Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I've been busy

Life has been a bit hectic for the past week, so I must apologise for not being around. I will be catching up on my blog reading and commenting as soon as humanly possible - I've missed my girls!

Firstly - Bristol. What a lovely city. We had a great time. Of course I only really took photos of the kids, which is poor blogging behaviour. I won't bore you with them, don't worry, but these pictures manage to capture something about my eldest two children.

We visited Bristol Zoo, which was great, and the kids wanted to go on the Zooropia experience. Here is Eldest LB in action.

And here she is again, striding along, high up in the air, while her younger brother clings to the pole for dear life. I think he may be traumatised for life by the experience. It was supposed to be fun...

                         It's true that an image can take the place of a hundred words - this one says it all.

        This was more to Smallest LB's liking - pretending to be a penguin chick hatching out of an egg.

                                                                                Cabot Tower....

                                      ... with a view of the majestic Clifton Suspension Bridge....

     .... and on a clear day, you can see Canada! I waved to you, Melanie Coconut, Ariane, Karen and Melanie!

                                                        Blue skies for a stroll by the harbourside...

                                           ... before we said goodbye to Bristol and headed for home.

           I've been experimenting with my tripod in the garden, starting with my inconspicuous corner...

... then moving further down the garden to the cherry tree (I'm showing you my non-grey roots, been to the hairdresser's - hurrah!)

                                                                    Trying a different angle...

                                             ... and now feeling highly visible and not a little foolish!

1970s Co-op crimplene maxi skirt (vintage fair), sheer purple blouse, belt, denim jacket, leather patchwork bag and boots (charity shopped)

   Will do my best to drop by all your blogs over the next couple of days, I want to know all the gossip!


Anonymous said...

Devine what a lovely ensemble.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Stunning Curtise - love this outfit, just my colours. I have a couple of belts like yours, but always end up taking them off, they seem to shift about. Is there a trick to it? Your cherry tree looks like a pretty venerable thing - it's huge!

Cabot Tower brought back a few memories which I won't go into on the internet!


Anonymous said...

aaah, bristol, a city I know so well! :) looks like you had a blast. and welcome back!
Le Material Girl

Melanie said...

That outfit is gorgeous! I love the shape of the skirt and I have a real thing for sleeves and those are fabulous!

I would have been the same up at that height, though your little boy is a braver soul than me, I couldn't have gotten that far. I got stuck about eight foot up a ladder once and was near to tears!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Forgot to say, brilliant pic of biggest LB - she's an absolute natural. We'll have to get her to join Desiree's circus.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Glad you had fun! I remember being traumatised on various "supposed to be fun" trips - climbing up was fine... getting down was terrifying

I think your outfit is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous colours and that belt is amazing!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

Good to have you back!
The outside pics look better but the pics are a bit out of focus... the light is right,framing is good, what time did you take the pics?

Not easy sometimes photo shooting!

I have been busy as well, hard to blog and reply to all the gorgeous ladies...

Love the maxi it is exquisite, it looks good on you because it seems your are quite tall?

The pics of the kids are so adorable.

Awwwwwww! it is you who was waving the other day, i wondered who it was ;)

Take care lovely Curtise and keep playing with your camera!



Fiona said...

Some great snaps there Curtise and the LB's look like they had a great time. FAB-ulous outfit dahling, looks amazing on you. Glad you are getting to grips with the tripod and lovely to have a nosy around your garden which is very neat & tidy and puts mine to shame. Alas no gossip here as been on nights this week and chazza shops full of crap today.

Krista said...

Curtise such a juicy post full of the prettiest of pictures! You look incredible in this luscious maxi OMG I am digging all the colors. Hi neighbors! The front yard looks beautiful! The eldest LB seems brave and outgoing, love that smile of delight, poor lil brother :) Smallest LB is the most adorable chick I have ever seen. What a fun day out and about.

The Cabot Tower is what I imagine when I think of the UK. God I can't wait to be there!!!!

Best outfit pictures EVER Curtise!!!! and the hair looks scrumpticous!



Welcome back, we have missed you!
Please don't think I'm being lazy, but Krista's comment says everything I'd like to say. Your hair looks beautiful, such a lovely colour.
I really need to get back to Bristol, my aunt and cousins live in Redfield, plenty of charity shops!

Lucy x

delia hornbook said...

Wow just look at you ;-) You look gorgeous i love the shot by the tree and you facing the other way it look such a lovely natural shot. That skirt is lovely and with the blouse and the belt wow it shows up your gorgeous figure. Purple looks great on you. Lovely photo's and your eldest daughter bless her heart how brave and chuffed is she with herself ;-) Have a good week, dee xx

Jan said...

Dear Curtise ,I recently won an orange skirt on ebay ,too long I thought,so I went out today to buy some thread to take it up ,but now seeing your skirt and how nice it looks so I may leave it at that length ,the pictures of your children are adorable and your hair colour lovely Jan xx

Vix said...

Welcome back, Curtise and crew! Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, I love how shiny in looks in your amazing new pictures.
The kids looked like they had a whale of a time and Charlie's missed you.
Love everything you're wearing. I can't believe that skirt was originally from the Co-op. The branch I remember from my childhood was like communist Russia, all drab olive and beige anoraks and elasticated waist slacks!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Next time you're in Bristol, wave to me too! That is such a flattering, fabulous outfit--love the blouse and the marvy maxi; the awesome belt makes ties it all together.

two squirrels said...

yay Curtise so nice to see you!!! Missed you!!!
Look at your hair!!! So lovely, the colour is perfect.
Tri-pod working well, nice posing!!! The skirt is amazing.
The little poppets look like they had fun on holiday.
Happiness is having Curtise back....
Love v

Helga! said...

OMG I love that skirt!It's heavenly!As are you and the way you're wearing it!
Thanks for the garden tour!Yay for tripods! Not sure where mine is right a box in the garage,somewhere!Mine's just a gorilla pod,I really want a proper one!
Ooo,fun times in bristol!Don't think I'd like to do that climbing thingy;not scared of heights,but of taking off my heels!

You are a LOVELY wench!
Yours adoringly!XXXXXXXXX

Trees said...

Such cute holiday snaps! Rich has family there and he's always wanted to visit. I fear I would be the kid hanging on for dear life on the climbing thing - I hate heights! I really love your maxi, so inspirational for me and my fear of wearing maxi skirts in cooler weather!

Penny-Rose said...

The purple blouse and maxi skirt go together so well. Good to see that the tripod is working :-)

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I was just thinking when I saw your first pic that your hair looked lovely. Love your photos of your kids in Bristol. My daughter is very much like your eldest - adventurous and a bit of nutter ( not that I'm suggesting that eldest LB is a nutter!).

Adore the skirt and the blouse is gorgeous. Liking the tripod pics in the garden malarkey. xx

Tamera Beardsley said...

Lovely outfit!

VintageBirdGirl said...

So glad you had a good time away. I missed you! Love the maxi skirt. Your garden looks very inviting. I would love to see Bristol one day. Xx

Louise said...

I don't think I've ever been to Bristoln perhaps I shouldm that zooropia thing looks tremendous... Do they let adults on? Xx

Melanie said...

Someone has been schmoozing her tripod...! You look fantastic in that mod maxi skirt and all the rest, and I'm loving that patchwork leather bag! Everything is spot on. The trip looks like it was lots of fun but I would have liked to see a photo of you on Zooropia too. Your kids are adorable!

Vintage Coconut said...

Very glad you are back. Because we all missed you too.
WOW Eldest Lb is a brave lil thing isn't she! (Looks like you will have a dare devil on your hands.)

I love your outfit. Where you live looks so nice. I adore ALL THE BRICK buildings. (I wish we had more brick in Canada.) But apparently the UK has it all. =p


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Eldest LB is so brave I'd be shaking like a leaf! I love that skirt it has a POW effect! xx

La Dama said...

Curtise amor glad to see your working your Vogue poses.
I adorar your gorgeous Maxi skirt. cool patchwork bag. I love the big sleeves on gypsy purple blouse.
Your kids are really adorably brave.
You hair is looking very healthy and shiny.

Anonymous said...

I'm in dire need of some sightseeing. Have to admire your oldest child's gumption. And I like that you are getting braver with the outdoor photos--it will open a world of possibilities.

Joyatri said...

Purple! Red! Paisley! -- all in one skirt. It's gorgeous and you look stunning in this outfit.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh Littlest Love is the spitting image of you!

LOVE your outfit - the skirt is gorgeous and the blouse is stunning - I especially love the sleeves. And your hair is movie-star-fabulous!

Your pics are getting better by the day - YAY you! Your garden is just gorgeous - a CHERRY TREE!!!

Love! Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my giddy-aunt!!! Firstly, purple blouse and paisley maxi - YESSSSSSSSS!!! Oh I love these outdoor pics so much, lots of lovely saturated colour and your hair is looking gorgeous!! I want to know what the kids were walking over - the lion's den? The monkeys? Wish I could give it a go! The Phoenix said Bristol is lovely and I had no idea you could spot Canada from up high!!! xoxoxoxooxoxox

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