Thursday, 14 February 2013

The power of love

Those who have been reading my blog for a while might guess (correctly) that I am not much interested in Valentine's Day.

I'm not a very romantic person...

However, if it involves dressing up and wearing a wig, I'll have a crack at a Valentine-themed post with the best of you!

And this is what happens when you find a 1980s leather pencil skirt in a charity shop for a fiver, and then hear Jennifer Rush belting out The Power of Love on the radio...

Blame Radio 2 and St. Luke's hospice charity shop.

I have never owned a leather skirt before, but I am quite taken with this one.

I discovered it is possible to wear it without looking like an escapee from a 1980s music video after all.

You live and learn.

1980s leather skirt, sheer purple blouse, belt and sequin beret - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Houndstooth cape - gift from The Velvet Goddess Sarah
Tights - retail (sale)
Gloves - gift

I had a lovely morning in Chesterfield with bessie mate Joanne.
I had made the classic mistake of changing bags at the last minute and managed to leave my purse at home, so she had to fund my shopping...

Now that's love!

I, or rather Joanne, bought fabric (I've been sewing!) and a cute vintage skirt, currently in the wash.

 The fruits of my sewing labours will be revealed soon.


The fruits of my dressing up are ready for viewing now!

What is it with me and wigs? I always go a bit bonkers when I wear one...

1980s leather batwing top (aka Bonnie Tyler) - bought from 80s Karaoke Queen Sarah
Sparkly tights/fishnet tights, shoe boots, necklaces, bangles and sunnies - charity shopped
Vintage pearl necklace - gift from Valentine Supermodel Tamera
Leopard print trilby - Ebay
Wig - car boot sale

I don't believe in soul mates, in One True Love, or Eternal Love.

I appreciate the mythical beauty of Plato's vision of humans split asunder, but I don't believe we are walking the earth in desperate search for our lost half who will make us whole.

I think we make the best relationships we can with those who are available to us, and that we have a better chance of doing so if we feel pretty complete just as we are.

Sharing a life, and love, with anyone else is a bonus.

 But I can enjoy a power ballad as much as all you romantic souls, so go on, sing along as loud as you can - you'll be glad you did!




Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, I do love a good power ballad. And these looks. All of them. You look bad ass & awesome and that cape? I swoon.

Happy Valentine's Day, Curtise!


Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

You look very foxy in black leather! I think your husband will have a very happy Valentines day to come home to find he's married to a rock chick! xxx

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

What a great skirt! Love it with the poncho and the wig!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow! Look at you. That wig makes you look like Anna Wintour. Love the skirt, you make it look almost demure. Although we know you're not of course. Love the collar on that stunning cape... That deserves a post of it's own. I have visions of you in an 80s power ballad video! And I want to be in it too xx

Patti said...

I am with you on the power ballads, dear Curtise - they still rock me. And I don't believe in soul-mates either, just good relationships : >

Love, love that leather skirt, it might be your soul-mate after all! And the wig and all the trimmings too.

Ivy Black said...

You minx you! Love the leather skirt and the cape is wondrous.
Don't do Valentine's Day either...not remotely even if it's presented in biscuit form.
Can't wait to see your sewing.

Anonymous said...

I can go a bit bonkers in a wig too. I love them as a matter of fact and I really love your burgundy version here.
And a luscious leather skirt looks sexy divine on you, as I would imagine it would.
Wow, I need a wig like Jennifer's hair in this video. I'd be singing like that too!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Ooooh leather skirts and power ballads yessssss! I love leather skirts and that one looks fantastic. I don't believe in soul mates, either. Now I want to go find a wig lolzzz
Becky :)

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, you look amazing in the leather skirt, what a great find. As for Valentine's day, all the modern commercialisation, genetically modified, scentless roses and sappy cards make me want to puke. I really like what you say being feeling complete just as we are. Must confess I do kind of like the old fashioned medieval chivalrous romantic love, or love in old 1950s movies....

Louise Mc said...

Oooh, love that song, not as much as I love a leather skirt though. Mine's a staple of my wardrobe, and fantastic for wearing on rainy days, I might add. Happy Valentines day. X

Lucy Nation said...

Ahhh, vivid memories of every wedding I ever went to as a child!! Could have been worse, you could have gone for the Celine Dion version (gags)!!. I see you more as a Pat Benatar or Belinda Carlisle myself. Loving the leather skirt. It's a fabulous fit on you. Love those sparkly fishnets too. As always your indoor photos are very clear and well lit! Dammit I wish I owned more wigs! xxx

Wee Wendy said...

Oh my goodness I just love your blog! I've been reading it for a couple of weeks and am hooked. What a funny, funky fashionista! Looking forward to reading more.

Lucy Nation said...

Btw, in answer to your make up query, I am a total novice still when it comes to make up but what I will say is use a primer. Especially on your eyes. It will change your life and become your best friend! I use Urban Decay :) xxx

thorne garnet said...

I'm cracking up, Clare's so right, you look like Anna Wintour's twin.

Krista Gassib said...

Oh how I do like it when you play dress up and break out the wigs!!!! You need to be in a Robert Palmer video. This leather pencil skirt is classy and sexy and fits you like a glove~ for $5 you would have been a fool to pass on it. The hounds tooth cape from Sarah is really sweet!

I'm a sucker for love you know that but I also think that no one should need another person to feel complete. I had been in so many bad relationships before I found Chris I had no idea what a good one felt like. I also think as we age how we love changes and thank goodness for that. I remember a time when I thought loved equalled how much a dude wanted to get me naked. Not everything about maturity sucks :)

Thanks for making me think and I love you Curtise, today tomorrow and next week.

Vintage Coconut said...

Your pretty much rocking that leather skirt! SERIOUSLY! WOW WOW WEEE WOW "As Borat would say" *ehehehe* Happy Valentine's Curtise. I hope you and the fam had a delightful day. I bet the kids got lots of sweet V day cards from their friends at school. I remember having to make boxes for a v day cards. I always thought that was so fun.

silvergirl said...

I am so jealous of that skirt
Are you kidding? $5
Love the tights you styled it with as well, just a super look

Val Sparkle said...

Gorgeous skirt, and especially with the purple belt and blouse! It's a great look for you - curvy, but modern.

I believe in soul-mates, of a sort. But I don't believe there's only one each. And it makes such a difference when you meet one - I wouldn't have looked twice at my husband when I was young. But maybe I'm wrong about that. Anyway, he's here now, our anniversary is coming up and that will be our Valentine's Day.

Connie said... you're into wigs and leather. And you say you're not romantic....

Sheila said...

SO in love with your leather - I have so many leather skirts, I don't know what to do with them all! I love them! and I'm so happy to see you rocking this look!

Vix said...

I do love it when you dress up
You totally rock leather, you saucy minx and Clare's right, combined with that haughty expression and wig you are a dead ringer for Anna Wintour.
That cape from Sarah is fabulous with the leather skirt and the sequinned beret.
I'm with you on all the soul mate crap but I'll agree to disagree with you over power ballads, can't stand 'em! Love you, though! xxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

You know of my love for skirts, but this one was made for your GORGEOUS body, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm not a fan of the power ballad but I'm loving that skirt on you especially with that purple top and belt - yummy! I used to have mini red leather skirt (jumble-saled, of course - from Sheffield I think!) and a lovely suede mini with fringing at the bottom (from Sheffield too if I remember rightly). Have a fabulous weekend and half term. xx

Melanie said...

Your posts are always such fun and you look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You look like you could be singing a power ballad in your wig and leather in a cheesy 80's video!! LOVE it!!
But I love the skirt with the purple blouse even more because it is more YOU!!!

I don't need anyone to complete me either. I just like having a boytoy accessory

Jean at said...

Oh my are a vamp with class!!! Fabulous! Happy Valentine's Day, dearest.

I just saw you're getting the yellow skirt after Shelly? I want to be after you, PLEASE?!!!!!! Let me know.

Fiona said...

Oh I say! Don't you look fabulous. Just like one of those snotty celebs, you know the type, the ones that say " Do you know who I am ?" when they check in for a flight and don't get upgraded.
The leather skirt looks fab on you, I had one in the 80's which I wore endlessly, it did eventually go a bit baggy round the arse tho'.
Not interested in St Val's either altho I didn't say no to the lovely meal cooked for me.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh, I do agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy on love and relationships and that we have to feel complete in ourselves before we have anything to give to another. I think all the romantic notions I had left me by the time I turned 40.

Can I hear a "SQUEEEEEE" for your be-wigged, leather-clad awesomeness! The length of the skirt keeps it from looking trashy, and I love it paired with the purple blouse and belt. If you ever get tired of the leather batwing top, you know it will have a very happy home with me (maybe we can work out a trade with the necklace you love so much....) I have 4 leather skirts, in a variety of colours and love them all.

freckleface said...

I would never think of going for a leather skirt, but you've just made me want one. You look amazing! And that wig just sets it off. I can imagine you striding along, turning heads on the harbourfront at Monte Carlo or somewhere very upmarket like that. Did you still look like that when the man came home? If so, I bet he likes V Day :D

Oh, you've been SEWING have you?!? How exciting. Me too!!! I shall await the big reveal with excited anticipation. xxxxx

The Style Crone said...

You just made my Valentine's Day, although it's February 15th. The leather skirt was made for you and as usual, your headwear, including the wig, top off each outfit with panache.

Can't wait to see your creations!

Style Sud-Est said...

Love your take on Valentine Day
I don't believe in love as well
I believe in compatibility, trust, friendship, generosity ect....
You are one sexy dame when you want it!
I'm not crazy about leather skirt, but it looks smashing on you, very sexy on you!

Have great weekend

Ariane xxxx

grunge-queen said...

Ah I remember this song! That and Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Power of Love (that's just been remade into a simpering mess). Love the leather skirt, and the Bonnie Tyler top, whoa, rocker girl! You look great in both outfits. I have a thrifted leather skirt too - it's shorter but it's not as badass as yours (how can you be badass in a chocolate brown leather mini? It just can't be done). Xoxo

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I'm quite partial to the odd power ballad - in the car is best venue I find! That skirt looks amazing on you, I quite fancy one now. And a wig!

Kylie said...

Can't wait to see your skirt and I love you in a wig, you look like a woman of mystery.

bonsaimum said...

Black and purple--heavenly. You look spectacular as always. I don't do Valentine day either. I believe you should appreciate your partner every day. I also agree that you have to be happy and confident in yourself before you 'share your life'. Those who spend their lives 'searching'for someone to complete them are usually known as desperate!!

Secret Squirrel said...

That skirt is amazing, Jennifer (hee hee). I have given up finding a charity shop /consignment leather skirt. I found a great one in Amsterdam but it was a touch too I will keep looking, but am hoping to go to Italy in June so I will prob go and haggle at the leather markets! I love the way you wear this one, particularly with the cape.

Re- the other half thing. Once that was introduced as a concept, it really hasn't gone away. I like the idea of there being quite a few 'the ones' wandering round the globe, kind of with a lightbulb glowing above their head,that you may well meet at any given time. Does that make sense? I am a Thomas Hardy-ian fate and destiny type!! Xx

Anonymous said...

You just need a wig to turn into a wonderful rockstar!
You remind me of one of my favorite childhood character: Jem and the Holograms, during the day she was a blonde good girl and during the night she become the most famous singer!!
A black leather skirt is definitely on my 'must have' list, why a boring little black dress or a white shirt when you can be more powerful than love!!
Great Valentine ballad, anyway, I've never seen How good Jennifer Rush looked!

Diane said...

Get you - sewing! I used to make all my own clobber when I was younger (and had a decent figure). You look STUNNING in that skirt. xxxxxxx

Max said...

The blue shirt, purple belt and leather skirt is my new fave outfit ive ever seen you in. Ive a feeling there will be a worldwide leather skirt revival, and it will be all your fault!!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Oh Curtise, I love that you did a Jennifer Rush tribute post, that is so cooool, and I must admit, I always love singing along to a good power ballad. Stick on a bit of Heart or Bonnie Tyler and I'll be joining in with the best of them. Not 'Simply the Best' though, Tina's had some great songs but that is such a dirge, always makes me think of chucking out time in every pub I've ever been in. xx

kaffesoester said...

That skirt looks so great on you Curtise! I love it with the sheer shirt and the fantastic belt, you really look so hot!

Your Valentine's outfit is hilarious! I didn't even recognize you at first!

The soul mate thing is tricky... I have tons of soul mates! Do I suffer from a split personality?

Is my love of travels really a search for more lost soul mates that will complete me when I find them?

No, I think you're right. Eternal Love and One True Love are what Disney films are made of - dreams!

So, I count all my beloved friends as a soul mate - they each touch my soul in some way!

Misfits Vintage said...

How did i miss this???

YOU in that LEATHER SKIRT makes me believe in LOVE!


And whether or not you believe in One True Love, you are absolutely one of my One True Loves. I especially love the purple outfit and the houndstooth cape is FABULARSE!

Sarah xxx

Lynne DeVenny said...

Did someone already tell you that you are a Stone Cold Fox?

I wear my leather skirt to work. They love me at work. Or maybe I just imagine they do :P

Helga! said...

How did I miss this post?! GRRRR. Too much drinking, no doubt.
I love The POwer of Love. It's sheer genius. Makes me want to prance about in a mad wig too.......and thrash wildly....just a little.....
Frigging rock ON, this is a fine tribute to that stupid arse day known as V Day......Vaj Day would be a whole lot better!!

Anonymous said...

The purple blouse goes fabulously with your new leather skirt. It's a good look for you - and I really love purple.

Mrs. D said...

Jennifer Rush, I totally forgot about her. Probably for the best, lol.
The looks is pretty cool though, hooray for 80's stuff!!
Also I really love the cape and the last photo looks like it was taken in the 60's! Huzzah!

joyatri said...

Hmm, we might be cut from the same cloth when it comes to thoughts about romance.
How do you go from being demure (in your checked cape) to one of Robert Palmer's sexy sidekicks in one post?