Wednesday, 12 March 2014

So what's the point of robbery when nothing is worth taking?

There is a lot to do this week as we head towards Saturday's jumble sale. 

I always have some anxieties about whether enough jumble will come in, but so far, the mountain of donations looks good, and there are two more days to go. Can't vouch for the quality, but there sure is quantity.

It seems to work for Primark...

Look at me, all Little House on the Prairie.

After chilly starts, the last few days have been beautifully sunny. I've had washing on the line, the garden is blooming in a modest sort of way, the cats are racing and chasing, and a heron came to visit, to check out my neighbour's pond and the eight fish therein. 

I wonder if there are still eight now?

Already, there are butterflies, the occasional bee, and ladybirds.

1960-70s Just Jane maxi dress - gift from Lucy
Suede waistcoat, bangles and necklace - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay

Joanne and I popped to Doncaster on Monday. She'd bought a coal scuttle on Ebay, and invited me along as navigator. This was an ill-advised move, since I am the world's worst map reader, and am usually far too busy talking to take any notice of where we are or where we are going...

Thankfully, she had had the foresight to write out directions. 
Those, I can read. 

There is an impressive indoor market...

 ...and a whole host of charity shops, although I didn't buy anything.

Adam Ant, Henry Winkler, Eddie Waring, and Bruce Forsyth, all reduced to the chazzas.
 How the mighty are fallen.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every charity shop will have vintage and modern glassware galore.

Plus copies of The Da Vinci Code, several items of Per Una clothing, a box with knitting patterns in it, and at least one record which you catch sight of and say I used to have that!

Stand and Deliver is a case in point.

We might hit Chesterfield tomorrow, and Friday is earmarked for baking and setting up the jumble; then all systems are go on Saturday morning!

The really important question is - what shall I wear?!



Lesley Extance said...

Adam and the Ants that blast from the past! ,just great to see again.
Once again a lovely outfit and your garden looks gorgeous, thank you for your lovely comment you left on my last post, it's wonderful to get advice from a blogger like yourself , I am grateful, best wishes xxx.

Natalia Lialina said...

You have such a good creative eye for collages - always love them. Your garden looks cheerful, judging by the flowers and the mention of bees and butterflies. Spring is there! It's very warm and sunny here too. I noticed that our weather has so many similarities, it's spooky.
The dress has a delicate beauty, and it seems you are born to flaunt maxi dresses (although minis too - I can't make up my mind!).
Have a great sale this weekend! :)

Mother of Reinvention said...

Adam Ant, such a brilliant blast from the past. Good luck with your Jumble Sale. Wish it was closer.

Caroline said...

Have you got a highway woman's outfit you can wear? Or what about a Fairy God Mother outfit a la Diana Dors in the Prince Charming video?

Good luck for the jumble. I hope you find all the decent stuff beforehand. Are you allowed to do that?

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You always look so magical in your maxi dresses by that tree. Jealous!

Kezzie said...

Gorgeous you!!!! Love the maxi and immaculate arm party which matches tge flowers!! I know what you mean about tge glassware!!!! X

Kezzie said...

Gorgeous you!!!! Love the maxi and immaculate arm party which matches tge flowers!! I know what you mean about tge glassware!!!! X

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That vest is getting good use. I love it.

Ahhh...Adam Ant : ) golden memories....


Shawna McComber said...

I love your Little House on the Prairie look! And I am envious of the spring-like weather. We are getting warmer weather but it is still so often grey and damp. Spring is the time of year I miss my garden the most. Our charity shops are just like yours-oodles of glassware. Your descriptions of it made me smile, especially about the record album we all used to have.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ha ... good old Adam Ant ... somehow I seem to remember it sounding better back then ... but he certainly was very pretty .
Little House on the Prairie was another personal favourite of mine ... so go for it ... channel your best Laura Ingalls Wilder :0)

Asparagus Pea said...

Don't know why but I was thinking about Holly Hoobby yesterday and then there you are, dressed like that! If we stuck a big ol lace trimmed bonnet on your head and turned you sideways for a modest profile - it's happenning all over again!

Asparagus Pea said...

Damn typos - Holly Hobby...

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous outfit today.
God, I loved Little House...mainly because I fancied their dad and wanted to go to school on horseback.
Absolutely true what yo say about the chazza lore. The LP I last saw was ABBA arrival and I bought it and still knew all the words. Scandikitchtastic!
Loves ya.

Miss Magpie said...

Good old Stand and Deliver it's the ring tone of my phone!

Why oh why don't they show Little house on the prairie and The Waltons on tv any more :(

I'd wear a suit of armour for Saturday those little old dears have sharp elbows!

Vix said...

Loving that frock from Lucy, what a beauty! I fancied the Little House on The Prairie Dad, too. Em & I are going to end up in a fight on 3rd May, I can feel it in my water!
Don't forget to add the ubiquitous Sharon Osborne biography, a ceramic owl and a pair of New Look shoes to the chazza shop mix.
Jealous of Chesterfield and the jumble. What to wear? Obvious, innit? American Tan tights and a pair of trainers!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Patti said...

I really dig the Little House look. And you have summed up (all) the thrift stores perfectly! I guess we've all had to empty our cupboards of glassware, LP's and board games somewhere along the line. Hope the jumble is a big success. xxooxx

Helga! said...

Nice poke at Primark!!!
Jumble time again! Fantastic!!! Hope it goes well!
Love the frock; I was obsessed with Little House, watched it for years, but I never fancied the Father!!!
O, Adam for 99p?! Yes, please. What a fox. Wonder what he looks like now...haven't heard anything of him in years!!!
My mate Gilbert and I count all the Da Vinci Codes we see at book sales, and there's always heaps!!! It was a fun fad, for sure, but we're all over it now! The author has laughed his way to the bank and back I bet!
O, gawd, I could spend days agonising over what to wear to any given event! I trust you will look delicious as usual!!!
Hmmm, I think G's hair is longer than mine, but it's pretty close.....we both need a good trim, actually.

Goody said...

Took a road trip years ago to see the still-standing log schoolhouse from the Little House stories (the family started out in Kansas, before moving North). Anyway, stood there with tears welling in my eyes, and Mr. ETB, concerned I might be ill came tearing over to see what was wrong.
"Sob, sniffle, Little House...blah, blah, sob..."

He didn't get it. Little did he know we'd soon be living in a little farmhouse on the prairie. That stuff in the books about terrible winters? She wasn't exaggerating. At all.

Anyhoo, I do like the dress very much, but then I really like your taste in clothing. What to wear to the jumble? Anything you don't mind getting dirty/covered in dust/animal hair, etc. Anything with a "wash and wear" tag will do.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The Phoenix perked up no end at hearing the first few seconds of this song! Now I want a white waistcoat. I love your frock and seeing pics of your Doncaster adventures, I'm afraid the same rings true here in Brisbane, but I've never seen an Adam and the Ants record in an op shop. Plenty of glassware, Twilight and Dan Brown books, unfinished knitting and crappy high street clothing. I love hearing your tales about the jumble and can't wait to see what you wear! Dying to know how many fish are left and you take such amazing pics of your beautiful garden, look at the tiny ladybird! xoxox

Sheila said...

That is exactly what charity shops are like! Love your "Little House on the Prairie" look - and every time I see your suede vest, I think I should wear mine, and here we are: I haven't worn it. It's going away...I will continue to admire yours!

Veshoevius said...

I'd have bought the Adam Ant! Loved him!
I did actually think of Laura Ingalls when I saw the first pic. Nothing like a bit of Little House on the Prairie romanticism. I remember swooning over the Ingalls long dresses as a girl. Lovely maxi dress and vest!

two squirrels said...

Oh oh!!!! I just pressed the button for 'Adam and the ants' eeekkkk I am at the shop and the computers volume was right up..........the shop just boomed with 'STAND and DELIVER'.....snigger.
YAY spring is waking up in your part of the world.
Good luck for the jumble sale.
Sending a stand and delivered hug.
Love v

Connie said...

Little House on the Prairie of Course! You're even a spunky red head like Laura! That is an impressive market. I remember our school rummage sales. I would gag every time someone brought in a batch of dirty old Beanie Babies. Yuck. It looks like Spring has truly sprung. Yay! Adam Ant is another one of my birth year mates but I didn't include him because he just seemed too sad. And there he is in the rummage bin.

Jean at said...

Pretty pretty garden!!! What a joy to see lovely things begin to emerge. I do like Spring now. Somehow I appreciate it even more than I used to.

A maxi dress and vest is ALWAYS a great combination in my book. You look fab and I covet that vest. My beloved black one is fraying as we speak.

Good luck with the jumble; wish I could see you there!! Have a wonderful weekend. Oh yeah, I wasn't familiar with that song (too old or just clueless?) but I enjoyed the link. :-) XXXOOO

The Style Crone said...

I'm enjoying your cluster of photos; flowers, fabric, lace, bracelet. Spring has definitely begun to arrive in your world. Your gifted maxi dress is the perfect accessory to the season.

Krista Gassib said...

It's spring over here too but in pure English fashion check out yer garden already! Lovely signs of life! Little house mixed with a lot of Ab Fab:). I dig this style on you and like how you wear it! I have a few like this myself and I love how they feel.
Have more fun in the shops you were good so feel free to splurge.

Val S said...

I love all your photos - you really have a good eye! Are the colors enhanced just a tiny bit, or is it because I'm on a better computer than usual.

Good luck with the jumble sale! I'm sure it will be fabulous!

bohemian vanity said...

Spring has arrived here too but there are no flowers growing in my garden yet. Love your collage, your outfit, accessories and flowers are a perfect match!
Have fun at the jumble sale!
XX Tani

Sue said...

Colourful flowers in your garden, butterflies and bees!!! So glad you will be getting the good weather soon, just as we are starting to cool off down here and head toward winter. Seriously liking the Maxi dress.

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I've never visited Doncaster which is shameful as I come from York. I just shoot through on the train. It looks really interesting.
Lucky you, sorting out at a Jumble sale. I think I'm going to try and start one here. We only have one a year...xxxx

Olga Rani said...

Beautiful flowers on your dress's print and beautiful flowers in your garden! As always you look gorgeous in the maxi. Good luck at the sale!

Melanie said...

I can just picture you frolicking across the prairie, let's just hope you don't fall flat on your face like Carrie did in the opening titles!
Such pretty flowers too. Let's hope the neighbour still has eight fish. We saw the cat along the way eating a massive Koi on the grass last summer, likely the most expensive cat food there is xxx

Sandra said...

Oh Adam! you wore lip gloss better than I ever could! he was gorgeous and made me a little giddy with his black curls and leather pants! I love your maxi, and whatever you wear on Saturday will be a hit! the indoor market is a bit swish, I think I would have rescued The Fonz, I have a soft spot for him too!
(I think The Beatles museum was £30+ for 4 people, I'm insufferably tight and that would be day out money outside of the city for us!) x x x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

No, you're not the worst map reader in the world because that would be me. I have a problem with left and right. It's all so confusing.... Now I loved Little House on the Prairie back in the day but when I borrowed the box set off another mum in recent years, I was a little bored with it and my daughter didn't see the magic at all. Oh well... Good luck with the jumble. xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh, I love your collage of flowers! It gives me hope that someday we will have those too, but for now, we have a fresh blanket of snow from the storm yesterday. If I had the funds, I would be on a plane over to visit you just to get a taste of spring!

I remember the Adam Ant record, and the "Tip-It" game. So many relics of our teenage/young adult years have become relegated to the sale bins....sigh. Good luck with the Jumble!

Dawn Lucy said...

Your outfit is bringing back memories! So fun!

Diane said...

My friends brother used to flat share with Adam Ant - I used to rifle through their wardrobes when they were out looking at the uniforms!! xxx

freckleface said...

I always love to see any pics of what blooms in your garden, and that includes you! You look pretty as a picture in your Little House on the Prairie tribute act. I don't recall watching it that much, but just loved The Waltons. Oh isn't it wonderful to have washing out on the line? It's one of those simple things to gladden the heart. Adam Ant. Yes, we used to get excited about him. I still get excited about the idea of a jumble. Any choice items so far? Xxxxxxx

Winter Moon said...

You always have so many gorgeous images to display, I love all the pretty flowers.

It's so wonderful to be able to dry laundry on the line for a change.

I've noticed that too, there's always an abundance of glassware, The Davinci Code novels and Per Una Clothing. The vinyl however, is quite scarce down here. I would probably have snapped up that Adam Ant Lp.

I love jumble sales, and look forward to seeing what treasures you discover.

Have a perfect night xx

Fiona said...

Love your Laura Ingalls look...I fancied the dad too. Good job I can't make 3rd May, goodness only knows what could happen! What a fabulous building Doncaster's Indoor Market resides in. Can't imagine that any board game featuring Eddie Waring on the box would be riveting.
How the mighty are fallen indeed....just look where Stuart Hall is. Hope the jumble is a huge success.

thorne garnet said...

My friends and I all want crazy for Adam Ant!

I swear all chazzas have the same items. I'll add why too many coffee cups, tons of ties, and placemats

Carina Rosenholm said...

You stand and delgiver under your tree so beatiful !

Ariane Lasalle said...

Oh My! snow all over here! so lucky to have so much greenery at this time of year, so pretty!
I guess our turn will come soon -

Hope the jumble sale goes well, but i'm sure it will since your are involved!

Love the pics of Doncaster, I'm always so amazed at the number of charity shops in your country, they are all over!

Take care - Have a nice weekend


Mrs Bertimus said...

Ooooo can't wait to hear about the jumble sale!x

bonsaimum said...

Adam Ant... now there's some memories!!!

Brooke F said...

Oooh I used to have that Adam and the Ants record! So glad the weather is picking up - those flowers are looking very pretty. Love the prairie look and hope the jumble goes well. XXX

Sacramento Amate said...

Thank you for the video, for a few seconds I felt I was there, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Happy weekend, Curtise.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous look, Love the post x

Kelly Jackson said...

Ooh, it's a beautiful frock, Curtise. I've been obsessed by the 1970s prairie dress lately and have been hunting for them online. Have you ever heard of the brands Young Edwardian, or Gunne Sax? The styles rock but the sizes are so wee. :( Hope the jumble sale was a smashing success and look forward to hearing all about it! Xox