Wednesday, 5 March 2014

But we've something they'll never have

After all that dazzling colour last week, things have calmed down a bit. 

Ahh, restful shades of green and blue, lovely.

Look, there's that same silhouette thing going on again. 
Not only do I get in a colour groove, I do the same with styles.
Knee-length 1970s frock with a print?
Jacket? Boots? Vintage bag?
Don't mind if I do.

1970s dress - vintage kilo sale
Cardigan, beret, tights and bangles - charity shopped
1960s vinyl shopper - Ebay
Boots - retail (sale)

1950s tweed jacket, 1970s dress, belt, bangles and tights - charity shopped
1950-60s tapestry bag - vintage shop
Ankle boots - Ebay

I had my first experience of a vintage kilo sale at the weekend. I've seen them advertised in other cities, so when I saw that Sheffield was hosting one, I thought I would check it out, more in hope than expectation. 

It wasn't huge, but it was pretty busy with plenty of young hipsters checking out the knitwear, shirts and coats. That left me with a reasonably clear run at the dresses, though there weren't that many, and the vast array of skirts.

Since there was only one changing cubicle and a long queue, I found a quiet-ish corner, dumped my finds on the floor, took off my coat to try on a jacket, and stepped a couple of feet to one side to look in a mirror. A young woman immediately swooped on my pile, including my coat and bag, and when I mildly pointed out that they belonged to me, she shrugged, didn't apologise, and said I thought you'd gone.

Oddly rude, I thought.

My selections?

The 1970s green/blue print dress I'm wearing above,
a 1970s chiffon maxi dress,
a suede waistcoat,
and oh my goodness, a 1970s Lanvin maxi skirt!

I'm no label whore, but I was a bit excited about that last one. Actually, on closer inspection, I'm not convinced it's genuine. Or at least I wonder if the skirt might have been altered, cut down from a dress, and the label reattached. Anyway, it doesn't much matter; look at the fabulous print!

The cost worked out at just over £4 per item. 
Not quite as bargainacious as Baklash's fill-a bag for £10 sale, but not bad.

So the kids are back at school, and I am back in the term-time groove. 

I laughed uproariously while I was volunteering this morning, when a little girl asked me if I was another child's granny. No point being offended; I'm of an age when I certainly could be a grandmother, had I not left my child-bearing till later in life. Typical of me, always leaving things till the last minute.

Thanks for all your comments on my Travelling Yellow Skirt post. 

I'm glad some of you have correctly identified that the sun does indeed shine out of my arse.

The skirt will be continuing her adventures, with a fitting embellishment added to the rear.

If she ends up with you, then the sun can shine out of your behind too.

And if the people stare, then the people stare.
I really don't know and I really don't care.

Doesn't that seem a fitting motto for the Yellow Skirt, and indeed for life?



Pennyblossoms said...

Why change a successful formula? You look fab in it and with colour, pattern and prints, it'll never get boring; either for you to wear or us to drool over!
Have to say the blues wins it for me, love it!
Z xx

Vix said...

Genius - the fine addition of a Smiths lyric takes that skirt to another level!
What fab finds, I've no idea if that Lanvin maxi is real but its so fabulously bright it doesn't matter. You did amazingly well, especially that striped dree, wow! I've heard varying reports of kilo sales, some bad, some good. Looks like the Sheffield one is way better than Brum's excepting the ill-mannered hipster.
Midi, boots, jacket and vintage bag - a winning formula but never formulaic!
Granny? Are they insane?
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Sandra said...

The kilo sale proved to be very successful, your finds are gorgeous! Lanvin or not that skirt is a beauty, I'm glad you managed to shoo away the bad mannered woman, Mr F gets a little fed up with me at times as I won't leave anything on the floor for that reason! I like your grooves, it's a good groove and I always like to see what you are wearing, which is always awesome - kids think anyone over 25 is positively ancient! I'm ancient to my kids haha! x x x

Shawna McComber said...

Lovely finds! And I love your outfits as modeled. I love seventies clothes and am usually drawn to them. I think that's why I love the whole boho trend though don't get me started on what I think of the term. I was a little girl in the seventies so the first women whose clothing I admired were my mother and my teachers. I don't think any other style had as much of an impact on me in terms of representing to me what womanhood was.
When I was a teacher I was often called, mum, grandma and even dad. I always took it as a complement.
When my son was a baby, his grandma, my mother was only in her early fifties. He called her Muh and Muh Muh, which would sound like Mama to anyone who didn't understand what he was doing with the syllables of Grandma. I'm sure that when she went out with him people assumed she was his mother. The lines are blurred these days.

Kelly Jackson said...

You are rocking the short skirt and dress with boots and (Jean) jacket combo, Curtise, and that last patchwork-inspired dress is to die for, as is the (fake? Who cares, I have a Lanvin necklace I bought here as I love it and have no idea if it's authentic - but who would knock off a necklace?) maxi skirt. That floaty 70s dress is just dreamy. Perfect for spring garden parties and such. I miss buying by the pound. The concept, as far as I know, doesn't exist here. I love how we call it "by the pound" still in Canada, though it should be by the kilo. The usage is aptly vintage! Xoxo

Patti said...

Yes, let the people stare, we really don't care. When you've got sunshine streaming from your ass, people will notice, after all. You had a great day at the "by the kilo" market - the floral skirt is just gorgeous. I'm wearing a little black vest (weskit?) tomorrow that looks a lot like yours.

señora Allnut said...

great finds, lovely skirt (it's a pretty print, whatever the label) and chiffon dress!
And you look fabulous wearing your skirts and boots ensembles, you make them rock! and you look gorgeous!
love particularly your tweed jacket with that printed dress, it looks cool!

Northern mum down South said...

Great vintage sale purchases, love the floaty dress

Veshoevius said...

Everytime I've been trying to comment on your blog recently I've been rudely interrupted. I thought you looked fab in yellow and loved the way you styled the travelling yellow skirt with that Victoriana blouse and fascinator.
You look just as lovely in blues nad greens. Lucky you scoring Lanvin! My favourite of your charity shop haul is that stripey seventies chiffon number. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

ha ha! I love that little poem and the sun on the ass.

I am going mad over your brilliant finds. All of them.
And the two outfits you're wearing. Those 1970's dresses are so wonderful. the ones I find are hideous.

I can't wait to see that black and white dress on you.


Janey G said...

just love you style! wonderful x

Ivy Black said...

Granny? Give over!
Lovely buys...I don;t fare that well a kilo sales. I tend to loose interest for some reason and the ones I've been to haven't had anything as tasty as what you found. Love the maxi skirt...summer is on the way.
Loves ya bits.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I do love that chiffon dress and the skirt fabric is just fab.
As for that girl ... oddly rude indeed ... maybe she was just embarrassed and covered it up with bad manners.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I really like your green 1950s jacket. By the time people realise there is a bright sun shining out of the Yellow Skirt wearer's arse, they'll be waaaaaaaay down the street - I love your art work!!!!! Granny? Ha!!!! The things kids say really crack me up. I get weird comments from little kids all the time and I'm forever laughing my head off at the mother's reactions: red-faced, excruciating embarrassment - and I'm the one agreeing with and laughing with the kid! I was in the library yesterday where they had a mum's and babies nursery rhyme thingy going on. I swear the mums looked about ten years older than the babies ... and oh so terribly intense and serious about Insy Winsy Spider. **snort** I'm so glad that part of my life is well over and done with. I may not have as much energy as I used to, but I can laugh a lot more with my kids than I probably did 20 years ago. Sigh ... I could really do with a cuppa and a stroll through your spring garden with you today Curtise. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo

WendyB said...

Fun prints!

Natalia Lialina said...

You are one of a kind! I love both of the outfits - love how you work with prints and colors! The dresses are amazing, so are all of the finds! I had a somewhat similar experience (I had no idea such things as "kilo sale" even exist), but I did not buy any clothes - I might write about it later. :) You find amazing deals and you look just absolutely wonderful and youthful! Hugs!

thorne garnet said...

Who cares what the label says, the skirt is pretty. As for the rude person, ignore them.

Sheila said...

Wonderful motto for the Skirt! I adore your outfits, and yes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That silhouette looks smashing. Lanvin? Oooh! How awesome! Even if it's been altered, it's still pretty cool. Great finds. I would have given that young lady dagger-eyes if she'd touched my stuff.

Brooke F said...

Have goose bumps imagining a vintage kilo sale!No such luck down here but I have my fingers crossed. I love your look and if it works (which it does!) then why change it? XXX

Val S said...

I've never heard of a kilo sale. Well, I have, but in my day it meant something else.

I love your addition to the TYS! And you must have inspired me, because I put my name on the list after seeing your post! I just hate to be left out.

Connie said...

All those pretty blues and greens. Those really are your best colors. Such a pretty tapestry bag. You look so pretty. You're obviously one of those young pumped up glamorous grannies. The sun is shining!!!

Trees said...

Two very lovely outfits - you look great! I can't believe that girl at the vintage sale, how rude! There used to be a big swap here that women would go a little crazy over, I would imagine the same thing would happen (although never to me personally).

Melanie said...

Bwa-ha-ha, I remember when I thought people who were 29 were REALLY REALLY old. I got over it... Glad you had a laugh.
I like this outfit vibe you have going on - similar but each one so unique and gorgeous. Lanvin or not, that's a great maxi skirt.
Of course Ms. Grabby Hands went for your pile because you have such great taste.
And thank you for your beautiful addition to the skirt!

Caroline said...

I would've turned around and said that I was a grandad and just liked to wear women's clothes.

As for the girl at the sale, how rude! You should have pointed her in the direction of your blog though. She could have read up on people's reactions to her rudeness and thought about her actions!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

The tweed jacket is fabulous and looks perfect teamed with the floral dress. So wonderfully English Country could simply slip into a huntin', shootin', fishin' party with no trouble at all in that glorious combination.

In Budapest, there are hundreds of second hand clothing stores....some selling by weight, some selling by the individual garment.....and we really think that you would have a whale of a time exploring them. Whether you could snap up anything as glamorous as the Lanvin skirt, however.......

Just ignore, as we are sure you do, the sarcastic comments. You must look the most stylish mum at the school gates.

Sacramento Amate said...

You are fabulous in every colour, dear Curtise.
Sending love and sunshine

Asparagus Pea said...

Someone at work who is younger than me already has 3 grandchildren! And when my 75 yr old Dad worries about getting dementia like his mother, I like to reassure him by saying "Well at least nobody could say it was early onset". Age is a number - enjoy the phase your in for what it has to offer xxx

Liz said...

Love the blue ensemble. Never been to a kilo sale, might give one a try!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Goody said...

I had someone try to swipe my clothes in a communal dressing room at the old Filene's Basement in Boston during a sale. Amazing how the promise of a bargain brings out such crazed behavior. Never went to another of those sales-I'm not cut out for competitive shopping as a contact sport!

When I was expecting, my chart at the clinic had a bright orange sticker of the front that read (in bold type)ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE. They might as well have put, "LAST EGG" on there as well.

Real or not, the Lanvin skirt is a beauty. I like how you put your dresses/boots/jackets together. Nothing wrong with knowing what you like, and works for you.

Krista Gassib said...

I know it's strange but I would love a run in with some gal at one of these things, then they will see a girl lose it and get all ghetto! You darling found some beauties and are looking beautiful in all of these pretty NOT GRANNY frocks:) That skirt the print is delicious and I love the striped dress can't wait to see you look amazing in all of it!

You are inspiring me to play more with the loads of jackets I have that are collecting dust and feeling neglected and unloved. That green tweed, is my fav with your hair color!

I love the sunshine crack you added it is where most people can stick it but not this bunch we are a nutty tribe :)

freckleface said...

If it aint broke, don't fix it! Those are my words of wisdom du jour. That silhouette suits you mighty fine, look how admiring we all are. I love both those jackets for different looks and the denim has become almost your signature piece. I've never heard of a kilo sale, but i think i would like it. I love the waistcoat and fabulous stripy dress, but not the rude girl. Honestly, i can sound ancient when i go off on a rant about the lack of manners nowadays, more like a g g grandmother. Where was I? ;) your addition to the travelling skirt is the best!! Xxxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

I'm quite besotted with that tweed jacket.
I don't mind if you do either, darling, when you do it so well!!!!
You fecking ROCK this silhouette, etc......
Indeed, what a frightfully rude young bint. She should have been embarrassed-I would have been, if I'd accidentally picked up someone's bundle!!! Bloody LOVE the chiffon maxi, that's a winner, and I can't wait to see you in it!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Yes, we all knew about the sun and your arse. They teach it in astronomy over here, did you know?

Love your groove, always. I love dresses, and am looking forward to fuller skirts with hot-heels this spring. You just do them so well ... and, as always, I'm enchanted with you in a dark print, especially. Killah black booties!

Sorry you had a run-in with a "grabber"... they're everywhere.
You do not look like anyone's granny, young lady. Kids! Can't live with them, can't lock them in a closet ( for very long, anyway.)I know. I AM someone's granny! GrandJan, if you please. And that makes Dan into GrandDan!
But that won't happen for you for a LONG long time, we know.

Thank you for the lovely looks again.

Forest City Fashionista said...

You do the best flowered dress/jean jacket/tweed jacket combos. The green jacket has the best shape - love the nipped in waist and pocket flaps.

I've never been to a "by-the-pound" sale, although apparently we have a "By-the-Pound" store somewhere here in London that I've never found. You did alright with the floaty striped dress and possibly-Lanvin skirt.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I adore both of these ensembles on you Curtise, but of course my eye was drawn to the green tones. I love that tweed jacket. I've never heard of a kilo sale, thanks for informing me. Well done on some wonderful finds. You being confused for a granny sounds like me being asked if I'm pregnant. Gotta laugh or I'd cry! I hope you have a glorious weekend. Xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Didn't that girl know who she was talking to?
Only the fashion. blog Queen herself!
She should have curtseyed!
Loving the outfits as always x

Tamera Wolfe said...

Love the motto and ass-sun you put on the TYS.
you have a distinct look and style and you are working it!!! The dress/boots combo is just so Curtise!!
Got some awesome goodies--can't wait to see you sporting the Lanvin skirt!

Fiona said...

A kilo sale is a new one on me but you did well, apart from the run in with a rude tart. Bad manners really piss me off. Genuine or not the Lanvin maxi is epoustouflant. (mot de la semaine in case you hadn't guessed)
Have a lovely weekend. xxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love the green jacket !
Ihave not stoped reading your blogg - just having dificoulties leaving comments..

sonia said...

Your outfits are amazing, as usual. Really love that dark floral dress, it's gorgeous!

Lesley Extance said...

What a wonderful post , blues and greens look great on you, and of course I love your bags, Lol.
Thank you for your lovely comments you leave on my blog, means a lot to me. best wishes xxx.

Sue said...

I do love what you have added to the traveling skirt!!

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh Curtise trust you to be vulgar on the travelling skirt! I love both outfits and this silhouette is a big favourite with me too. I hate it when people are rude and then just feel sorry for them - what's gone on in their lives to make them be like that?! Vicky x