Sunday, 28 April 2013

Life in glorious technicolour

How has your weekend been?

Good, I hope.

I managed to wangle a weekend featuring some of my favourite things;
 kids out having fun with their friends, a Chinese takeaway, wine, a jumble sale with friends, a vintage/secondhand market virtually at the end of my road, some sunshine, and the man is making tea so I can get this blog post done, hurray!
First up - some jumble joy from yesterday;

Top l-r;
padded coat-hangers (you can never have too many, can you, Clare?)
1970s St. Michael swimsuit
1970s St. Michael pink slip/nightie
huge wool blanket (instant nostalgia - reminds me so powerfully of my childhood)
Swallow print tie top
1970s leather shoulder bag
pomander (to add to my growing collection)
1970s curling tongs
1960s Midwinter bowls
1970 and 1973 calender tea towels.

(If these are anyone's birth years and you would like them, I'll happily wash and iron them and send them on to you!)

 Favourite finds of the day;
Groovy 1970s embroidered cat picture - weird and so wonderful.
Box of Tootal Chic handkerchiefs - 3 original hankies still with their stickers on, plus random others squashed inside the box too.

1950-60s Pixie vanity case and a wedding cake topper.

I remembered Loo's advice and took another spin past the bric-a-brac stall, checking underneath the tables, and spotted the vanity case. The man on the stall apologised for the fact there was no key - but it was hiding in the pocket all along! The case needs a good clean, but it makes up for my previous disappointment, immortalised in Melanie's Rumble in the Jumble cartoon (in my side bar.)

Is it fanciful to imagine that the wedding cake decoration and vanity case belonged to the same lady? 
I am no great fan of marriage, but I couldn't leave this charming couple behind, so 20p later, they were in my bag. They are sitting on a broken plastic base and I think they would originally have taken a sedate battery-operated spin around the top of the cake. 

Bruised and battered, paint peeling, but still arm in arm. I'd like to believe in the possibility of that.

Denim jacket, sequin beret, bangles and Office shoes - charity shopped
1970s maxi skirt - vintage fair
Planet t-shirt - jumble sale
Belt and necklace - retail (sale)
Brooch - flea market

So much fun - friendly chat with the stall holders, a post-jumble show-and-tell with my pals over a coffee, quirky treasures (there were also some tops for Eldest, a pair of boot stretchers, and paperbacks for the man), and all for under a tenner. 
That makes me happy.

Today, Littlest and I wandered back from her swimming lesson by way of a small vintage market, part of National Antiques Week. 

I loved this nest of tables, the annodised soda siphon and wooden ice bucket.

But I was very good and didn't buy anything...

...until I reached the Beads 4 Aid stall run by these two lovely ladies.
One of them said to me that I looked like someone who enjoys drama and colour; true enough, but only sartorially speaking!
They donate a percentage of their profits to a charity supporting Ugandan women who have suffered  injuries during childbirth.

Unusually for me, among all the bright colour, I chose this understated but oh-so-pretty silver and marcasite ring. It was labelled as 1980s, but I suspect it's a little earlier - maybe a 1970s homage to Thirties Art Deco style?

Orange and pink - Nature doesn't fear bright colours or fabulous clashing combinations, so why should I?

That's right, Charlie, I'm leaving the monochrome to you today.

 I've had a lovely weekend, I'm bright, I'm colourful, and I'm being visible over at Patti's for our usual Monday get-together!



Lucy Nation said...

You have had some droolworthy finds lately missus. There seems to be much in the way of treasure up your way recently! I love those calendar teatowels. Can I lie and say I was born in 1970?? ;)
Loving the new header xxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

You are looking so lovely, Curtise! Love the denim-sequins-floral combo, and your jumble treasures. Thanks for the vicarious adventures ad poking around the markets, I am swamped this weekend and best get back to the grind. xoxoxo

Louise McDonagh said...

Looking multicolour fabulous as always. I love to swimsuit you got, so pretty. Xx

Louise McDonagh said...

Looking multicolour fabulous as always. I love to swimsuit you got, so pretty. Xx

Louise McDonagh said...

Looking multicolour fabulous as always. I love to swimsuit you got, so pretty. Xx

Louise McDonagh said...

Looking multicolour fabulous as always. I love to swimsuit you got, so pretty. Xx

Louise McDonagh said...

Looking multicolour fabulous as always. I love to swimsuit you got, so pretty. Xx

Vix said...

I love that skirt and sequinned beret, you absolute glamour puss! Your finds are ace, you NEVER can have enough padded coat hangers, or swimsuits or retro hairstyling products as I'm always telling Jon when we empty out the jumble sale swag.
That embroidered cat's gorgeous, I love him and the vanity case with you in it, what a buy.
The vintage market looks amazing - the YMCA had that nest of tables in there yesterday, maybe someone overheard us dissing them at our blogging day out?
That ring looks great and what a worthwhile cause, too.

Fiona said...

I wish I HAD been born in 1973! Fantasmic finds Curtise, you did well gel! That bride has got to be the ugliest mother I've seen.. not on a cake! But for 20p you couldn't leave her behind even with a wonky eye. LOVE the Midwinter, tablecloth, vanity case, the gorgeous cat (what amazing embroidery!) and you of course!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I was born in 1970 BUT I already have a 1970 tea towel...
Fab finds. I love the wedding couple and the swimsuit! Can we expect a shivering Curtise modelling this in the garden like Vix?
No, I wouldn't either! Have a great week!xxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Kind of perfect weekend ... great outfit !

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Where to start?! The padded hangers are a big favourite of mine of course. Even though it means I can't fit as many clothes in the wardrobe. You found some fabulous things... The vanity case is amazing! I love it. The wonky couple are wonderfully tacky! The cat picture is rather mad but I really like it! The ring is really lovely, I bet you'll wear that loads!! You look gorgeous, I love you in a beret! Xxxx

Krista Gassib said...

You know how much I adore these colors and to see you look so good in then, it pleases me greatly! I love the shot of the flowers bleeding hearts are a favorite of mine.

You really had a weekend of killer deals and almost everyone in the family got something! I love you swim suit the cat picture is fantastic! Since you asked I'm a 1970 baby and would love that tea towel:).

Keep being a bit of brightness in the world!

Trees said...

Wow! What an epic weekend you had. I'm jealous of all these fab finds, but especially that cat!! I love old needle work & I always feel a little sad when I see it in an op shop in need of a good home. So glad you gave this guy a happy place to live xoxo

Lucys Lounge said...

you are going through some great luck with all the lovely finds you've found. i love the bride and groom. i love things like that , that so obviously have a personal history.
i am having bad luck at mArkets i went to one today and i got very little. my cravings are getting worse!!
your skirt is beautiful. love lucy

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Your posts make me so smiley!!
You have a magnificent way with words.. And I love your observations.

I love your little wedding cake topper and vanity case combo - I agree it must be the same owner. How sweet.

National Antiques week?! We don't have one of those!

GREAT SCORES!! Looks like you got excellent bang for your buck!!

Brooke F said...

Love the pink and orange together -you look lovely!

thorne garnet said...

I've never bought a padded hanger new. Why do they always show up at yard sales? Man, all I got yesterday was a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Love the cat,those tables( go back and get them for me, there's a love), your outfit, well, ok everything!

The Style Crone said...

Another divine maxi skirt, which I adore with the denim jacket and sequin beret. I too pounce on padded hangers and vintage hankies.

Your vintage market looks like so much fun and your choice of the silver and marcasite ring was enhanced by the worthy cause that makes it even more appealing.

Helga! said...

Jumble JOY! The vanity case gets my motor going, I love those things! The wierd embroidered cat picture is divoon, such pretty colours,and a grand subject!!
Your skirt is scrumptious, and I adore the beret, you've got a real bohemian vibe going here, my lovely!
I quite fancy that nest of table too, they're beautiful!
I was ever so virtuous and really didn't buy a thing at the vintage market i went to, I was very concious of the upcoming Helgastock 2013!!! It's rare for me to be so good.......may as well brag about it!

Patti said...

Such great treasures this weekend. Love the vintage hankies, the bathing suit, the cat! and well, all of it. You look so fabulous while collecting, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday xoxoxo

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You are looking so awesome!! I love the bathing suit and nightie!!! I have been on a bathing suit/nightie kick and was going to dedicate a post to it. The vanity case is cool and the wedding cake topper is weird... And cool. And still weird! Love the cat pic!!
That little trio of tables probably would of had to come home with me,
Becky :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm drooling over so many things in this post. Of course your outfit. No one rocks a maxi with a denim jacket quite like you. But I adore that swimsuit. I'm a bit obsessed with finding the right pair of vintage togs. I would have gone mad over that jewellery stall. So my cup of tea! And those tea towels are super funky. If I'd been born one year earlier I would nab the 73 one. Xx

joyatri said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. And you made some great scores (it must have taken you forever to get this blog post together with all those pics!).
That cat embroidery is indeed the best.

Val Sparkle said...

Um, the people in the wedding cake topper look a little off center. Or at least, she does. I suppose they must really love each other!

You got some great finds there, especially the vanity case. The dressmaker's dummy with the brooches looks pretty interesting, but no close ups. :(

You look lovely, as always, as pretty as a flower!

señora Allnut said...

hurrah for all that colorful visibility!, you look gorgeous and love your maxi skirt and jean jacket ensemble, with that orange top, so pretty color!
And so fabulous rings and bijouterie!
besos & orange!

freckleface said...

This post is a shot in the arm for me on this Monday morning when I am feeling rather jaded. Colour, treasures, worthwhile causes, sunshine, friends, what a perfect way to spend a weekend.

You look scrumptious in your outfit of course. I love marchasite and padded hangers and I'm so pleased you adopted the old married couple. Those ladies at Beads4Aid look so lovely and what a great cause they are supporting, I'm a sucker for any African related charity. That soda siphon takes me back!

I had an tiring but successful weekend, which didn't involve any vintage shopping, but I'm hoping to hit the chazzas later on today. Have a great week! xxxx

bonsaimum said...

You find the most amazing things. :)

Anonymous said...

Probabily because my weekend was a little bit painful I really enjoy to wake up on Monday and Find this post! I enjoy your beautiful skirts and this maxi is the perfect for those Who enjoy colours and drama! Your finds are all interesting, my favourites are the 50's vanity case and the wedding cake topper! Have a wonderful week!
Love xxxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Heck Curtise, I'm virtually clapping my hands with glee at your finds. Everyone's a winner, baby, and that's no lie as the great Errol Brown once said. Anyway, my favourites have to be the cat and the fabulous vanity case. So glad you took advice!! x x

Indigo Violet said...

Nice booty, no double entendre intended. You and I must have similar taste - I have recently opped a cat picture, a bowl similar to the Midwinter, a pink embroidered nightie, and a lizard skin handbag. Spooky. Will post photos soon.
Does one of your cats photo bomb every photo shoot? Mine's too crazy to do that.

Secret Squirrel said...

Psst, it is Mr Squirrels 40th this year. But surely you want to keep your teatowels??

Such good finds, missus! You are living in a treasure trove. The St Michael swimsuit is delicious, and the groovy cat. I also have almost all my hangers padded, too, thanks to my Nan's influence.

Your compliment from the jewellery ladies is funny too.

And are those hellebores in your garden pic, bottom right? Love those flowers.

Anonymous said...

I just love your outfit - it really is fabulous. I think a few more of us (me included) should try a nature's colour combinations.
You are making Sheffield look marvellous; I haven't been for years, maybe I should add it to my list.

Grunge Queen said...

Oh wow, what a perfect-sounding weekend, Curtise! I am especially envious over the jumble sale and wine part. ;) Lovely finds. The swallow tie-up top is super cute, and I love the tablecloth and ring (I did a lot of marcasite in the 90s; it was big then too) - though the large round one you are wearing next to it is REALLY catching my eye - gorg! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great sale--you scored some awesome goodies!!

LOVE your bright vibrant "clashing" colors!!! why be boring and monochrome when you can dazzle like that outfit??

Forest City Fashionista said...

Pink and orange looks fab with denim! So many cool vintage finds - I adore the embroidered kitty and the wedding cake topper. That couple does look like they've been through a fair bit together! I wouldn't have been able to leave the nesting tables there - I'm always looking for furniture that doesn't take up a lot of room.

Megan said...

i LOVE the ring that you have grouped with all the necklaces. So art deco-esque. You have such good luck with your thrifting!

Bella Q said...

Lady, you are on fire!

silvergirl said...

what a fabulous, colorful, fun skirt
i have a friend that collects those tea towels like you posted
i have a whole new appreciation for them thanks to her

Ava G said...

Those colors are so pretty on you! I love the cat picture and the handkerchiefs! Great post!


Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Totally in love with the cat!

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE the colour combo and the beautiful new ring. And what I wouldn't give to wander around with you and Littlest and try on things and laugh with ladies and if that 1970 tea towel is still up for grabs, I'd love to have her for my collection (if it's not too rude to ask, considering your always amazing generosity!!!). Those tulips are beautiful and so are you. And I can't wait to see you in the swimmers!

Love yer labia,

Sarah xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Such a nice post Curtise
I have lovely weekends as well but don't blog too much about it lately
I love your maxi with the beret an jean jacket- such an artistic look!

Are you still selling on e-bay btw? i tried to look you up i could not find you

love and hugs

Ariane x

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Your kids must be so proud of their beautiful mum. Great look, again, for you especially! You always know what suits you, and I really admire that. And your jumble photos always look so good. We don't really have the same quality of stuff here ... but then I often think a lot of things are better where you live!

Vintage Coconut said...

I can never pass up those padded hangers.
The pixie case is so GREAT, what a fab find.
The wedding topper is so sweet.
You are surely rocking that floral skirt.

Emalina said...

Oooh look at your glorious colourful maxi skirt and those jumble sale finds! Sounds like a great weekend.

Max said...

it took me a long time to scroll to the comments box, yours must be the most commented upon blog i visit. and deservedly so. the colour bursts are always good for the eye. and what a fine haul of vintage goodies you got. my fave would have to be the swim suit. i have a thing for vintage swimsuits and own and use a couple. they just epitomise glamour (of the olde-worlde non-busty type) in my mind. and it's nice not to have to brazil-i-fy myself to decently wear a modern suit! i can just picture you down the lido (is it still open?) looking fetching x

Sheila said...

Oh, such delightful treasures! The swallow blouse and the embroidered cat really ring my bell. You look amazing in that outfit - the denim jacket is the perfect cut.

Mrs. D said...

So many amazing finds, I don't even know when to start!
I have found some calendar tea towels from the early 80's at the british red cross some time ago(I forget the dates as I put them in a box in the garage, awaiting a future apartment of my own) but would like to find one with my birthday on it. Maybe one day!

The little married couple are amazing. I don't know how big they are but I'd make a brooch out of them and wear them on a big coat :)

i love the cat embroidery, it really tickles my cat lady bone!
You're looking lovely as always xx

Vicky Hayes said...

I love coming here to read about your hauls Curtise. You are definitely not someone who fears colour and you are a real inspiration. I really like the ring you chose and I'm pleased to think you're building up your jewellery collection again. Vicky x

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

Super cute post i love it so much
Follow each other?

Allison said...

oh my that cat picture is so fab!!!...all your finds are fab (as usual!) x