Friday, 30 March 2012

Homage to hippy

                                                        I love a maxi. You may have noticed.

                       I have amassed quite a collection of 1960-70s beauties, both dresses and skirts.

                                                                      See? Maxis galore.

But looking at them all, they tend to be of the more dressy variety. I wouldn't say I do the casual caftan hippy thing at all.

So this 1970s Indian cotton wrap maxi skirt is something of a departure for me. Sure, it's a maxi. But it's cotton! And hippytastic! And the hem is sitting a bit wonky, but hey man, it's cool, straight lines are for... well, straights.

So now I'm feeling the need to show you my latest millinery find, a 1950s (maybe?) straw hat. Nothing like mixing up your eras for a bit of excitement.

It is indeed me under there, but I am working on the assumption that if I can't see the neighbours, they can't see me. And I'm in disguise anyway, they'll never recognise me. That's the way to deal with photos in the garden.

The hat came from my happy hunting ground of Chesterfield flea market. One of these days, I'll take some photos and show you the delights of the market, it's great. There are an increasing number of vintage stalls, some of which have prices out of my league, but I have got to know a few stall holders and they cut me a reasonable deal as a regular customer.

   Look at this cute little turquoise 1960s Peter Barron dress. I think it's slub silk, it's beautiful quality. £6.

All these items were photographed straight after being pulled out of my bag, so they are looking a little crumpled and shabby. But they will scrub up well, and once I've had a trying on session, I'll decide which are keepers and which will go on Ebay.

                                            Love the cheerful tulip print on this Jaeger pleated skirt. £4.

Mint green 1970s Mexican cotton sundress, with embroidery, ribbon and crochet detail. Almost too much joy. £4.

1970s autumnal print angel sleeve dress, £4. You must know by now that I am a pushover for an adorable angel sleeve. It must be because of my angelic nature. Just ask my children. On second thoughts, don't.

                    And finally this delightful detail is from a 1950s silk tourist scarf from the Bahamas. £1.

So the kids have broken up for the Easter holidays, the jumble sale, coffee morning, school discos and parents evenings are all behind me, and I can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Yeah, right....

1970s Indian maxi skirt (flea market, £4), black t-shirt (no idea, found it in a drawer), sunglasses (vintage shop), bangles and tan sandals (charity shopped), silver/gold pendant on leather thong (Zakynthos, another lifetime)

                                                                             Peace, sisters!


karensomethingorother said...

Love, love, love the cotton skirt. It looks so beautiful. Actually, all of your maxi dresses look fantastic. I think I have an especial fondness for a red dress too. It really catches my eye and makes go "oooooo....!"

I loved the tourist scarf too. What a fun print. That's it. Now I have to head off to our local Goodwill store tonight and see if I can find ANYTHING nearly as fun.

Trashsparkle said...

Love the cotton skirt print - there's a lot of pattern going on - and that's a good thing! Saw a similar patterned frock at today's flea market, but had my eye on a black polka dot number - typical, I bought neither of them :(

Have you had any funny looks from the neighbours? No? In that case they haven't spotted you in the garden. Or you could make out you've hired a crazy, maxi-loving gardener...

Belated congrats on the awesomeness of your jumble sale running triumph - I've been a bit hit and miss on commenting at the moment ;) xx

Helga! said...

O,the scarf!!! Yumcious!
That maxi is fabulous,I had a similar one many years ago that got caught in my bike wheel and destroyed...pooos.A good lesson in why cycling in maxis isn't a good idea.Haven't done it since,that's why I mostly wear short frocks!
You are a maxi queen,aren't you?Just like our Vix,and what fabulous maxis you own!!!
Yay for scores,that turquoise and white number is a sweetie!
Love you more than maxis!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ha, yeah, peace and quiet! We can but hope. But no getting dressed at the crack of dawn, so there's the silver lining. Also we're off to Edinburgh for a few days, looking forward to that.

The skirt is pretty but the hat is awesome, love it! I am also a fan of maxis, especially with a sleeve (useful for hiding my worst feature, not a problem you have), but that little 60s dress is super cute. I have a similar homemade one (not by me) with polka dots - I must dig it out and see if it still fits.

I have added Chesterfield to bloggers map (am thinking it would make a great iphone app - pinpointing everywhere you can pick up a dirt cheap 70s frock, or find the best handpainted teacups)

Enjoy the hols

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise !

Love the maxi and i say it again you look soooooo good in them, it is your signature look!
That 50 hat is to die for i adore it
You make me laugh about the hat keep you from the looks of the neighbors , you will get use to it girl!
Where are hou on E-bay? Do hou have a vendor's name? I would like to see wht you are selling, you have such good taste my friend!

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxxx

Melanie said...

I adore a wonky hem, but I've always been a little off-kilter... Excellent hat and excellent little Peter Barron number! So flirty, so groovy, so YOU! I like your garden assumption: if you can't see them, they can't see you. That's always worked for me in hide and seek.

Your maxi retrospective is great and I'm especially liking that most glam diva glitter silver outfit in the second row. WOW!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful skirt! As for the neighbors possibly recognizing your disguise--I just clothes my eyes and make like I'm invisible. Lots of great items from this shop, but the Mexican sun dress is my hands down fav.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm really in love with your hat. Seriously. I really want one for myself. I can never find them. Your collection is fab keep collecting and entertaining us and the neighbours. You need to show us what the silk dress looks like on

Trees said...

I want to come to the Chesterfield Market too - what amazing finds. Especially that blue mod style dress. Lovely!

La Dama said...

Maxis galore indeed!You Maxi-biatch.
you certainly know how wear Maxis.
That Mexican dress is divino.
what an amazing tulip skirt, I love all kinds of floral garments.
That's right work that hat amor!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What fabulous finds! I love the blue frock & of course the green one too. We must crown you the Queen of the Maxi. They suit you so well. I have 6 in my collection but I hardly ever wear them because I feel so dressed up. I like the cotton maxi skirt....great fabric. Hope you have a great weekend. Xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Certainly a great collection of maxis. And every one splendid indeed!
You really suit those little angel sleeves.
Great finds!

Kylie said...

I'm an angel Mum too, NOT! And yes you can ask my girls, they'll cetainly back me up. Nooooo they'll scream. I am currently hated by both of them for different reasons. It's hard work being the mother of teenage girls, especially when I was such a well-behaved one myself! Ha!

I love your marvelous maxis. I'm a big fan too. They hide a multitude of sins (hairy legs for one) and I adore that little minty Mexican frock and that beautiful aqua Peter Barron one. Sweet.

I love those pics of you in your garden x

Vintage Coconut said...

You have so many fantastic maxis Curtise and I don't see your collection ending any time soon. *hehehe*
Your cotton maxi is so lovely and it looks so comfy too.
And that hat *OoOoOhhhHH* it adds so much mystery to you.

You purchased so many great things from the market. My fave HAS to be that green Mexican sundress! *It's beautiful*

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love maxis too even though I tend to trip in them! i'm constantly over dressed but who cares!! I'm in love with the that peter baron frock it's DEVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sara said...

That skirt is fantastic. You look amazing. Also, I'm in love with all of your maxis. I thought it only right to tell you. :)


I adore all your long dresses, and gorgeous finds, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are so unique, my dear friend.
Have a grand weekend.

Melanie said...

I love all your maxis and really love that blue dress and the tulip skirt and the angel sleeve dress.

Gem said...

Ooh I just found your blog. Me likey. A lot. Gorgeous maxi dresses. Sadly I can't wear them as just look pregnant. What's the secret? You look awesome....

Louise said...

Those are fantastic finds, mostly I'm loving the hat though. I'm after something similar to go with my 50s summer dresses. I have an abundance of vintage winter hats, not so much summer ones. X

Kitty said...

Hi darl, you're looking as scrumptious as you always have, I must say, and I'm loving the outdoor pics, they make your skin look heaps better, if I can be so blunt (and I think I can!!!)
Give us (me) your ebay i.d. sometime, I'm always buying clothes so I'd like to check out your listings if you don't mind.
Sorry for being such a slack commenter lately, btw!!


Despite your signature maxi style, you always manage to add individual flair somehow, I'm impressed with your eye for clothes.
The kids break up on the 5th here, but it'll be even less of a break now I'm looking after my niece and nephew (I'm an idiot).
Not sure if you saw my clothes post, featuring, at last, the coat you sent?

I had a bumper charity session yesterday, may have to get posing again...

Have a great weekend dear.

Anonymous said...

You always seem to look fab in a maxi - I love em all!

Le Material Girl

Krista said...

You are maxtastic! I love seeing you in this Bohemian departure! The hat is perfect and I'm sure your neighbors wish they have the guts to get out and do what you do! I love that blue silk number too sweet! Your a beauty Curtise!

Vix said...

So many glorious maxis! Between us I think we should start an archive, that'll give us even more of an excuse to keep buying them and preserving them for posterity!
That Indian block printed wrap is fabulous on you and perfect with the cute straw hat. You do suit to hippy-tastic look!
Love your finds, I can just see Ariane in that Peter Barron mini! The Mexican sundress is so pretty. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

delia hornbook said...

Wow you have some gorgeous maxis there and you great in them all. I have to say love that blue and white 60's dress and your new hat looks blinking great with the red bow round it you wear it well that has to be a keeper ;-)) enjoy your weekend, dee xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Apparently maxi's love you too! You look amazing in every single one of them. I love this new addition - even if it isn't your usual fare it looks great, and the pattern is to die for.

his_girl_friday said...

You look so stunning! What a beautiful skirt! I love all your maxis.

Fiona said...

How maxtastic are you? I LOVE this new wraparound maxi, what a fabulous find and an amazing price. You look so good in it. Have yet to find any vintage pieces in Sussex without silly prices. The tripod pics are getting even better, so sod what they neighbours might think. (that is of course, if they can even see you)

Forest City Fashionista said...

You and Vix definitely need to start cataloguing your maxis! I am enamoured with that straw hat, and the silk scarf. Excellent thrifting skills Curtise!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are the definitive maxi woman - that's maximum impact my dear!!!! I love your collection so much and I remember I had an Indian wrap around skirt just like yours - I wonder what happened to it? Your blog is just gorgeous Curtise, I'm so, so happy you decided to go for it coz I rully luff you!!!! xoxoxoxoxo