Friday, 5 April 2013

Le Freak, c'est chic

This wonderful 1970s Droopy and Browns dress might not be entirely weather-appropriate, but I was warm enough with the addition of a trusty faux fur coat and gloves.

I thought about wearing it to the 70s party last weekend, but decided more colour was required for that occasion.

I also thought I might sell it on Ebay, but now I've worn it, I've decided it's definitely a keeper.

It has pockets. And the original tie belt.

It's completely see-through, so a vintage slip underneath is necessary.
But its floaty, blowing-in-the-wind drapey angel-sleeved gorgeousness just makes me feel... dancing.

Yes Sir, I can boogie.

Excuse the cat's tail sneaking into shot, Jess wanted to dance too. 
Ok, so not quite such a glamorous animal companion as Bianca's, but you can't have everything.

And l have some really cool friends, look.

1970s Droopy and Browns dress, sequin beret, shoes and bangles - charity shopped
1970s beaded peacock bag - Ebay
Flower and necklace - retail (sale)

Speaking of cool friends, have I told you lately that I love you?
'Cause I do.

From time to time, I have an acute sense of myself as Odd One Out in my real life.

It's obvious that I dress differently from a lot of people I know, but it's more than that. 
I do wonder if the differences in my outward appearance are a manifestation of the other ways in which I don't fit in with the prevailing views, the consensus. I find myself amazed that people question so little and accept so much.

Which is why I appreciate my blogging friends, especially those who aren't afraid to have an opinion, to take a risk, to stand out and be visible and original. Those who don't feel the need to hide their intelligence, their confidence and self-esteem for fear of being seen as big-headed.

There have been a few incidents lately which have had me asking myself, where do I belong?

And the answer is right here.
Thanks, darlings. 
Now freak out!



Anonymous said...

I love you too! I have always looked for like minded friends and when I started writing my blog I finally found them, I know that it's hard to cope with a non virtual reality in which we can't actually meet each other but I really know that when this will happen I'll feel at home. Life is not easy and sometimes it's quite annoying to be 'the weird one' but since I found our community I feel stronger and less lonely.
At least here magic could happen and this evening I'm dancing with you Halston and Bianca (none of my actual friends have a clue about Who they are).
The dress you are wearing is one of my favourite and you look fabulous, you did the right thing keeping it for more dancing nights
Have a wonderful weekend
Love xxxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

I love you three! That last bit gave me goosebumps Curtise. First off I love this flowing girlie dress on you, I bet you do feel beautiful in it because you are! Pairing it with those red shoes and pink tights makes it FUN! Keeper for sure! Now back to your little bit of deep reflection......

Sometimes not fitting in is the best fitting in of all. I never felt like I belonged to a group of women in my life, even my friends are separate. Here we are all very different but that is what allows us to see and appreciate other people brave enough to just be who they really are. I love that we all have our own style but that we influence each other in ways we probably aren't even aware of. Do you know I am still lusting after an orange and navy dress like the one you wore to meet up with me. see influencing of the best kind.

I finally get gang mentality ....and we certainly do have a gang!
Represent YO!

Helga! said...

O, floaty perfection, legs AND flash friends! WOOT! that frock is truly divoon!!
O, I know exactly what you are talking about, and your words" I find myself amazed that people question so little and accept so much"...I am CONSTANTLY amazed by this!!! I have pondered the same thing myself, and come up with the same answer! It's SO splendid that blogging came along, it all came about at the right time for me, for sure! Who'd have thought I had all these soul mates in the far flung corners of the world?!
I shall do my best to freak you out, you chic and gorgeous thang!!!

O, I was fiddling with effects on the scaffolding pix, I think it's called HDR (what it means I know not)in Picasa, plus I tried to add colour and brighten them up. XXX

Fiona said...

Firstly I have to ask, why is Bianca riding Mr Ed and secondly, HOW do you do that superimposing thingy? I am uber impressed with your camera trickery. You look floatilicious in your chiffon darling and I feel you should be prancing around the garden Isadora Duncan style. As for being different, I'm all for it. I've been 'different' all my adult life, not married or co-habiting and no kids!!! Shocking I know, by some peoples reactions you'd think I'd got 3 heads. Don't ever change mate.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I love you too. You're absolutely one of my favorite people and I'd LOVE to hang out with you IRL so we can discuss the awesomeness of 70s clothes, AC/DC and other important things. Like words.

Hugs and Happy Weekend, Friend!


Penny-Rose said...

Oh Curtise, your thoughtful words brought a lump to my throat - "question so little and accept so much". I am so glad I found the blogging community and all the wonderful women I have met. By the way, the name "Droopy and Browns" made me snigger it seems like a funny name. You look fabulous in the dress and the tights and shoes are a great contrast. Sending lots of NZ love right back at you, xx

Ivy Black said...

You belong right here with us baby!! One of the reasons I love my blogging buds is because they "question so little ans accept so much"...that and the terrific sense of fun...oh and the swearing.
Love that Droopy and Browns dress, you look Chic-tastic.
Right, off to 54 with us all then.
Have a stonking weekend.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That dress was made for you, it looks absolutely perfect. Love you with the 70s Jagger Jet Set... so very cool. Droopy and Browns have got a hilarious name but their stuff is really well sort after and great quality. You look bloody gorgeous as ever. It's just such a shame we live so far apart, it's difficult to find like minded people, but at least we'vefound them, even if they do live over the hills and far away xxxx

thorne garnet said...

Wow, you know Halston.

Double to what everybody says. It nice to have found like minded women.

Lucys Lounge said...

you look so beautiful . i love this dress and how you put it together. i agree about blogging i've made lots of friends here you included. kises lucyx

Stacey said...

I love this frock on you! Absolutely gorgeous. And there is definitely something to be said for not fitting in with the crowd - keep on rocking!

Max said...

Well its not droop and brown, its drapey and very swish. You look divine and i bet you feel it too. Can you imagine what a crazy wonderful world it would be if everyone was less sheep-like! Mind, you'd have a lot more competition on ebay for your lovely outfits, but itd be a small price to pay hey? Keep doing your lovely thing-your probably quietly encouraging all sorts of people around you to get a little looser x

Anonymous said...

So glad I visited your blog today, Curtise. You are an inspiration not only on the outside but from the inside as well. I look forward to reading your earlier posts and following your future ones.

Trees said...

Oh I really love this post - the frock is fab and the sparkly beret is so FAB too, but more than that I love your thoughts on blogging and the fact it lets you meet other like minded folks - let your freak flag fly high :D

Patti said...

Oh yes, I love this post. "Question everything" is a life motto, although it doesn't always make me popular at a party : > Can I tell you how much I adore this dress?? I hope you decide to keep it.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

So floaty and sheer and POCKETS! Love this ethereal boho look. I am so happy to have you and all the other smart and sassy ladies who speak their minds and dress with their hearts. It's good to question things.
Becky :)

Veshoevius said...

Awww - especially loved the last bit of this post. I know the feeling well - sometimes putting on something a bit different or just making a bit more effort to show you care makes you seem just plain weird to other folk. Keep on being and dressing as yourself, we probably wouldn't be happy any other way would we? Fab dress!

Kylie said...

My most favourite frock of yours EVER! Do NOT sell it!
You look lovely in it.
You ARE LOVELY Curtise.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh Curtise - I love you like dancing! My arms around you, gorgeous doll, xoxoxoxo

Sara said...

Oh, your words touched my heart. What a beautiful soul you are. I'm so happy to have found the friends I have here in the blogosphere. It's a place where I really feel Thank you for your friendship. :) XO

That awesome frock! You are a knock out! :D It's so fab; I think that has to be my very fave style. So glad you're keeping it! Dance on, Gorgeous! Also, yay for sequin beret. Pardon my intentional rhyming. :D Love, love, love it.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

My darling, you are a FREAK through and through ... and oh my how proud I am to have you as a friend. Even though we have never met, I'm certain as the sun will rise, that we will never, ever shut up or stop screeching when we do!!!! I too have long given up fitting in, at my age I realise it as a pointless exercise. It constantly amazes me also how readily people accept - no, embrace - the tripe their brains are fed. Actually, I'd rather eat a plateful of my mum's delicious tripe in white sauce than swallow the ideas of so many of the masses. I'm grateful that you started a blog, I always loved getting comments from you and now I get to see your beautiful glow growing stronger and stronger for everyone to bask in. Your children are the first to benefit. They will always expect a world of wonder to surround them with you as their mama. Big hugs darling and oh yeah, I'm freakin' out baby!! xoxoxoxox

Connie said...

Oh yes. You really must keep this dress. C'est chic. Didn't I see you at Studio 54?

bonsaimum said...

I know what you mean. We all need a group hug. Just be true to ourselves. :)

Carina Rosenholm said...

Of Course you should keep that dress! Love that put some red in there with It.
I love all you great and Beautiful women that are yourself!!!!!

Valerie Beattie said...

You know you wouldn't want to be one of the herd in real life. Keep doing what you are doing, you are a wonderful role model :)

Style Sud-Est said...

I love you too! I was always the odd one, never dressed like anyone, never tought like anyone, never spoke like anyone , weird hobbiies ect...but you know, Vive la difference!
And true about people not asking questions, live and let live!
Montreal is known for accepting la difference! Thank God! I would be miserable!
You are not a freak at all my dear and who cares anyway!
That is what i say!

Ariane xxx

Melanie said...

You look fab! The dress is truly divine :)
I wish I lived nearer some lovely bloggy people, as it seems everyone around here already has a full quota of friends with no openings .. hey ho xxx

Vix said...

I can't say better than everyone else before me has already said and you KNOW I love you!
I've never considered myself or my dress sense odd, it's the other buggers. I can't get my head round anyone who wants to buy off the peg and look like a clone. We were designed different, why conform with clothing?
That dress is even more beautiful on, you'd be insane to sell it. We need a limo, Keith Richards and a time machine to take us to Studio 54.
Have a fab weekend! xxxxxxxxxx

Grunge Queen said...

The dress is sheer :) perfection on you, Curtise, I love it and the way you've styled it with the necklace and gorg peacock purse.

I guess I was lucky, "back when" I wore every crazy 70s frock I could get my hands on, I never felt like the oddball, living in a big city and having the "cache" of being a shopping columnist. But I can relate to that feeling in other ways. My blog isn't something I tend to share with friends. Many people who don't blog think bloggers are all a bunch of narcissists. I agree with everyone's thoughts here: we accept, we love, we support, and, if we can, we meet and shop! xoxoxxoxoxo

señora Allnut said...

fabulous dress, love all that sheer and floating prettiness!! you look gorgeous!, that tights and shoes are so cute!
And love to read your post, because I'm living in a little town where I feel sometimes like a rare bird!, but then I remember I'm sharing some self expression and fun with lovely ladies in blogosphere!!
You're so inspiring!
besos & great minds!

Liz said...

Remember Droopy & Browns in Edinburgh, but could never afford their stuff! Your cool friends are amazing!! Blogland is just the best place to be.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Miss Maple said...

Love the pink tights matched with red shoes. Gorgeous!!!

Sacramento Amate said...

I am so glad to have you on board and in my life, dera Curtise, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Firstly yes it's a great place to hang with people that are as obsessed with buying old tat (like me) and are a bit nuts (like me) and you can find like-minded people very easily, I've found, via blogging. Obvs we all have real life mates as well!
But certainly it's a great place to belong to, the blogosphere!
I think you're bloody fantastic and hope one day (when I win lotto) to come back over there and meet up with the bloggers who I consider to be my friends (like you). It's kind of like the old days of penpals!

Secondly - that dress is FAB and I'm LOVING the pink tights + red shoes.

Secret Squirrel said...

Oh, thank you Curtise (blushing). Beautifully written post. I thank my luck stars I have the blogosphere to share a huge, varied and exciting conversation with. Going on some of the people I have to speak to (such as work colleagues), it would be so easy to feel like a lone reed. You are not a lone reed!

Onto fashion, that dress is a marvel. Don't you dare sell it. I loved your photoshop mad skillz too! xx

Val Sparkle said...

I love how you dress! It's funny, because I'm not a real risk-taker with clothes, but my favorite bloggers are those who DO take risks and try things that are different. Like pink tights and red shoes - fabulous! You always wear things that fit you so well, and make stunning outfits. You know what suits you! The dress is marvelous, and I bet it's really fun to wear.

Pam in Texas said...

Love this post and you Curtise!
You are a divine lady and I would love to give you a hug, so here it is.........
Please keep posting, I missed you so much when you were off line. Oh yes and I love your pics and information about your days out and local places of interest. I miss that so much here in TX. The UK is very blessed with so much culture and places to visit.
Love from Pam ion TX.xx

joyatri said...

That dress is as fabulous as the font on its label! I'm also touched by your sentiments. Thank Ceiling Cat the internet was invented so that all the free spirits can find each other. BTW, I want that peacock bag.

Jean at said...

Ahhh, where do we belong? Good question. It's hard when our immediate surroundings don't support the vision we have. Fortunately we do have an internet community that validates us and appreciates our "difference". "Bloom where you're planted" comes to mind, and I admire you for your tenaciousness in being yourself. I'm still trying to figure it all out, and I'm ready for a shift.

I love your '70's glamor here. Le freak c'est chic. Love you!!!!!!!

Jean at said...

Ahhh, where do we belong? Good question. It's hard when our immediate surroundings don't support the vision we have. Fortunately we do have an internet community that validates us and appreciates our "difference". "Bloom where you're planted" comes to mind, and I admire you for your tenaciousness in being yourself. I'm still trying to figure it all out, and I'm ready for a shift.

I love your '70's glamor here. Le freak c'est chic. Love you!!!!!!!

two squirrels said...

Curtise that is truly the most beautiful dress on you!!!!! Keeper!!!!! Pink shoes and tights, simply perfection.
Oh I think you and all the blog angels are amazing!!!!
I sometimes feel so scared to comment because you are all so strong in who you are, intelligent, not afraid to say "this is me and I am me".
I admire you all so much!!!!
love to you many times, thank you too.XXXX

Camelia Crinoline said...

Your dress is floaty perfection. I love the shoes and tights with it. I often feel like the odd one out in real life too. It's so nice that there are so many fabulously stylish and intelligent women like you on the internet who wear exactly what they want and don't care what any one else thinks.

Emalina said...

Your words really resonated with me lovely Curtise, and I couldn't have put it better myself. Hurrah for blogger friends who remind us to embrace our idiosyncracies and be out and PROUD!

Looking so gorgeous in that wonderful dress, sweetheart, a total Studio 54 babe and yes you must never sell it (but if you ever decide to, let me know!). Love that flower in your hair!

freckleface said...

Friends are good, good, good! And you are right, confident people are great role models for all of us.

You look heavenly in your outfit as ever. Red shoes, oh yes. I love that it made you feel like dancing. Did you need a certain song? I would so love to hear the conversations of your neighbours. She's at it again, dancing this time... xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love your dress; Droopy & Brown clothes are all lovely so far as I'm concerned - I'm glad you decided to keep it.
The clone world is a dull place; thank goodness for bloggers - never a dull moment. MUCH more fun than conformity.x

Sheila said...

Freak out! I often feel like I'm the odd one out in my life. I am always in the middle of things, but observing more than participating.

You look wonderful in this dress - so airy and pretty!

Misfits Vintage said...

Misfits misfits misfits! We are all fabulous misfits here together!

The frock is AMAZING on you - so flowy and dreamy and such a perfect fit - PLEEEEASE never get rid of it!


You're one of my kind. Love yer bits and bones. Sarah sss

Forest City Fashionista said...

I never felt like I had a tribe of kindred spirits until I started my blog, and now am blessed to be a member of a wonderful community of smart, funny, super-stylish, creative women that I look forward to interacting with. I love you guys....really I do.

Don't sell that dress! The name "Droopy & Brown" is enough to keep it in your closet, but it is a floaty dream of a dress that is fun to wear and looks great. After all, you can hobnob with Halston while wearing it.

As a few others have commented before me, the line, "I am amazed that people question so little and accept so much" resonates with me deeply. I think about this often, too often, perhaps...

Great post Curtise!

Megan said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful woman. Yes sir, I can boogie, boogie woogie, all night loonnnnggggggggg!

CityScape Skybaby said...

That dress is definitely a keeper Curtise, and that gorgeous bag, I remember having bags like that in the 70's and sitting picking the beads off them, foolish child that I was.
I know what you mean about feeling like you never really fit in anywhere, I have often felt like an oddbod. It's got to the point where, when I do feel accepted by someone, I get a bit scared, waiting for it to end! But this community has been so good for me, even if I never meet anyone here, there's been so many positive things have come from meeting you all online. Ooh I feel all emotional now, look what you're doing to me woman! xx

Indigo Violet said...

What a beautifully written post. Keep on being a free thinker and expressing yourself to the max.