Monday, 12 March 2012

Jumbles, and muddles, and frocks, oh my!

                                   The jumble sale I went to on Saturday morning was an odd affair.

I have to say it was a very poor effort - inconsistent pricing, not much stuff, but the advantage was that it had been so badly advertised, there weren't many people there, and most of those who were, I knew, which made for a sociable time of it! See, I looked for the silver lining and there it was.

That rather set the tone for the day in terms of bargain-hunting. I had confidently predicted we would come home from our charity shopping trip with bags a-bulging... But I only bought a pair of shoes, and Patsy just one pair of trousers. Oh well, sometimes that's just how it goes.

                       The scarves in the photo below were jumble finds, the only vintage clothing items there.


Office red leather 40s-style shoes, hardly worn, for £7 in Oxfam. Funnily enough, I bumped into the friend who had had her colours done and now refuses to wear anything which isn't in the Autumn (or is it Spring? I forget. Because I don't care) colour palette. She said these shoes are hideous.

She wears Per Una. I need say no more (at least for UK residents and shoppers. For my lovely international beauties, how to describe the Per Una range at Marks and Spencers? Lots of knitwear, lots of pastels/"soft" shades, lots of floaty-flowiness, corduroy, embellishment - in short, what my mum would think was "fashionable". But she's 86... Ooh, I'm being a real bitch! It may have improved, I haven't been in an M&S for ages.)

                                    Anyway, I bought the hideous shoes for my hideous trotters, OK?

                           Patsy and I having coffee. She bought her zebra sweater when we went to London.

After an afternoon of charity shops, the kids needed a brief let-off-steam session in the Botanical Gardens before tea.

                                                                    Poses copied from our girls...

                                                          Then on to Zeugma's Turkish restaurant.

If you are wondering who that pale and ghostly figure is on the right, it's the seldom-seen Boy Child. He was winkled out from his all-but-permanent attachment to the XBox for the occasion. It's a miracle.

                                                    Note Eldest LB taking the piss out of me.

Speaking of which, I feel I should just clarify that expression, mainly for my American readers. Taking the piss is entirely different from taking/having a piss. I laughed until I nearly did the latter at Terri's comment on my last post. I think she was worried that I would be wantonly urinating in my lovely frock. No no! To take the piss means to joke, tease or mock. Among friends, it's a harmless, amusing activity, though it can have a harder edge, meaning to criticise, fool, or deliberately try to undermine or ridicule.

Patsy and I have a relationship which is sturdy and longstanding enough to withstand much piss-taking. I have never taken a piss with her, near her, or on her. For which we can all be very grateful.

                               Having sorted out that linguistic muddle, let me show you a new frock.

                                              Your thoughts, ladies? I do love it, but I'm just not sure it's me.

Orange? Yes. With green? Yes. 3/4 sleeves? Yes. Square neckline. Yes yes yes. So is it the embroidery that's too girly, or the scalloped hem, or the flowers, or what? Is it.... a bit Per Una? Nooooooooooooooo!

                                       That's better, all my dresses look decent with my trusty denim jacket.

But help me - what can I do to de-girlify this dress? Wear boots? Or is it just not me? And yes, I know it's weird that I am asking a group of women who have never met me to tell me whether something is me or not. But I trust your judgements, and you've seen my style, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

                                        I look forward to hearing from you. Just don't take the piss, alright?


Vintage Sweetheart said...

You know what I'm going to say, I love it! But I'm into super girly styles. I think it looks awesome and those shoes are amazing.xxxx

Joyatri said...

Those red shoes are adorable! Great find.
Taking the piss is like taking the mickey, right? My British boyfriend is always educating me on the quaint slang on your island. And I get to teach him Americanisms.
I agree that the dress would look better butched up with knee-high boots and maybe a darker belt. But the color and style certainly suit you. And I'm always a sucker for embroidery.

Anonymous said...

First, the red shoes are excellent no matter what this color coordinated person says.

Second, your explanation of pissing set me straight and made me laugh out loud.

Third, I would in fact try a pair of boots with the dress. I like the dress, but I do see the problem you're having about it.

VintageBirdGirl said...

Love the red shoes! Glad you at least scored something. I like the frock but I would like it better with boots too. Looks a bit twee (is that the right word?) with heels somehow. Maybe a tan belt & boots would dress it down a bit? But you can certainly pull off the frock as usual! Xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Drools all over* Because of your red shoes!! OMG I love those!
Your friend is crazy (no offense to her) *hahahahah*

I think that dress is very cute. Yes try some black accessories with it that should help de-girly it.

Melanie said...

I won't piss on you but I will take the piss... I live in the Colonies so I kind of get all that.

First, the shoes, the most divine shoes in the world!! In fact, I would wear them with this girly dress, with red tights or, better yet, very green tights with a big dark scarf and a dark belt. Too weird?

I think you look marvellous and I hope you can make friends with this piece, but if you can't...upwards and onwards!


Per Una (pronounced "Proona" in these parts, has taken over the charity shops. If that's not an indication of it's hideousness, I don't know what is. It brings to mind a teacher I used to work with, Sue. Sue wore clothes from the Kaleidoscope catalogue and collected Unicorns. At weekends she wore jump suits with lace and gold embroidery embellishnents, paid a fortune for them!
Red shoes - top marks, always a winner for me.
Girly dress - black won't do it any favours, in my opinion. I would try and Vix it up with suede (maybe a jerkin) and boho/tribal accessories. It'll work a treat in the warmer weather with tan sandals.
I'd take a piss over your friend who had her colours done's shoes. Cheeky cow!

Lucy Nation said...

Oh those shoes are FAB I'd have snaffled them up in a second. I can't believe any sane person would not like them!

Vix said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! What kind of a crazy person gives those away? You'd have thought the ruffle and ditsy lining would appeal to a Per Una loving bird, wouldn't you?
The colour and embroidery on the dress are lovely but I do think it needs to be toughened up.
Battered tan leather boots, a suede or denim waistcoat, a tooled leather belt and a slouchy knitted beret are my suggestion, exactly like Lucy says.
Nice to see Boy-child! xxxxxxxxxx

lovesjetlag said...

those shoes are wonderful, I live in Italy and sometimes I find Office brand shoes on the market stalls for 20 euros, I have to say most of their models are really the new frock is lovely, only I don't think it matches well with T bar shoes and black thights, I'd choose a different color gree, brown, suede, peach shades, Vix's fantastic green suede boots would be perfect!!!

delia hornbook said...

Well all i can say is your marks and spencers friend has no taste or style. Those shoes are gorgeous and im sooo glad you got them ;-) I love the first photo of you and Patsy its so sweet. I know what you mean about the xbox and getting them off it its the same with my little man. I think your dress is gorgeous but if it was me i would wear flesh coloured tights with it and maybe boots or green shoes and green cardigan and your denim jacket ;-) I think its lovely and does look gorgeous on you. dee xxx

Mary Lou said...

oh the red shoes are a dream which came true, so adore them!!! and how fabulous is this orange embroiderd dress!!!! it looks great on you darling!
love and kiss,mary

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I LOVE the shoes! Was rather jealous when I saw them. Obviously you know to ignore your friend. I must admit I do buy Per Una clothes, but from Oxfam, never new.

keep the dress! It's rather amazing! hopefully we shall all meet one day!

Melanie said...

Just a warning, if you sleep, then you'll wake to find that dress has mysteriously vanished ..


It looks utterly fabulous on you! I absolutely love it!


Anonymous said...

oh, those shoes are lush!
I may hate Per Una too (urgh, urgh, urgh!) but I do love that dress, I don't think that dress is "per una" at all! :-)


sacramento said...

Wonderful frocks, gorgeous YOU.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think those shoes are adorable, and if they had been my size, I would have snatched them up, so Pfffttt to your "colour-organized" acquaintance! I love that first photo of you and Patsy, you look relaxed and happy. Vix is right, the peach dress needs to be "un-girlified". I like it with the denim jacket; maybe some boots, suede vest??

Krista said...

I love your sweet new red shoes! The bows on front are perfection! You and Patsy look like such good friends and I love seeing you out with the kids, OMG you do have a boy :)

Taking the piss, I like your use of the term better, we have a funny one called shooting the shit which means talking I always thought that one was weird.

I love this dress! The shape fits you perfect. I think what might be missing is that it looks like a summer dress that would look best with no tights and maybe a little cardigan. BUT if doesn't make you feel fab that all that matters. I love it on you though!


Louise said...

I think the shoes are so hideous that you should send them to me... I'll dispose of them for you ;-) lol. Is she crazy? They are GORGEOUS!

I do like the dress, it just needs a bit of 'roughing up' that's all, it looks fab with the denim.


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

People can be so rude. Hideous? They're divine!

Love the zebra sweater and you're new short frock, although seeing you in the longer skirt just seems right. It's so you.

I tried on the hot pink long vintage skirt I was telling you about, and it is truly hideous. I'm too short to pull it off.


Rose&Bird said...

I must have terrible taste in shoes too as I really like them and a steal at £7!
The second dress is very pretty. I'd probably add a belt and some leather to tone down the girliness if you think it's a bit much x

karensomethingorother said...

Ooo....what if you tried that super fun dress with your awesome new red shoes and no hosiery??? That might look fab. Helga is always pairing red and orange together for saturated goodness.

Loved your bitchiness. LURVED it in fact. I was all frowny face, because I'd just been thinking how wicked those shoes are!

Oh, and I get the English expressions, because I live with a man who's been here for a zillion years but refuses to assimilate :)

In fact, I lamented this in THIS post here (and I don't try to be one of those lame bloggers who plugs her own stuff all the time, just thought it might give you a laugh):

Trees said...

We say "take the piss" in NZ so I knew what you were talking about;)

I LOVE those red shoes, I can't see how anyone would EVER think they are hideous - they are amazing!!!

I love that little orange dress on you! I think it looks good with the black tights, maybe some knee high boots too?

Fiona said...

Sorry your day wasn't more fruitful, it sounded SO promising too. Splendid shoes, your friend doesn't know what she's talking about and I agree about Per Una, so safe and mumsy (like I'm so radical, NOT) Think your dress looks better with denim jacket and therefore would probably improve with brown leather boots and belt. I love a square neckline. Smashing to see LB's and btw have decided to hang on to the tartan....for now. xxxx

Helga! said...

Hahaha,we use the "taking the piss"
here,too!Bloody brillant explanation,I see Terri is all sorted now!
LOVE those red shoes!Jealous!I have a thing for red shoes....
I love the frock,it's super pretty,and I think Lucewoman and Vix are on the money re dressing it up.And if you still don't feel fabulous in it,well,you know the rule!
The posing is splendid,the girls are teaching you well! Rarely seen son doesn't look like he sees much sun!!! How kind of him to make an appearance! How was the turkish restaurant? The only one here in Christchurch is bollocks!
But you're not!
Love and red shoe bliss!

Young at Heart said...

for a girly dress my fall back position is always chunky boots....high or low....something a bit bikerish?? St. John's Wood Oxfam came up trumps with a long, crew-neck, black cashmere Pure sweater and a black, Karen Miller zippy biker-style jacket...... hoorah!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aah, see I've had trouble with Americans and their understanding of 'Pissed'. To us it's drunk, but to them it's 'pissed off'. Separated by a common language!

I think the tights don't quite work with the dress - maybe Sienna Miller it up with some tan flat boots and bare legs in the Summer?

There's nothing wrong with the £7 shoes but I agree about Per Una - don't forget the cardigans with massive 'fun' buttons, all different!


***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!***

La Dama said...

lusting over red shoes amor! I love red anything.
I think I would wear a puffy petticoat and accessorize a ballerina.
luckyly I knew most English saying before I came to live here. love using the term "tits up" and "big girls blouse" which I changed to "Big vieja's blusa"

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

It just takes one word to make all the difference doesn't it? Taking THE piss. Not: Taking A piss. Two very different things. Mind you, I have been known to take THE piss by taking A piss in the park with my mates on the way home from a girly tits up! (I love "tits up" too La Dama!). The Phoenix has introduced me to a plethora of wonderful Yorkshire idioms and insults, which have the kids and I in stitches (he saves the wonderful smutty ones just for me ... that's love). I fucking love your hideous shoes and if you have UK size 8 fucking huge pig's trotters like me and they suddenly give you the screaming shits, I will gladly help you off load such hideous items. Gawd I really love you in your new frock ... I think you have successfully de-girlified this treasure and needs no more work in that area. Just ROCK IT!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Cutise!

About the dress - the Ariane rule-
if it is too girly dress it down! loose the flower in your hair and the girly shoes - that would look great with leggings and low heel boots.

You could wear a sweater or jumper as you say over the dress to minimize the girly look and make the dress look like a skirt...

Lovely friend you have there Curtise such a nice smile!

Take care

Ariane xxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

oh! the shoes are GREAT! I love them and Mark and Spencers died a long time ago in Montreal...the clothes were uggly!

Zoé said...

Absolutely beautiful shoes in the first phot and I like the rest of the outfits - very nice!