with the family in Bristol sounds like a blast. Have fun love!

Joyatri said...

The red shoes look great with the red tights. What about wearing them with a simple frock, like your black Betty Barclay? Then the focus would all be on the shoes/legs?

What a coincidence, the photos in my last post were also done with a newly acquired tripod. Like you, I used to have my camera resting on a thick Hindi language dictionary on top of the ironing board. But, I couldn't take vertically oriented photos. So my last post is the first one in which you can see my shoes!

I little more experimenting outside and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

Just to let you know -- because of your lovely styling, I've started wearing my beret that I hadn't worn since the 70s.

Bella Q said...

Outdoors is tricky. I take my pics in shade and then adjust for it. 4 oclock being my favorite time to shoot the outfits.

Your outfit is marvelous- my fave color combo and bright and right for spring.

Melanie said...

Ha ha ha! Great headline!! I loved Lakota's remarks about dancing in your red shoes! Well, you must know that I'm a red shoes kinda gal.

As for the tripod, I think I'll try your ironing board and marker trick because I always liked your photos! I have a tripod and it is nice to angle shots so that my head looks too big in some shots and my feet look too big in others.

I like to see the outdoors though. Good luck, have fun romancing your tripod! And have a great weekend!!

Scarlett said...

I adore this dress! You look fabulous in these pics and hoorah for tripod! Scarlett x

La Dama said...

Fantastica frock amor!
I adore anything with red.
I am loving your outside photos.
maybe turn the flash off.
I need to learn how to tripod myself.

Fiona said...

Wow, your black and red ensemble is very striking, and I like both options of footwear. When you told me about your Heath Robinson way of taking photo's I was most impressed and vowed to get out my tripod, I still haven't done it have I? (I'm worried you'll all think my dress sense is boring.) Lovely snaps of you in the garden, if I was your neighbour I'd be enthralled by the fashion show. Have a splendid weekend in Bristol.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Blimey, a tripod. How posh is that! Love the red tights and red shoes look the best. Most definitely. Have a fabulous weekend in. Bristol. Will you be charity shopping?

sacramento said...

I love your outdoor pics sooooooooooo much.
You are gorgeous beyond words, my dear friend.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

Nice pics! Love how you mixed your outfit!
Loving the outdoor pics
Hope i was not too rough with you in my last comments in the previous post!
About shooting outside i am not an expert but maybe i can help...
The best time to take pics outside is early in the morning or at the end of the day around 4 or 5, the sun is not as bright but maybe it is not the best time for you . But if you take pics in the afternoon make sure the sun is behind you when you set the camera. Setting the ISO might help. Usually ISO 200 or 400 in daylifght will do the trick, they might be also a over and under exposed button you can set it ranges from -3 to +3 . Also very important to set your white balance to get the right colors.
I sometimes use the flash when very sunny.
There are tons of videos on how to set your camera on YouTube.

Welcome to the wonderful world of tripods and remotes!

My ex boyfriend is from Bristol, he lives in the US now but his family is in Bristol!

Have a great weekend!

Ariane xxxx

Miss Peregrin said...

I love the "hideous" red shoes! They are spectacular. I agree with you in thinking that the outfit looks better with your black boots though. That dress is pretty fab also!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I agree with the ladies above about the black tights red shoes combo. I do love it with the boots though. I wish I could wear my boots again!!! Yay for outside shots I love it. xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

This is my FAVOURITE dress ever! You look absolutely GORGEOUS in it - and I like it with the red shoes and tights AND with the boots. PERFECTION!

Love! Srah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Gawd I flippin' love those shoes so much!!!!! Styling up a new thing is both scary and a stack of fun - I love the cable-knit style tights with the shoes!!!! Still, the boots are awesome too - gah!! I'm so happy you got a tripod, we'll get to see you in your garden with the beautiful puss! xoxoxoxooxooooxoxoxoxoxox

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love the dress. The print is just perfect.