Friday, 9 March 2012

Don't you ever stop being dandy...

                                                 ... showing me you're handsome. Fine advice.

                               I am feeling pretty fine and dandy today. What do you think of my new hat?

I have been on the look out for a floppy-brimmed 1970s hat for ages, and found this one at Chesterfield flea market yesterday. I think if you wait long enough, you will find everything at Chesterfield flea market. Truly, all human life and its ephemera are there.

I have been very busy with school PTA stuff, we have a coffee morning in a fortnight, and end of term discos for the kids to organise. As with all tasks like this, it sounds easy and straightforward enough, but there is so much to do, and not always enough volunteers... I like doing it though, gives me a legitimate excuse not to do housework.

 1970s felt hat and 1960s dress (flea market), boots (Ebay), denim jacket and bangle (charity shops), tan bag (Xmas swap gift from Alex)

I have a day of fun tomorrow. My friend Patsy and her daughter are coming to visit, there is a jumble sale locally in the morning, and then we plan to enlarge Patsy's wardrobe with some charity shop bargains. There happens to be a Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Sheffield tomorrow too, but we might not get to that. Tea is planned at a wonderful Turkish grill restaurant called Zeugmas.

All this activity will doubtless be accompanied by excessive laughter and much piss-taking. I will take my camera, almost as though I were a proper blogger.

Busy busy busy! But as I proceed  jumble-home-charity shop-coffee shop-charity shop-restaurant, I will not stop being dandy or lower myself, forgetting all my standards.

                                                      Thank you for the reminder, Adam.

                           Have a great weekend, remember that ridicule is nothing to be scared of!


Melanie said...

I love your outfit, especially the hat! It's much like my burgundy one!


Vix said...

Never stop being dandy, ever! Mind you I think poor Adam forgot everything a few years back.
I adore that hat, it looks fabulous on you and as you've got a head as massive as mine I'll be stealing from you at a moment's notice.
That dress is pretty special, too.
Have a wonderful weekend. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Alix said...

Lovely dress and it goes so well with the denim jacket. Have a fun weekend!

delia hornbook said...

Oh My how gorgeous do you look today ;-)) Love the hat you must find others in diefferent colours that style really suits you and that dress is a stunner i love the denim jacket with it i have to say i wear my old denim jacket with mine to i love the look. Your weekend sounds like a fabulous one have fun and look forward to hearing all about it, dee xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

Love that outfit, I also want to visit Chesterfield flea market

Rose&Bird said...

That's a great outfit, love the hat! I will have to visit Chesterfield flea market (and Vix's) one day in the near future. Maybe you'll find a suitable skirt pattern and that fabled Enid Collins bag one day soon?

Hope you enjoy your weekend, it sounds lovely x

Fiona said...

LOVE the print and colours of your dress and your hat is just the thing for it. I always have trouble with hats as I've such a pin head. Wasn't Diana Dors fabulous in that vid? I wish I was coming with you tomorrow, it sounds my kind of day. Have fun.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

This first at work made me completly unorganized for blogging, i have to find time to post, but very hard with physio 2x a week, i get home late.
So i guess it makes me busy as well!
We have so many charity sales in your part of the world!

I love your hat very pretty

Have a good weekend

Ariane xxxx

Kylie said...

I saw Adam (and the ants) when they came to Perth. First proper concert. Ha!
Love your dress and floppy hat.
Sounds like you've got a fun and dandy weekend ahead of you.
And Curtise, you are a proper blogger, aren't you?

one denim bird said...

Love that hat and the print on your dress! You also rock the denim jacket with any of your outfits! (I'm a wee bit partial to a good denim jacket too!)
Have a fine and dandy weekend - sounds like it's gunna be a pearler.

Joyatri said...

That hat is a great find. I went to a Judy's Affordable Vintage Sale in London a couple months back and bought a hat that I adore:
Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead -- enjoy!

Vintage Coconut said...

Well you sure as heck look DANDY!!
I am totally crazy over your dress. And your new hat does look rather lovely on you.

I am excited to as I will go to my first garage sale of the year tomorrow. There is only one listed so I am crossing my fingers to find at least one cool thing.

Dawn said...

I just love reading your posts. Some of your words are not completely familiar to me but I do get your humor and wit. I imagine your lovely accent too. That hat is gorgeous and I love how you take a dress from the 60's and make it look current with your boots and denim...great dress! PTA sounds much better than housework. Have a great weekend...dawn suitcase vignettes xo thanks for your well wishes with my op.

VintageBirdGirl said...

I do adore that dress. Green floral always captures my heart. I wish you could have joined me at the Brisbane vintage Fashion Fair many maxi's that had your name on them. Xx

Melanie said...

If you had photos of yourself in sequence and got us to scroll fast, we could watch you grooving to that excellent video! After all, that's such a groove-tastic outfit - I love your hat! Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hat! I love Adam Ants music and your dress :)

Trees said...

I am SO jealous of your hat - I've wanted a floppy 70's hat for the longest time! Also love your lovely maxi dress. Sounds like you're going to have an amazing weekend with your friend, I can't wait to see what you find whilst shopping:)


You must find more hats! I like the outfit without the hat, but with the hat, I LOVE it.
Not enough PTA volunteers at our school either, people are either to shy or too busy doing housework (idiots).
You're so funny Curtise, I think you should have an alternative fashion column in a magazine.

Anonymous said...

It's a delightful hat. Have fun pissing...during this outing. May you find many more treasures.

Max said...

Florals on a black background is the only wAy i like florals, and i love love love that frock. Hurrah for housework avoidance and charity shopping!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

The first time I heard this song was the day we got our beautiful Welsh Springer Spaniel called Owen. I was 14 at the time.

karensomethingorother said...

Love the hat. Love the dress. You look very 70's CHIC. How fun! I also like the idea that if I wait long enough, what I want WILL show up at these shops!

Krista said...

The hat the hat oh Curtise you have achieved a whole new level of I LOOK GOOD with the hat :) It's more like your sexy and you know it! I love the shape of the hat too! You do sound busy and happy and that's always good. Have fun out with Patsy I wish you luck on thrifting!!!

two squirrels said...

Dandy and amazing!!! Curtise as always you and a fabulous maxi were meant to be together.
The hat is the cherry(felt) on the top, love it.
Hope you have a dandy weekend!!!
Much love V
Ps the brown/orange dress in the last post Dandy too!!!!!

Clara Turbay said...

i love it it´s perfect.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

It's a lovely dandy hat! SUch a lovely outfit. I hope you had a fab weekend. xx

Miss Peregrin said...

Freakin' love that maxi! The colors, the cut, the print, it is just too fabulous. Have fun with your friend tomorrow!

his_girl_friday said...

You're looking fine and dandy! Love that hat.

Anonymous said...

Oh that dress... I love it!
And I love that song, too!


Helga! said...

Any excuse to avoid housework!!!
I love Adam and the Ants!!! Fine advice in this song indeed!
That hat is fabulous!I have urges for one,but am not sure it would suit me!Haven't found one yet anyway.Love LOVE this frock;it's the miost delcious print!I love your style,you just rock these vintage frocks and make them look so funky,fesh and modern,dare I say!!! Nice touch with the tooled leather bag!Another weakness!
You're another one of my weaknesses!

La Dama said...

Oh amor you look good in brim 70's hat. you should wear more hats.
loving your greentastic Maxi frock.
that fab jean jacket makes all your dresses look even better and I'm not a denim girl at all.