Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life in soft focus

Half way through half term, and I have been very lazy.

Lying in, staying in my PJs, cobbling meals together out of whatever's in the freezer, letting the kids go feral... It's great!

Yesterday, I managed to drag myself, Seldom Seen Kid and Littlest away from the TV/iPad/Xbox/PC and out into the sunshine.

I found these leopard print creepers in a charity shop, and though they aren't my usual style of footwear, I couldn't resist - and they are very comfortable on my developing bunion.

It's all about the glamour.

It was one of those bright, sunny but chilly days, with signs of Spring, blue skies, and gambolling lambs kids.

Littlest fell over and grazed her cheek, hence the red patch on her face. Her condition  means her skin is fragile and tears easily, she is forever in First Aid at school and I have become adept at bandaging and dressings (she can't have anything adhesive as it rips her skin, so no plasters.) 
That girl is high maintenance...

The building the kids are running around in front of is an old Victorian school situated at the end of our road, now converted into a  mosque.

The seating area, grass bank, and woodland garden have all been developed and maintained by a local development organisation.

Black dress and long sleeved top - retail, ancient
1960s scarf - jumble sale
Leggings and 1960s vinyl bag - Ebay
Shoes, sunglasses and bangles - charity shopped

We were on a mission to the Post Office, a charity shop, a cafe, and the camera shop, to see if they could advise me about my badly-behaving camera.

Imagine my a) delight and b) chagrin to be told I had the wrong batteries in it...
They weren't powerful enough, apparently.
I thought all AA batteries were the same. I am an idiot, clearly.

The nice man was good enough to sell me some decent batteries and not laugh out loud at me, and to wait until I left the shop before he rolled his eyes.

And after that - new tripod, super-duper batteries and all - I managed to take today's photos with the camera on the wrong setting so they are all scuzzy and grainy, like old Polaroid shots.

I rather like it, I'm in soft focus.
And look, someone appears to have inflated my tits with a bicycle pump while I wasn't looking.
Nice knockers!
(Thanks to Clare for the reminder of that sadly underused word.)

1960s Debroyal maxi skirt - The Queen's Drawers, vintage fair
T-shirt - retail, at least 13 years old
Cardigan, shoes, tights and bangles - charity shop
Sassy Vamp headdress - gift from the acrobatic Desiree

I have been slightly less lazy today, and spent hours going though the kids' clothes, making piles to pass on/donate to our jumble sale/make into dusters because they are trashed.

I have tidied toys and books, moved furniture, rationalised cuddlies, and chucked out a load of broken old crap.
With several breaks, of course.
For lunch, lots of cups of tea, photos, chatting to the kids, fussing the cats, singing along loudly to the radio, etc.

Doesn't everyone wear a headdress to do domestic chores?
They should.

Brooch - gift from Super Freak Sarah
Short blue necklace - charity shopped
Longer blue beads - my mum's (I think I pinched them, had them for years) 

I suppose I'll have to put the camera on the proper setting for my next set of pics, but for today, I'm enjoying the fuzzy benefits of soft focus.

How are you doing this week?
Sharp, focused and definite? 
Or dreamy, floaty and a bit aimless?



Connie said...

Oh I am always dreamy, floaty and completely aimless. You should always wear flowers in your hair. I'M SERIOUS!!! Your adorable children. My Phoebe has always had skin issues. Her first sentence was, "Put cweam on it?" because I was always gooing her up with skin cream. Have a lovely day :)

Rose&Bird said...

Liking the soft focus! The creepers are cool, would love to find comfy/glam shoes for running around after the kids! well done on the de-cluttering - do you fancy a trip to Bristol to help me?! Wonderful to see a bit of sunshine yesterday x

Rose&Bird said...

PS Hope Littlest feels ok x

Vintage Coconut said...

Leopard creepers (TOTALLY COOL)
Kids playing outside = my childhood. I spent HOURS outside only to cry when my Mom called me in for dinner.I was and am still very imaginative. Once I ate I would run back outside. (Once I was even caught sleepwalking putting my shoes on a 3 am "ready to go play outside."
Mom said she was lucky she had woke up... who knows where I could have ended up.
Awwww littlest. I hope her scrape heals quickly it looks as though it would have hurt alot. *ouch*
FLORAL maxi skirt is dive especially with a matching tee and inflated chest. =p *heheeh*

Lucys Lounge said...

I love your headpiece and skirt. lucyxx

freckleface said...

Lovely lines, colour and headpiece! I never wear a headpiece to do the chores and I can't help wondering if that is where I am going wrong. I think you have set a new standard.

Haha!! It's somebody else's fault for making batteries complicated. Have you tried to buy a light bulb recently? The world has gone crackers.

Nice knockers indeed!! :D xxxx

Krista Gassib said...

Nice knockers for sure!!!!!! Yah for picking up those creepers I bet some of your readers have having a hissy that they are not on their feet. They are sweet and although not your usual they totally go with your stuff so YAH YAH!!!!! Happy to see the kids out running in that sunshine and that you too have had a bit of a break. I adore the print and colors on that maxi Curtise and your soft focus. All batteries are not created equal but that I have never heard of that before. Did it seem to do the trick? If so that is all that matters!

This week I am dreamy, floaty and flustered~ I feel great!

Misfits Vintage said...

I'm ALWAYS floaty and out of focus!

You are magnificent in both outfits - but the maxi BLOWS MY MIND WITH AWESOMENESS!!! The colours! The pattern! The colours! I love it.

And never mind being on the 'right' setting - it's your camera (life) - you can use whichever setting you like! Ooh that was so deep and philosophical, I think I need a lie down. And some leopard print legs.

Love your brilliant bones!

Sarah xxx

Patti said...

I like the idea of a headdress for domestic chores. I shall steal this idea! Love the floral maxi and your new loafers, and a long distance kiss on the cheek is sent to Littlest for healing.

silvergirl said...

nice knockers indeed!
i always have to take a double look when that happens to me, some shirts and bras just enhance what really isn't there for me
love the bright orange scarf with the black dress
keep having fun on your vaca!

Bella Q said...

Dreamy floaty and a bit aimless. I mean business but the poet in me keeps getting side tracked. Maybe my AA need bigger batteries as well.

PS: knockers.

Kylie said...

I love your skirt Curtise. You tea drinking, pottering about the house day sounds perfect to me...
Please give littlest a kiss and a cuddle from me. Her poor little cheeky.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the leopard creepers and hose and the long floral skirt. Nice knockers indeed! Maybe batteries are what's wrong with my camera, too?? Hmmm. Bit jelly of your tripod (and your knockers for that matter!) That is on my ever long wish list :) I am about to go through all the kids clothes soon and donate them, I'd like to do a garage sale but I just don't know if I have the energy. Your kids are so cute!! Does your daughter have super sensitive skin? Mine has eczema and can literally scratch herself bloody in moments. We have to do organic balm everyday to protect her because a) it's painful and b) the infections can be prone to nasty staff infections which I aim to avoid!!! Poor little ones!

ayoung70 said...

I've been bookmarking creepers all over the internet for the past few weeks. Very jealous.

Sheila said...

Oh, I love your new shoes - they're called creepers? How awesome.

Your soft-focus shots are marvellous - and nice knockers, m'dear!

Val Sparkle said...

I like the leopard shoes - they're not glamorous, but they look so comfy! And with the tights, wow! I like that outfit better than the blue one, in spite of the pumped-up knockers.

How funny about the batteries. I didn't know there were different types either. It's hard to always have to learn new things, isn't it?

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You really do have amazing knockers! But then again you are Curtise 'the Bod'. Those creeper shoes are all kinds of cool, even though I am no great fan of animal print. I wonder if that will change in time?? Adoring the second outfit. Maxi-Goddess, soft focus sexy. The entire outfit is very visually pleasing. I've been on a mission sorting my wardrobes. Got to make more room for more old stuff! Xx

Helga! said...

Knockers! Leopard feet/legs!! Soft, grainy focus!!!Maxi joy!!
OOoo, you are a FEAST, darling!!!
High maintenance is just fine, she's a grand lass, and is probably so over her condition, poor love. Makes her extra special!
Dreamy, floaty and a bit aimless is just fine, but I do like to see you all clse-like as well, just for some lustfiul reasons of my own........
Spring is most certainly lurking over there...the nights are getting cooler here, and I'm being disturbed by pookies wanting to get into bed with me! I am actually looking forward to wearing a coat, as I envy and lust after yours......
Love you like a leopard loves gazelles! XXXXXXXXXX

Fiona said...

Knackered and ancient is how I'm feeling after two 12hr night shifts but hoping to be focused, fabulous Fiona after a few hours kip and singing along to Steve Wright. Glad the brothel creepers are accommodating your bunion, it's so hard to find shoes that do! Love your floral maxi and your soft focus look... and hurrah, your camera is not broken. Hope Littlest's cheek feels better soon. I wish someone would perform that bicycle pump trick on my fried eggs!

Ivy Black said...

Yes you are an idiot, but I'm so taken with your legs n'knockers that I'll let it about a double whammy.
Superb bunion accommodating shoes...heaps more lush than a pair of Uggs.
I can't wait for Spring. I want to go and grab it and drag it around the corner. I'm pretty focused on getting away from Winchester which means I should go and get ready for the train.
See ya later Luscious Legs.

Wean said...

Love those leopard print shoes ! also the floral ones I see peeping out from your maxi skirt.
Interesting about the batteries, I'm on the verge of dumping my camera, I'm wondering now if it is a battery problem ? Mine should have those that look like two x AA fused together bt in order to save money (!) I use two AA's - hmm could be the problem, I'll check it out, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Today I feel dreamy but excited, I can't manage to do anything though, There is always so much work with kids that I prefer to procrastinate!
I love the creepers, especially in your leopard/elegant version, I think I couldn't resist them either!
The unintentional effect of the last set of photos is great, it emphasizes the colours of your breathtaking skirt!
I'm one of the singing floral crowned houswives too! We should form a band!
Love xxxxxx

Vix said...

Today I'm focussed and purposeful, that's once I've torn myself away from looking at you!
Great knockers and stupendous floral maxi skirt! I'm surprised you didn't have to fight a hipster to the death for those creepers.
Mundane tasks are always more fun when garlanded in flowers.
High maintenance but gorgeous, I love how seldom seen's looking at her!
Batteries are different? I didn't know either!
Have a great rest-of-half-term! xxxxxxxxxxx

delia hornbook said...

Im really sorry to read your little girl has a skin condition bless her heart that must be so hard at times. So glad you managed to sort your camara out i did chuckle at the battries :-) You look gorgeous i love both outfits but the blue one is my favourite the colours are gorgeous on you. Half term is always good for sorting and having lazy days roll on the summer i say :-) dee xxx

Liz said...

Quite like the effect in those photos! Maxi skirt is gorgeous!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Melanie said...

I've been seeing those shoes in the shops just lately, which struck me as very strange, as I couldn't imagine what the usual high street populace would wear them with. You look fab in yours :)
I do love that maxi skirt of yours, it's so lovely and bright xxx

grunge-queen said...

I aspire always to be sharp and focused but invariably slip into unfocused mode! Curtise, glad the mystery of the camera has been solved (sounds like we're technical sisters). Your knockers do indeed look divine, and I love the purple and blue combo - very different and punchy. Enjoy the rest of your week! Xoxo

Sacramento Amate said...

Love, love the arty pics, even if taken by accdent.
I am glad the sun is staying with you for half term???

The Style Crone said...

Who wouldn't want to spend a day with you? Limitless fun! And yes, a headdress for domestic chores would lighten any task.

I admire your leopard print leggings and shoes; the photos are very artistic. And I love how you picked up the colors from that beautiful maxi with the other pieces in your ensemble. Nothing wrong with a little soft focus now and then!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Fabulous knockers, you're very lucky! Your half term sounds wonderfully chilled out. xxx

Dawn said...

Im not even gonna try to catch up because Im so far behind at this point it would be too much. Anyway, Curtise I love your shoes, I can't believe they pair so nicely with your leggings!! Great 60's scarf too. Knockers is another favorite word of mine. Yours look seriously great!! Nice to see you doing so well. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Anonymous said...

Love the soft focus - I could do with that. Chores must be easier when garlanded with flowers - you look too glamourous for all that work.
I didn't know there were different batteries either.x

Secret Squirrel said...

I like your creepers and your boobs! Hee hee. They do look very big in that pic, tho I would have been *far* too polite to say so if you hadn't! Glad to hear your children are going feral - it's the only way:-)

I think the photoshop man didn't laugh at you, because he was blown away by your style. He probably went home and blogged about it.

Anonymous said...

I am feverish, hoarse and cranky this week!!

You are rivaling Helga in the knockers department!!

Love your new leopard creepers!! Love the whole outfit!!

Looks like you had an awesome day out with the kiddies!!

I totally LOVE your last outfit-what a stunning maxi!!

Anonymous said...

I am feverish, hoarse and cranky this week!!

You are rivaling Helga in the knockers department!!

Love your new leopard creepers!! Love the whole outfit!!

Looks like you had an awesome day out with the kiddies!!

I totally LOVE your last outfit-what a stunning maxi!!

karensomethingorother said...

OH YES GORGEOUS BLUE FLORAL MAXI SKIRT!!! I think I'm flipping for the blue, because hell--where has it been these days? Freaking stupid winter sky.

Anyhoo, your poor girlie. I can just imagine the worry you suffer with her scrapes and such.

And on a final note: I had no idea that a double AA battery was any different from any other double AA.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

What a huge bosom Mrs M. How do you inflate them like that? Hellooooo double leopard... Those Creepers aren't your usual thing but they look hot on you. More rockabilly Curtise please! I also really love your maxi, looks stunning. You always look stunning. Hope half term wasn't too stressful and you had lots of delicious lie ins. Apart from the day you had to get up early! Xxxx

Emalina said...

I think you should stay soft focus, it's very Emmanuelle! My camera's so crappy soft focus is all it can do so I'm a definite convert. And a convert of good knockers too. Wonderful outfits, and don't you look heavenly in Desiree's amazing headpiece!

Lynne DeVenny said...

You made me laugh with the inflated knockers statement. You are definitely getting your meow on with those leggings and that very flattering t-shirt. I think the second set of photos turned out great, too.

Bless Littlest's heart, that's gotta be tough, especially for a vivacious child. But you can see from the photo that she's a trooper.

Forest City Fashionista said...

It should most definitely be a rule that one must wear a fancy headpiece while doing domestic chores. You look marvelous in all your blue floral glory!

YOu are so cool in your leopard - I would have snagged those shoes too (so sorry about the bunion - I have much experience trying to find funky footwear that accommodate mine).

I'm so sorry that Littlest must endure her skin difficulties - that must be so frustrating for her, and for you having to see her suffer.