Sunday, 7 April 2013

Good Day Sunshine

Got a bit of a 60s thing going on today.
I've Warholed myself.
The inspiration was this fabulous 1960s dress...

...which was a gift from my lovely blogger friend Sara (Mrs D of Hello the Mushroom).

She came to Sheffield yesterday for several hours of vintage and charity shopping, chatting, strolling round the city centre in the sunshine, and a glass or two of wine!

If you don't already know Sara's blog, check it out. She's a fabulous photographer, and she has put some photos from our day together on Flickr.

Isn't she lovely? A delightful combination of sassy style, intelligence, humour and friendliness.
Portugal's loss is the UK's gain.

And a demon shopper - Sara scored some great finds.
She'll show you her's- I'll show you mine.

A 1960s Sid Greene lurex dress, in the same fabric as my favourite mermaid skirt, but this time in shades of gold and bronze;
and a (probably) 1980s German dirndl skirt - the label says made in West Germany so it must be pre-1989. The little metal tag at the top says Kuhnen Dirndl.

Sara said buy it buy it buy it about 20 times when I picked it up in the charity shop - so I did!

1960s dress - gift from sweetheart Sara
Denim jacket, bangles, tights and shoes - charity shopped
Huge white sunglasses - gift from darling Helga
When I looked through today's photos, I had to laugh - I think I look very similar to my eldest sister in this photo from 1969;

We were by Regent's Park canal at London Zoo, my eldest sister was 14, and clearly none to pleased to be picnicking with the small fry. We have matching pouts - I don't know what my problem was.

Middle sister (age 9) and I (age 5) were wearing matching mini dresses, they were an orange floral print with a high neck and puffy sleeves. I loved that dress.
Are you seeing it?
Having a face like a slapped arse seems to run in the family.

But I am very happy with my new frock - thank you Sara!

I am also happy to find myself here, along with all you other Odd Ones Out, freaks and misfits.  
And I am very happy to recommend blogger meet-ups - in real life, like Sara's visit, or a virtual get-together, like the weekly gathering over at Patti's on Visible Mondays!



Connie said...

Two of my very favorite girls TOGETHER! Heaven! This is such a Sara dress and it looks adorable on you. I think the 60's may be your thing!

Melanie said...

Ooo, yeah. I am digging that '60s vibe totally. Slapped arse? More like fabularse in Helga-speak. That dress number does you proud and the specs really bring out your inner go-go girl.
Your pouts are so funny in your photo. I like remembering what I wore - like you, I have really great memories of some clothes, many of which my mum made.
And great scores. Mrs. D is the best - I loove what's she's wearing too. Looks like a really fun day. Drinks and thrifting? What could be better?

Debberoo said...

I love that dress and I super love that old snap short of you and your sisters :)

Patti said...

Yes, you and your older sis look like twins, um, separated by some years but twins none the less! You and Sara look the you're having just the best time. I adore your new dress and the dirndl skirt looks FABulous. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

FAB! I've never come across Sara - I'm going to check her out!

Loving the Warholishness. Very cool seeing the 69 photo... I can imagine the colour of the dresses.

Sidenote: my Mum met an older couple on a ship journey somewhere in the 60s (as you did).. they invited her to their place to stay, which HAPPENED to be a massive ranch, and they happened to be the parents of Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick.. Mum slept in her bedroom on and off.. she remained close to the couple, in a pen-pally way too.. She met Edie a couple times. Cool eh?!

Kylie said...

You do NOT have a face like a bottom Curtise, but gee in that (gorgeous) old photo, you and your sister could be twins!

I love your new lurex frock and that skirt is awesome.

Looks like a lovely day out on the town with your bloggy friend. You should show-off your legs more often!

Tamera Beardsley said...

such a lovely, lovely post my dear Curtise! i must say, I am a bit envious of your friend, getting to spend time with the likes of your wonderful self! Sounds to be such a marvelous time!

I do so always enjoy visiting you and your realm... thanks so for sharing your magic!!

joyatri said...

LOVE the mod dress and the Warhol look. I'd wear it in a heartbeat. I bet it's made of a nice sturdy polyester double knit.
Sounds like a fun day and you scored some great finds. Sometimes two sets of eyes are better than one (this only works when the eyes belong to people don't wear the same size).
I'm headed to the UK in a few weeks and was planning to get in touch with you about meeting up in May or June.

Ava G said...

Curtise, I love this dress! It reminds me of Peggy on Mad Men. Love the Warhol-inspired pics! The skirt from West Germany is so pretty and interesting.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

That frock looks so good on you....I love the fit & of course the navy & white with a touch of red. Very 60's chic! Gorgeous finds as well, I'm waiting as we speak for a green dirndl dress to arrive. Lets hope it fits! Xx

Sheila said...

Oh, love your scale dress - that is just fabulous, what a find!

You look so 60s groovy, baby! Love the red shoes with that amazing dress.

Ivy Black said...

I do so love a good blogger meet up as you know! It's brill seeing you and Sara together. She does take stunning photos and you look fab together. I'm glad you had a top day together.
Yep, I can see Big Sis there! That dress is a smasher....just lie you.

Trees said...

Blogger meet ups are the best fun :D To answer your question - yes I will be meeting up with some blog friends in the US. In fact I'll be staying with two blog friends! I LOVE that 1960's dress - perfect on you :D

Valerie Beattie said...

Love the 60s dress. Mad Men is back this week and I have a 60s inspired dress ready to wear later in the week. Looks like a good day of charity shopping :) Shame I couldn't pop down for a get together myself lol. Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I am digging the 60's vibe darling!! And the dress is lovely, you lucky thing to receive such a gift from such a lovely lady/ blogger.

Loving the denim jacket, I am never to sure how to wear one but I do love to see them with cute little dresses xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love this post today it really made me smile. Great photography. Fab dress and lovely bit of nostalgia thrown in.

señora Allnut said...

wouua, love your 60's dress, it fits you like a dream and you look so gorgeously chic!
and I'm so glad for your meeting with Sara, you're both so lovely!
besos & freakiness

Fiona said...

Love your new dress Curtise, you look very Mary Quant especially with the pop art treatment. Sara sounds delightful, how lucky to spend a day chazzing with you, good to see you had a few vino tinto's. Going to pay her a visit so I can see her photography.... and you're not doing so bad yourself, Mrs Picmonkey!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

You look hot in that dress! And I'm loving your shoes. This is one of those posts that make me want to give up my jeans for something more intesting! xxxx

Liz said...

Love your dress and that pretty drindl skirt. Looks like you had a great time!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody arsebiscuit - I'm so far behind!!!!

You look FABULARES in those gorgeous sunnies - the shape is PERFECT on your beautiful face! The frock is divine, the shoes are HELLO! Lovely Sara is such a sweetie - I am beyond envious that you got the day together. The drndl skirt is a definite HELLZYES!

I absolutely see you in oldest sister - and I see Littlest One even more!

Love all of your eveythings! Sarah xxx

Indigo Violet said...

Wow, those glasses have a Brian Jones vibe baby. I'm a big Brian fan!

Vix said...

You are your sister are identical! How freaky is that?
Love the dress Sara gave you and adore the mini version of the mermaid maxi you scored - can't wait to see you rock that!
Loving the Warhol treatment you gave yourself.
Blogger meets are the best - I wish you could make Wednesday - I MISS YOU! xxxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love that 60 ' s Wibe! Great!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I would say "gorgeously sultry" rather than "slapped arse" - you are spectacular, and I love this dress and the photo of your sis. So awesome that you and smart cookie Sara got to meet, and your finds are amazing! "Buy it-buy it-buy-it" lol - xoxoxoxo

The Style Crone said...

I'm enjoying your outing with the fabulous Mrs D vicariously with my coffee on a Monday morning. You couldn't look more stylish in you 60's dress, gifted by Sarah, and the addition of red shoes and tights make the ensemble a work of art.

I would say that beauty runs in your family! Love the 'sisters' photo and your charity shop picks. Off to visit Sarah's site for more photos of your adventure.

Mrs. D said...

OMG the dress looks like it was made for you! I'm so glad you like it and it fits so well!
It was lovely going out shopping with you! I've posted some photos of our day together today as well.
Happy days!
Much love


thorne garnet said...

your sister's 60's do reminds me of the haircuts all the cool girls had in jr. high school (same age). My hair being wavy would never stay that shape. Love Miss Mushroom's musical skirt and jacket

Sacramento Amate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I want to meet you both, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so jealous.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Quick ... get "Warholed" into the dictionary ASAP !!! Seriously, I mean it. Cannot tell you how much I loved every element of this post. I'm closer to your sister's age, and remember this year so well! You were meant to wear this outfit.
Fab shopping ... good for you, and I am off to see your bud's blog! Looks great. So nice of you to introduce!
Have a lovely week, Warhol Woman!

Bohemian vanity said...

That Warhol image of you look fab!!! And what an amazing dress is that please?! You look stunning!!! (would murder for that dress) Time to get some fabrics and take my sewing machine out asap.
Oh and you do really look like your sister! Awesome! Have a great time dear. xx Tani

freckleface said...

You look great Warholed (new verb for the dictionary writers there). Oh I've just seen somebody else wrote something similar, ah well.

What a fab picture from 1969. Love the family resemblance, and what perfect pouts. Not everyone gets blessed with one of those you know.

Great 60's frock, Oh My to the dirndl skirt (they hold a special place in my heart) and what a lovely bloggy meet up you had. And look, drink was taken! xxxx

Annie said...

As others have said, that 60s style looks awesome on you! And I love the cute shoes.

Looks like you had a brilliant day with Sara. I was talking to Vix about coming up to Sheffield to see you too. Maybe when Jo comes over?

Annie xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow - I thought that was you for a second! What a photogenic family - you all look lovely, even with those pouts. I'm so pleased you bought that cute dress and the lurex one - they're both amazing. Love a bit of dirdl too, so want to see you modelling that. Love the photos of you all Warholled - looks great! Looks like you had a lovely blog meet up, there needs to be more of those, why must you all live so far away?! xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You look very "swinging 60's" in the dress from Sara! The sunglasses from Helga really complete the outfit. Sara is quite adorable, I have to check out her blog.

I love big full skirts like that dirndl but they don't seem to look very good on me. I can definitely see you rocking the lurex dress.

I am so pleased to be here, amongst my fellow freaks and geeks (and I use those terms with the utmost affection)!

silvergirl said...

such a great 60's look going on here
could totally see Peggy from Mad Men wearing that

Diane said...

You do look really fabulous! Love the old photo of you and your sisters. I loved Meersbrook park and will be back for a revisit xxxxxx

Megan said...

So awesome that you got to meet Sara! And she gave you a perfectly gorgeous dress. It looks fabulous on you!

Max said...

you make a great warhol babe curtise! love the scallop shell pattern dress. cant wait to hear what your wearing to the street parties in south yorkshire tonight xxx

Kelly Roy said...

Very smart to have warhold yourself.I think Andy ill be very pleased.You and Sara both look fantastic .It's so nice sharing your interests with someone else in person.

Style Sud-Est said...

I know Sara she is lovely, i just sent her a parcel! she is so sweet, i took so long to send her the parcle shame on me!
I love your dress Curtise and those red shoes oh boy to kill for!
I wish i could meet more Montreal Bloggers but it's very difficult they take themselves very seriously, an exclusive club! anyway does not matter i have you guys! You never know i might meet you !


Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

That dress is Fab! Loving the colour :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE your Warhol! (Got me saying, "Andy WarHOL!" in David Bowie's voice repeatedly in my head. ;)

Thanks for telling us about, Sara! She seems like a lot of fun. :)

Your new dress is darling. Also loved the pic of you and your sister. You know, I've been told that if I'm not smiling I look like I'm mad. We all have our family looks, don't we?

You're such a doll, Curtise!

Lucy Nation said...

Fab 60's dress dear! Your day out looks spiffing too, especially the little cafe place. Love seeing pics of the fam. Your oldest sister looks effortlessly cool and badass. There is such a strong resemblance between you and your sisters (and you and your kids). Great charity shop finds too. love the midi skirt xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh what glorious photos of a grand day out - I wish I was there too with two of my favourite lovelies!! Hooray for Sara egging you on to buy the AMAZING 60s frockage!!!! Three peas in a pod you sisters are, I love the matching frocks - yes, big sis is disgusted to be in family company, she'd much rather be at home with a record player and her new Lulu record;). Warhol magic!!! xxxx

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Perhaps a platinum blond fall to not only do a Warhol look, but to look like Warhol too? Great finds too!

juli said...

I love your outfit, especially the red shoes. Oh, red shoes! There's something magical about them.
Visiting you first time through Visible Monday,
regards Juli

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

That mod dress is awesome! You rock it!

Anonymous said...

I love bloggers meet ups, I wish I could visit England soon, I'd love to meet you and go to shopping together!
You look fabulous in your 60's dress and the hair are just perfect with it! The warholized pictures are awesome!
Thank you for sharing your childhood photo, you and your sisters looked very cute, I'm sure that I'd like to have a dress like the one you were wearing even now!

Louise Mc said...

I love this outfit, you look so happy and playful. That Dirndl skirt is gorgeous, you had to buy it, definitely. Finding childhood photos like that is fabulous isn't it? Xx

Vicky Hayes said...

You look BRILLIANT in that 60s number Curtise, especially with those shoes, and how lovely of Sara to get it for you! Thank goodness you've got a camera again - the world isn't right when you're not blogging! Vicky x

Frocktasia said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day together with Sara. She's a true gem and a real beaut! I love the dress she gave you, it's perfect and you look marvelous. I also love your new purchases the Sid Greene lurex number is gorgeous and I love the stunning dirndl skirt, can't wait to see you style them...xXx

Emalina said...

You're a work of art, lovely Curtise, how clever are you to have Warholed yourself!! A great dress to show off those amazing pins (and those so adorable red shoes). Looking at that wonderful old photo I can see you haven't changed a bit, timeless beauty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress and it fits you like it was made specially for you.
I am so impressed by your special effects. I find it's hard enough to take a decent photo....

Reva said...

OOOOh that skirt!!!! You look fab!

Secret Squirrel said...

Oh that looked like a fun day out! So glad you got 'buy it buy it buy it' with the skirt, it is a beauty.

Don't you and your eldest sister look alike? And thank you for using my favourite expression, 'face like a slapped arse'. Made my day.

Krista Gassib said...

Blogger meet up and new frocks! I am a bit smitten with this mini and those red shoes! Sara is all kinds of cute and I dig her style too! What fun two in one week I am jealous. The dirndl skirt is so so so beautiful!

You and your oldest sis do have the same face and expression I love taking notice of things like that.

Stay sassy and sexy Curtise and have fun with the girls tomorrow!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the Warhol pic of you! You totally look like your eldest sister!!! Love that pic :) I WANT that skirt you found-- thank goodness you got it!! You are so lucky to have such fun meet-ups. I'll check out Sara's blog.
Becky :)

bonsaimum said...

Lovely frock. You could be Agent 99. :)

Melanie said...

How fabulous do you look in the sixties dress! I also love Sara's little leopard jacket, it's so sweet. I absolutely adore your dirndl skirt, it's so pretty, I love the detailing at the bottom.
The photo of your sister is wonderful! I certainly see the family resemblance with your little ones.