Sunday, 9 March 2014

Springing into action

What a glorious day it has been, warm and sunny with bright blue skies.

I have been caught out, unprepared for sandal-wearing, with unpainted toenails and legs which remain in their winter state. Unlike Sandra, I haven't yet attempted the Great Spring Deforestation, but that's the beauty of a maxi, isn't it?

No one need ever know!

Does any combination say 1970s more than brown, orange and yellow? 
I love this dress, and to be able to wear it without a jacket in March is a delight.

1970s Kati at Laura Phillips maxi dress - gift from Patsy 
Bangles, necklace and sunglasses - charity shopped 
Sandals - retail (sale)

On Thursday, in considerably cooler temperatures, Joanne, Sue and I headed to Chesterfield flea market.

Sue and I adored the vintage Soviet posters...

we admired the usual eclectic mix of items for sale...

...and chuckled at the man who was diligently looking at every single porn mag in the box under this table. I wonder if he bought any, or just enjoyed perusing them for free?

Oh good grief, I do not need any more vintage china.
But the 1950s sandwich plates were so pretty (50p each) and the set of 1960-70s Meakin serving plate, 4 dinner and 4 side plates was too fabulous to leave behind (£3).

Another 1960-70s Sheffield steel pendant caught my eye too (50p).
The seeds were free, a gift from Sue.

Yesterday, after a visit to a local jumble sale (nothing remarkable to show you, just some clothes for the kids, and a handful of books), Littlest and I went out for a wander, which inevitably included cake. 

She demolished that white chocolate and raspberry cake in seconds flat, and pronounced it excellent.

Then she posed winsomely for the camera. The enormous bandage on her finger is totally out of proportion to the injury, she did it herself and has a taste for A Big Statement.

Our cherry tree is springing into life.

Life is good!

I'll be linking up with Patti as always for Visible Monday; see you there!



Izaraj R. said...

I like you very much

Sacramento Amate said...

There is nothing like England when the sun shines.
WE have been to a lovely flea market today ( I bought no end of dresses for 50 pence) but Victor has his wallet stolen.
Still always a thrill.
Love and sunshine, dear Curtise

Tamera Wolfe said...

Ah to have beautiful spring weather again!! You look glorious forested legs and all!!
You got some lovely goodies in chesterfield!
Littlest is so cute--is she a bit on the dramatic side?

Laurie said...

Love this dress! Love your sense of style! :)

Dawn Elliott said...

Yup, the orange, brown, and yellow motif gives that sweet maxi dress away!
I see things at the flea market that I definitely want!!! How wonderful to see signs of spring! Time to get those toenails painted here, as well!

Miss Magpie said...

The Meakin plates are gorgeous, what a great buy.

Very impressive bandage no wonder cake was required! ;-)

Fiona said...

Wasn't it a gorgeous day, perfect for posing...and no woolies required!
How I wish Chesterfield was nearer, their flea market has got to be the best ever, you always find the most divine stuff. (plates and pendant) Must admit I did find that jumble of dolls limbs slightly sinister.
Poor Littlest with a damaged digit, these girls are so dramatic. I've had 14yr old niece round today, I lost count of how many times she pronounced in a theatrical way that it was so awful she nearly died !! xxxxxxx

Patti said...

Life is good, for certain. Love the pic of Littlest, wounded yet still willing to eat cake. Great scores for you at the sale - the necklace is so groovy, as are you in your maxi. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Send that weather over here would you?

That dress! That dress is DIVINE! How do you find such fabulous pieces? You have a great thrifting fairy on your shoulder for sure.

If I lived closer we would be swapping out closets. I covet so many of the items you have.


Angels have Red Hair said...

KIds do love bandages don't they … and the bigger the better.
You're looking gorgeous … as per usual.

Sheila said...

I love those Taschen books - I actually own that "Male Nudes" one! I have a collection of them.

Adoring your wondrous 70s maxi! Looks like a fun weekend!

Val S said...

Yay, Spring is springing, new-old dishes are being bought, cake is being eaten, and maxis are hiding our winter white skin! Looks like your weather is just gorgeous, and so is your ruffly dress.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Such a cute striped dress!! I love the shadow picture and the green steel pendant is awesome!

Helga! said...

Jaysus, I love that frock! It's perfection! How splendid to be wearing it without a jacket!!!! Spring must be a-springing, my darling! And yes, a maxi is just the thing to cover up non deforestated legs!!! Speaking of which, mine need a spot of deforestation...ugh, and my toenails painting...and I have not the excuse of Winter to be so lax! Yet!
That pendant is a sweetie, and of COURSE you needed "new" dishes!!!! Doh!

Goody said...

Amazing how cake cures so many injuries.

That dress, and the perfectly matching sandals are incredible. Those colours work so well with your hair and complexion.

Olga Rani said...

Can't believe it is that warm in your part of the world already! Amazing dress, love those colourful stripes. The vintage china and the pendant are beautiful and the dolls on the photo look a bit creepy.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

haha...I've been trying on sandals recently, so I hear ya loud and clear on the winter feet issue. My legs, fortunately, are in the clear.

I just a Pinterest photo that used doll arms and legs to make a coat rack. People commented that it looked creepy. Not to my taste, but I wouldn't say creepy.

I love, love, love your shadow!!!

Natalia Lialina said...

I love love love your dress! You look soooo gorgeous - I would never guess you are not deforested yet! ;)))
The art of the Soviet period had so many great examples... I'd buy some of the posters, they speak of childhood to me. :)
As always, I enjoy your collages so much. The garden looks prettier and prettier with the blue sky, and the homey shots with your adorable kids and pretty stuff and yummy things are my favorite! Pretty china collection - you have a beautiful taste! Hugses! (little Anya's word which we use a lot in the family)

Brooke F said...

Life is pretty bloody good isn't it! Great weather, gorgeous frocks, market rummaging and wandering (involving cake of course!) are all those little things that make life worth living. XXX

Caroline said...

The weather was so nice! Definitely the time of year for a personal Spring Clean!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

It would have been a crime to leave even one of those plates behind Curtise. They're exquisite. Your frock. Oh lord the frock!! It looks completely gorgeous on you, or you look completely gorgeous in it ... oh I'm confused, you're a mighty fine wench honey and frock is YOU! Oh dear, there's always one isn't there? I mean perving at the porn at the market. Sheesh! I love the way Littlest held her finger up while noshing down that scrummy cake ... I want to squeeze her but I suspect she'll give me a swift kick - and so she should! Big hugs darling xoxoxoxooxoxo

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

Well, that dress certainly shouts 1970s to us. Yes, the Thatcher Years, floppy discs and Walkmans.....those were the days.

And how you have brought the dress bang up to date with the bangles, sandals and nail colour. Surely there will be a Spring in your step as well as Spring in the air when you are out and about wearing this.

And, how beautifully you will tone with the vintage china at tea time!

Your daughter looks delightful. The cake or rather the crumbs which remain looked to have been delicious. What a treat!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

The maxi Queen reigns again. I always love your signature style. The flea market looks fab. A damn sight better then the charity shops here, which seem to be full of crap at the moment. I love that pendant. I'm glad the sun is shining for you. Bring on your summer & our winter! Xx

mondoagogo said...

OK never mind 70s dresses and china, what the heck is that ULCERS box about? it looks like a board game. A board game about ulcers?! WTF. Bizarre.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I love the winsome look on Littlest. The bandage made me laugh. Nothing wrong with making a statement is there?! xx

Melanie said...

That's a very pretty dress, I love the colours. My mum's flat in the seventies was a delightful mixture of orange, brown and purple!
You know those doll parts float around of their own accord at night don't you .....

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Curtise!

We don't have your weather yet, but it was decent, we are out of the Polar Vortex i think -
I love your flea market, we don't have them around here - The soviet posters are very interesting, never seen one -
You little one looks like she truly enjoyed her cake and i love how she posed for the camera - She is real cute! I read the other post about the kilo thing you had - Isn't it fun? love those!
About you Lanvin skirt, isn't fantastic! Mr. D found me one at the thrift shop a couple of years ago-

Tk you for wishing me good luck for my tests - There is a good chance that all will be ok -


Vix said...

What would we do without our maxis? probably be banished from the world of ladylike women with our hairy legs, thermal long Johns and skanky feet (that's me, not you!)
That dress is a 1970s beauty, love the colour combo and how well it goes with the groovy sandals.
What a difference a couple of days make - winter woollies to no coats!
There's so much tempting me at Chesterfield, I want that funky enamel sign and the Soviet posters for starters. That boob book was there when we went. The Chesterfield massive obviously aren't boob people - that's why I went down so well!
The winsome look with ginormous bandage needs to be on an album cover.
Love you! xxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

This maxi with it's frilly sleeves and button is celebrating the return of life! You look happy to be under blue skies, looking up and out at the big beautiful world....thanks for sharing!

Your dishes are little works of art and your collection of Sheffield steel is loving the new edition. Seeing littlest chow down the cake is where I want to be:) The picture of her giving us the side eye is priceless! Loving the blue sky and with it the promise of more days like these.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Look at you, all matchy-matchy with the daffodils and the tree bark/earth! Oooh, so envious that it's that warm over there. The weather was sunny here on the weekend, and less cold, so we are trying to stay optimistic. The birds were very noisy this morning too.

Of course, any good "wander" should include cake. Glad to hear that littlest did not cut off her finger, even though it looks like she did.

Winter Moon said...

I do love that dress, the colours really suit you too.

It's been just perfect seeing the sun for a chnage, lets hope it lasts.

So many gorgeous treasures to look at and admire.

Have a wonderful night xx

Sandra said...

Ha! I've been to The Tate today and saw a massive willy!(it was a painting, not a flasher!hehe, it was huge, I walked past it laughing) I'm thrilled to be invited to the Blogger meet up! yes please!
Your maxi is gorgeous, the sleeves are so pretty and I love the colours, a maxi is the perfect dress for winter legs too, avoid shaving for as long as possible though, it can cause hideous rashes!
The flea market looks excellent, great buys there too and I Love Littlest's winsome look, she is such a beauty! and according to my Eldest cake is the answer to any question haha! x x x

Ivy Black said...

Hasn't it been fab? And that dress is a bleedin' knock out ...much like yerself.
I do love that Seventies colour combo.
Excellent things at the market.No prizes for guessing what I'd have bought. That's right...the big butt book and maybe Berlin Gay Mates. God, Winchester market is just not cutting it.
You can never really have enough vintage china.
Loves ya sunshiney bits.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress, the bodice shape is particularly flattering and feminine (I do love a square neckline!). Those sandwich plates are just adorable too, great finds!

Beth Waltz said...

Had I preceeded you in the hunting and gathering, those sandwich plates would not have been there when you got there...

The shadow shot is poster worthy, a cool portent of a stylish spring? Ah, the joy of a salon pedi! (Yes, of course I can still reach my feet, but I love that big parafin hot tub thingy.)

Asparagus Pea said...

The upturn inthe weather means that I have removed the woolly hat that has been covering a multitude of sins in the hair dept for the last 4 months. So I guess it's time for a trip to the hairdresser. Grooming time girls!

Kezzie said...

That dress is super!! I would wear that all the time if I owned it!!! The finds are great but why are there so many creepy doll heads???? X

Sue said...

Yahoo for sunshine!! Your daughter is quite like you isn't she, how cute to is the over sized bandage.

Shawna McComber said...

A taste for a big just like her mum then! I love the dress. It looks rather like one my mum sewed for my Barbies. And I'm amazed that you got out the sandals. Here I was feeling all springlike by rolling up my jeans and wearing my flats instead of boots. I do keep up somewhat with the deforestation and the pedicure because I am prone to being bare foot all the time at home and if I am going to have pretty toes for anyone it should be for my very own self!

bohemian vanity said...

This dress is so 70s!!! I love it and it suits you beautiful my dear!
What fantastic vintage finds, i think i couldn't resist either...
And look how cute is your daughter?!
Just as you!
Have fab day with loads of sunshine!!!
xx Tani

Megan said...

I kinda want the Big Butt Book! So kitschy!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Wasn't sure if it was Youngest or Eldest for a moment ... she sure is growing into her beauty like her sister is! Good she inherited her mom's looks. I'm just flashing a few short years down the road when boys become an issue. She has her mom's taste for drama, it seems ... let's up they both have her sense of humor to keep it all real as well!
You look brilliant as usual! Love the stripes. I know you don't read the fashion mags (ahem) but I've been seeing a lot of these beachy stripes lately. I remember a dress my gran made for me ... Gawd, how I loved that dress. So happy to see you in this one!
The table full of porn reminds me of just how different it is where you live, out in the real world. We'd never see this at a market here. We'd never see it anywhere here. In my tiny imgagination, I see matronly types dropping dead from shock after spending an hour or two pouring over the offending materials.
Glad you're having fun and have your mojo back, C!

freckleface said...

I like big butts and i cannot lie! If q saw this post he'd have Sir Mixalot up on youtube quick as a flash, any excuse. You know, I thought of you on Sunday, i thought, bet she's out in that garden of hers, lapping up the sunshine, bit of pruning. I did a little, but my bush out front still needs trimming... Now that is a maxi to die for! Simply gorgeous. Maybe an all-time favourite. It just looks fab on you, hairy legs notwithstanding. Cake, glorious cake. Littlest knows all about it obviously. Love the bandage! I once put a paper cut in the accident book at work. It was a source of fun for years afterwards. Xxxxxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

I had a necklace just like that when I was small!
Memories! X

señora Allnut said...

oh yes, life is good, and it's also good to see you wearing a maxi and sandals!!, such a pretty dress and such a brave lady you're!! I'm not ready to wear sandals until May!!
besos & sol

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Ah, a happy post. Doesn't a bit of sun make a difference?
Your daughters bandage is funny. We have a drama queen here too. xxxx

Please may I? said...

Loving the dress, the colour combination works so well.

The weather has been amazing, lets hope it stays for a while.

Hope your daughters finger gets better soon. Her bandage made me smile, it's something my youngest would have done.

X x

Lesley Extance said...

Curtise ,you have some wonderful dresses !!!, and this one is a delight, great post , have a good week Best wishes xxx.

Vicky Hayes said...

An unwillingness to deforest until at least May - just another great reason to get into maxi dresses! You look great in 1970s clothes Curtise. Vicky x