Friday, 21 March 2014

If you feel like loving me, if you've got the notion

Another beautifully sunny day today. 
Rain showers and hail storms notwithstanding.

Look at my new frock, a 1970s homemade beauty in floral lurex.
£3 from a flea market stall yesterday.

Do you see the sinister face in the clouds top right? 
Do you think it's God? 
He's wearing shades, and is that a 'tache? It seems God appreciates the style of the Seventies. 

I adore the handkerchief sleeves, the sparkle in the fabric, and the silver braid on the sleeves and waist. And the dress fits as though it was made for me.
I hope whoever made it in the 1970s (and made it very nicely too) wore it a lot and received compliments on her skills and the finished article.
A couple of people said how much they liked my dress today as I was out and about in the sunshine. 
I must have been having a good day; I was singing along to the song on the radio in a charity shop, and a man complimented me on that too. I don't claim to be the best singer in the world, but I can hold a tune and usually know the words, so that's something.
(I Second That Emotion by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, if you're wondering.) 
Oh, and if you google 1970s lurex, you'll see lots of pics of Vix and Desiree and me.
Just saying... It makes me laugh when I pop up on an internet search!

A wander along Abbeydale Road after a coffee in Bragazzi's with Simon was extremely pleasant.

St. Vincent's is a funny charity shop. They moved from tiny premises, where the stock and the pricing were always completely ramshackle (the price on the sticker was usually ignored at the till by some bonkers old biddy who declared it ridiculous and halved it. Which was fine by me.)
When they moved to a larger shop, I was rather sad and imagined it would become a more professional operation, all colour co-ordinated clothing rails and laminate flooring, accompanied by inflated prices.

I'm pleased to report it's just as messy and random as ever, only with space for more stuff.

Today's finds;
Striped cotton fabric (for tote bags or cushion covers, when I get round to it) - 50p
1960-70s engine-turned dragon pendant - £1
1960s petticoat - £1.50
1970s tank top - £2
1960s chiffon scarf - 50p

That little lot cost less than the coffees...

I can't resist taking photos of the beautiful Abbeydale Picture House, so elegant against the blue sky, and even our grubby little stretch of the River Sheaf looks lovely. 
The resident ducks are happy on it anyway.

1970s homemade dress and 1950s tapestry bag - flea market
Denim jacket, tights, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - retail (sale) 
Sunglasses - vintage shop

Minnie.  Minna de Beau-beau. Min Ball. Miniver.

Charlie. Charlie Bubble. Bubble Boy. Charlestonwick.

No one gets away with just one name in this household. 
I am variously Big M, Ma Muffin, Big M-da, and The Monkleton.
Occasionally Curtise and Mum.
When I was little, my big sisters called me Hunc. After Hunca Munca.
She wasn't really the role model I had in mind, but it proved a scarily accurate prediction of my future...

Have a great weekend, my dears!


Diane said...

As ever you look fabulous. I am a big Smokey Robinson fan and love that song, and Braggazi's (although expensive) is a great place for coffee (and their sandwiches are my fave). I need an Abbeydale Road Saturday xx

Diane said...

PS That Phlegm mural on the riverside is marvellous xxx

Goody said...

If it rains hallucinogenic mushrooms from the cloud your theory may prove.

I like the dress, but I'm in love with the bag.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

silvergirl said...

very cool that a home made dress fit you so perfectly
groove'n on that orange plaid tank

Patti said...

I never heard of Hunca Munca, but I will be investigating, as she looks simply adorable. All our cats have multiple names too (e.g., King is Kingston, "Big Boy", et al).
Your new floral dress is so pretty and suits you to a T! xox

thorne garnet said...

pretty dress, and it fits you so well.
Three cheers hot charity shops that are messy !

Ripple Dandelion said...

Those colors are absolutely fabulous on you! A wonderful palette for a redhead. I'm going to be watching you for color inspiration as we move into spring and summer.

Today I wore a frock, denim jacket, tights and boots, too. Must be in the northern hemisphere air.

Shawna McComber said...

All my thoughts in random order:

*Gorgeous dress and look great on you!
*I have even found myself during a google search. Slightly shocking!
* I love the denim jacket with the dress.
*When I was growing up I had a cat named Minnie and she looked just like your Minnie.
* The scenery is lovely and thanks for sharing it.
*I always thought Hunca Munca was quite adorable.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What a fantastic way to start my day. You've given me so much to perve at and think about, The Phoenix (peeking over my shoulder) looked quite homesick at the sight of the new St Vincent's (so glad it's still a riot!!), the old picture theatre and the river. I just got sucked down a vortex to 1977 at the sight of your fabulous lurex frockage! You are the Google Lurex Queen!!! My latest name by The Stylist (aka Plonky, Flower Petal, Sausage and Pling-Pling) is "Yeti", which I'm sure many mums wouldn't appreciate, but I happen to love. Lily is aka: Lily-Lily-Loo-La, Lily-Lub-Lub and Lilypilly-Willy and anything that springs to mind. It all just proves that going Hunca Munca is bound to send us all batty. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

Melanie said...

Ah, may you have a great weekend as well. You draw the good vibes to you of course. I love this dress, like a watercolour painting with a extra zap. No wonder you were singing.

Olga Rani said...

Your new dress is a real beauty, such lovely floral print and nice colour palette. Love that street cart, looks so picturesque on the photo.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Great new dress and that carpet is awesome!

Krista Gassib said...

The double up nick names are a total riot and stories shared of your childhood always interest me. You bear no resemblance to those mice other in your cuteness.

This sparkley frock is beautiful on you that braid a precious detail, I bet people were admiring you. I love when the vibe in the air is happy, the sun does help with that.

Your scores for less than a coffee are cool just cause of that but you know that pink petticoat has me drooling! Here's to more sun and strolls in it!,

Val S said...

You are winning in the weather sweepstakes. And the frock sweepstakes as well! No one can pair a '70s frock with a denim jacket quite as well as you can.

Your description of St. Vincent's reminds me of the charity shop on The League of Gentlemen - did you see it?

I had a cat that started out as Belle, and soon became Bella, Bellie Boo, Bellie Boo Boo, Bellie Boom Boom.

Sue said...

Seriously I don't know where to start as I love everything you have taken a photo of. But the dress!!! OMG that is so pretty, lovely fabric and perfect on you. Your nicknames are hilarious. TOF sometimes calls me other names, I get Heidi and Helga alot when we are out and other oddities like my little swamp duck! I am Suzanne but you can call me Sue!!! Hope your sun keeps shining, we got to 25* again today, it is fabulous.

Fiona said...

What a fabulous buy for three quid, I love the handkerchief sleeves and also the way you've co-ordinated your nails and tights. Gorgeous photos, the weather looks ace although I know it was nippy. I can't see Jesus' shades or a tache.. just a smile. Seems most of us have a few silly names, mine are Fifi or Fifi P, Fiend and None (ryhmes with own) Have a lovely weekend Curtise.

Kelly Jackson said...

Beautiful frock, in every way! Just made for you. You've made me realize that I miss the butterfly sleeves I used to wear in my youth, ah .....

Am I boring to have only one name for my cat Dag?

I find Vix a lot in Google searches, but also you, me, and parts if the whole blogging crew. It's nice to know that our interests are similar!

Have a great weekend! Xoxo

Melanie said...

Oh what a beautiful dress, I love it! I also really love seventies God.
Extra love for the names too, our furbabies always end up with extra names! Charlestonwick, hehe xxx

Northern mum down South said...

love your new frock
one of our cats went from alfie to mr wumps - no idea how that name evolved. x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Divine frock Curtise...looks amazing on you. And check out that waist of yours. We don't call you 'the bod' for nothing. Xx

Winter Moon said...

That dress is really pretty and looks great on you.

Oh that cloud, how wonderfully creepy!

I love shops like that, I feel more inclined to hae a browse if everythings in a muddle.

Your cats are adorable, my daughter and I call mine by silly names....

Cobweb becomes 'Cobby Wobby' or Coblob' (she responds to all three)

Nala becomes 'Nali Mali' or Nala Mala' (she doesn't respond to any of them)

Enjoy your weekend xx

Winter Moon said...

Oh! and I love your little dragon pendant too :) xx

Sandra said...

Gah! faces in clouds, fascinatingly eerie! I love your frock, it does look like it was made for you, and 3 quid is bloody brilliant, I would love a place like St Vincent's nearby, it looks brilliant - I was always Olive (on the buses, yep)I still feel a warm bond with her! mine have a variety of names, Abby, Ab a dab, Abby Nash etc, love them all! x x x

Sandra said...

Hi Curtise, I have just tried to email you, and can't bah, but if you can at some point pop over as I have a contact me on my blog and we can sort out the details for May x x Sandra x x x

Lesley Extance said...

Curtise what a wonderful dress and the colours are gorgeous and I'm in love with your bag you know me and bags lol !, you are so lucky where you live with great charity shops and you did well , thank you for your lovely comments have a lovely weekend best wishes xxx.

Bobbi said...

Great dress! It does look like it was made for you - the fit and color are perfect.
I have lots of names for my kids, too. Sometimes it makes it difficult to remember their real names when friends are over. Embarassing mom right here!

Have a glorious weekend!

Vix said...

Love that dress, what a bargain! You look fantastic. Those sleeves are so you.its a cracker!
You did do well, look at that pretty petticoat and that groovy tank top, too.
Love God as a 1970s style pimp.
Minnie and Charlie are beauties, they're enjoying the intermittent sunshine, aren't they?
Jon calls you The Monk which sounds like some character from a Guy Ritchie film.
Enjoy the weekend!
love you! xxxxxx

Connie said...

Hunca munca burning Love! However do you find so many beeyootiful dresses that fit you so perfectly? Do you have the perfect bod? I'll bet you do. And OF COURSE you know all the words. And I'll bet you sing like a 1970's angel. My son told me that on my gravestone it would be inscribed, "She didn't really know all the words but that didn't stop her from singing along." Love You!!!!

Miss Magpie said...

What a cracking dress! Such a bargain. We have a similar mental jumbled charity shop here so much more interesting than the well organised ones.

Asparagus Pea said...

I have received holiday destination advice from our psychic tablecloth this week - so God's face in a cloud, whythehellnot? xxx

freckleface said...

Love indeed! That's an amazing frock, I love it in all its lurex floral beauty. Handkerchief sleeves too. You look smashing in it. What a find for Three British Pounds!
St Vincent's looks fabulous, are we going there, or is that too far out of town?
How nice that you went out for a coffee and a potter with Simon, we don't really do stuff like that together. Does he enjoy going round the chazzas too?
I love singing along to music, but nobody has ever said I have a good voice. And that's because I don't, but I can totally imagine that you do. Sing us another The Monkleton! :) xxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

That is a lovely dress - fits like a dream, and all your colours! I love your description of God's face in the cloud ;)

Your collages are always so interesting - I love seeing the bits and pieces of coolness you see during your day. I'm all about the nicknames for people/animals I love and Fred is more often referred to as "The Bun", "Bun-Bun" or "mouseface"(which she hates)

Rachel said...

What a thoroughly lovely post, Curtise. I have really enjoyed reading this and as always you make me smile.
You look gorgeous as always and your dress is stunning and looks great on you.
I will have to pop into St Vincents at some point for a wonder round. I love shops like that.
I don't know if you have been to the antique/secondhand shop around the corner from the station? You would love it and it has the cutest little teashop. It's on Brimington Road.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Your dress has reminded me that spring is lurking somewhere behind the grey clouds. I absolutely love the way you have worn the dress with the denim jacket and boots. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Your new frock is sooo pretty! £3? Even better.
I'm looking foward to seeing you in the 70's tank top and pink petticoat ensemble.
Your puss cats are beauties.
Enjoy the sunshine. xxxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

You really rock that dress, the colours are beautiful and you can never have too many sparkles. What a bargain! Where you are looks lovely, even God is having a look. We have a cat (by default). She (?) goes by Mittens, Cat-Pants, Foofy-ball and lots of other silly names like Death Goes on Kitty Cankles. She is a bit fluffy and looks like she is wearing little furry pantaloons and tries to eat all the birds. They laugh at her.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the colours in your dress ... and it really does fit like it was made for you. Just imagine if the person that made it stumbled upon you and it in a google search ... now that would be a lark.

Brooke F said...

Ooohhh, that kind of does look like a cranky old face in the clouds. But if he likes vintage it must be OK. Love those beautiful pics of the river Sheaf and as usual am adoring your dress. I now have big aspirations to find a really sweet denim jacket because of you - I am very inspired by yours and think it would go with everything. XXX

Natalia Lialina said...

So happy to see you so happy! You look fantastic! Your new frock is a true jewel, and it fits you amazingly!! Pretty sleeves, and the fabric, and the colors - it's probably my favorite dress.
I always enjoy seeing your town, and any river or any water at all melts my heart. I probably was a mermaid in my previous life, or at least a frog! :)
I loved the names you got, and the names your cats got. It's so fun to come up with variations of names. I do it all the time too. :)
Hugses! :)

Indigo Violet said...

What a luvverly lurex frock. I have a lurex maxi but it's so scratchy I don't wear it much.
I love the music in op shops, especially when it's vinyl from the 60s or 70s.
My cat sometimes goes by the name of sluggy, when she lolls about on the ground.
About google - I hate to break it to you but it "remembers" previous sites you have visited, which is why darling Vix et al always turn up.

Helga! said...

Oooo, I fancy that new frock ROTTEN! Floral AND lurid lurex?! Divoon!
hahaha, it's amazing how much coffee is. I rarely,RARELY have coffee out. Much cheaper, and often nicer, at home.
Yeah, we're big on nicknames at ours. Netpetals is a current one. G gets all sorts!!! Usually polite...ish...
It's certainly looking lovely and Springy, your pix are light, bright and I can almost smell the flowers and hear the quacks!!
Yay for gratuitious pookie pix!

Pennyblossoms said...

Fabulous dress.
Fabulous post.
Fabulous fur babies.
Z xx

Sheila said...

Gorgeous dress is right! Love the handkerchief sleeves.