Monday, 11 February 2013

When we are married we will have sausages for tea

Having had little luck in the charity shops last month, I seem to be doing better now; I found all sorts of goodies at the vintage and craft fair at the weekend.

My 1960s DL Barron maxi dress with the revamped neckline (no more annoying turtleneck, hurray!) gained some positive feedback as I browsed the stalls at St. Mary's.
Bit dull of me to wear it with the same tie cardigan and boots, I know, but I do like it, and I am so much happier with the look of the neckline.

Is it sad that I sewed the label back in? Probably, but I do love a vintage label!

So what did I find at the fair?

Groovy 1960s fabric which may become my first self-sewn skirt. My lovely friend Kylie sent me this link to a tutorial which looks idiot-proof, she has made a gorgeous skirt as proof that it can be done, so I am going to try it too. Anyone other novice sewists fancy joining us? (Tania - I'm looking at YOU!)

There's Charlie photobombing the SylvaC canoe-like planter, now filled with basil and cacti on my kitchen windowsill.

The 1960s Debroyal maxi skirt (bottom left) has the most fabulous splashy floral print; the 1950s petticoat doesn't look much hung up but it is a delicate pink'n'black ballerina-esque delight; and the 1970s stripey blue knit top was in a £1 rummage case, so it seemed rude not to buy it!

In fact, all these items were cheap, many sellers had bargain/sale rails and suitcases, which always attracts people like me who love a rummage and a good deal!

This was probably my best buy - a 1960-70s black suede jerkin, which fits as though it was made for me.

Sorry about the shitty indoor photos.

When I was taking my outside pics on Saturday, I managed to break my tripod (I am so clumsy...) so I have no way of taking photos other than inside with the camera balanced on the ironing board... like I used to, BT (Before Tripod).

A new one has been ordered, I can't imagine blogging without one now. 

How times change.

Dress, faux fur coat, bangles and hat - charity shopped
Leggings - jumble sale
Suede jerkin - vintage fair
Boots - retail (sale)
Gloves - retail (sale)
Black t-shirt - retail (ancient)
I know my friend Clare will appreciate these finds, as she collects vintage postcards.

I was drawn to the photo of the delightful Miss Nina Sevening because my Littlest Love is called Nina, and she is seven years old.
On the back it says When you know your not forgotten by the girl you cant forget.

I struggled to make out the handwriting on the other postcard (the painting is An Open Book by Albert Moore) but I think it says something like Your too sweet [something I can't make out] come and kiss me, Aggie.

And on the reverse;

When we are married we will have sausages for tea, Your divoted Aggie.
While the spelling and lack of apostrophes may not be perfect, you can't beat the blend of romance, sauciness, and practical menu planning.

If anyone is better at making out the writing than me and I have read it wrong, please enlighten me!

Finally - here is Seldom Seen, who is a bit under the weather, having a wee Nana nap with his best feline pal, Minnie.

I'm jealous - I want to kip on the sofa too!

But since that's not likely to happen, I'll pop over and join Patti and her bevvy of beauties instead at the regular Visible Monday party!

Lots of lovely blog posts to catch up on after tea, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to over the weekend!



Connie said...

Sausages for tea. Imagine if life were that simple. Only now that I think about probably refers to an afternoon of "hide the sausage" At least they're waiting until they are married. How sweet and old fashioned. I love how you are sliding backwards in time from 70's hipster to groovy 60's chick. I am so making this SKIRT. I already have some scary fabric picked out. Perhaps I will soon crawl out of my pjs..... Luv, Connie*

Anonymous said...

I really can't decipher the handwritting on the postcard, but I'll take the tea time sausages for a good interpretation, weird, but good...The maxi dress looks better now, I'm not keen on high necks and I think you did an awesome job, can't wait to see the skirt you are going to make, the fabric you found is perfect!
I love the last outfit with the new jerkin and the beautiful dress, you are stunning!!
Love xxxxx

Vix said...

Bloody hell, gorgeous handwriting but shocking grammar..and the y complain about the decline in today's educational standards!
Love all your finds,the jerkin is a fabularse fit and the Debroyal skirt is wonderfully cheery.
I'd have admired you if I'd seen you at our fair, that dress is even more gorgeous sans turtleneck!
Boo to the lack of tripod, I really must get one, I'm such a Luddite!
Hope Seldom Seen's recovered in time for half term.
Loads of love! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on the maxi dress. It looks much better & I don't blame you for putting the label back in - I would definitely have done that. Like your skirt fabric - bet the skirt will be gorgeous. How can it not be with that fabric?
Those postcards are so sweet..

Emalina said...

Wowee look at that newly revamped and lower necked maxi dress, I am totally IN LOVE! You look magnificent. Gorgeous handwriting on those postcards but no I can't read the one on the right either sadly... let's hope it is obscene.

Lucy Nation said...

Your indoor photos are always very clear. Mine never work out. Do you mind me asking which camera you use? Love all the little finds. Is that fabric in that first pic? Lovely postcard too. Can't make out writing either. My little miss has come home from school with some kind of malady too. I wish she would sleep it off like that. She resists til the very last! xxx

silvergirl said...

I love the new neckline
How clever of you to think to do that
I would have never thought to it
Looks fantastic and I bet you will get so much more wear out of it

Max said...

lol the above comment about playing hide the sausage!
the green dress looks gorgeous, and blends you beautifully into your garden. my fave of your finds is the pink and black petticoat thingy cant wait to see what you do with that; and the black jerkin i can see you getting loads of mileage out of.
yay for the return of some secondhand luck and get well soon to the s.s. boy x

freckleface said...

Your new look maxi is wonderful. That new neckline is just right, well done you visionary seamstress! And I love the fact that you sewed the label back in. That is the identity and the history of that dress, it's almost like its passport.

What a lovely line, 'when we are married we will have sausages for tea'. It just speaks of being happy with the happy, attainable, simple things, just the joy of being together. So sweet.

Now, I am definitely IN with the sewing challenge, in fact only this afternoon I did some cutting out...ta-dah! But I don't want to be a fraud, so I have to confess to some previous. Hope that doesn't disqualify me. xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those postcards are so sweet - especially the "sausages for tea" comment. I'm crushing on that black and ballerina pink petticoat - I really think that you should send that to me as I can't imagine WHAT you could possibly wear it with...;)

Your print dress with flower tights and that fab jerkin is one of my favourite outfits of yours - maybe because it looks like something I would wear?? You are the queen of maxis - I just can't pull them off. The neckline looks oodles better on that dress now.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Great job on the neckline! I love the floral maxi and the 50s petticoat!!! Looking good in the suede jerkin and tall boots and the postcards are pretty fabulous!
Becky :)

Lynne DeVenny said...

That green maxi is glorious, Curtise. I like to see bloggers repeating their fave accessories and clothes. That means they are real woman who can't buy something new from spendy stores every day. When I first started bllogging, I thought style bloggers had to never wear the same clothes on their blogs :P

I think the petticoat is beautiful, and will confess I wasn't sure what a jerkin was until I started reading your blog!

That sausage postcard has provided much food for thought...

Miss Magpie said...

That dress is so much better without the turtleneck! I can't wait to see the skirt come on get sewing.....

Krista Gassib said...

Look at this lovely stuff! Hooray for you and the much improved neckline, you'll be a seamstress before you know it. The print is crazy good on you! I think you did find some really cool things. I lucked out too yesterday can't wait to share! The pale pink petticoat makes my heart flutter with envy, so delicate and beautiful! Your black suede jerkin hugs you and I adore that groovy outfit! I love the inscriptions on the postcards too but Seldom Seen steals this post he is sweeter than molasses.

Patti said...

Love the petticoat you found, and the darling post cards, and the jerkin (also wasn't sure what that was till I discovered English bloggers : >) you look saucy and fab - thanks for linking up!

grunge-queen said...

What a nice juicy post, Curtise! First, let me say that the little flip in your hair is so sassy; it's the first thing I noticed. Second, the dress looks great without the turtleneck and no, I think it rocks that you sewed the tag back in - I would too (if I could sew decently, ha!). I am curious to see what you'll do with the groovy fabric you found. And oh, how I need a tripod so I can do my own pics without doing the dreaded indoor shot-in-the-mirror look. You will inspire me to get one, it just may come after all the baby stuff! And lastly, the sausage remark is just too darling. I bet it was written in a time when sausages for dinner really **were** the be-all-and-end-all! xoxo

Secret Squirrel said...

Great finds Curtise! I love the suede jerkin / waistcoat - it reminds me of Sheila's purple one. You are going to get so much wear from that.

We have great rummage sales near me every couple of months or so - it's everything I can I do not to bring home china animals!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Those postcards are just so sweet! What fantastic finds they are. I wonder if they were married. Nina is slightly hilarious. I much prefer the dress without the neck... and I love a bargain box and you found some great stuff, I bet the petticoat looks brilliant on. Give us a flash!! Another jerkin... and it also looks amazing. Keep being the Vintage Mother Superior!! xxxx

Sheila said...

I love the vintage postcards and all your wonderful finds at the fair! The neckline on the dress is so much better and flattering!

I have a thick purple jerkin like your black one - I love the weight.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love both outfits, but that restyled maxi dress is the best! I love the colorws in it, so vivid.

Sally from Frills and Fun said...

The first maxi-dress is beautiful! & i LOVE that you sewed the label back in!! :)

Looks like you had a lot of fun & success in your rummaging!

~ Sally (from Frills & Fun)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Wowzers that's a cool maxi! And great finds - I wanna come rummaging with you!!!! If I win lotto I will!!!

I got a tripod - and about 2 days later my third son (The Destroyer) broke it, using it as a machine gun. Hmmm. Story of my life!!!


ButterandBuntings said...

Wow wow found some amazing dresses! The fabric on some of those is just beautiful! Great finds. I was planning on doing a post on all my polyester vintage clothes ive thrifted...they are the prettiest ones i find! Found you on show n tell. New follower of yours too!

Val Sparkle said...

I really love the black,white, and red outfit - who wouldn't love a jerkin (ahem) - and the tights and boots are killer! The postcards are magical, but then I love Albert Moore.

I imagine Seldom Seen will be pleased when he sees his picture on the web!

Anonymous said...

These last photos of you are fantastic. I love seeing you in short dresses and the vests are awesome! I recently bought one from Elegant Bohemian but haven't found the time to pose in it yet. Soon!

Allison said...

amazing maxi!....and I would of put the label back in too!
All great finds...I love the jerkin even though I haven't a clue what a jerkin is!!!??? dumb aussie you see?
Allison x

Trees said...

I agree - your maxi looks much nicer with its new neckline. Amazing the difference a small alteration can make :) I am really looking forward to seeing your first sewing creation, you will have the sewing bug before you know it :D

Wean said...

I love what you did with that neckline - much better. It's given me ideas for some of my vintage stuff.
I too, can't make out the handwriting on the sample top right, but I can tell you, that she was one troubled and fickle lady ! I am a handwiting analyist.

Misfits Vintage said...

The frock was marvellous before and is even more so now, darling - you are an absolute domestic goddess. Sewing! Keeping children and cats alive! Is there anything you can't do?

I adore the beautiful postcards... when you and I are married we will have guacamole and cocktails for tea. And I will buy you a tripod.

LOVE! Sarah xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

So jealous of the jerkin Curtise - what a great outfit you've put together there and what a brilliant haul you've had this weekend! Love the cards too - sausages for tea? now that's what I call a come-on! Vicky x

I've recently made a pencil skirt out of an annoying jersey dress using a brilliant fast online tutorial. I'll try and find it for you.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Damn computer won't let me see any of your pics Curtise, except for the dress label and Seldom Seen cuddled up to Minnie. They both look so sweet, I'm a sucker for cute kids and pets, especially snuggled up together. But I'll have to come back later and see if this stupid machine lets me see everything else, I know, it's probably me that's stupid, not the pc. xx

bonsaimum said...

I am in love with your black outfit.!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

However you decide to wear that gorgeous DL Barron frock, I will never, ever tire of seeing it, I swear! You could blog about it everyday for a week (do it!) and I will be here to drool over its glorious perfection. It was close to perfection before the alteration, but post-alteration, it has reached heavenly perfection. And totally deserves to retain its gorgeous label. I haven't had much luck on the clothing side at the chazzas but I'm not worried coz there's always homewares and fabulous fabrics, which you have scored large-style!! I love the skirt tutorial and because I actually do need another knee-length summer skirt, I'm going to join you - eeeep!!! I'm dead over heels with the green and yellow fabric you found, the blue floral maxi and the PETTICOAT- arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! Give Seldom a hug from me, but don't tell him it's from me coz he might have nightmares. xoxoxoxoxoxxooxox

karensomethingorother said...

You were so right about the neckline--your professional stitchery has made it fabulous! I hope poor Seldom Seen Kid feels better soon. I hate it when the little people are sick.

And on a more shallow note, I always enjoy a faux fur sighting on you, Curtise!

Anonymous said...

Definitely removing the turteneck has improved that fabulous dress!!!

LOVE your finds--the maxi skirtr is gorgeous--the petticoat divine and i can't wait to see you strutting in your new handmade skirt!!
Love the new jerkin--what a greaat piece to play with!!

Awww-poor Seldom Scene!!! Hopefully he'll be better soon and it won't spread to the rest of your family!

Jean at said...

I had to fly through this delicious post because I'm supposed to be working, so forgive me if I don't comment on every delectable bit. I definitely prefer your modified neckline. I don't like high necks either. I love the "jerkin" (and I love that word. We don't use it here) AND I love the floorboards in your home!!!!!

Love you too. XXOO

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Oh you! You are so on trend, you little fashionista-woman. Great, great maxi, and so flattering. But the little black and red outfit is working like a Boss. Really flattering for you miles of legs. (Kilometers?) Anyway, you look amazing!

Style Sud-Est said...

the dress is better yes without the turtleneck for sure!
Lovely color, you find the most exquisite maxis! I'm so jealous! Going to a swap in March hopefully i will find good stuff!
Nice finds can't wait to see what you will make with the fabric, I 'm sure it will marvelous!
About your son sleeping on the sofa - we have a saying in french - Le sommeil des innocents, roughly translated as -the sleep of the innocents!

Love also your black and red number, killer legs you have!

Ariane xxxx

Megan said...

Love that second outfit. So MOD! The leggings are fabulous.

You look great in green! You're right, the scoop neck is much more flattering than the turtleneck. Smart lady!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the outfit with the suede jerkin. The red gloves are fabulous. Sorry I never emailed you about meeting up when I was in the UK. With the snow and other dramas I didn't get the chance.

Fiona said...

Your revamped neckline has much improved the dress Curtise, clever ol' you. I wouldn't have a clue how to go about that. You look splendid in it and no it's not sad to put back such a 'pre-loved'label. Sorry to hear about your tripod trauma but seems like you are managing fine without it, gorgeous snap of SSK and Minnie.

delia hornbook said...

I have to say that the neckline looks so much nicer on you you look gorgeous but you always do, you know just what suits you :-) Great buys love those 60's prints that fabric is lush. Sorry about your tripod hope the other one arrives quickly. I love those littl words about the sausages for tea that warms your heart. Old cards and words are always so heart warming. Love the photo of you son and the cat looks so sweet bless them. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xxx

Fiona said...

PS Forgot to say, FABULARSE jerkin (looks like it was made for you) and groovy 60's fabric, yeah baby!

Vintage Coconut said...

I am actually quite in love with your re-vamped dress. I would wear it happily monthly maybe even twice monthly. *hehe*
Your finds are superb. My favorite is that groovy skirt. Ohhhh and Charlie poking his nose in the face. *hehehe*
Now the outfit with the faux fur *RAWRRRR* It's quite sexy! something about that bright red.
I hope your Son is feeling better and that the cat didn't cath what he had. ;)
Remember on Christmas Eve I woke up to the Flu?? My best bud Jersey stayed with me ALL DAY pretty much. He knew I wasn't well and just snuggled with me most of the time. But on Christmas morning the poor guy tossed his cookies. I swear he is more human than I thought.
HAVE a lovely day Curtise!

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! Top sewists job, love and it does look better for it....I do love that pattern so much. No it's not sad to put the label back in ...I always do 'cos I like old labels!
Excellent postcards too...there's something moving about handwriting from people long gone. I think I promised my hubby sausages for tea.
Loves ya.

Melanie said...

Oh I love your green dress, it's beautiful and you look gorgeous in it xxx

Lynn Dylan said...

Awwwww. Love that photo of the little one asleep! And love these recent photos of you in that black leather! Wow!!