Friday, 28 March 2014

Cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin

Yes, well, in reality I have neither...

But I do have a new-to-me faux fur jacket, although I was rather hoping the weather would improve sufficiently for the furs to be packed away.

Never mind;  I'm happy with my find, and the shorter length works well for those days when a full length coat is too much, but a denim jacket not enough.

Edited to add; I'll link my beret to Judith's Hat Attack; she's probably sick to death of my beret collection, but at least I'm consistent!

Lloyd Cole was great last night.

He's obviously a man who lets his music do the talking, but his reticent, self-deprecating style is appealing nonetheless, while the songs are as melodic and wonderful, and his lyrics as Baby-strewn and clever as ever.

He's a local lad, born in Buxton, just down the road from here in Derbyshire. 

Ahh, lovely Lloyd.

So speaking of clever; the Ladies Purse aren't. We did shockingly, possibly our lowest score ever at the quiz on Wednesday night, but oh we did laugh.

I won a panettone (don't ask), while Trace went home with this;

and Joanne was obviously delighted with this;

Who wouldn't be?

1960s dress - Second to None
Faux fur jacket and tights - charity shopped
Boots - retail
Beret - gift
1960-70s steel pendant and 1950s umbrella - flea market

Right - just a quick post today, as I need to pack for our weekend away, and make some sandwiches for the train.

We are going down to Buckinghamshire to stay at my eldest sister's, and all the family are convening for lunch on Sunday to celebrate both Mothers Day and my mum's 90th birthday.

See you when I get back!



Melanie said...

Your new jacket is really sweet and perfect for those inbetween weathers/temperatures days we get here in Blighty.
I'm glad you enjoyed Lloyd Cole and have a fun weekend xxx

Vix said...

Phwoar, I'd forgotten how sexy Mr Cole was!
You definitely needed that divine faux fur over that gorgeous frock though, its bastard freezing.
Tut, tut, Ladies' Purse. Are you allowed a mobile phone, you could text me the tricky questions and I could help out but only 'cos I want a trouser trumpet impersonator.
Have a fab weekend away and try not to eat all your sandwiches before the train's pulled out of the station.
Love you! xxxxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

cute new jacket!
trés chic together with that lovely dress and funky red tights.
have fun with your family!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That dress looks like a comic strip. Love it!

Have fun at the party! 90 years is an incredible feat.


peaches mcginty said...

Best prizes ever! the fart machine appeals to me on so many levels haha! Lloyd is fit (I seemed to have lost 30+ years, wtf) I had a lovely moment appreciating him with long hair!
Your new faux is fab! you are looking very foxy in that and your go-go style dress! have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your sandwiches and relax (take a bottle for the journey!) x x x

Val S said...

Is the panettone left over from Christmas? Maybe you can toast it.

I love your dress and it's psychimellowyellow design! And it looks very cool with the jacket and tights.

Have a fun weekend, and happy birthday to your mum!

Fiona said...

Your fab new faux fur looks v.toasty...just right for when there's a nip in the air. I do love that gorgeous cheerful frock too, Vix did promise that we'd get to STN later this year. Glad to hear Lloyd was a joy and who cares if The Ladies Purse won the booby can't be fabulous tous les temps. Have a great weekend with your mum. xxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

Mr. Cole is pretty handsome and you can't beat good energy at a live show. Can you imagine us all seeing Helga?? I love this dress and the fake fur coat you look bright and warm! The sizzling body candy...r u kidding me, let's pour pop rocks on each other and like them off? Only after many beers:) many!

I rather like todays outfit a lot. All the pops of red! Have a wonderful time with the family celebrating Grandma's 90th, that is something to celebrate for sure. We know she has seen some shit!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!xxxxoooooo

Kelly Jackson said...

Fab new jacket and I am really loving your dress, Curtise - it has such a mod feel and the colours and patterns rock. Sorry to hear your crew didn't fare well but hey, the laughs are worth more. Have an amazing time away with your fam! My in-laws live in Bucks (am I writing like a Brit now? My hubs tells me to write that on the envelope when I send stuff there) and it's lovely countryside. Xoxo

Northern mum down South said...

Oh, you are coming down to my neck of the woods.
A live gig is such a good night out.
Great outfit as always, enjoy your weekend and family get together x

Natalia Lialina said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous woman! I love this outfit. The black fur paired with the bright dress - oh you look so striking! :)

So happy to hear that you have a weekend away. And your mom has her 90th birthday - what a wonderful age to be. We are just young kids to our parents, I have received such a reminder recently and was so grateful for it. Not in a patronizing way - in appreciating where you are in your life kind of way.

I dream of visiting England... I probably did not tell you that, but I am so in love with British culture, and humor, and all these cozy things you guys created over the ages... "As Time Goes By" is my favorite show ever. I know I will be there some day. :)

The prizes you received are hilarious. Good times with friends is so much better than any victory. Friendship and warmth - that's a true victory. But I know that you know that. :)

Love and hugses, and have a great time with your family!

Kezzie said...

Hi! Where did the tights come from??? I lost my red tights and longing for more!!! Pretty you!!! Have fun this weekend x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I have never heard of that guy, but live music is the best. Have fun at Mother's Day! Our's isn't until May. Or June. Great furry jacket and I soooooo wish I could have that little fart machine. My kids go crazy over farts lolzzzz

Winter Moon said...

Lloyd Cole - oh my - those eyes!

Your faux fur is gorgeous and I love your red umbrella too.

Have a wonderful weekend in Buckinghamshire with your family. I hope your mother has a perfect birthday.

Happy mother's day xx

Pennyblossoms said...

Just WHERE can you BUY a trouser trumpet?
So, you're having a downer about your cheeks/eyes/skin/weather....
but you DO have killer legs!
(And I can't see what's up with your cheeks/eyes/skin! The weather, yeah, gotta agree)
Have the most wonderful weekend.
Z xx

Shawna McComber said...

If I weren't having a bedridden day I would mug you and steal your boots. I have a boot obsession and I want want want some tall brown boots just like those!
Now, on to other things, such as pointing out how fabulous you look. I cut myself on your cheekbones so it's difficult to type. Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to the photos. I assume there will be photos.

Patti said...

Love the new jacket! And I need a Trouser Trumpet, b/c my otherwise refined husband is losing his decorum while snorting about this. Your trivia game gives the *best* prizes. Safe travels, xoxo.

Connie said...

That fur jacket really is the perfect in between sort of jacket. Around here you'd see it worn with jeans but dear Curtise pairs it with a swinging 60's style dress. That's why I luv ya!

Olga Rani said...

What a wonderful number - 90 years old! Congratulations to your mom! Your new faux fur jacket looks so pretty. I have weakness for faux fur things. And the dress has amazing print, so merry and colourful. Enjoy your weekend, dear Curtise!

Goody said...

I'm glad the Body Candy is labeled to indicate it comes with a guide. No telling *what* people might do with it (or where).

Have a lovely Mother's Day with your mum and family.

Brooke F said...

That is one cool jacket and gorgeous frock. Lloyd is lovely isn't he - rather spunky. Congrats to your Mum - almost 90 is a great achievement and I hope you all have a brilliant time. XXX

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I want to go to trivia just for the prizes. Damn I love it when you wear red and you look scrumptious in your new jacket and brolly. I long gave up making sandwiches, mind you, we never go anywhere, but if we DID I would have to eat them all because my lot are such a fussy bunch. I never raised them fussy, they just are, then there's Anto's special diet. So half the time I needn't dish up a plate, I just eat the "eeew" food. I hope you have a wonderful, sunshine trips to Bucks, I can't wait to see pics xxxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely dress. I once interviewed Lloyd Cole when I was working as a journalist for The Liverpool Echo and he was appearing at the Radio 1 roadshow in Southport. We had both just become parents and shared parenting anecdotes. He was just lovely.

Mother of Reinvention said...

What a great dress. The print certainly brightens up this miserable weather. Glad Lloyd Cole was good. Hope you have a great weekend. Xx

silvergirl said...

This dress is so fun and whimsical
I just love it
Good dress to wear when you have had enough of Mother Nature's cruel tricks

Angels have Red Hair said...

I know a couple of boys that would be more than happy to win the Fart Fanfare ... mind you they really don't need an imitation ... if you get my drift ;0)

Tamera Wolfe said...

Love the new jacket!!! And the dress is adorable!
Have fun on your trip!!!

Diane said...

Have a great time. Your frock is lovely. Glad Llyod was fab. xxx

Trees said...

I do love the faux fur jacket - can't really go wrong with faux fur in my opinion :) Also I LOVE the colour and pattern of that dress. Hope your weekend away is fab!

Sheila said...

Sweet coat! I am loving my leathers right not. Aw, that Lloyd is a handsome devil! Hope your weekend is lovely.

señora Allnut said...

lovely dress (so fabulous print!) and lovely furry jacket, and also love how your umbrella and tights are matchy!, fabulous!

Helga! said...

Bloody hell, I'd quite forgotten that Lloyd Cole is a fox! I think he toured here in the last year or so....crikey, if he does that again and I'm going along to throw my knickers at him!
LOVE the new FAUX (faux faux faux) fur! Perfect length, and the little zip is splendid! Super cute over that darling little frock. Those LEGS! Grrr, gotta get them out more, my girl.
Isn't a panettone a kind of cakey thing? The other ladies fared better with their prizes for sure, if that's the case. G actually owns a fart machine, and we have many laughs with it over the years.

Sue said...

You have a lovely complexion!! Bad luck on quiz night but as long as you all have fun aye. Your garden is looking very springish with the dafs doing their bit and all. Hope your weekend away was a goodun.

freckleface said...

How did I miss this? I've just commented on your weekend which you were just going on, so instead of saying, have a great time, I'll say glad you had a great time. Good old Lloyd lived up to expectations. He still looks pretty good too. As do you in that sexy little combo. Legs out and fake fur. What's not to like?
We did a pub quiz that same night and came away with nothing other than dented pride. I don't much care, the questions are stupid! Hurrumph! I could fancy a bit of panettone with a cup of coffee now, have you got any left? xxxxxxx

Megan said...

And she's sexually enlightened by Cosmopolitan...


Forest City Fashionista said...

Hmmm, I seemed to have missed this one... Nice to see that Lloyd Cole still has those sexy bedroom eyes ;)

I like the little fur bomber jacket - it is the perfect length for chilly spring weather. I have one of those sound effect things but it's a mix of noises (hand clapping, bomb dropping, glass breaking). You should ask for a report about whether those "popping candies" are any good....

Kylie said...

"...sexually enlightened by Cosmopolitan" (or something like that) I'm not sure if I had such a huge crush on Lylod Cole because he was such a spunk bubble or because his lyrics seemed so cool at the time???
Gosh he was gorgeous though...wasn't he?!

Jean at said...

Hmmm...never heard of him but he looks cute enough. I'm sure you had a good time. Sandwiches and a family ride on the train sounds delightful. You look amazing in red and I love the short furry jacket!!!

Enjoy your family! My parents are 90 and 91. Not in the best of health, so every moment is precious.

XXXXXOOOOO Love you much.

The Style Crone said...

I will never tire of your beret collection. This beauty looks great on you and thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

Wonderful to have a short fur jacket as the weather transitions. The pattern and the print of your 60's frock are lovely.

Have a celebratory time with your mum!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up guys you are really carrying out a great bubblegum casting legitimate

Citizen Rosebud said...

Jacket is great and so is that frock on you. A beret collection? LOL. You and Melanie will bring that great unsung hat hero back!

Mrs. D said...

I'm so jealous you got to see him play live!!! I had his records on vinyl and his was the first concert I ever went to when I was 14 or so... Are you ready to be heartbroken?