Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mix and match

I seem to have spent the last couple of days being highly ineffectual.

You know, faffing about; doing a little bit of one thing, then a little bit of another, but not finishing anything or doing any of it very well...

I'm all distracted and pathetic and pre-menstrual. 
And moany, clearly.

But all is not lost; my quiz team, the Ladies Purse, are convening tomorrow night to display their intellectual brilliance. Or their dismal ignorance, it could go either way.
And I am going to see Lloyd Cole on Thursday, so I am very excited about that.  

Do you know Goody who writes Eat The Blog?
She's funny.
And she observed here that some strange magic happens sometimes, and one's bosom looks bigger in certain photos.

Like here;
jacket on, boobs barely noticeable;
jacket off, knockers ahoy.
 Now you see 'em, now you don't.

Knockers is Goody's word. It makes me laugh, because I am foolish and have the sense of humour of a Carry On film. 
I can practically hear the Benny Hill music playing, can't you?

I'm enjoying all the textures going on here, and the little opal pendant which I found for a couple of quid in a charity shop. I was only looking at the chain actually, I need to replace one which broke, but I like opals so I'll keep the necklace as it is. 

1950s Scottish tweed jacket, 1970s tank top, sunglasses, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
1970s maxi skirt - vintage/collectables shop in Matlock
1950-60s tapestry bag - vintage shop in Birmingham
Blouse - jumble sale
Boots - retail (ancient)
I am also happy to muddle up my vintage styles and decades; I'm no purist, and if a 1970s tank top and maxi call out to be paired with a 1950s jacket, who am I to argue?

Just don't shop me to the vintage police.

 Thank you for all your very sweet comments on my last post. Gawd knows I don't want to be a Mummy Blogger, and you are kind to put up with the kiddy pics.

Claudia liked her birthday card, but is determined not to listen to any of my words of wisdom regarding personal style...

I've got Nina (Littlest) at home tomorrow because of the teachers' strike, and she is angling to do something special, mainly so she can rub her older siblings' noses in the fact that they have to go to school as usual.

I predict that cake will be involved, and yet more faffing about.

What does the rest of the week have in store for you?



Mother of Reinvention said...

Wow, what a fantastic jacket. I love a bit of tweed and the tank top is amazing. I too have noticed the funny thing about photos. I always look like Jabba the Hut in drag in them, whereas is real life I look so much like Angeline Jolie it's spooky *LOL* Just faffing in our neck of the woods too.

Connie said...

You're on a quiz team? You must be the Star Player. I mean, look how smart you look in this outfit. You will dazzle for sure. The handbag is very intellectual. Yes, I am quite familiar with the growing knocker phenomenon. I wore a lovely zigzaggy dress topped with a cute little cardigan to my daughter's graduation. It started to get warm so I took off the cardi to pose for pictures when suddenly my boobs expanded to a spectacular size with a giant turquoise zig zag across each one. A photo to remember forever, dammit! Faffing. I love that word.

Patti said...

Cake and faffing, sounds like the perfect day ahead. I'd love to be on your trivia team! Ours, The Rodents of Unusual Size, has pretty much disbanded of late. I know a lot of French words, can you use me?

You look splendid in these greens. And now you have enlightened me about why "professional" women are "supposed to" wear blazers: Hide the knockers! xoxo

Sheila said...

Lol at knockers! Strange how certain clothes can do that! Lovely opal (that's my birth stone, never liked 'em, though).

Helga! said...

Knockers ahoy indeed! Huzzah!!! I know ALL about knockers resizing themselves at every opportunity. And, having grown up on a healthy diet of Benny Hill, Are You Being Served, ad nauseum, am chortling right along with you. I love smut.
I love this mish mash! Feck being a Vintage Purist...how very tedious. The Vintage Police can feck right off!
Ha, I spend most of my time in that hideous pre-menstrual state nowadays...I reckon, so far, the being peri-menopausal is being that, amplified. GAH.Faff away, my lovely, you are a gloriarse being and I adore you!
Have fun with Littlest! Maybe pop her INTO a cake.

Sue said...

I have been laughing at your now you see them now you don't boobs!!! And I shall check out 'Eat the blog', if you say she is funny, then she will be, well she is talking about knockers that change size!! Mine just stay BIG! Good on you for faffing, I have faffing down to a very fine art and alot of it is done on a daily basis.

silvergirl said...

love all the pattern mixing going on here!!

Krista Gassib said...

I'm with Helga I like me so smut and as a kid I loved it if I snuck some Benny Hill of the tv. No yours is far from a mummy blog maybe that's why we appreciate it when you share that stuff, at least I do:). Kids, knockers, pattern mixing so much variety:)

Shawna McComber said...

Lots of faffing and menstruating and eating ice cream in my week. I love Carry On Movies, hate Benny Hill, cause I'm inconsistent like that. I know just what you mean about the boobs thing! Angles and shadows and such make a difference. I think if you mummy blog once in awhile you will be forgiven 'cause your kids are adorable. Mine is 19 and would never forgive me if I put pictures of him on my blog.

Natalia Lialina said...

Oh those are such gorgeous colors on you, Curtise! Brilliant pattern mixing, and I love all your funky bracelets. I know what you mean, I have days like this too. But cake and a day with Nina sounds like something special indeed. :) Knockers sounds like a funny word. :) Knock knock! :)

Shawna McComber said...

Bah! How could I blether away and forget to say your outfit looks great? Probably because you always look great so it's just a given. Definitely mix your decades. Is there any other way?

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Loving the textures & colours of your outfit...I just adore that jacket which is probably no surprise. Love the now you see them now you don't knockers. Yours are sublime! Xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Loving the textures & colours of your outfit...I just adore that jacket which is probably no surprise. Love the now you see them now you don't knockers. Yours are sublime! Xx

Vix said...

Well you certainly don't look moany or premenstrual with your ever-increasing knockers and tales of the Ladies Purse. That boob hiding jacket is a joy with the tank top and maxi and the bastard bling.
Vintage fashion police - so dull. Being a slave no fashion is just as tedious if its 1950s or present day. Better to be a vintage whore like us!
Lloyd Cole? He's still got it, hasn't he?
Have a great day with Nina and cake. I'm off to Blighty to replenish our stock once I've ironed and tagged it.
Love ya! xxxxxxx

Indigo Violet said...

I love a good pub quiz - in fact our team won last night. Sometimes I get so competitive I scare myself.
But I wouldn't dream of competing with you in the sartorial stakes.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Oooo I saw Lloyd Cole a couple of years ago and he is ACE,
A little grey on the side burns but still as gorge as ever and he's dead funny and a little bit shy.
You will fall in love with him all over agin, I promise!

Kylie said...

I am so jealous that you are going to see Lloyd Cole in the flesh Curtise. I loved L.C. Still have all the old Commotion albums. I remember reading that his girlfriend at the time, became his girlfriend by going up to him at a gig and asking him if he wanted a girlfriend! Don't know if this is true, but I wanted to be that girl. desperately. have a wonderful time, you lucky duck x

Fiona said...

Knockers ahoy?? Frankly I'd be staggered if anyone passed that comment about me! Never mind, we can't all be blessed like Liz McDonald. Yours is no mummy blog, I wouldn't be here for one if it were, but it's nice to see the kids are as daft as their mum. The rest of the week...?? Photography, crochet and computer updating. Enjoy the concert. xxx

Lesley Extance said...

Curtise your blog post always bring a smile to my face , it's a pleasure to read your posts.
Love the word KNOCKERS !!! what a great word to describe our chest regions.
Great outfit love the pattern mixing, and love your bag you know me and bags ! lol !!! have a good week xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Knockers! ha! love it! kind of reminds me of the boob pens we always ended up with, keep it straight, lady covered turn it upside down, knockers!
You look wonderful, and not pre-menstrual at all, I loathe the whole business, I reckon it's Mother Nature getting me ready for the menopause. Your mix and match outfit is fab though, mix away, it works - you should wear it for the Ladies Purse quiz, jacket off and distract your opponents! enjoy Lloyd Cole! x x x

Ripple Dandelion said...

If there were no faffing about, how could you come up with such a genius outfit? And how could those kids of yours develop what are sure to be extraordinarily happy memories of faffing about with you? Enjoy today and worry about the rest of it later.

Winter Moon said...

Ha ha - I'm guilty of using the word 'knockers' from time to time. I blame my father and brothers. It is very Benny Hill though, you're right.

I adore your bag and nails today.
That skirt is the perfect length on you.

I look tired and moody when I'm pre-menstrual. You look your usual amazing self.

Have a brilliant time seeing Lloyd Cole xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I spend my entire life being highly ineffectual … I really do!!

thorne garnet said...

Behave yourself at the concert, don't start a commotion. ( I couldn't help myself)

Love how you mix up the prints, I just can't do that

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Faffing about! I like that. It sounds better than calling myself a bum. I've also been faffing about. That tapestry bag is amazing.

beate grigutsch said...

love all the tartan/plaid/checks going on here! and topped with that gorgeous handbag! you look really great in this autumnal colors.
i´m pre-m. too but the garden calls for working my spine out of me - endless amounts of soil from one place to another and all that.
i wish you lots of fun at the concert!!!!!!

Olga Rani said...

Such great combination of textures and checkered patterns! And all the colours look fantastic together too. The new pendant is adorable little thing, love it.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Well you look great in that lovely tweed jacket ! And so does your knockers ... Lol

PauMau said...

I really love your style, it's so unique! Greetings from Finland :)

PauMau, middleaged mother for five kids under 15 yrs

Asparagus Pea said...

Sticking a pair of bright orange squares on your knockers does draw the eye rather!

señora Allnut said...

lovely jacket, and fabulous mixed prints and textures, such a pretty outfit!. You look gorgeous and your lovely bag is perfect!
I've been laughing about that knockers word, yes, benny hill music playing!
besos & fun

Kelly Jackson said...

Digging the mix up of patterns and textures and also the knockers usage - it's a term I'm familiar with... Wonder if it's North Amercian? Anyway, you and your knockers look fab. Xoxo

Forest City Fashionista said...

I like mixing styles from various decades so it doesn't look like a costume (although it may look a bit crazy). I found a hot pink
80's jacket at the thrift store with GIGANTIC shoulder pads, and am trying to figure out what era to mix it with so I don't look like a New Wave flashback.

Enjoy your day with Nina (of course there will be cake!), and I can't wait to hear about the Lloyd Cole concert.

Northern mum down South said...

I can spend many, many hours faffing about - hope you had a great day and the faffing about produced some cake x

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I know that whatever is closest to the camera will always appear larger. I've learned that the hard way. That said your knockers look perfectly fine here : )

Love all the mix of textures and colours here too. So perfect for your hair.

I will be heading out to a Flameco show and a Tango show this week. Can't wait!


freckleface said...

Snap, snap and snap! Menstrual, faffing and knockers out of control, in case you were wondering. Knockers, love that word. It reminds me of smutty postcards at the seaside. We'd try to devour them with our eyes before the adults noticed. We watched them all in our house, Benny Hill, Dick Emery, even The Two Ronnies were a bit saucy back then. My dad sometimes used to chase my mum around humming the theme tune to Benny Hill. Happy days. The Ladies Purse, get in! I went to see Lloyd Cole about a hundred years ago. You've still got perfect skin! Xxxxxxx

Goody said...

Gosh, my boobs haven't had this much attention in years.
Thank you for the nice words about my humour-not every one appreciates it.

I really love that green jacket. It goes so well with (almost) everything, including your re-emerging garden.

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Gorgeous and funny as always, knockers or not. XXOO

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

No such strange magic occurs here sadly. I must be the exception to the rule or perhaps I need a 70's tanktop...xxxx

Melanie said...

I know but one Lloyd Cole song and I'm sure that's the same one as most people know - Lost Weekend. I hope you have a wonderful time.
Knockers is a fabulous word, it should be used more often.
I love your necklace, opals are one of my favourite gems.

Lucy Nation said...

I love Lost Weekend and Perfect Skin. They are the only 2 Lloyd Cole songs I know. I love the word knockers too. Nothing wrong with having the sense of humour of a Carry On film, that's been my life story. I think I missed your last post but it's interesting to get to know your kid's names. My little one had the day off because of the strike too. Of course she ended up being sick anyway. Oh the joys of parenting xxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

I love the very 700 look of your outfit...The colors are wonderful on you!!!

Anonymous said...

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Janey G said...

i adore you in these outfits! i know you are normally a floral tart but me likes these too!! xxxx