Saturday, 20 April 2013

Purple days

So I've got stuck on a colour again - please bear with me.

Friday's outfit.

This 1970s Co-op Crimplene skirt is such a favourite. I always feel good in it. 
Everyone needs an item of clothing like that, several/lots if you can find them. 

Hmm, I probably should be looking moody and angry for this shot, but Eldest was taking the photo and made me laugh.

I'm fighting really, just doing it with a smile on my face (for once).

1970s maxi skirt - vintage fair
Blouse, belt, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Vest - flea market
Other bangles - gift from darling Tania
Bastard massive Cancerian pendant - gift from Catsuit Queen Vix

Had some success on the crockery front at the flea market this week.

The Midwinter jug and dish, and the 1960s Alfred Meakin lidded casserole dish were out of the 3-for-a-quid box on one of my favourite stalls on Chesterfield flea market. 

The brooch and other Meakin pot were £2 each.

I gasped when I saw the donkey in a charity shop, because I had the exact same fellow when I was a little girl. The sight of him evoked such a powerful wave of nostalgia, I had to bring his sweet tacky 1960s self home with me.

He probably dates from around this time - 1969. I was 5, my middle sister was 9.

My dress was pink and white gingham. And very short.

Today's purple.

1970s skirt (shortened by me) - Ebay
Tights, t-shirt, cardigan and belt - charity shopped
Necklace - retail (sale)
Sunglasses - vintage shop
Shoes - jumble sale
It's been a beautifully sunny day today. Everywhere looks better for a bit of sunshine, even this city.
That's Vulcan up there on top of Sheffield Town Hall.

We called in at City Hall to buy some tickets...
...and went for coffee.

I will do my best to wear something other than purple tomorrow, honest.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.



Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow, you're purple peril today! I absolutely love everything... Can't decide which is my favorite... The suede looking belt is gorgeous. The skirt is totally stunning and the top is rather beautiful, I really like the pattern. Carry on with the purple and don't apologise. Great views of Sheffield, the blossom and the town hall ceiling are glorious. I love a bit of political outrage in the form of graffiti or home made posters! All is gorgeous and the sun is finally here! Have a great weekend! Xxxxxxx

barbara said...

I do love the photo of you when you were little Curtise. I think you and your sister look very like your own two gorgeous daughters. Sheffield looks beautiful in the sun and I would so love to be back for a day of rummaging around the charity shops with you. You look stunning in your crimplene skirt - have a wonderful week xx

Bella Q said...

The Meakin casserole dish is pretty awesome. I think purple becomes you.

thorne garnet said...

All the outfits are awesome, then I do like purple. The ceiling's are beautiful.

Connie said...

Oh Curtise, you cutie pie. Your kids look so much like you did when you were little. I love it when you smile :-)

Max said...

I like the purple with yellow, reminds me of my aubergene sofa with yellow pillows-in a good way! Sheffield is lookingvstunning. It seems everwhere has a cafe these days-even the town hall! The donkey is so cute, my nana had one that all us grandkids used to covet and play with. I thiught your older sister was you!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh Curtise, just luscious! The colours, patterns, necklines, silhouettes are stunning. I am in love with the old photo of you and your sister. So nice to see the sun, and your adventures. Thanks for your comment over by me, you are a doll. xoxo

Val Sparkle said...

Thank god you have flowers instead of snow!

I love that first outfit - the top and the necklace are very sexy, and the paisley skirt is fantastic! And don't you have the most adorable kids (it's okay for you to say, Yes, I do).

You had me laughing with your comment on my blog about toppers! We Americans always like to be efficient in our language.

Melanie said...

I love your fighting smile! Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and Ali always won. I love your 5-year-old self. And there are your own lovelies enjoying an outing with their mum. What a fun day. You can wear purple everyday. If you could just teach me how to put on false eyelashes. Mine always sproing off at the ends.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You are coming up with some magnificent combos!!! Loving those looks.. Rocking purple!

That donkey is absolutely gorgeous. Great that you found him sitting there waiting for you.

Cute 5 year old!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Purple becomes you so keep doing It! If you want to ... great pics! Looks really nice .

Liz said...

A co-op crimpelene skirt - what a phrase - had forgotten that the co-op used to sell clothes! Love the other skirt too.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

two squirrels said...

No no keep the purple coming.....its just fabulous. Like that amazing skirt the paisley is incredible on it.
Oh spring has sprung for the blossom and daffodils in the garden.
Hmmm what are the tickets for???? The Town hall looks such a wonderful place.
Don't you just love finding a wee treasure that takes you straight back to the little person you used to be. So cute.
Hope you have had the most splendid weekend lovely Miss Curtise. love V

Melanie said...

You look wonderful Curtise, I really like these colours on you, so no apologies for the purple xxx

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

No such thing as too much purple - red heads look great in it!xxxx

List Addict said...

If you love it wear it until it falls off of you in shreds I say. Purple suits you! And you mix it so well with other colours anyway. You're no purple hued Barbara Cartland. You're fabulous. Ps so was Barbara Cartland.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Purple really suits you so why not embrace it. I must admit purple doesn't really appear in my wardrobe....yet anyway. I used to say that about red! I love the unexpected combo of the maxi with that top, & I always LOVE the second skirt. Anyway you wear it it looks fabularse! Xx

Mrs. D said...

Purple (said with that NY accent) is great!
I love both looks, but the first one I like best - maybe it's the pattern mixing?
Lovely photos, it's great to see that Spring is finally here!

freckleface said...

Ah well actually it's not a problem, because you are perfect in purple! And with that neckline, cinched in waist and that sleeve shape (can't think of the words to describe it - got up too early) you look magnifique!

I love the donkey!! I gasped when I saw him too. How lovely that you found him, it was fate.

Sunshine, heavenly, words cannot describe.

That other outfit is lovely too, so sophisticated and that skirt you took up fits you a treat. Lovely to see your girls and then the equivalent pic of you and your sis. So cute.

I am familiar with those balls. They are known to me. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

I love purple! every day should be a purple day. I have the same midwinter jug, also a charity shop purchase :)

Lucy Nation said...

It's so nice to see you smile. You should smile more often! Love the flea market finds you lucky thing. Dammit I do love a visit to Costa. I'm likin the girl's nail varnish on display too. They are obviously being influenced by their creative and colourful mum. I just saw a really interesting blog post on Sheffield's architecture which I thought you might find interesting. I thought of you straightaway!

Have a lovely week xxx

Fiona said...

You are a picture in purple...and every other colour for that matter. Love both outfits in this post, I especially like that fine looking blue and yellow skirt. What a fab ceiling City Hall has, so pretty just like the girls multi-coloured nails. Great bargains as always from the flea market. xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

I loved your dress and bright tights so much that you had to be one of FFS Ladies!
Love all your purple! nice color for you!
Lovely photo from your chilldhood
Nice outing with the girls, the city hall looks stunning!

Love and hugs

Ariane xx

Lucys Lounge said...

curtise, purple is a great colour to be stuck on. you look really well in both outfits.
nostalgia is such a strong feeling. it is also fleeting. treasure it . i'm glad you bought the donkey i hope it always gives you strong memories. love lucyx

Ava G said...

I love both purple combinations, especially the second. What lovely crockery and the donkey is precious. How special it is to find a nostalgic item from childhood! The photos of the ceiling are breathtaking!

Krista Gassib said...

And should I apologize for pink, no way so you should'nt for's a public service really:). Both of these outfits are so cheery and flattering. You day out has me wishing I could hav tagged along, it's that ceiling just beautiful! Your smile in front of the fight sign is rather silly why I think you could have done a whole montage there:).

Anonymous said...

Love the pix of you and your sister!!
Your city hall is FANTASTIC!!
You were made for purple--I adore both outfits!!!
and did you get some goodies at the thrifts!!

Ivy Black said...

Properly gorgeous in purple. You look fab in everything. What was that all about those shorty short dresses we wore when we were kids?! I love it when something brings back memories like your donkey, I 'd have had to have it too.
Doesn't it all look better for some sunshine? I like the Vulcan statue...he's kind of camp yet butch at the same time!

Vintage Coconut said...

Purple purple purple it's such a pretty color! I noticed this past year I have purchased alot more purple items then I have ever owned in my life. Soooooo I woun't get mad at you if you over purple-fy.
The picture of little you is SOOOO SWEET. I SEE YOU in that face!!! =)

Misfits Vintage said...

HOly guacamole, I cannot tell you how much I FRICKIN LOVE the first outfit - the mixed patterns, the maxi (always PERFECT on you) and WOW - I love the pic of you with that big, beautiful smile!

The pic of you and sister in 69 is amazing - I had a very similar gingham mini with a deep hem ruffle too. In fact, if I had it my size I'd still be wearing it!

Love the second outfit too - the skirt is gorgeous - and what a lovely day out with the littlies. Hope you had a coffee for me.

And I say WHO CARES - wear purple every day! It suits you and you look radiantly beautifully FABULARSE in it!

Love you more than the Government!

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Feck ME!
Firstly, that crimplene maxi is a frigging DREAM! I just adore it, it's the BEST possible paisley print, and of course, purple rocks! I often get stuck on a colour...oddly, I am favouring purple at the mo myself, I wore purple last night
Secondly-just LOOK at your sexacious bod!!!
Thirdly-I love that casserole, it's a sweetie!
Fourthly-You have THE most groegous smile!! I'm grinning in response!
Fifthly-LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of you and your sis!!! Such a divoon teensy little frock!
And lastly, that second out fit is just as swoon worthy as the first! Fecking HELL, you on style FIRE!

joyatri said...

I'd be happy if you wore purple every day. Paisley is amazing, but your last long leggy look with the art deco print skirt looks incredibly Biba-esque. Your adorable in gingham, too.

Sheila said...

I can tell you love purple: you radiant good vibes in it! Love that purple suede belt in the first outfit, and adore the shortened skirt in the 2nd.

Lovely pictures!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love the pic of you smiling next to the poster Curtise, your outfit, your smile, the peeling blue paint, it all just works so well. The city hall is gorgeous, there was so much I didn't see the time I went to Sheffield, and it's so nice to escape for a coffee sometimes isn't it? I managed it yesterday with a friend, while our two boys played and Jake was at home with dad, I thought I need to do this more often! You had loads of lovely finds, that donkey is a cutie, and that is such a sweet pic of you and your sister, are those Clarks t-bars you're wearing? I remember my mum always buying me them and they were practically indestructible. xx

Vix said...

The more I see Sheffield the more I need to visit! City Hall is wonderful and the sleeping cat is darling.
Love that picture of baby Curtise, you can see that the girls are the very image of you and the lucky things are going to grow up to be just as gorgeous.
The frock and the skirt are stunners, the prints, the colours ...the lidded dish is rather snazzy,too and I bet Sarah Misfit's eyeing up that donkey!
Weekend? What weekend!
Love you more paisley! xxxxx

Louise McDonagh said...

Personally, I don't think you can beat purple. I adore it and would happily surround myself with it everywhere. I've visited Sheffield but never explored. It looks like a nice place. Xx

Bohemian vanity said...

Its always a joy to see those old pictures, you look so cute!!! Love both of your outfits. The colours are so bright and shiny! And it looks like you had a really fabby day with the kids, they looks as cute as you on the photo!!! xx Tani

Anonymous said...

Great photos!!The one with Littlest and the mirror ball is amazing!!The long maxi is an artwork too, I'd like to find more clothes that makes me feel fantastic, the blouse is perfect too!I love the donkey and it's nice that you used to have a similar one as a child, you and your sisters were the most stylish children I've ever seen, I like the pink and white gingham dresses even now!
Love xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

WooOWWW! LOVE that maxi outfit; especially the mix of patterns. You other our fit is so chic. You wear everything so well.

And how adorable you were as a little girl!

Things are looking gorgeous in Sheffield!

Delia Ryder said...

Wow great finds I love that donkey he is so cute and kitsch I love it when things bring back happy memories. I have the sugar bowl to match your meakin jug :-) You look gorgeous in purple the 2nd outfit is my favourite I love it with your yellow top purple and yellow are gorgeous together. dee xx

Emalina said...

You're a stunning lady in purple, that first outfit is heavenly and I love the photo of you smiling! I agree with the message of that graffiti too! Lovely to see you as a little girl, stylish from such a young age :)

Diane said...

WHat are you going to see at the City Hall? We went to see Micky Flannagan last week - very funny . Weve also got tickets for Greg Davies later in the year. Love the blossom outside the Town Hall - I put that on my FB - I like to show my pals who moved away that South Yorkshire is very beautiful (as they don't remember it being that way ) xxxx

Secret Squirrel said...

Purple is the colour of visionaries, don't you know? The.mix of purple and red patterns are lovely, so eye-catching.

I involuntarily squealed when I spotted the donkey!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in purple. Such a good colour, I think.
I love the pictures of City Hall - it looks wonderful.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Keep wearing purple and that maxi is major awesomeness. I love it. You're so right. Everyone needs some clothes that are fantastic that just work every time no matter what!! That one is def workin' for you-- you are boss in that shit. Loving the pendant, too. The donkey is very cool and I love the pic of your little cute kiddies and the one on you from when you were a little one. The 60s dresses were short for sure! I love it :D

bonsaimum said...

Long live purple. I love the old photos. More more..... :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

Never apologize for rockin' the royal colour, especially when it looks so good on you. That maxi skirt is keeper; good shape and fab pattern. I'm particularly fond of the "today" outfit, with the mix of blue, purple and yellow. So very Spring-like and a combo I would have never tried.

Jean at said...

City hall is amazing. Do your children take it for granted? I'm guessing that the treats were more memorable. You look fab in all your outfits, long or short. The colors are delicious.

There's a "Vulcan" in Birmingham, Alabama, here in the States. Joey's dad is from there and when Joey was growing up, going to see Vulcan was a big deal. He tried to take me there recently but it was an hour before a festival and they wouldn't let us in. Needless to say, SOMEONE was not happy. I heard mutterings about small minded bureaucrats etc.

Oh well. I hope to see your Vulcan someday. XXXXOOOO

Nico Saich said...

I love your voice and your blog! Thrifted finds are the best and I try to shop second hand as much as possible!


Lynne DeVenny said...

You are a freakin' Goddess in purple. Your style is like fine art to me. Looking at your clothes and vintage finds - and happy children - relaxes me. Curtise, you have no idea how much you and your blog get me through tough moments.