Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday flea market

First, let me say how much I enjoyed all your tales of first gigs. Many of you saw some cool artists as youngsters - boy bands and New Romantics, metal and country, prog rock and folk, rockabilly and indie.

My most envied? 

Bonsaimum saw Abba, Joni saw the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt in 1976 (and earned a smack from her mum for her trouble!) and Joan saw the Smiths. 

I wish I'd been there!

I have had my usual jaunt with Joanne to Chesterfield flea market today.

We are such regulars now that it takes us ages to get round the stalls, we keep stopping to chat with our favourite stall holders.

Today's finds;

Wicker basket (possibly used for racing pigeons? Now full of kids' bedding and clothes overspill) - £6;
Engine-turned metal and needlepoint tape measure - 50p;
Framed print called A World of Happiness by Zula Kenyon - £2;
1960s fabric - £2;
1950s painted glass jug - 50p;
1960s dressmaking pattern - 50p.

I love the flea market.
I keep meaning to take photos to show you, I'll try and stop talking and browsing long enough to do that next time...

There are 10 charity shops in Chesterfield town centre too.

Anyone with a spare Thursday is very welcome to join me!

1970s Lerose dress - Ebay
Long-sleeve top, waistcoat and bangles - charity shopped
1970s felt hat - flea market
1980s boots - Second to None, Walsall

Spoon ring - vintage and craft fair
Necklace and steel/abalone shell ring - charity shopped
Marcasite bow brooch - had it forever, a survivor from my childhood dressing up box

Gratuitous pussy pics.

Yeah yeah, I know the Google searches will bring some unseemly traffic to my blog now I've said that, but they seem to come anyway!  

Top l-r;
Stalking Charlie (and my shadow)
Perfectly poised Wills
Mean and moody Minnie
Jess and her sunlit halo

Some days are just lovely.

No housework.
No hassle.
Fish and chips for tea.

I don't know about perfect, but it's good enough for me.



Ruby Hoppen said...

Oh I love that glass jug, I've got a soft spot for transfer or painted glass. I've got a 2 full punch bowl and cup sets that are pressed glass with technicolour fruit and gold leaf!

silvergirl said...

i would love to go to the flea market with you
for some reason i think a flea market over there would be so much cooler than over here lol

Penny-Rose said...

Snigger - gratuitous pussy pics - snigger. Your furry friends are lovely. I wish I could teleport to the market with you :-)

Rose&Bird said...

Wow, love the finds, I agree the basket looks like it might have been for pigeons (I remember one of the Wartime Farm crew constructed something similar for carrier pigeons). Especially loving the tape measure, jug and fabric. Looking forward to seeing the pattern made up soon! I would love to join you at the flea market, just let me ditch the kids!

Rose&Bird said...

PS didn't realise you have four cats - gratuitous pussies indeed (fnar, fnar!)

freckleface said...

Pussy cats! Adorable. I would give them such a fussing if they came anywhere near me. Lovely spring outfit you've got on there. So it's a dress under there is it?

One of these days I will make it up to that flea market, I've even worked out how long it would take me. 30 minutes. Ten chazzas? Blimey.

Oh yes, I'd say that basket was for pigeons. There was a fascinating episode of Wartime farm devoted to the role of homing pigeons in WW2.

I'd love to have seen Abba! I was Frida not Agnetha. Dark hair see? xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW, Utterly fantastic video! I've never had the pleasure of hearing that version before. I loved seeing Bowie, Bono, Robert Cray, and so many others. But, who is that toothless goof around the middle of the video? Hilarious!
I so wish I could spend the day shopping at flea markets with you. And we would have fought over that sweet handpainted pitcher/jug.
You look so good in focks n' jerkins, frocks n' jerkins, frocks n' jerkins OH MY!

Ivy Black said...

Sounds bloody perfect to me love!
Great haul...the basket is lush.
I love the waistcoat with the maxi...bloody fab.
Love your poised pussy pictures. Meeeowww.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm still reeling from the fact that chesterfield has 10 charity shops. Why did I never go there? And its flea market sounds brilliant. Lovely finds, the pic is my favourite. I've see Bjorn Again 3 times - just saying!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Sounds pretty damn perfect, I'd love to join you some time. You found great stuff again, the basket is intriguing. I had a lost racing pigeon land on my head once - obviously I looked like a safe port in a storm!


Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Your fabulous knockers must get you some crazy traffic too! I'd have loved to have seen Abba too. Your kitties are so beautiful! I like the frowny black faced one best. xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That does sound like a perfect day to me. If I could pop over across the pond and join you I totally would!
Becky :)

Krista Gassib said...

It's good enough for me too! If I was closer I would hit you up one Thursday for sure! Digging the shape of you hat big time and loving the shots of all your bling, that necklace is funky good! I can't believe you have managed to hold onto that brooch all these years!!! Pretty kitties, playing in the yard, it's where I wish I was right about now.

Patti said...

I love, love the glass pitcher - it calls to me from across the sea! Wish I could go charity/flea shopping with you, it does sound like the perfect day.

Sheila said...

I would love to go thrifting with you - you find great stuff!

I adore your vest (waistcoat). I think they look amazing on, and can never fathom why they go in and out of style. Trends, bah!

Love your sweet-looking kitties!

Connie said...

Honestly. I don't know how you do it. Always dressed up, taking photos, schlepping the kids, shopping, chatting and still time to hang with the kitties! I am in AWE. I, too, LOVED reading everyone's stories about their first concerts. What a wild bunch!

karensomethingorother said...

love that song...

That does sound like a perfect day, Curtise. I liked all your finds, loved your outfit, and immediately had a stroke due to FISH AND CHIPS DESIRE. I wish I could browse with you.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the waistocat. It is so nice to catch up. I missed the old bands blog. I remember going to see Duran Duran, The Jam and The Jesus and Mary Chain in the 1980s.

Fiona said...

You are lucky Curtise to have a regular local flea market, your buys are fab. Especially like the jug and tape measure and see that you have more sewing projects lined up. Pussy pics are de rigeur aren't they? I had fish and chips also this week, delish! Are you ketchup or brown sauce? I'm brown sauce every time.

Vix said...

What a super groovy outfit, that Lerose dress and hat are gorgeous and those second To None boots were definitely the find of the year.
The pigeon basket would have been snapped up in an instant round here,being a pigeon fanciers paradise!
That pattern's gorgeous, cam't wait to see you whip up that tunic and trousers combo using that fab floral fabric.
I'm more than tempted to come along, just need the funds!

Wean said...

I love that basket, I would have bought that, also the jug and tapestry. Wish there was a flea market here, it's all over-priced antique centres.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to spend one of my Thursdays with you! If I'll come to England, it will be on my list for sure!!!
I love everything you found and yes please, next time take photos, I adore flea markets!!
The skirt and the hat you are wearing here are fabulous!!!
Have a perfect weekend!!
Love xxxxxx

bonsaimum said...

Ooooh I like that jug. You are so lucky having so many places to go to find wonderful things. I think we all need more lovely days. :)

Melanie said...

Pretty kitties! I've really liked the outfits you've been wearing lately. I have never been to a flea market, I've never even seen one advertised actually xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I wish you'd been at the Smiths concert too Curtise, we could have elbowed those boisterous boys out of the way together and got to the front to gaze on Mozza's wondrousness. You're looking good in your floppy hat and waistcoat, like a 60s Flake advert girl, and it sounds like you had a great day. I especially love that little picture, it's so pretty. Please do take photos of the flea market, there's nothing like that here, though tomorrow there's going to be a car boot sale, woohoo! I didn't realise you had four cats until I saw them all together here, my friend has four and it's nice, there's always at least one cuddling up to you, I love my two doggies but they're so noisy about everything. xx

Kylie said...

I wish I could join you Curtise. And cityscapebaby at the Smiths concert (big part of my growing up - Morrisey came to Aus recently but not to Perth, but without Johnny Marr. I don't know...)
So which outfit are you going to run-up from that pattern?

Emalina said...

Oh to have gone to that Smiths gig! I've been to many gigs in my time, but seeing the Red Hot Chilli Peppers up close as they performed only wearing socks over their members at Reading Festival in the 90s was certainly a highlight! I love your maxi dress, Curtise, and how cute are those pussies!

Anonymous said...

You got some amazing goodies!! I'm drooling over the glass jug!!

And you looked FABULOUS whilst shopping!!

Ah--I saw Linda Rondstat in 1978--AWESOME!!

Your kitties are lovely--they will be attending the Diva's party I hope!!

Speaking of weird search terms--evidently "Moonlight Velvet Taco" was one that brought people to my blog. WTH???

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm totally in love with that little print... it's happiness to me. It's just beautiful, I'm obsessed with blue skies, clouds and birds and it's slightly grubby looking... perfect.
You've done really well at the market, the little tape measure is so sweet. The pigeon basket is rather unusual and interesting, I love that too!
You look fab, your hat is stunning, those Second To None boots must be an all time best buy, they're amazing and go with everything. Love the maxi and waistcoat combo, nice pattern there too! Love it all, you gorgeous lady. Love yer pussies too, such posers. Have a great weekend! xxxx

grunge-queen said...

Ah, I'm having a fantasy about going to the Chesterfield flea market and all ten charity shops with you, Curtise! What great finds - my faves are the pretty painted jug, your two rings, and the dress. Sunshine, pals and laughs and browsing, not to mention pussies (Google search engines be damned), all sound pretty wonderful to me too. Have an amazing weekend! Xoxo

Lucys Lounge said...

please take photos of the flea market. I love them so much. I love the wicker basket for pigeons. love lucyx

Val Sparkle said...

I also love that painted jug and the little print. And then I watched the video, which is almost surreal, but ethereal! I got goosebumps at the clarinet trill around 2:50! Ecstasy - just gorgeous!

Camelia Crinoline said...

What great finds. I love the 60s fabric. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Late to read you blog this week. Your flea market day sounds heavenly. Think I'll just pop on across the pond and go with you next time. Love your cats.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh what a fantabulous frock my Love! I love how you wear it for the cooler weather. Wonderful jewellery too. I especially love that tape measure thing. It's beautiful & rather unusual. You know I'd be there in a flash for some Thursday op shopping action if I could be. Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Honestly my traffic searches are so boring these days that I might have to ramp it up a notch so I can get a free giggle;). I can imagine you look forward to Thursdays every week and yeah I don't think I could get my camera out while I'm yammering away with the sellers while at the same time keeping my beady eyes open for a bargain. And you scored some gorgeous gear! I love the basket and that's a tape measure? Soooooo gorgeous, as is Sweet Toddler Balancing on Edge of Cliff. I would LOVE to join you sweetie, just let me check my schedule K? xoxoxoxoxxooxxo

Sacramento Amate said...

I love flea markets too. They are cheaper thand charity shops and wilder, LOl
There are flea market on the Málaga coast so every time we visit our daughter we go with an empty case, hehehehhe.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Loving your dress.
I saw in the Spanish news that march and april are going to be sunny in England.

Style Sud-Est said...

I would go to the flea market with you anytime!
Love the gypsy outfit today!
Great finds
Love the cats
Is it spring yet on your side?

Thanks for your birthday wishes

Ariane xxx

lucy joy said...

I WILL get to that market with you, I will!

Trees said...

I wish I had a free Thursday to join you at the markets!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous dress. You look lovely. I would love to visit the flea market with you but alas I am too far away. Never mind, it's always fun to see what you've found.xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That does sound perfick!

LOVE your scores - well done!

Yes google searches are funny! I get hilarious ones from time to time. Often involving the words FAT and MAMA and SMALL FEET lolol!!!!!

Love that pattern on that dress/skirt..

I'd love to go shopping in Chesterfield with you - if only!

Vintage Coconut said...

There is NO VINTAGE fairs around my town. The closest ones are 2 hours away *sigh* Seeing all these vintage fairs everywhere makes me so jelous. *heheeh* Your finds are very lovely. And you look totally gorgeous in this getup you have on.

joyatri said...

Sounds like my perfect day as well (just swap "curry" for "fish and chips"). I love all your silver ornaments, especially the rings.
Gorgeous print on that dress. Again, i don't know how you get such great finds on eBay.
So jealous of your flea market purchases. I'll be in the UK this spring and might take you up on that Thursday offer.
Wills looks like a Victorian illustration of a cat.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would take that kind of day anytime! I would love to join you for a Thursday browsing, but time and finances make it impossible at the moment (but who knows, perhaps some day...). Gratuitious pussy pics always welcome. I post gratuitious rat photos, but it doesn't get me any more blog traffic.

Max said...

I love that fitched wicker basket, i have a very small collection, ie 3, fitched baskets. Would love to have a go at making one one day. As an occupation therapist i would imagine you'd have some skills in that department?!! Loved reading about peoples first gigs too x

Indigo Violet said...

I have just discovered how to see the search keywords that people have used to find my blog - "slutty shoes wellington"??? "alice in wonderland playroom"?? Such fun.

Mimi and Tilly said...

When I was living and working in Tokyo in the mid 90's my Japanese flatmate was working for a PR company that brought Duran Duran to Tokyo to release an album of covers (only released in Japan). I managed to gatecrash their very small launch gig and meet them all. Duran Duran were my total heros in the 80's so I was giggling and flirting like an idiot. It was fantastic. One of the songs they covered on the album was "Perfect Day" and they played it live at the gig. I listened to my copy of the cd over and over again and now when I hear Perfect Day, it takes me right back to wandering the streets of Tokyo listening to that CD with a huge smile on my face! I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog posts. And sorry for not dropping by for so long. Em x