Saturday, 24 March 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

When I had my first child, 10 years ago yesterday, I did not imagine I would be posting photos of her and me and her yet-to-exist sister on the internet. Funny how life can surprise you.

This photo shows you the difficult conditions under which I blog. There I am, in my finery, trying to take pictures in the garden, and this is the result. I'll give that arse a slap in a minute if you don't get it out of shot.

                                              No prizes for guessing what this expression was saying.

                                                                    Posing lessons from Smallest....

                           ... who is quite the comedienne. If you find pulling faces funny. Which I do.

                                                     The girls are fascinated with boobs. Aren't we all?

               1970s wrap maxi skirt, bangles and necklace (charity shop), 1970s felt hat (flea market), sandals and black top (retail)

Eldest had 4 of her lovely friends over for a sleepover last night, including a karaoke session (did you know karaoke is the Japanese word for sound of small strangled animal?)  This morning, they watched Grease while having a breakfast of popcorn and swiss roll. It's all about the carbs and the singing in this house.

I took her out into town today to buy her something to wear from a proper shop (ie. not a charity shop). My kids are really good about me acquiring their clothes from chazzas, jumble sales and hand-me-downs, but I did feel that she deserved something new for her 10th birthday. However, she wants Converse high tops. They are £40. For canvas shoes? For fucks sake! Haven't bought them yet (they didn't have her size) but despite the crazy expense, I did promise...

                                                                    Embarrassing Mother alert.

                         That's a face that says "Stop being such an arse, mother, and buy me those Converse."

                                               Happy Birthday to my beautiful double-digited LB!

                                                Hope you are all having a simply splendid weekend.


Trees said...

Aww...such sweet photos! I think you're a pretty cool mum:D Converse sneakers cost the same here (they are pretty much all Rich wears) its a criminal price!! A friend of ours is going to the states in June - he's going to pick us up a few pairs on the cheap at an outlet store there:D

Jan said...

As they say 'every picture tells a story ',so many happy stories today Jan xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

aww bless her... can you try amazon or ebay for cheaper converse? Rather cool that she wants them too. You have raised them well. Your outfit is great, you really suit those maxi skirts!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday LB!!! Chucks are awesomely cool but the price is rubbish isn't it - make her wear them every day until her tows grow out the ends!

You look super gorgeous in that lovely wrap skirt and hat - that silhouette is super flattering on you, Curtise - you look all willowy and whimsical, especially when presenting your delightful bosom to us. Annabel is also OBSESSED with boobs.

Love! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Ah, happy birthday to your first! The skirt is beautifully dramatic, with and without all the voguing going on. Just wait until her breasts begin to emerge...

Fiona said...

Ha ha, this gave me a giggle Curtise. Those girls of yours are a hoot, (chips off the old block methinks) love the bum and boob shots. Super skirt and how brave to wear open toed sandals in March! Your Converse comment is pretty much what I said when my 12yr old niece got some for xmas, 'That much for a pair of plimsolls!'

Vintage Sweetheart said...

These shots are hilarious your girls are so cheeky and fun! That skirt is so amazing and dramatic. I love your hat too. xx

Max said...

I bet the girls are chuffed they got to pose on your blog! Those pics are a crack up! You make gorgeous children x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Good God, eldest LB's sleepover sounds like my ideal night - karaoke all night long Followed by watching Grease and eating popcorn -bliss.

Yes, the price of converses, I've been very lucky and have managed to get Izzy's numerous pairs from charity shops or she has made do with quite funky imitations (M&S did do a nice purple flowery pair).

The pics of you and the girls are fabulous - such natural posers the lot of you! Your skirt is divine.

Btw, love the eldest LB's necklace (you're right). Where did she get it?


Melanie said...

Happy birthday to LB!! I love your fun photo session! I see your youngest is mastering Miz Bagg's "Finest Assets" pose in the first photo. She is destined for a career in modelling. I also love your definition of karaoke. LOL.

The photos of you solo in that maxi dress, bangles, necklace, hat - beautiful!

mispapelicos said...

You look like a true queen in that skirt, no wonder your princesses want to be around.
Where is the cat???
Enjoy your Sunday.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely pics. My youngest is 12 on Friday. How time flies.
My daughter was looking at pics of my graduation yesterday and she said:
"Mum you look the same only your skin is not as smooth and there are wrinkles now. Apart from that you haven't changed.!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday LB!
Funny pics Curtise!
I love it !
Mr.D does that to me as well when i am out in the garden taking pics
He makes me laugh or poses age here is not a criteria here!

My oldest detested clothes from charity shops when she was younger, now look at her she loves it and even has a shop selling it!

Lovely maxi, that is your signature girl,you wear them so well!

Ariane xxxxx

his_girl_friday said...

You look good and so do your daughters!

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to LB! may you grow up to be as gorgeous, willowy and hilarious as your adorable mother.
£40 for Converse? What size is she? All ours are second hand, maybe if you put a call out one of your devoted followers will snaffle a pair in her size for pennies.
I love that slinky top with that divine skirt, you have an incredible bod, Ms Curtise! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

(Omg did I ever love these pics they had me giggling.)
First photo gave me a good laugh "How cheeky is little Lb" *bahahaha*

You look fabulous in your long flowy skirt & floppy hat.

Posing lessons looked like so much fun. The girls boob picture had me laughing & when I scrolled down lower and saw your boob picture I realized this has to be one of my fave blog posts of yours *HAHA*

When I was oldest LB'S age I asked for the same darn thing. My parents got me some look-alikes from Sears. Which were EXACTLY like chucks except the back square on the heel said something else. Anyhow... I didn't care I loved them anyways. But I think the issue was we couldn't find the actual converse anywhere in our town.
Hopefully you will find them in her size, they are made pretty good so I assume she will just grow out of them.

Happy Birthday to her! She is such a pretty girl, and looks so much like her Momma.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love these photos, and the captions! Your girls are lovely, and you are the cool mum for promising the LB a pair of Chuck Taylors. I have a purple plaid pair, and I'm pretty sure I paid the same for mine. The photos of your daughters posing made me think of Melanie's recent post "Posing 101". Yes, boob grabbage seems to be a popular one!

In answer to your question about how to I ask people to take their photo (the reply funtion refuses to work on my blog!), I just go up and first tell them how much I love their look and then ask if I can take their photo. I've had maybe 3 or 4 people refuse out of all the people I've asked--most are quite happy.

Helga said...

Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa,I love this post!I love your girls!They can frolic with me ANYTIME!We'll waste loads of digital taking pix of ourselves pulling spazzy faces and grabbing our booboids,big and not quite existing!!!
Happy B'day indeed to your lovely eldest! Small strangulated animal or not,she's pretty damned good looking!Hopefully she'll discover how fab frocks are one day!Bugger the converse being so expensive....but now you've promised...silly YOU!
Carbs and singing?? Sounds brillant!
LOVING that divine maxi skirt!!! And I'm rather intrigued by the pretty pendant-might we have a close up,please Missus?!
Love you more than kareoke!

two squirrels said...

Oh Happy happy birthday!!! 10 years wow! Teens soon mum!
Converse sneakers very cool.
Love all the play pics of you lovely girls, tee hee.
Miss Curtise your skirt is perfect and love the hat. Most Stylish mum EVER.
Love to you all.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I'll slap that wee arse for you after I've finished with my lot over here!! Yes, we are all mystified by boobs, it never goes away and I'm even more mystified by mine since they started shrinking about three months ago:(. Little darling LB, happy birthday and I hope you get your Chucks in the colour you want most in the world! I reckon my mob would get on well with your mob - such naughty faces and damn I love your LOOK ("don't even think about it") you save for the kidlets - haaaaa!! Apparently, I look scary when I'm mad at the them. Oh it's so, so lovely to see you outdoors in that beautiful skirt!!! xoxoxoxo

thequeensdrawers said...

haha. The bum photo is so funny and that maxi skirt is amazing.
Want to thank you for referring my blog too.
Hope to see you at St Mary's on Sat.

Krista said...

Happy Birthday eldest LB!!!! These photos are wild! First off you are looking more gorgeous with each post Curtise, what gives?:) Maybe it is the setting I just don't know but you are looking pretty FAB my dear! No one can rock a maxi like you! My favorite photo is the one where both girls are doing the boob shot, too funny, oh man that's just amusing!

I love that you wanted to get her something new, your a sweet Mama and if I was there I'd take Birthday girl out with me and she'd come back with two pairs of high tops :) (spoken like an Auntie who loves to spoil)

Love to all of you gals, looking lovely as ever!!!!